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Chapter 12: The Dog Ate My Panties
Thu Oct 5, 2017 6:34pm

Tommy had a lot to do before the big Friday event. There were people to invite, food and booze to buy, etc.—the usual preparations necessary for a big party. First on Tommy’s list was the food and booze. He wasn’t old enough to buy the alcohol himself, nor could he afford it. Then it hit him—who better to help him than one of the main sources of entertainment? He knocked on Miss Richards’ door one evening in the middle of the week. Betty Richards felt more than a little uneasy to see Tommy at her doorstep. Only a few days had passed since her utter humiliation at Tommy’s hands on the public bus.

“Hi, Miss Richards, I’m hoping you can spare an hour or two of your time. I need to buy some alcohol for the party Friday night, and I was wondering if you would help me out,” said Tommy matter-of-factly.

Betty Richards hadn’t yet decided if she would go to the party, as Tommy had insisted. She was treating her humiliating strip on the bus as a nightmare, an aberration that would never reoccur. Now was the time to put her foot down, she thought.

“I’m sorry, Tommy, but I’m a teacher, and I don’t think it would be very responsible for me to be a party to underage people drinking alcohol,” Betty replied.

To her surprise, Tommy accepted this explanation without an argument. “No, problem, Miss Richards, I understand.” He then turned to walk away, and a very relieved Betty Richards started to close the door when Tommy stopped time. He wasted no time in stripping the gorgeous Miss Richards completely nude. It was now the second time Tommy had the privilege of viewing her beautiful body, and, he thought to himself with a smile, it wouldn’t be the last. He lifted her in his arms and carried her outside. He set her down in the middle of the street. It was a quiet cul-de-sac, and no cars were presently on the road, but any neighbor who happened to be looking out their window would get an eyeful when Tommy started time.

Tommy did indeed start time, and of course Miss Richards was horrified to find herself completely nude in the middle of her street.

"OH SHIT!" she screamed while covering herself as best she could and streaking (in the literal sense) towards her front door. Her door was slightly ajar, but to her dismay it wouldn’t budge when she pushed on it. She looked back at Tommy, who was smiling at her.

“Let me know when you’re ready to help me out,” Tommy calmly said.

“Okay! Okay! Please, just let me in my house!” responded Miss Richards, not so calmly. Tommy relaxed his telekinetic power and followed Miss Richards into her house.

“Now put your clothes on, Miss Richards. You can’t go out looking like that. Oh, and bring your credit card.”

Miss Richards grudgingly went on a shopping spree with Tommy. They rang up a hefty bill at the supermarket, as Tommy loaded up enough alcohol and food to cover at least ninety people. Miss Richards winced when she handed her credit card over to the clerk.

“Thank you, Miss Richards,” said Tommy on the way out. “I couldn’t have done this without you.” As he dropped her off, he said, “If you don’t mind, I’m going to need your card for a few more items. I’ll return it to you after the party. I do appreciate you covering all the costs. But look at it this way—it’s a small price to pay, considering you get to be one of the main attractions at the party.” Again Miss Richards winced, as her feeling of dread increased at the thought of what Tommy might have in store for her.

The next day Tommy took his sister Sally with him to take care of some other matters for the party. First they dropped by the recreation center to reserve the hall. Tommy had his sister use his teacher’s credit card to cover the reservation, and had her forge Betty Richards’ signature. They then went to the masquerade shop, where Tommy purchased several costumes, again utilizing his sister for the signature. As they parted, he reminded her that her presence was required at the party. Sally nodded, with a strong sense of foreboding.

Tommy then called Cindy, Karen, Linda, Nancy, Carlene and Michael, telling each of them about the party, and how he would very much appreciate it if that they would attend. They knew all too well that there would be extremely humiliating repercussions if they rejected this “invitation.”

He called Danny. “Danny, I need you to do me a favor. I need a bartender for Friday night’s gig, and I’d like you to take care of that for me.” Danny knew better than to refuse.

“No, problem, Tommy,” Danny responded, masking his apprehension.

“Great,” said Tommy. “Oh, and by the way, remember how I had everybody shave your body in the cafeteria that day awhile back?” There was silence on the other end. Tommy waited for an answer.

“Uh, yeah…”

“Great, I’d like you to do the same thing to yourself Friday afternoon right before you come. Not a hair should be left anywhere below your head. Got it?”

“B-but, Tommy…”

“No buts,” interrupted Tommy. “Smooth and hairless as the day you were born. See you there, 6:00 sharp.” With that, Tommy hung up the phone, leaving Danny with his jaw wide open in shock.

Having assured the presence of most of his previous tormentors Friday night, last on his agenda was Sister Mary Ruth. He drove to the convent and, as luck would have it, Sister Ruth was just going out for a walk when Tommy drove up. Tommy got out of his car and followed her, being careful not to be noticed.

Sister Ruth was slowly recovering from her terrible ordeal of finding herself naked on a public bus just a few days before. She had been traumatized, and couldn’t even bring herself to leave the convent for a few days. This was only the second time since the incident that she had ventured outside. She walked in the park, and stopped momentarily to watch a baseball game amongst some local high school kids. She was feeling the serenity of the moment when she felt a cool breeze run up the back of her legs. She looked behind her and was startled to see that the back of her habit had mysteriously risen to her waist. She pulled it down and looked around, relieved that nobody had noticed her exposed white panties. Then, to her horror, her whole frock lifted, and before she could stop its ascent it was draped over her head, exposing her white bra and panties. She frantically tried to pull it down, but for some reason it wouldn’t budge.

She could feel the cool air whispering against her exposed skin. She could sense that the baseball players had stopped their game and she heard them yelling out with glee; they were obviously enjoying the spectacle. She wanted to run, but she was blinded by her upturned habit, so she kept turning around in circles, all the while clawing at her clothing in an unsuccessful attempt to cover herself back up. Then she felt the unmistakable sensation of her panties beginning their descent. She screamed out, “Oh God, help me!” Her panties slowly lowered all the way to her ankles. She reached down to lift them up, giving the astounded audience quite an eyeful of her feminine charms.

To her relief, she was having better luck with her panties than her frock, as nothing was impeding her efforts to pull them up. But, unbelievably, just as she had her panties pulled up past her knees, there was an amazing turn of events. Out of nowhere, a stray fox terrier clenched Sister Ruth’s panties between his teeth and started pulling. Sister Ruth could barely hear the dog’s growling above the laughter from the baseball players. It was quite a sight as the nun and the dog went tooth and nail at the panties, each hell-bent to claim ownership. The humorous sight continued for quite some time, until, inevitably, the cloth gave way to the stress. To Sister Ruth’s utter consternation, she heard a distinct ripping sound, and felt her panties vanish from her legs. She heard the cheering and laughing from the baseball players, but she couldn’t see the little terrier disappear around the corner, his new possession flapping up and down as he ran. Tommy was laughing so hard that tears were running down his cheeks. He had nothing to do with the dog’s participation—it was pure serendipity—which made it that much more enjoyable for him.

Sister Ruth continued her frantic, helpless efforts to recover from her predicament. Finally, mercifully, the red-faced nun was able to lower her frock to cover her nudity. The first person she saw was Tommy, her new nemesis.

“Well, hi, Sister Ruth. Just thought I’d pop by to make sure you’re going to be at the party Friday night.” Sister Ruth was at a loss for words, but the look of resignation on her face gave Tommy the affirmation that he fully expected.

"See you at 6 sharp. Be prepared to put on a show." He smiled as Sister Ruth
buried her face in her hands, feeling quite miserable amidst her hopeless situation.

Friday night was just a few short days away. Tommy could hardly wait.

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