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Chapter 18: The Denuded Danny
Mon Nov 20, 2017 5:23pm

As Tommy sipped on his champagne, he surveyed his surroundings. His sister Sally was hustling around serving cocktails, clad only in black thigh-high stockings and high heels. Cindy was also serving cocktails, naked but for her high heels. Karen was tied up on the stage––naked, of course––outstretched and still struggling in her unsuccessful attempts to dislodge a large beach ball wedged between her thighs. Michael was serving both at the bar and the tables, attired in a barmaid’s outfit forced on him by Molly. Danny was behind the bar, still fully clad in black pants, white shirt and a tie. He had been instructed by Tommy to shave every hair off his body below his head, and to this point that was Tommy’s and Danny’s little secret. Linda, Nancy, Carlene, Miss Richards and Sister Ruth remained in the dressing room, uncomfortably awaiting their unknown fate while still wearing their can-can costumes.

Danny had been a nervous wreck for most of the evening. Before getting dressed for his duty as a bartender he had spent the better part of an hour in the shower, shaving his body completely hairless as Tommy had ordered. As he stood behind the bar, he shuddered as he recalled the sight of himself in the full-length mirror following the shower. He could hardly bear to look, but look he did, as he examined himself front and back. Sure enough, he was hairless as the day he was born. He actually turned red from embarrassment, despite the fact that he was all alone at the time.

His shuddering increased as he imagined what a humiliating experience it would be if anybody saw him in that “nuder-than-nude” state. As the evening wore on, though, he gradually started feeling a little more comfortable as it appeared Tommy was focusing mainly on his female victims. Probably, he thought, his shaving himself was to be his punishment. God knows it was enough, as even though he was fully clothed he still felt somewhat naked, and was reminded of his hairlessness with every move as his clothes brushed against his smooth skin.

But his sense of well-being was about to come to an abrupt end. As he was pouring a scotch and soda he tensed up as he spotted Tommy sauntering towards him. He hoped that all he wanted was a cocktail, but Tommy looked him in the eyes and spoke the fateful words, “Molly would like to see you in the dressing room.” Danny turned white in the face and felt sick to his stomach. He didn’t even get a chance to plead his case as Tommy immediately turned around and headed back to his table.

“Oh, God,” Danny uttered aloud. He looked at Michael, who responded with a sympathetic look and a shrug of his shoulders. Deep down, though, Michael was somewhat relieved that he wouldn’t be the only male to be shamed that night.

Danny, now as nervous as he’d been all evening, trudged up the steps of the stage. He glanced over at Karen, naked and displayed on the stage, and his apprehension increased. He knocked softly on the door to the dressing room. Sure enough, a smiling Molly greeted him.

{Side note to the readers—Tommy had briefed Molly on all aspects of events leading up to this night except for one detail: To surprise her, he neglected to inform her of Danny's hairless condition.}

“Hello, Danny, I've been expecting you. Please come in,” said Molly.

With trepidation, Danny entered the dressing room and Molly closed the door behind them. “You're familiar with Linda, Nancy, Carlene, Miss Richards and Sister Ruth?” continued Molly. Danny nodded towards them, and the five females nodded back dolefully. Molly wasted no time and started going to work on Danny’s tie.

“Let me help you get a little more comfortable, Danny,” offered Molly. “I can see you’re perspiring, and it is a tad on the warm side in here.”

Danny was downcast as Molly deliberately unknotted his tie and slipped it off. Without hesitation she started unbuttoning his white shirt. Danny fidgeted nervously as Molly relentlessly worked her way down the shirt.

"Oh, I see you're not wearing an undershirt," commented Molly as she unbuttoned the last button and pulled the tucked in shirt from his pants. "This ought to help cool you off a bit."

Danny glanced uncomfortably at the five ladies on the floor and noticed that they had suddenly taken a keen interest in his predicament. Molly continued talking as she slipped off Danny’s shirt.

“Tommy and I appreciate your getting dressed up to tend bar, but we were thinking that maybe some of the girls in the audience would welcome some entertainment from one of the young men.” She rubbed her hand in a circular motion around Danny’s chest and said, “My, my, we’ve got a real smoothie here, girls, don’t we?” Danny’s face was now bright red as Molly turned her attention to his belt buckle.

“Linda and Nancy, would you be kind enough to help Danny out of his shoes and socks?” The two girls were somewhat eager to contribute to somebody else’s debasement, and they had his shoes and socks off in short order.

“Thanks girls. Danny, can you thank Linda and Nancy for their efforts?” The chagrined Danny complied.

“Thanks,” was all he managed to eke out. Molly was about to chastise him, but she was much more interested in her current endeavor. She unbuttoned Danny's pants and slowly lowered his zipper. Her gaze rose to her victim's face and she took delight in his quivering lips. Smiling, she bent down and lowered his pants to his ankles. She was fascinated with her discovery.

“Oh my God, would you look at this!” exclaimed Molly as she caressed his smooth thighs in disbelief. “Your legs are quite pretty, Danny. What, did you shave them this morning?” she asked as she ran her fingers up and down his calf.

Danny was mortified as he recognized that all five women were gaping at his hairless legs. Molly suddenly was struck by what Tommy may have done.

“Go like this,” Molly commanded, as she clasped her hands behind her head, elbows pointing to the sides.

Danny winced and did so, exposing his hairless armpits. Molly stepped back and observed the sight of Danny standing there, red-faced and hairless, his white briefs and trousers collected at his ankles.

“Oh, this is too precious,” said Molly, grinning from ear to ear. She reached for her cell phone. "Say 'cheese'!" she said as she snapped a picture of the beleaguered Danny and immediately texted it to Tommy for his enjoyment.

She bent down and removed Danny’s pants, lifting each leg one at a time to do so. She glanced back at the five girls on the floor and noticed their grins. “Well, should we continue girls, and see just how hairless this poor lad really is?” The five females nodded enthusiastically, temporarily forgetting their own predicament.

Molly then had a brainstorm. What could be more appropriate than to have the nun remove Danny’s underpants, as she did to Tommy years before?

“Sister Ruth, would you like to do the honors?” requested Molly.

Sister Ruth was so caught up in the present scene that she momentarily was able to ignore her own sorry plight. Without a word but with a big grin she eagerly rose to her feet and approached the wretched Danny. She was now in her element, and with little effort she was able to get into the role she had enjoyed so fondly in the past.

“Danny, I’m going to do you the honor of helping you off with your undies, but I’d like you to ask my permission first. Please call me by my name. And don’t you dare move your hands from the back of your head and try to cover up your naked little wee-wee when I take down your underpants.”

The other girls in the room were wide-eyed, both in anticipation of Danny’s impending unveiling, and in amazement at Sister Ruth’s sudden transformation from a hopeless victim to a sadistic tormentor.

Sister Ruth stared at her unfortunate victim and waited. Her heart was beating rapidly in her state of delectation. The helpless Danny, whose heart also was beating quite rapidly, submissively managed to blurt out the words.

“Sister Ruth, would you.....would you please pull down my underpants?”

“Why, certainly, Danny, I’d love to pull down your undies for you. And since you asked me so nicely, I'll even strip them completely off for you so you can be stark naked.”

Sister Ruth was on her knees now and looked up at her miserable victim. “Here we go, are you ready?” Without waiting for an answer, she hooked her fingers on the inside of the waistband of Danny’s BVD’s and began to count. “One…….” Danny began breathing faster. “Twooooooooo……..” He was almost hyperventilating now. “Aaaaaaaand THREE!” Sister Ruth hauled the underpants down to his ankles in one swift motion. Danny’s unintelligible cry of distress was drowned out by the shrieks of laughter from the other five females when they discovered that indeed Danny was hairless from neck to toe. Though he had just recently turned eighteen, his appearance was of a lad considerably younger. In his embarrassment, his penis and balls had shriveled up considerably. Danny, experiencing an utterly excruciating moment, just stood there with his eyes clenched shut, soaking up the extreme humiliation.

“My God, he looks like he’s eleven years old!” exclaimed Molly, and at once she realized that that was exactly what Tommy had in mind.

Sister Ruth lifted Danny’s legs one by one, removed his underpants, and tossed them to the side of the room. She leaned back and grinned at Danny derisively.

“Open your eyes and look at me, young man.” When Danny did so, she said to him, “How embarrassed you must feel right now,” purposely understating the situation.

“Okay, girls, enough entertainment for you. It’s time for Danny to reintroduce himself to our guests,” declared Molly. “Are you ready, little boy?” Danny, overwhelmed with dread, did not respond. “I’d like you to walk out on the stage now, sweetie. You don’t have to do anything. Just walk out there, stand at a spot––I put a strip of black tape where I want to stand, off to Karen's right––and face your admirers. Keep your hands high above your head, holding on to your elbows with your hands. Stand up straight and keep your feet about two feet apart. That’s it! Now get out there, and knock ‘em dead!”

Molly opened the door, slapped Danny’s naked backside playfully, and grinned freely as she watched the denuded wretch walk slowly to his assigned spot. She watched as the guests gradually recognized the unusual sight on the stage before them. She watched the joyful reactions in their faces, especially among the female guests. She listened as the clamor from the crowd increased steadily. She could see that the back of Danny’s neck was bright red from embarrassment, and was certain that his entire face was similarly flushed. She caught Tommy’s eye and they exchanged a grin and a “thumbs up” sign.

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