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Chapter 17: Karen On Display
Fri Nov 17, 2017 10:51am

“Karen, could you come out here, please?” beckoned Molly. Karen, who felt relatively secure in the sanctity of the dressing room, cringed as she stood up and followed Molly to the center of the stage behind the curtain. “You can take your clothes off, sweetheart, I have something else for you to wear,” instructed Molly.

Karen drooped her shoulders and obediently stripped off her clothes, leaving her naked in front of Molly for the third time that evening. She covered her breasts with her right arm and her blond bush with her left hand. Molly smiled to herself, basking in her victim’s embarrassment. “Aren’t we the bashful one,” teased Molly. “Imagine how you would feel if I opened the curtain right now and put you on display for all our guests. Would you like me to do that?”

“Please, no!” pleaded Karen anxiously, as she took a step back and tightened her grip on her privates.

“Okay, you win,” laughed Molly. “And just to show you what a good sport I am I’m going to let you cover yourself up with this.” Molly then handed Karen a black fabric. “Here, let me help you,” offered Molly. Molly wrapped the cloth around Karen’s breasts and fastened it with the sewn-in Velcro at the area between her shoulder blades. The material reached to just above her knees and had the appearance of a makeshift strapless dress.

Karen, although somewhat uneasy about Molly’s intentions, was grateful to hide her nakedness. Her sense of well-being was short-lived, however, and she winced when Molly reached up and pulled down a length of rope.

“Hold out your hands, sweetie,” instructed Molly.

A pair of handcuffs was attached to the end of the rope and Molly quickly locked Karen’s wrists in the cuffs. A disconcerted Karen watched as Molly sauntered over to the side of the stage and started cranking the pulley. Karen felt the tug on her wrists and stood helplessly as her arms were raised high above her head. Before she had a chance to plead her case with Molly the curtain opened and she was faced with a most-appreciative audience of about ninety. She looked on in trepidation as she received a rousing ovation. Much to her dismay, she spotted Sally, wearing only high heels, stay-up stockings and her head ornament. On the other side of the room was Cindy, completely naked but for her high heels. Both had scarlet cheeks, and were scurrying about serving cocktails to the guests. Karen was suddenly overcome with a strong sense of foreboding, a feeling that increased when she noticed Tommy climbing the stairs of the stage.

For Tommy, the course of events of the evening couldn’t have been progressing any better. He had all of his previous antagonists right where he wanted them. Karen was one of his main tormentors, and he was savoring the opportunity to continue with her humiliation. He recalled how Karen made him count out loud during the buildup before she pulled down his underpants in the gymnasium many years before. Tommy smacked his lips in anticipation as he approached his miserable victim. The audience was now silent as they listened to the two main characters.

“Well, well, what have we here?” taunted Tommy as he slowly circled his captive. “All dressed up and nowhere to go.” He lifted up the material above Karen’s back and smiled at the sight of her beautiful naked ass. He paused momentarily before letting go of the material and facing his beleaguered victim. “And just think, you’re just a couple of strips of Velcro from exposing all your charms to everyone out there. What have you gotten yourself into, Karen darling?” Tommy grinned, as he looked Karen up and down.

“Please, Tommy. I’m begging you, please. Please don’t,” implored Karen, who now had tears welling up in her eyes.

“Don’t what?” asked Tommy. “Tell me what you don’t want me to do.”

Karen hesitated before responding. “Please don’t take this off me.” Tommy was enjoying himself immensely.

“And what will happen if I do?” Karen didn’t answer, and Tommy grasped the closure at her back. “Tell me, Karen, what will happen if I pull on this right now?”

Karen swallowed hard, closed her eyes and said, “I’ll be naked.” This elicited a chorus of hoots and hollers from the guests as Karen flushed deeply. Tommy was ready to pounce.

“Well, Karen, it seems you have a fascinated audience who would love to see just that. Let’s have some fun with this. Tell you what, you count to three, very slowly, and when you say ‘three!’ I’ll tear this Velcro apart and we’ll see if you’re right. Are you ready, darling? Nice and loud, and nice and slow. I want you to draw out the countdown, like this: WUUUUUUUUUN, TWOOOOOOOOOO…just like that. And before you say ‘three’ draw it out with ‘AAAAAAAAAAAND, THREE!’ Okay, here we go.”

Tommy then put both hands on his chest and moved them outward, palms up, towards Karen, motioning for her to begin. He then stood behind her and put both hands on the Velcro closure. Karen, who had been squirming in near panic while Tommy was delivering his instructions, couldn’t bring herself to start the countdown.

“Please, don’t do this,” was all she could muster.

Tommy had anticipated her reticence. “Molly, hand me the scissors, would you please?” Molly walked over to Tommy and handed him a large pair of scissors.

Karen felt a tug on her long ponytail and screamed, “NO! PLEASE! NO!”

Tommy swiftly snipped off about a four inches of her twelve-inch ponytail. He handed the scissors back to Molly, who retreated to the side of the stage. He walked in front of Karen and showed her the damage.

“This is just a warning. Next time it all comes off. You’ve got ninety fans out there, and they all are looking forward to having your lovely, naked body on display. I suggest you get on with the show. Now, if you’ll begin counting, please. Nice and slow, and make sure the people in the back can hear you. Okay, here we go, take two, and you better hope it’s the last.” Again Tommy stepped behind Karen and prepared to tear the Velcro.

The distressed Karen had no choice but to succumb to Tommy’s demands. She didn’t want to lose the rest of her hair and either way she was going to be stripped and humiliated. She started counting. “WUUUUUUUUUUN…” The tittering from the crowd was audible. “TWOOOOOOOOOO…” Karen’s anxiety was nearing hysteria as she felt Tommy’s fingers tighten on the back of her garment. Many of the guests were on the edge of their seats. There was no turning back. “AAAAAAAAAAAND”…just as Karen was ready to finish her fatal countdown to nudity she noticed something peculiar. She felt Tommy’s grip on the Velcro closure weaken and saw him step off to the side about three feet away. She looked to her left and Molly was standing off to the side of the stage. She turned her head and no one was behind her. For one brief moment she entertained the notion that Tommy was showing some compassion and she was overcome with a feeling of relief. Nonetheless she figured it was best to follow through on Tommy’s instructions, so she finished the count. “THREE!”

Tommy was all set to strip Karen by hand when an idea hit him. Throughout the whole evening he was conscious of the fact that he had carried out his revenge without relying on any of his supernatural powers. The threat of using it was sufficient. But at this moment he flashed back on his memorable acquaintance with his mentor. He stepped off to the side, and when Karen shouted the number “three” he said to himself, “This one’s for you, Owen.” He then simply nodded towards Karen and watched appreciatively as the Velcro connection separated and the black garment sailed through the air and landed on a table in the middle of the room, rendering a very distraught young lady naked and helpless.

He took in the sight of his previous nemesis frantically and unsuccessfully attempting to cover her nudity by lifting her knees in front of her sex. He took in the sounds of the moment: the yelling of the crowd and Karen squealing “OHMIGOD! OHMIGOD! OHMIGOD!” He pointed to Molly, who proceeded to crank the pulley.

Just when she thought her degradation had peaked, Karen felt a tug upwards on her wrists. Much to her consternation, she realized she was about to be suspended in midair. To alleviate the strain on her wrists, she grabbed the length of the rope with both of her hands. Sure enough, she quickly lost touch with the floor of the stage and didn’t stop rising until she was three feet off the ground. She struggled mightily to maintain her modesty, but could only keep her knees bent for a few seconds at a time. At this point Tommy decided to take a more active role.

“All right, sweetheart, I want you to pretend you’re on a bicycle and you’re pedaling with all your might.” Tommy pointed to his friend manning the lights and music. “Joey, can you play something for us, something with a fast beat?” Within seconds, “Hocus Pocus” by Focus blared on the stereo system.

“Go Karen, RIDE that bicycle!” ordered Tommy. Karen, now on the brink of breaking down from her mortification, began pumping away with her legs to the beat of the music. The sounds of music and laughter filled the recreation center, as the sight of a beautiful, naked girl experiencing her utter humiliation was something to behold. Tommy exacerbated the poor girl’s shame when he grabbed one of her ankles and pulled her as far as he could towards the back of the stage. When he let go, Karen swung helplessly back and forth, dutifully kicking her legs all the while. The thoroughly entertained audience roared even louder in appreciation of the most amusing spectacle.

Throughout her ordeal, Karen was very careful to keep her legs as close together as she could to salvage what modicum of modesty she had remaining. This was not lost on Tommy, who had one more indignity in store for the most unfortunate Karen. He went backstage and returned with an unusual prop. In his hands was a huge, multicolored beach ball. He called Molly over and laid the ball on the ground as the pedaling Karen looked on, bewildered and apprehensive. Tommy grabbed hold of Karen’s right ankle, and Molly, right on cue, held her left ankle. They pulled her legs apart, forming a wishbone. Tommy then picked up the beach ball and with considerable effort he wedged it between Karen’s knees. This effectively exposed her private parts for all to see. Karen, horrified at this newly sprung degradation, frenetically gyrated her body and swung her legs in a vain attempt to dislodge the beach ball. Once again the audience roared their approval of the bizarre and hilarious sight.

Tommy, satisfied with the scene he had created, exited the stage and returned to his head table. Molly turned the pulley and lowered the hanging Karen until she was on her tiptoes. She left the curtain open so the guests could enjoy the display as the party continued.

Tommy grabbed the wrist of the naked Cindy as she walked by his table and snatched a full glass from her tray. He playfully spanked her pale behind as the profusely blushing young lady walked away, then held up his glass and said “Cheers,” as the rest of the table joined in his celebration. His thoughts wandered to the remaining victims of his retribution. He looked up at the still-struggling Karen and afforded himself yet another smile as he sipped from his glass of champagne.

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