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Tommy's Retribution, continued
Tue Oct 3, 2017 6:35pm

One can find the first ten chapters of this story within this site. Hope you enjoy.

    • Chapter 11: Tormented Teachers on the BusBlondie., Tue Oct 3 6:37pm
      It had been almost four years since Tommy’s humiliation at the hands of Sister Ruth, Miss Richards, and a few select students. Tommy had retaliated on all but the two teachers. He was in no hurry; in ... more
      • Chapter 12: The Dog Ate My PantiesBlondie., Thu Oct 5 6:34pm
        Tommy had a lot to do before the big Friday event. There were people to invite, food and booze to buy, etc.—the usual preparations necessary for a big party. First on Tommy’s list was the food and... more
        • Chapter 13: Eight Blushing HostessesBlondie., Mon Oct 9 2:10pm
          As Tommy was driving to the recreation center on a calm Friday evening, he was in a reflective mood. He pictured in his mind the day, nearly four years ago, when he was completely humiliated by his... more
          • Chapter 14: Let the Party Begin!Blondie., Mon Oct 9 2:38pm
            Michael stood behind the bar, luxuriating in the sight of the eight girls in various stages of scantily clad attire marching down the steps of the stage. Unfortunately for Michael, his enjoyment was... more
            • Chapter 15: The Can-CanBlondie., Fri Oct 13 12:57pm
              As the beleaguered girls followed Molly to the dressing room, Tommy continued addressing the party guests. “I’d like to direct your attention to behind the bar and introduce you to Danny and... more
              • Chapter 16: Sally and Cindy UnveiledBlondie., Sun Nov 12 10:43am
                After the second can-can performance the eight girls had high hopes that this would be the end of their ordeal. After shaking their naked backsides for the entertainment of Tommy and his ninety... more
                • Chapter 17: Karen On DisplayBlondie., Fri Nov 17 10:51am
                  “Karen, could you come out here, please?” beckoned Molly. Karen, who felt relatively secure in the sanctity of the dressing room, cringed as she stood up and followed Molly to the center of the stage ... more
                  • Chapter 18: The Denuded DannyBlondie., Mon Nov 20 5:23pm
                    As Tommy sipped on his champagne, he surveyed his surroundings. His sister Sally was hustling around serving cocktails, clad only in black thigh-high stockings and high heels. Cindy was also serving... more
                    • Chapter 19a: Truth or ConsequencesBlondie., Wed Nov 22 3:33pm
                      The five girls remaining in the dressing room were still giggling about Danny’s humiliation when Molly reentered. This had a sobering affect, and, true to form, Molly brought them back to reality.... more
                      • Chapter 19b: Truth or ConsequencesBlondie., Wed Nov 22 3:36pm
                        "Carlene, thank you for patiently waiting your turn," he teased. "Have you decided which article of clothing you're going to remove now?" Of course there was no response necessary, considering that... more
                        • Chapter 20a: The ClimaxBlondie., Tue Nov 28 1:23pm
                          Warning/disclaimer: If you think you might be offended by the sexual humiliation and complete degradation of a Catholic nun (even if she had it coming), then it is in your best interests to read no... more
                          • Chapter 20b: The ClimaxBlondie., Tue Nov 28 1:25pm
                            Tommy led his former seventh grade teacher down the steps of the stage. She was covering her bush with her right hand, as she really felt her nudity now. Tommy stopped at his table, which was in the... more
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