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Chapter 14: Let the Party Begin!
Mon Oct 9, 2017 2:38pm

Michael stood behind the bar, luxuriating in the sight of the eight girls in various stages of scantily clad attire marching down the steps of the stage. Unfortunately for Michael, his enjoyment was to be fleeting, as Molly peeked around the curtain and called out, “Michael, could you come up here, please?”

Michael temporarily froze. He was hoping his only obligation for the evening would be to tend bar. Being called to the carpet by Tommy’s girlfriend could not bode well for him. He glanced at Tommy, who was busy leering at the parade of girls reluctantly walking towards him. Michael’s interest in the girls had quickly dissipated as he focused on the uncertainty of his own plight.

When he entered the dressing room his fears were immediately realized. Hanging on a hangar at eye level was a French Maid’s outfit, complete with apron and maid’s cap. A handwritten sign was pinned to the dress. It read “Michael’s Barmaid Uniform.” Molly watched intently as Michael looked on in stunned surprise.

“How do you like your uniform, Michael?” taunted Molly. “I think you’ll look divine, and you’ll make a barmaid your friends will never forget. Now let’s get you out of your clothes and try your new dress on.”

Michael hesitated, still dazed by the sorry turn of events. When reality set in, he at least hoped Molly would give him some privacy, but she stood there staring at him with her hands on her hips and a fiendish grin on her face. Michael relented, and began disrobing. When he was standing in just his boxer shorts he looked pleadingly at his antagonist, who answered him with a downward motion of her index finger. He slipped off his shorts and stood there with both hands covering his genitals. His face glowed like a red Christmas tree light.

“Oh, we have a shy one, do we?” Molly was relentless. “Well, we’d better get you dressed, then. Shall we?”

She pulled out a pair of black panties with white lace ruffles filling the backside, and held them out with both hands for Michael to examine. She handed them to him, and he slipped them on, feeling more shamed by the minute. He was forced to don a garter belt with black stockings, a D-Cup bra stuffed with false breasts, and three-inch, black-patent high heels. The dress had puffy shoulders and the hem didn’t quite cover the tops of his stockings. Molly was smiling devilishly as she pinned the cap to his head. For good measure, she covered his lips with bright red lipstick, which, with his moustache, took on a look of humorous absurdity. Molly led the wretched Michael to a full-length mirror, and said, “Don’t you make a darling little barmaid?”

Michael took one look and turned his head away. He couldn’t bear it, and the feeling of dread was overpowering. Molly interrupted his self-pity by dropping her handkerchief and asking Michael to pick it up for her. She stood behind him and was delighted to see the ruffle of his panties exposed when he bent over.

“Oh, everyone will be delighted when they see your pretty panties,” laughed Molly. Michael continued blushing crimson. “Come, let’s go model your new uniform for your friends.”

As they exited the dressing room Molly was grinning from ear to ear. Michael decidedly was not. When he made the shameful walk down the steps of the stage, he had the feeling that all eyes were on him, and he was correct. Tommy had a big grin on his face, and when he caught Molly’s eye he gave her a wink. Danny, in light of the fact that he was still uncertain about his situation, was a little more reserved, but he did manage to giggle softly to himself. Even a couple of the girls were tittering in spite of their predicament. Michael, his face burning, joined Danny behind the bar and prepared for the guests’ arrival.

Tommy surveyed the room, and took a moment to appreciate the scene he had orchestrated. He had the whole lot of his tormentors in a compromising and embarrassing position. He looked at their flushed faces, and it was plain to see that they’d give anything to be somewhere else. Tommy thought back to his degradation at the hands of his now-victims, and remembered that same dreadful feeling.

“Payback is brutal, isn’t it honey?” Tommy said to Molly. Molly smiled, wrapped her arm around his waist and took in the scene she had helped create. The body language of the half-naked women betrayed their state of misery. Heads were bowed, arms were folded across chests, and feet were fidgeting nervously. Michael was beyond embarrassment in his female attire, and Danny was on edge, wondering if he would be spared.


The hall gradually came alive as the guests started filing in. Ninety guests had been invited, and Tommy fully expected all of them to attend. Most of them were familiar with the victims Tommy had picked out. They were aware of their involvement in Tommy’s previous debasement, but they had no idea that the party was to be in their honor. They were in for a very entertaining surprise.

Tommy greeted the guests at the door while his sister Sally, dressed in a skimpy, tuxedo-like, strapless one-piece teddy, was given the duty to check their coats. This brought an early smile to many a guest, and Sally could almost feel the lingering gazes as she hung up their coats. Already she had been recorded on video (Tommy asked a couple of his friends to record the event), and it seemed everyone was taking pictures with their phones. Even her brother couldn’t resist the occasional inspection, from her black, four-inch heels, up her shapely legs, her half-exposed ass, her well-endowed, partially covered chest, to her blushing neck and cheeks.

Karen, in her glittering, two-piece, baby blue outfit with white heels, was next to greet the partygoers. “Welcome to Tommy’s retribution. I’m here to serve you in any way I can,” was the greeting she was ordered to use. The entertained guests would commonly look her up and down with a broad smile before taking a picture and finding their seats at one of the tables.

Sister Ruth, Miss Richards and Carlene were the designated waitresses for the early arrivals. Sister Ruth was in a scanty, white, strapless, teddy-like piece that tied at the waist with a shiny black belt. Molly cleverly fitted her with a white veil, shorter but similar to the veil she normally wore with her habit. The leggy Betty Richards was attired in a hot pink, two-piece outfit, the top being a cone-shaped bra with sharp points, much like the style Madonna once wore. Carlene was barefoot and dressed in the same skimpy volleyball two-piece outfit she was forced to wear at the airport and on her flight a few months prior. She was no less embarrassed now as she was then.

All three women wore very red faces as they took the drink orders from the delighted guests. All eyes were on them as they walked back and forth from the tables to the bar, taking orders for drinks and serving them. When they bent over to place the drinks on the tables, it was an especially provocative sight, as their scanty uniforms stretched up their buttocks. The three women were miserable in their imposed servitude, a sight not lost on Tommy, as he would occasionally steal a glance at them and beam triumphantly.

After most of the guests had arrived, Tommy took his seat at the head table with Molly and his closest friends, two other couples. He delighted in having Sister Ruth serve him his cocktail, and he thanked her and patted her ass as she walked away, causing her to cringe and flush yet deeper. When a drink tipped over at their table Tommy called out, “Yoo-hoo, Miss Richards! We have a spill here.” Miss Richards closed her eyes momentarily to gather herself, then dutifully used a towel to clean off the table, all the while forced to endure the giggles and taunts from the festive partiers.

By now all the waitresses were occupied serving their guests. With eight girls covering fifteen tables, the customers were very well satisfied. Everywhere they looked a pretty, scantily-clad girl was scurrying around, dutifully catering to their needs.

Cindy was in charge of walking from table to table with the hors d’oeuvre trays. Many a comment was made to her about her flashing pasties and her tiny breasts. She tried her best to cover her chest with the trays, but it was to no avail. Even her breasts took on a pinkish hue, so pronounced was her embarrassment.

Karen was instructed to walk from table to table, making sure the guests were satisfied. One of the tables consisted of six males, and they were beginning to feel the effects of the alcohol. While one of them engaged her in conversation, another surreptitiously sneaked up behind her and untied her strapless blue top, while a video camera recorded the proceedings from the other side. The top was made of spandex and was a size too small, so Karen earlier had to stretch it to tie it behind her back. Thus, when the tie was undone, the top sprang off her chest as if it was shot from a slingshot, and landed on the other side of the table. A stunned Karen screamed out and scrambled to rescue it, but not before availing her delighted admirers a marvelous view of her naked breasts. To Karen's consternation, several camera flashed, capturing the moment.

And so it went. The girls continued to serve cocktails, following up with the catered dinner. As the evening wore on and the drinks flowed, the atmosphere became more and more raucous. After the girls cleared the dinner plates from the tables, Tommy decided it was time to take the party to the next level. He nodded to Molly, and Molly excused herself. Tommy stood up and clicked his glass with a spoon to quiet the crowd.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Tommy began, “I’d like to thank you all for coming tonight. I hope you are enjoying the festivities. I just wanted to let you know that we do have some entertainment scheduled tonight for your enjoyment. Your friendly waitresses, though they’re not aware of it just yet, are going to put on a wonderful show for us all.” The eight girls collectively stopped in their tracks, unnerved by this latest turn of events.

“Girls, if you’ll follow Molly to the dressing room, she’ll be happy to fit you into your new costumes.”

The eight girls looked at each other apprehensively and fell into place behind Molly, as the anticipation among the guests mounted.

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