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Chapter 10: Carlene's Frenzied Flight
Wed Sep 27, 2017 11:35pm

"So then what? Was that it?

"So then it was time to board. I thought surely he was done. No way he would be on my flight."

"And?" asked Paula. A small part of her was actually hoping there was more to the story.

"So I got on the plane. I never got used to the stares, or the grins. As luck would have it, I had a middle seat. On the aisle there was a young, professional type lady. When I sat down she said, 'Aren't you cold?' She had a smile on her face like she was enjoying it, I don't know why. I just waved her off without saying anything. The last thing I wanted was to engage in any conversation with my seatmates."

"Was Tommy on the plane?" asked Paula.

"I'll get to that. I was looking around before I sat down, and there were three or four guys on the plane that would be about his age, but I couldn't tell. One guy had a baseball cap pulled down low, so I couldn't really see his face. I was thinking no, no way he wants to fly three states away from home."

"Who had the window seat?"

"It was a guy, one of the guys about Tommy's age. But I knew it wasn't him. He didn't look like him, and when I sat down he was shocked by my lack of clothing, and he was way too interested in ogling me."

"He probably felt like it was Christmas all over again." Paula giggled. "Sorry. So was that it? Was the flight uneventful?"

"Not quite. About a half hour into the flight, I was convinced that he had gone back home, so I reached in my bag and pulled out my jeans and a sweater. I stood up to go to the bathroom and get dressed, but then..."

"Uh-oh, what?" asked Paula with bated breath.

" top was sitting on the lap of the kid next to me."

"Holy shit! You were half-naked!" Carlene remained unaware of Paula's increasing state of stimulation. She had intentionally found a way to insert the work "naked" into the conversation.

"Yes! So I snatched the sports bra out of the kid's lap, sat down and quickly pulled it back on. Oh God, Paula, it was awful. The lady and the kid both had their mouths open in disbelief. I just sat there with my arms crossed. My face...oh, my face was burning like never before."

"You poor dear," consoled Paula, while pushing her right hand inside the front of her workout pants. She felt the dampness as she caressed her loins. She felt a bit of guilt for deriving pleasure from her friend's humiliation, but she could not help herself. "So then what happened? Was there any more stripping?" she asked, hoping to add fuel to her internal fire.

"Yes," continued Carlene. I guess he was still torturing me because of my trying to get dressed, 'cuz a couple of minute later...a couple of minutes later I was sitting there topless again. And my sports bra was nowhere in sight."

"Oh my!" said Paula as she rubbed herself a little more fervently. "You were almost naked again."

"I know!" responded Carlene, still completely oblivious to her friend's state of arousal. "I tried not to panic, 'cuz I didn't want to bring any more attention to myself. I had my arms crossed over my chest while I looked frantically for my top.

"Didn't your seatmates notice that you were half-naked?" Paula's enjoyment increased whenever she used the word.

"Yes, but I think they were the only ones. The kid was in heaven 'cuz that day was probably the first time he had seen bared breasts in person. And the lady.....I could tell she was actually enjoying my predicament. What's up with that? Why would anyone get off on someone else's humiliation?"

"I have no idea," replied Paula while she writhed her hips and fingered her clitoris.

"Anyway, finally this lady points across the way up towards the overhead compartments and says, 'Is that what you're looking for?' I look up and the f*cking sports bra was half sticking out of the compartment. I didn't want to stand up, so I asked her if she could get it for me. Know what she said?"

"What?" asked Paula, now thoroughly enjoying herself.

"She said, 'Sure, as soon as I finish my crackers.' Can you believe that shit?"

"No, that's nuts," said Paula as she again stifled a laugh.

"Anyway, so this bitch sits there and finishes her crackers while I sit there frantic as hell, just hoping no one else would see me. Then she calmly gets up, opens up the compartment and pulls out the bra. She holds it up and says, 'Is this yours?' Now the people across the way look over at me. And they were all amused! I couldn't believe it!"

"I just don't understand people sometimes," said Paula. "It's like they got off on seeing you half-naked., when it was obvious you were in distress." Paula moaned quietly to herself as she waited eagerly for the story to continue.

"Exactly! I don't get it. Anyway, this bitch has a smirk on her face as she hands me the sports bra. Oh man, I couldn't wait to get off the plane."

"Did anything else happen on the plane?" asked Paula, hopefully.

"No, but here comes the kicker. I might have a little trouble talking about this one."

But I won't have any trouble listening. "Please, Carlene, don't be afraid to tell me about it. Like you said, it's probably therapeutic."

"I think it is. So here goes. I'm walking through the baggage area on my way out to catch a cab and get the hell out of there. Next thing I know I am in the dark and I'm sitting on something moving, like a conveyer belt. I had no idea what was going on, Paula. It was scary. Anyway, I suddenly realized that, wherever I was, I was completely naked!"

"Sorry, Carlene, could you repeat that last part? You were coming in and out," lied Paula.

"I was completely NAKED!" And moving on this belt. Then I saw daylight, and it suddenly dawned on me where I was. I was on the baggage conveyer belt that feeds into the carousel!"

"Are you shitting me? And you were completely naked?" asked an extremely excited Paula. She was now massaging her vagina in earnest.

"I shit you not. I could see a whole bunch of people out there waiting for their luggage to start coming, so I tried to go against the belt, was really slippery. Then I realized I was covered from head to toe with grease, or probably a bunch of baby oil."

"Oh, God!" moaned Paula.

"Yes! Oh, it was awful. I couldn't stop, and I slid down into the carousel, stark naked."

"Oh, Carlene!" moaned Paula, now on the verge of ecstasy.

"I know! After I slid down I tried to climb out but I was so slippery from all the oil that I kept falling back. I was going around the carousel and I heard everyone laughing hysterically as I kept sliding around in there."

"Oh, Carlene!" moaned Paula louder. "And you were naked!"

"I was completely naked, and I was helpless!"

"Ohhhhhhhhh!" she screamed as she experienced an orgasm unlike she had in quite some time.

"Yes! Oh, thank you for your support, Paula. I can see you understand how I felt."

"You have no idea," said a completely satiated Paula.

"So I finally managed to slip out of the carousel," continued Carlene, unabated. "I couldn't really run because the bottoms of my feet were slippery. So I had to sort of mince across the floor. And that's when I saw him."

"You saw Tommy?" asked Paula. She was still interested, but was not nearly as much invested as she was a moment before.

"He was the guy in the baseball cap I was telling you about. Anyway, he was standing next to a luggage cart holding my bag. I shuffled toward him. He had this big grin on his face and all he said was that he was done with me for now and I could get dressed."

"For now?" asked Paula. "So he's not done with you?"

"I don't know," said Carlene uneasily. "It's been a week. I guess he went back home. Anyway, thanks for listening. I really do feel better after talking to you."

"The pleasure was all mine," retorted Paula, quite honestly, before they said their good-byes.

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