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Chapter 11: Tormented Teachers on the Bus
Tue Oct 3, 2017 6:37pm

It had been almost four years since Tommy’s humiliation at the hands of Sister Ruth, Miss Richards, and a few select students. Tommy had retaliated on all but the two teachers. He was in no hurry; in a sense, he was enjoying just the anticipation of avenging the two ladies He did have a master plan involving all of his tormentors, one that would take place on the coming Friday.

Tommy had planned on visiting the two teachers a couple of days before then, but it was sheer happenstance that brought them together sooner, for the first time since Tommy had graduating from the eighth grade. He was walking down the sidewalk on the main downtown drag when, lo and behold, he spotted the two ladies together in the distance, heading in his direction. His heartbeat quickened as he contemplated his first move.

Sister Ruth and Miss Richards had become very good friends since their collaboration on Tommy’s debasement five years before. They considered each other “soul mates,” as they both had a bent toward enforced humiliation. Though they hadn’t had the opportunity to act on this fantasy since that wonderful day (for them), they got a lot of mileage rehashing the course of events of that day, both in their minds and with each other. At first they didn’t recognize the 17-year old young man who accosted them as they were heading for the bus stop.

“Hello, ladies,” beckoned Tommy. “Fancy seeing you here. Surely you remember me—of course, maybe if I took my clothes off and catered to your perverted whims it would jar your memory.”

The ladies instantly realized who was confronting them. They looked at each other and smiled. They were unaware of Tommy’s time-stop and telekinetic powers that he had developed, and in no way felt threatened by this chance meeting.

“Hello, Tommy,” Sister Ruth said. “Long time, no see. How have you been?”

“Better than you can imagine, no thanks to the two of you. Things are looking better all the time.”

Miss Richards, recognizing the malignant attitude Tommy had towards them, tried her hand at placating him.

“Tommy, I hope you understand that the method of discipline Sister Ruth and I used on you was for your own good. Being subjected to the humiliation you experienced was the best way to make an impression on you and teach you a lesson.”

“Oh yeah, you left an impression, all right. I remember it like it was yesterday. I haven’t forgiven you for it, but I’ll give you a chance to redeem yourselves. I’m throwing a party this Friday night at the recreation center. I need some pretty ladies to help me out by serving cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, and maybe even provide some form of entertainment. If you two would be so kind as to help me out with this, it’ll go a long way towards helping your cause.”

With this, the two ladies looked at each other and laughed out loud. Miss Richards answered. “You’ve gotten a little funny in the head, Tommy. Now run along, before we take down your trousers and give you a public spanking right here on the sidewalk.” Again the two ladies looked at each other and giggled, and dismissed Tommy by walking past him towards their bus stop.

“Last chance,” called out Tommy to the departing ladies. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Sister Ruth and Miss Richards continued their journey without turning around.

“The nerve of that young man,” said Sister Ruth. “We should have kept him naked all semester. Maybe then he would have learned some manners.” Again the ladies chuckled amongst themselves, but it would be their last moment of joviality for a very long time.

Tommy watched the two friends as they waited at the bus stop. He decided it was time to make his move while he had them in his midst. When the bus arrived, Tommy reached into his pocket for the proper change and boarded. The bus was fairly crowded, so Sister Ruth and Betty Richards were forced to take different seats. They each sat on the aisle seat in the middle of the bus, one behind the other, with their backs to each other. They noticed Tommy take a seat just across the aisle from them. They were mildly irritated to see that this young man still hadn’t gone away.

Tommy let the bus start, and then he acted quickly. He stopped time and immediately began undressing the two ladies. Sister Ruth was wearing her habit, and it was simple for Tommy to lift it over her head, taking her headpiece with the frock. In doing so, Tommy was surprised to see a cascade of long, auburn hair run down to a point just below her white bra strap. She was a rather pretty lady, thought Tommy. Her skin was a smooth, pasty-white, and her feminine features were quite attractive. “Yes, this is going to be quite enjoyable,” Tommy actually said out loud. He continued the stripping of his former teacher, unhooking and slipping off her bra, which was a size 36C. He slipped off her panties, revealing a light brown bush with just a trace of a reddish tone. Tommy felt himself becoming aroused at the scene he was creating.

He then proceeded to administer to the stripping of Miss Richards. She was wearing the classic white blouse, black skirt, and dark stockings with 3-inch high heels. She had long, flowing, black hair, and Tommy thought she was even more beautiful than she was four years ago. He removed her blouse and unhooked her black bra, exposing her creamy breasts. They were slightly smaller than Sister Ruth’s, but they were firm and didn’t sag in the least. He then unzipped and slipped off her skirt, exposing her black panties and a pair of jet-black, thigh high, stay-up stockings with six-inch lacy trim at the top. Tommy thought it was one of the sexiest things he had ever seen. He decided to leave the stockings and heels on her as he slipped her panties off her feet. Tommy raised his eyebrows when he spied her completely shaven pussy. The sight of her sitting there exposed like that, combined with the seductive stockings and heels caused Tommy to become fully aroused. That and the fact that he was about to return the deed of humiliation to his tormentors had Tommy in a state of giddiness.

Tommy sat down and was about to start time when he looked at the two ladies. Their heads were back-to-back, and an inspiration hit him. He got up and took some long strands of Sister Ruth’s hair and tied it to some long strands of Miss Richards' hair. He continued tying strands of hair from each of the women to each other, until he had tied about a dozen different knots. He pushed their heads in opposite directions and was satisfied that the knots held firmly and that their heads could be moved only about ten inches from each other before there was resistance.

Tommy then draped Betty Richards’ clothes over a handrail at the front of the bus and Sister Ruth’s habit over the handrail in the back of the bus. Each of Tommy’s victims were facing their respective attire.

Tommy again sat down, surveyed the delicious scene and started time.


The sound of simultaneous screams of anguish from the shocked teachers was music to Tommy’s ears. The noise reverberated throughout the crowded bus, which instantly brought attention to the naked state of the two ladies. Betty Richards’ first reaction after the scream was to lean forward to protect her modesty, but something was pulling on her hair to make this defensive move impossible. Sister Ruth also felt a pulling on her long hair, and immediately crossed her legs and covered her naked breasts by crisscrossing her arms over her chest. She noticed her habit hanging in the back of the bus a moment before Betty Richards spotted her skirt, blouse, bra and panties hanging in the front of the bus. Hysteria reigned as Sister Ruth attempted to get up and retrieve her apparel, but was impaired by her naked companion. Both women were screaming out unintelligible sounds as they fought against each other to try to stand up.

Tommy was delighted at the sight of his former antagonists’ utter humiliation. The patrons looked on in astonishment. Some of them seemed quite amused at this most startling spectacle. They watched as the two ladies finally managed to stand up in the aisle. One was completely naked, with her pale white skin contrasting the tanned brunette wearing only black stockings and high heels. Both women were struggling frantically to go in opposite directions, but neither was making any progress. Both were anxiously attempting to cover their breasts and sex as best they could.

It was Betty Richards who was the first of the two to realize what the obstacle was. She reached back and grabbed both of Sister Ruth’s elbows and furiously started pulling her towards the front of the bus. This maneuver completely exposed both ladies, and Sister Ruth was doing her best to cover herself, but could only manage to reach her breasts with her fingertips.

Just when it seemed Miss Richards was making progress, Sister Ruth mustered all of her strength, broke free from the clutches of her counterpart and grabbed both of her hands. As Sister Ruth pulled Miss Richards towards the back of the bus, she used the latter’s hands to cover her own pussy. Many on the bus thought this was a delectable sight.

The struggles of the two hysterical women went on for some time. When Tommy saw a Good Samaritan pulling down Sister Ruth’s habit he stopped time for everybody but the two agonized women. After struggling for a couple of more minutes, they realized how silent it was, and paused in bewilderment. Then Tommy spoke.

“So, ladies, how does it feel to be stripped naked in public? Are you enjoying your own humiliation as much as you enjoyed mine?”

Miss Richards was quite perplexed at the suddenly quiet surroundings, but had a good sense that Tommy somehow had everything to do with her predicament. She was out of breath as she spoke.

“Tommy, whatever you’ve done, please undo it! Please! I’m begging you!”

“Ladies, ladies,” Tommy answered condescendingly. “I told you all you had to do was to come entertain at my party this Friday night. But no, you blew me off like it was nothing. Well, today is your lucky day. Sometimes in life you get a second chance. I’ll give you your clothes back if you agree to my previous request.”

“YES! YES! ANYTHING!” Both women, given their dire circumstances, were willing to agree unconditionally to anything Tommy required.

“I’m glad you see it my way.”

Tommy then took the habit out of the gentleman’s hands. He went to the front of the bus to retrieve Miss Richards’ clothes. The two women had a look of relief on their faces, which turned to dismay when Tommy opened the door to the bus, then came back and sat down in his seat, where he put the clothes in his shopping bag.

“Okay, you can get off the bus now,” said Tommy.

“B-but what about our clothes?” pleaded Sister Ruth.

“Oh, don’t worry,” responded Tommy. “I’ll set them down on the park bench at the next stop. It’s only three blocks away, and it’s a nice day for a walk. I'll see you Friday night at the rec center. You need to be there by six, before the guests arrive. You'd better not be late. Now get off the bus, before I change my mind and just take these clothes home with me.”

The beleaguered ladies were in no position to argue. Now whimpering, they put their heads together and awkwardly made their exit. Tommy watched as the ladies made their frantic, clumsy efforts to move as fast as they could down the sidewalk. Sister Ruth was walking forwards, while Miss Richards struggled with walking backwards. Tommy chuckled out loud at the bizarre and humorous sight. He imagined the scene forthcoming at the next stop, picturing the two ladies frenetically fighting each other as they desperately struggle to put their clothes on. He smiled wider and started time.

Tommy peered out the window as the bus passed the frantic twosome. He was delighted that he was responsible for bringing huge grins to the faces of the astonished folks walking down the busy downtown street. Many were pointing and laughing at the naked, hysterical ladies as they scurried awkwardly past them. Tommy slumped down comfortably in his seat, savoring the moment while pondering the party with delicious anticipation.

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