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Chapter 19b: Truth or Consequences
Wed Nov 22, 2017 3:36pm

"Carlene, thank you for patiently waiting your turn," he teased. "Have you decided which article of clothing you're going to remove now?"

Of course there was no response necessary, considering that her only remaining garment was the spandex boy shorts of her volleyball uniform. Again, "The Stripper" blared from the stereo. To the delight of the crowd, Carlene took a deep breath, swayed her hips halfheartedly and began squirming out of her shorts. Within a few seconds she had tossed the shorts forward and stood in a pose one would expect from someone who was completely naked against her will in front of a large audience: She crouched over with one arm across her chest and the other covering her crotch. Her cheeks were a brilliant shade of red.

Tommy delighted in her humiliation, and allowed her to maintain the pose for awhile as cameras flashed while she squirmed miserably in the spotlight. After awhile Tommy intervened, assuring that Carlene would be completely exposed.

"Pick up your volleyball!" he yelled above the music. Carlene complied, and stood holding the ball below her midsection with one hand, while her other remained across her chest.

"Now take the ball with both hands and hold it high above your head," commanded Tommy.

Carlene had no choice. Everyone was about to behold the six-foot beauty in her naked glory. In what was an excruciating moment for her, Carlene slowly raised the ball above her head as the crowd roared their approval.

"Higher! Stretch your arms as high as you can!" shouted Tommy. "And shake those hips to the music!"

Now fully stretched out and fully shamed, Carlene shook her hips back and forth until the music came to an end. Tommy instructed her to hold her position until further notice.

"Okay, back to the game at hand," continued Tommy. He addressed Linda and Nancy. "We have only two more questions, girls. Get them right and we'll have three naked dancers, and you can walk off with your pride intact. Get them wrong, and, well, let's just say you'll look back fondly at doing the can-can in those dresses."

"Okay, next question. How do you spell ‘embarrassed?’”

The theme to "Final Jeopardy" played on the stereo while the two girls anxiously conversed. There was a bit of arguing before Nancy could be heard saying, "Just let me do it!" The music stopped and Nancy, in deep thought, articulated, “I-M-B-E-R-I-S-T.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, girls," giggled Tommy. "It actually starts with an "E," then....well, let's just say you weren't very close. Too bad. Well, get ready girls, here we go!”

Linda gave Nancy the evil eye while Molly turned the control up to 50 mph. The dresses immediately blew up to the girls’ armpits, exposing their breasts for all to see. The shocked Linda and Nancy were beside themselves as they frenetically tried to pull them down. But the force of the wind was too much. Attempts at lowering their dresses would prove to be impossible. The tickled audience again were convulsed with laughter, as the two girls frantically attempted to preserve their modesty, to no avail. Mercifully, Molly turned off the control, and the dresses quietly dropped back down. Tommy waited for the noise to wane before continuing on.

“Last question,” said Tommy. “In a matter of minutes the two of you might be standing there completely naked against your will in front of over ninety people. Now, the question is, just how would that make you feel?”

The two girls looked like they were about to cry. Although she was reasonably certain it wouldn’t do her any good, Linda gave an answer. “Embarrassed?” she said meekly.

“Oh, sorry, once again, wrong answer,” responded Tommy. “The appropriate adjective was ‘humiliated.’ Molly, would you help these ladies out of their restraints please?” Molly unlocked the handcuffs and again retreated to the side of the stage. “Girls, I’d like you to hold your hands high in the air, palms outstretched and leave them there until Molly or I tell you to put them down.”

The two girls, with considerable trepidation, raised their hands high in the air. Molly then jacked up the control to 65 mph. Before Linda and Nancy even knew what had happened to them, their dresses flew up their torso, past their breasts, over their heads and past their outstretched arms, fluttering to rest on the floor of the stage, in front of the astonished Karen. The guests were on their feet now, screaming in amusement at the bizarre sight. The girls’ pubic hairs were blowing in the wind, and the long hair on their heads was blowing straight up in the air.

After allowing the unusual scene to play out for a couple of minutes, Tommy motioned for Molly to turn off the blowers. Linda and Nancy, their hair now completely disheveled from the gale-force winds, stood naked and teary-eyed on the platform, thoroughly humiliated.

“Okay, girls,” said Molly, “You can go down and help Sally and Cindy serve cocktails. Thanks so much for the entertainment.” Molly pulled the platform off to the side of the stage while Linda and Nancy made the shameful walk and joined their equally humiliated friends in their subservient roles.

Meanwhile, Tommy had more in store for the embattled Carlene. She played no small part in Tommy's humiliation years before, and he planned on showing her no mercy.

"Carlene," called out Tommy, "You can set the ball down now." Carlene gladly set the ball down in front of her and regained her "cover-up" position.

"I'd like you to get down on all fours now," instructed Tommy.

Carlene, devastated, dropped to her hands and knees.

"You treated me like your little pet when we were in the gymnasium hallway. Now it's your turn. Let me hear you bark."

Carlene froze in her place, unable to do his bidding.

"P-please, Tommy, I...."

"That doesn't sound like a doggie. I want to hear you bark, just like a dog."

"Woof," she tried, lamely.

"Not good enough. Louder!"

"ARF!" she shouted.

"Better. Let me hear that three times, nice and loud."

"ARF! ARF! ARF!" Carlene was becoming teary-eyed in her mortification.

"That's a good little doggie. Now here's what you're going to do. I want you to crawl across the stage like the dog you are, back and forth until I tell you to stop. And I want you to lean down and roll the volleyball with your nose as you go. The ball is your friend, do not lose track of it. And every time you get back to your home base––that would be where you are right now––I want you to stop, face the audience and bark as loud as you can, three times. ARF! ARF! ARF!, then start crawling all over again. Got it?"

The only response from the utterly miserable Carlene was a halfhearted nod.

"Oh, and one other thing." Tommy was thinking on the fly now, and had a brainstorm. "Since dogs like to lick their balls, and you obviously can't do that, here's what I'd like you to do: Every time you get to the other side of the stage, I'm going to let you lick Danny's little balls." Tommy waited for the expected outburst from the crowd to fade. He looked at Danny, whose grim expression was similar to Carlene's. "And I'm not talking about a little tap with your tongue. Spend a little time there, like you're giving him a thorough cleaning. His balls are baby smooth, so you don't have to worry about getting any hair in your mouth."

There was a short period of silence while Tommy gave Carlene time to digest her latest disgrace. He broke the silence by clapping his hands together.

"What are you waiting, for, let's go, little doggie!" shouted Tommy.

Much to her degradation, the naked Carlene began crawling on her hands and knees across the stage. Her hindquarters seemed to rise higher in the air as she leaned her head down to nudge the volleyball with her nose. It was a bizarre sight, one that created considerable hoopla amongst her audience. For Tommy, it was delicious revenge as he recalled his humiliation at the hands of Carlene in his grammar school gymnasium, especially in the hallway. He recalled how he was on his knees on the bare floor, his head wedged between Carlene's strong thighs, and how helpless he was when she slowly lowered his underpants down his legs. He afforded himself a smile as he witnessed her comeuppance.

When Carlene reached the opposite side of the stage, the volleyball stopped at Danny's feet. She knew what she had to do. Much to her chagrin, she eyed her target: the smooth, somewhat undersized testicles of the naked, apprehensive eighteen-year-old before her. Holding on to his ankles for support, Carlene, much to the enjoyment of the ninety-plus spectators, opened her mouth and began caressing Danny's balls with her tongue. Remembering Tommy's instructions, she spent much more time with the detestable undertaking than she desired. Covering the entire circumference of the young man's scrotum––even inadvertently touching on his perineum, much to her revulsion––she made sure, to avoid a reproach from Tommy, to, in his words, perform a "thorough cleaning."

She then dutifully began nudging the volleyball with her nose towards the other side of the stage. Upon arriving there, she faced the audience and yelped, "ARF! ARF! ARF!" before turning around and doing it all over again.

The fully contented Tommy sat down and ordered another cocktail from the naked, perpetually-blushing Cindy. He pondered what for him would be his final retribution, the absolute humiliation of Sister Ruth and Miss Richards.

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