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Chapter 19a: Truth or Consequences
Wed Nov 22, 2017 3:33pm

The five girls remaining in the dressing room were still giggling about Danny’s humiliation when Molly reentered. This had a sobering affect, and, true to form, Molly brought them back to reality.

“Okay,” Molly started, “I’d like Linda, Nancy and Carlene to come with me. Oh, and Carlene, I'd like you to remove your dress, stockings and high heels and just put your volleyball outfit back on. You can be barefoot; just wear those two articles of clothing. Oh, and bring this," ordered Molly as she tossed her a volleyball. A puzzled and apprehensive Carlene grudgingly began stripping off her clothes at Molly's behest.

"Linda and Nancy," continued Molly, "Please remove your stockings first, then put your heels back on. When you’re done all you should be wearing is the dress and your shoes. Too bad you no longer have your panties.”

Molly giggled to herself. Linda and Nancy, who of course had thrown their panties into the crowd during their can-can act, removed their stockings and put their high heels back on. The nervous trio woefully followed Molly towards the front of the stage. They passed Karen, still tied up naked with a beach ball between her knees, and also the hairless Danny, who stood naked with his elbows above his head, looking about as miserable as humanly possible. They saw their friends Sally and Cindy, nude and serving cocktails. The ninety guests were having a merry old time, and all eyes were now on the new threesome, as it appeared a fresh scene was about to unfold.

Molly led Carlene to a spot a few feet to the left of Karen. "You can stay right here," she instructed. The scantily clad Carlene stood anxiously, holding her volleyball at her side.

Linda and Nancy were led to a white, rectangular platform, about a foot in height and approximately six square feet in length. Several small circular air vents were scattered across the top. The two girls stood on the platform facing the enraptured audience. Molly produced a pair of handcuffs, and clasped one end on Linda’s right wrist and the other on Nancy’s left. She then pulled out a second pair of handcuffs and pulled Linda’s left wrist behind her back and cuffed it to Nancy’s right wrist, which was also pulled around her back. The two distraught girls were well secured, and the party guests were looking on in curious excitement. Molly retreated to the side of the stage, and Tommy stood up from his table.

“Folks, we’re going to play a little game,” Tommy announced, loud enough for all the guests to hear. “Let’s call it ‘Truth or Consequences.’ I’m going to ask our lovely Linda and Nancy a series of questions. They'll have a maximum of thirty seconds to answer. They can put their two heads together to try to come up with the right answer. If they get it wrong, they'll pay the consequences, of which they'll find out in due time. If they get it right, Carlene will have to remove an article of clothing of her choice, and Danny and Karen will entertain us by dancing naked for us."

The fivesome collectively slumped their shoulders and dropped their heads, no doubt aware of their inevitable forthcoming humiliation.

"Danny," continued the unrelenting Tommy, "If you’ll remove the beach ball from Karen’s legs, please. When you’re done, you can resume your position.”

With considerable effort, Danny managed to pry the beach ball from the grasps of Karen’s thighs. Karen, though still tied up, would now have the freedom to dance, if necessary. Danny again stood straight with his elbows above his head.

“Okay, first question,” began Tommy. “Who was the first president of the United States?”

Carlene, Danny and Karen all had looks of anguish on their faces. Linda and Nancy simultaneously blurted out, “George Washington.”

“Linda and Nancy, you are correct! You are smarter than I thought,” said Tommy. “The rest of you, you know what the consequences are. Karen and Danny, we'll start with you.”

A fast-paced tune played on the stereo and the two naked unfortunates started dancing. The audience laughed uproariously at the comical sight, especially at the bouncing genitals of the thoroughly humiliated Danny. Karen was partially inhibited with her hands tied above her head, but she dutifully shook her hips from side to side, creating a salacious scene. The song faded out after about two minutes, and the two red-faced participants resumed their positions.

But Danny’s time in the limelight wasn’t quite finished. It seems that during his performance, when the spotlight focused on his gonads, he lowered his hands from his head to cover up his source of embarrassment. This maneuver was not lost on Molly, who had stepped forward from her position at the side of the stage.

“Danny,” she yelled at him, feigning agitation with her hands on her hips, “Didn’t I tell you to keep your hands on your head?”

Danny, now completely unnerved to be the center of attention, replied, “S-sorry.”

“Well, ‘sorry’ is not going to cut it, I’m afraid.”

Molly was flourishing in her role, enjoying the attention, much like an actress in a play. She pulled a sturdy, wooden chair to the front of the stage and sat down, facing Danny, who was about fifteen feet away. The audience was to her left. With the crook of her index finger, she motioned to the beleaguered Danny.

“Come here, young man.” Danny, now with a pitiful look of distress on his face, made the naked walk of shame, stopping in front of his tormentor. “Little boys who misbehave need to be punished,” Molly scolded. “Do you have anything to say for yourself?”

Danny somehow blushed brighter. “I-I’m sorry; it won’t happen again.” The audience tittered.

“Do you see any reason why I shouldn’t take you over my knee right now and spank you like a little boy?”

Now outright laughter emanated from the audience. Danny, who wasn’t laughing, was at a loss for words.

“I thought not,” continued Molly.

Then, much to the amusement of the spectators (especially Tommy, who wasn’t expecting this impromptu performance from his girlfriend), she stood up, grabbed Danny’s right elbow, and, while sitting back down, pulled him down and spread him across her knees. While his feet dangled about a foot from the floor of the stage, his naked backside faced the captivated audience. Molly proceeded to spank the miserable Danny’s hindquarters, steadily and authoritatively. She fed off the hooting and hollering from the crowd, as she increased the speed and the force of her slaps, until she heard the whimpering from her wretched victim. She stopped, and momentarily stared at her target in amazement (and, it should be noted, a certain amount of admiration), as it turned redder and redder by the second, almost to a glow. Satisfied, she stood the mortified Danny up.

“That’ll be all,” she told him, and sent him on his way with a final slap to his tender posterior. Danny, his face now crimson, waddled back to his position on the other side of the stage, smarting considerably from the stinging on his backside, but much more so from humiliation.

Tommy had to wait a fair amount of time for the noise to subside, “Okay, let’s see, where were we?” asked Tommy rhetorically, as he wiped the tears of laughter from his eyes. “By the way, thank you, Molly, that was quite entertaining.” Molly smiled and winked at her appreciative boyfriend.

"Now, let's get on with question number two," stated Tommy.

Tommy was fully aware that another consequence was pending. He peeked at Carlene and delighted in her facial expression, which was one of relief. Of course, that was to be short-lived.

"Oh, I almost forgot. Carlene, you have an important decision to make. Which article of clothing would you like to part with?"

"Please, Tommy, I...."

"Why don't you surprise us," said Tommy. "And I'd like you to give us your sexiest striptease dance while you take it off and twirl it to your audience. You can set the volleyball down during your performance."

Tommy pointed to his friend in the balcony. The old tune "The Stripper" appropriately bellowed from the stereo. Carlene, after a moment or two of hesitation, knew what she had to do. She set the volleyball down by her feet, and while the audience roared she began gyrating her hips while pulling her sports bra all the way down her body and off her feet. Dutifully, she twirled it around before tossing it forward, where it was snatched out of the air by one of the excited partygoers.

Carlene, her red face feeling like it was on fire, self-consciously crossed her arms over her chest. Tommy let it go, well aware that her exposure would occur in due time. He again pointed to his friend, and the music stopped.

“Thank you, Carlene, that was very entertaining. With any luck, maybe that's as far as you'll have to go. Now, let's get back to the game. Here you go girls, question number two: Who won baseball’s World Series in 2017?"

Linda and Karen, neither of whom had any knowledge or interest in sports, were in a panic. They conferred with each other, and Nancy took a stab at it. “The Dallas Cowboys?” Nancy tried.

“No, not quite,” countered Tommy, “You picked the right genre, but the wrong sport. The answer is the Houston Astros. I’m afraid you’ll have to pay the consequences.”

Molly, who had a remote control in her hand, turned a knob to a 25 mph setting. A gust of air abruptly blew upwards from the platform where Linda and Nancy were standing. The skirts of their dresses rose above their waists, exposing their nakedness. The girls, in a panic, struggled mightily. With their hands rendered useless behind their backs, they fought each other with their other cuffed hand in their frenzied attempts to lower the front of their respective dresses. They seemed to trade off having success. Just when Linda would have her modesty covered, Nancy would regain control and pull towards her own dress, causing Linda’s to rise again. No girl had coverage for more than few seconds, and there were many instances when there would be a standoff and both dresses were blowing up in the air. This went on for the better part of two minutes, with both girls shrieking throughout, while the audience roared with unbridled laughter. Finally Molly lowered the control to zero, and the skirts of the two victims’ dresses settled back down.

Tommy wiped the tears of laughter from his eyes and continued. “Next question,” said Tommy, still laughing. "What country does the Queen of England live in?"

Linda and Nancy, neither of which was one of the brightest of the stars, actually furrowed their brows in thought, while the other three turned their heads and rolled their eyes, recognizing their fate. Tommy was incredulous that an answer wasn't immediately forthcoming, and decided he'd better jump in.

"It's not a trick question, girls."

"Uh, England?" said Linda tentatively.

"Brilliant!" responded Tommy as he shook his head in disbelief. "Karen and Danny, you're on!

On cue, the dance music began and Karen and Danny dutifully entertained their boisterous audience with their humiliating naked dancing. Danny, his bum still smarting from Molly's spanking, was ever so careful to keep his hands on his elbows above his head during the performance.

"Excellent!" shouted Tommy when the music ended. The two red-faced participants hung their heads in shame while their admirers gave them a mock standing ovation.

When it quieted down, Tommy licked his lips as he eyed his next victim.

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