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Chapter 13: Eight Blushing Hostesses
Mon Oct 9, 2017 2:10pm

As Tommy was driving to the recreation center on a calm Friday evening, he was in a reflective mood. He pictured in his mind the day, nearly four years ago, when he was completely humiliated by his teachers and some of his classmates. He thought about how Sister Ruth made him strip naked and throw his clothes out the window. He thought about how she made him stand on her desk naked and sing for the class.

He also reflected on the degrading treatment he received at the hands of his classmates. He thought about how his sister Sally and her friend Cindy reveled in his embarrassment. He thought about how Danny taunted him about his hairless body. He thought about how Linda and Nancy put him through his paces during recess and lunch. He thought about how Michael relentlessly ridiculed him about having to wear the girl’s uniform during that recess and lunch period. He thought about how Karen seemed to derive more pleasure than anybody during his torment. She was the one who made him count down out loud as she took down his underpants in the gymnasium. He thought about how Carlene had pulled down his underpants and spanked him in the hallway, and how she orchestrated the scene when her fellow volleyball players took turns peeking down his underpants. And he thought about how Miss Richards shamed him to the extreme when she forced him to dance naked in the gym in front of his fellow students.

It was Molly, his pretty new girlfriend, who brought him out of his daydream. “What’re you thinking about, Tommy?” asked Molly.

“Oh, I was just thinking about how much fun we’re going to have tonight," said Tommy with a smile.

Tommy had told his girlfriend about that fateful day, complete with all the names and details. Molly was very sympathetic, and she was willing to help tonight in any way she could. In fact, she relished the idea of getting back at Tommy’s tormentors. Indeed, she was in an excited state of anticipation.

Tommy had expressed to all of his planned victims that he would like them to arrive early. When he and Molly pulled into the parking lot, he was pleased to see the lot of them waiting nervously at the door. He was a little bothered that Cindy was not there as ordered. Molly leaned in to Tommy’s cheek and gave him a peck. “I think we’re going to have a night to remember, babe,” said Molly. Tommy looked at her and they shared a grin as they proceeded to the hall.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen,” greeted Tommy. “I’m so glad you could all make it. I’d like you to meet my friend Molly. Molly, these are the people I’ve been telling you about. You know my sister Sally, and this is Karen, Linda, Nancy, Danny, Michael, Carlene, Miss Richards and Sister Ruth. Molly will be assisting you tonight in any way she can.” The apprehensive group had no idea what type of assistance they would require, but they didn’t have a good feeling about it.

Tommy and Molly trooped confidently into the recreation hall while the rest tentatively fell in behind them. It was a large room, big enough to hold more than the fifteen tables for six that were presently set up. The bar was on one side, while a generous spread of food was laid out on a long table right next to it. The tables were situated in front of a large stage, above which the curtain was presently drawn. Behind the curtain, off to the side, there was a spacious dressing room.

“Okay, girls, if you’ll follow Molly to the dressing room, she’ll show you the nice outfits you get to wear while you serve the guests drinks and appetizers. Whatever Molly asks you to do, just treat it like it's coming from me. Danny and Michael, you’ll be tending bar, so you’d better start setting up. Guests will start arriving in about half an hour, so let’s get a move-on. Oh, here comes Cindy. You’re late, Cindy; you’re off to a very inauspicious start."

“I’m s-sorry, Tommy, I ran into traffic,” replied Cindy, with a look of concern on her face.

“Well, I’m sure Molly will deal with you accordingly,” said Tommy, motioning to his girlfriend. “Now fall into place with the other girls.”

Tommy watched with satisfaction as the girls obediently followed Molly and disappeared behind the curtain. His plan was unfolding perfectly.

He turned and looked at Danny. “Danny boy, I assume you took care of that little matter we talked about?” asked Tommy. Of course, he was referring to his directive for Danny to shave his body completely hairless.

Danny, to Tommy’s delight, blushed profusely. “Yes,” answered Danny simply, while looking down shamefully.

“Good boy. Maybe it’ll be our little secret. Then again, maybe we can share our secret with the guests.” Tommy giggled to himself, while Danny trembled, praying that it would be the former.

When all the girls were assembled in the dressing room, Molly addressed them. “Okay, girls, as you probably are aware, it’ll be your duty tonight to serve all the guests. I don’t know how much waitressing experience you have, but I expect you all to do a bang-up job. One thing is for sure, none of you are properly dressed for this. But it's your lucky night, because I have something picked out for each and every one of you. So if you'll kindly remove all of your clothes, I'll get your outfits together for you.” Nobody made a move, and Molly broke the spell by clapping her hands loudly. “I said strip, and I mean now! We’ve got party guests coming! Off with those clothes!”

The eight females, began self-consciously pulling off tee shirts and unbuttoning blouses. Molly was rather enjoying her feeling of power. “Faster, faster!” commanded Molly. She started walking from girl to girl, snatching their clothes as they were coming off and dumping them in a pile in the corner. Within a minute, there were seven girls standing timidly in their underwear, nervously waiting for their next instructions. “Why are you stopping?” continued Molly. “Let’s get those bras and panties off, ladies! I want to see you all naked! Completely nude! Chop, chop! Let’s go!”

Shamefaced, they all unenthusiastically complied, and were soon standing naked before Molly. Even though they were all females, the feeling of embarrassment from being forced to strip was evident, as several of the girls were blushing, and some were covering their private parts with their hands. Molly just smiled at them for a few moments, allowing the embarrassment level to build. She then reached into a drawer and started pulling out the outfits.

“Here you go, girls, time to get dressed,” as she began handing out cocktail waitress attire to the girls. “You certainly don’t want to serve our guests looking like that, do you? Then again, maybe we’ll just save that idea for later.” Sister Ruth and a couple of others shuddered at the thought as they began donning their skimpy outfits.

When all eight were dressed (such as they were) they were a sight to behold. A considerable amount of skin was exposed, as several of the outfits were of the two-piece variety, complete with a strapless top and hot pants, while the others were one-piece, skin-tight, strapless pieces that barely covered their breasts and buttocks. Each was fitted with four-inch high heels, the color coordinating with their outfits. Groans were abundant, as the dread of serving the party guests in their scanty apparel was setting in.

At one point during this scene, Molly was hit by an inspiration. She remembered Tommy telling her about Cindy’s very small breasts, and how that was a huge bone of contention with her. Indeed, Molly noticed that while the girls were naked Cindy was covering her breasts with her hands, whereas the others were more concerned with their vaginas. Cindy’s outfit was a bright red two-piece set. Molly noticed that, unlike the others, Cindy put her top on first, then her hot pants.

She was about to suffer embarrassing consequences for showing up late.

“Oh Cindy,” said Molly. “I think we need to make a slight adjustment in your uniform. I noticed that your breasts are really quite tiny…” She paused, then smiled when Cindy blushed deeply. “You really don’t fill out this top very well. I think you’ll be much better off without it.”

While Cindy continued to blush crimson, Molly proceeded to unhook Cindy’s top and strip it off. Cindy immediately covered her breasts with both hands.

“My, my,” Molly teased, “You really are quite self-conscious about your little titties, aren’t you?” Cindy didn’t answer the rhetorical question. Instead she stared straight down, clinging to her breasts as if her life depended on their coverage. “I can’t say I blame you, though. If I had little golf balls on my chest like yours I wouldn’t want anybody to see them, either.”

She then pulled from the drawer two decorative red pasties, complete with three inch tassels.

“You’ll have to move your hands, sweetie, while I attach these to your little nipples.”

When the distraught Cindy slowly lowered her hands to her tummy Molly was at the ready with glue to attach the pasties. She dipped a small brush into the glue and proceeded to methodically spread the cool liquid on Cindy’s nipples, speaking to her as she performed her task.

“You’ll be a big hit tonight, sweetheart,” teased the grinning Molly as she finished brushing the glue on Cindy’s right nipple and started concentrating on her left one. “Everyone will just love staring at your cute little nubs, especially when we put these shiny pasties on them.” Cindy was in the throes of wretchedness; the intrusion on what for her was a very private part of her body was too much for her to bear. Molly blew softly on each of Cindy’s nipples. Cindy flinched noticeably, eliciting a wide grin from Molly. “I’m not getting fresh, darling,” laughed Molly. “Just trying to speed up the drying process.” Molly attached the pasties simultaneously, pressing them down for a few seconds until she was satisfied the glue had taken hold. She stepped back to admire her handiwork.

“Oh, you look stunning, sweetie.” Cindy started to cover up again when Molly interrupted her.

“Uh, uh, UH,” warned Molly. “We’ll have no more attempts at modesty. There are going to ninety guests we will be entertaining and you need to loosen up.” Molly started to turn away, and then stopped and said, “Oh, I almost forgot…”

With the thumb and index finger of each of her hands Molly then reached for the pasties and turned a small knob on each one. A red light began flashing on each pasty, causing Cindy to flinch once again while looking down wide-eyed with horror at her colorful display. Molly stepped back and grinned derisively as the mortified Cindy turned a shade at least as red as her flashing pasties. Quite satisfied, Molly turned to the other girls, who were momentarily mesmerized by the bizarre scene they had been witnessing.

“Okay, girls, let’s get out there and get ready for our guests. Come on, snap to!”

The newly employed cocktail waitresses grudgingly marched out to the hall. As they filed down the stairs of the stage, Tommy, Danny, and Michael collectively dropped their jaws at the arousing sight of the eight scantily clad females. For Tommy, the evening was flowing along just as he had drawn it up. For Danny and Michael, the thrill of the delectable sight was tempered by the uncertainty of what may lie ahead for them.

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