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Chapter 16: Sally and Cindy Unveiled
Sun Nov 12, 2017 10:43am

After the second can-can performance the eight girls had high hopes that this would be the end of their ordeal. After shaking their naked backsides for the entertainment of Tommy and his ninety guests, they assumed that would be the grand finale. But, much to their dismay, more humiliations were in store for them.

Molly had received instructions from her boyfriend Tommy, and was quite enjoying herself as she carried his instructions out. She was standing behind the curtain and watching as the eight girls strode towards the dressing room.

“Sally, could you come here, please?” she called out to Tommy’s sister. “The rest of you can stay in the dressing room with the door closed until I come get you.”

Sally’s shoulders slumped. Being tapped by Molly was not a good sign. “Sally, I think you have really caught on to this can-can thing,” teased Molly. “How would you like to do a solo performance? I’m sure the audience would love it.”

Sally, of course, was less than thrilled with the idea, but she recognized that to argue would be fruitless. Best to get out there, get her little dance out of the way and be done with it. Molly had further instructions for Sally, though.

“We’re going to try something a little different this time, Sally, just for variety’s sake. Here’s what I want you to do during the Offenbach part…” Molly then gave Sally her instructions, and watched as the abashed girl dropped her jaw in horror.

“Oh, please, don’t make me do that. Please, haven’t I suffered enough?” pleaded Sally.

“Don’t worry, honey,” taunted Sally’s tormentor, “You’ll be a hit. They’ll love you. Trust me.”

Without wasting any more time, Molly walked over to the side and pulled the ropes to open the curtain. Sally stood timidly at center stage while the audience applauded in approval. The spotlight shined on her, the can-can music started, and Sally began her dance routine. Tommy, fully aware of what was to transpire, watched his distressed sister with keen interest. The tension mounted as the buildup to the Offenbach piece was palpable. When it started, everyone anticipated the delicious scene of the dancer lifting the back of her dress and shaking her bare ass to the music. But Sally, much to the surprise and enjoyment of the audience, lifted the dress completely over her head and twirled it, spinning it out to the crowd. She was now clad only in black, lacy, thigh-high stockings, high heels, and a magenta-colored head ornament. The color of her face matched her head ornament. Her young, curvaceous body was exposed for all to enjoy as Sally pranced around the stage to the beat of the can-can. During the rousing part of the music she turned around and shook her ass back and forth as the audience screamed with pleasure. The mortified Sally finished the number and hurriedly made her way towards the sanctity of the dressing room before being thwarted by Tommy.

“Hold on, Sis, we need you out here,” called out her brother. Sally paused, buried her face in her hands, then grudgingly turned back around, covering her sex. “We’re quite short of cocktail waitresses, and we’re getting very thirsty,” continued Tommy. “So come on down and take care of your guests. And please don’t bother to cover up any more. No need to be bashful, we’re all friends here.”

All eyes were on the crimson-faced Sally as she made her way down the steps, arms by her side, then walked from table to table taking orders for drinks. Sally’s mortification was magnified by the fact that she didn’t have the other seven girls with her, so she had the undivided attention of the partygoers. She couldn’t look any of them in their eyes, and her downward cast and shamefaced appearance added to the delight of many in the crowd.

While this was going on Molly had closed the curtain and poked her head inside the dressing room, beckoning her next victim. “Cindy, would you kindly remove all of your clothes and come out here?” Molly smiled while taking in the horrified look on Cindy’s face. “On second thought, you don’t have to take all your clothes off. Go ahead and leave your high heels on.” A few moments later a distressed Cindy appeared, covering her chest with both of her arms, once again demonstrating her extreme self-consciousness of her undersized breasts. She sheepishly walked towards her tormentor, who was standing in the middle of the stage behind the curtain. To Cindy’s chagrin, she noticed that next to Molly were the ends of two lengths of rope that were suspended from the ceiling. Molly had a devilish grin on her face as she instructed her prey.

“Hold out your hands, sweetie,” commanded Molly as she secured each of Cindy’s wrists with the two lengths of rope. As Molly walked away, Cindy anxiously covered herself as best she could. But her coverage would be short-lived, as she felt a tug on her wrists. She looked over at Molly and noticed that she was turning the crank of a pulley that held the rope. Slowly Cindy’s hands were rising above her head, until her arms were outstretched, rendering her body taut. Her tiny breasts appeared even smaller in this extended position, giving her chest the appearance of that of a young boy’s. Molly strolled over to her victim, looked her up and down, and smiled.

“You’ll bring the house down, sweetheart, when I open the curtain,” taunted Molly. “Now everybody will see full exposure of these teeny little titties of yours,” continued Molly as she playfully tweaked one of Cindy’s little nipples.

The helpless Cindy was nearly frantic. “Oh, please don’t do this to me. Please! No! I’m begging you!” implored Cindy.

Molly put her finger to her lips as though she was considering this request. “Okay,” replied Molly, “I guess making you stand here naked in front of everybody may be a little too harsh. Let me get something to cover you up.”

Molly retreated to the dressing room, and to Cindy’s relief she returned with a pink towel. She draped the towel around Cindy’s breasts and tied it loosely in the back. The bottom of the towel reached to Cindy’s mid thigh. “There you go, sweetheart,” said Molly. “Is that better?”

“Thank you,” replied Cindy. Though she was still very apprehensive, this was certainly a big improvement.

“Here we go, sweetheart…now smile for your audience.”

Molly sauntered over to the side of the stage and pulled on the curtain rope. Cindy wasn’t smiling. The audience sounded their approval as they took in the new scene. The mortified girl stood motionless so as not to displace her only source of modesty. To her consternation, though, she spied Tommy climbing the stairs of the stage. What is that in his hand? Oh my God, it’s a feather! Cindy’s level of discomfiture rose exponentially as Tommy, grin on his face, approached her.

“Does this remind you of anything, Cindy dearest?” asked Tommy. “Think back to the gymnasium, four years ago, when you used one of these on me. It’s time to find out just how ticklish you are.”

Tommy went right to work by teasing Cindy’s right ear with the end of the feather. She drew her head back, being careful to keep her body still. Tommy continued moving the feather across Cindy’s face, tickling her nose and drawing the feather to her left ear. Now Cindy was having a difficult time keeping still, and to her dismay she thought she felt the towel loosening slightly. She breathed a sigh of temporary relief when she confirmed that her coverage was still intact.

Tommy, though, was just getting started. He continued to torment her with the feather, stroking her neck, then along the top of her chest above the towel. Cindy retracted her chest slightly, and again felt the towel slacken just a hair more. The audience noticed the gradual dislodgment of the towel, and the noise level rose with the buzzing of the crowd. Cindy’s facial expressions betrayed her anguish as she fought to keep from moving. Tommy then raised the feather high above Cindy’s head, starting at her wrist, and slowly lowered the tickler downward, along the inside of his victim’s arm. Cindy was beside herself as she realized where this was heading. When the tip of the feather reached the inside of her biceps, Cindy pleaded with her tormentor.

“Please stop, Tommy! Please, no more! Oh God, please stop!”

As Tommy twirled the feather just above Cindy’s armpit, it was becoming obvious that she was fighting a losing battle. She carefully alternated lifting each leg off the ground, struggling to keep from moving her upper body. The anticipation of the spectators increased. Tommy let this tantalizing scene play out for another minute or so, then decided to go for the jugular. When the tip of the feather invaded her armpit ruthlessly, Cindy lost control. Much to the entertainment of her audience, she gyrated her whole body with reckless abandon, and the pink towel dropped unfettered to the floor of the stage. Tommy, with the dirty deed now successful, pulled the feather away. Cindy continued her spastic gyrations, now completely overwhelmed with mortification. Tommy stepped aside, faced the audience and stretched his arm with open palm toward his naked victim.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Miss Cindy Goodwin!”

Cindy received a standing ovation from the appreciative crowd. She seemed to be red from head to toe as she tried fruitlessly to cover her blond bush by lifting her knees to her crotch, alternating between her left knee and her right. Her chest was burning as she felt all eyes staring at her tiny breasts. She couldn’t imagine being more embarrassed than she was at that moment.

Tommy returned to his table and ordered a cocktail from his naked sister. Molly let the audience enjoy the scene for another ten minutes or so before lowering the rope and untying the wretched Cindy.

“Hey, that was quite a show you put on, girlfriend,” teased Molly. “Now get down there and help your friend Sally serve cocktails.” Molly playfully slapped Cindy’s naked ass and sent the thoroughly humiliated girl on her way.

Meanwhile, the six remaining females in the dressing room shifted nervously as they listened to the raucous cheering of the crowd. They didn’t know exactly what was transpiring, but they had a pretty good idea it didn’t bode well for them. They collectively flinched when the dressing room door opened and Molly poked her head inside, ready to call the name of her next victim.

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