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Chapter 20a: The Climax
Tue Nov 28, 2017 1:23pm

Warning/disclaimer: If you think you might be offended by the sexual humiliation and complete degradation of a Catholic nun (even if she had it coming), then it is in your best interests to read no further.

And then there were two.

Tommy leaned back in his chair, sipped his cocktail, and surveyed the recreation hall. At this point there were four naked girls scampering around, keeping the guests quite satisfied. Michael was tending bar, disgraced in his maid’s outfit. Karen was on the stage, nude but for her high heels and still red-faced, her wrists tied high above her head. Danny, naked and hairless, stood on the stage to Karen’s right with his hands behind his head, looking like he was either going to cry or throw up, or both. Carlene continually crawled back and forth on the stage nudging her volleyball with her nose, stopping only to service Danny's balls with her tongue, and also to stop and bark like a dog. She was naked, of course. Tommy smiled at the "three-ring humiliation circus" on the stage.

Sister Ruth and Betty Richards sat alone in the dressing room, nervously awaiting their fate.

“Ah, yes, Sister Ruth and Betty Richards,” thought Tommy to himself as he sipped on his cocktail. He allowed himself to recall his extreme debasement at their hands years before. In a short time they would pay dearly for their dirty deeds, and experience the same shame that Tommy felt on that ill-fated day. Alive with anticipation, Tommy excused himself from his table and made his way up the stairs to the stage. As he walked by the wretched Karen, Danny and Carlene, he smiled and said, “You folks enjoying yourselves?” There was no response, and Tommy chuckled to himself as he and Molly sauntered towards the dressing room, eager to carry out the next phase of the plan.

Sister Ruth and Betty Richards were startled as the door of the dressing room flew open. Their anxiety level increased when they saw that a grinning Tommy had joined his girlfriend. “Hello, ladies,” greeted Tommy exuberantly. “Sorry to keep you cooped up in here so long; it’s high time you come out and join the party.”

Meanwhile, Molly was in the process of retrieving two garments on hangers in the closet. She held them up in front of the apprehensive ladies. On one hanger was a long, black expensive negligee that buttoned all the way up the front. On the other was a very short, frilly, pink babydoll. Tommy had asked Molly to purchase them at Victoria’s Secret, using Miss Richards' credit card.

“I bought each of you a little present, ladies; I hope you like them. Now how about getting out of those dresses and getting into something more comfortable.”

The two unfortunates sat dumbfounded until Molly bellowed, “You heard what Tommy said, strip!”

The ladies knew it would be fruitless to ask for mercy, so they slowly stood up and started peeling off their can-can dresses. Both were blushing brightly, as it was quite discomforting to bare themselves in front of the leering Tommy. They had already been divested of their panties on the stage, so when their dresses were removed they stood there in black thigh-high stockings, high heels, and gloomy faces. Their heads were down in shame and their hands were covering their fronts. Tommy flashed back on when he stopped time on the bus and first stripped the beautiful Miss Richards. He remembered how surprised he was to see her completely shaven pussy, and from what he could see about her hands she was still shaven. Tommy felt a stirring in his pants, as he was excited not only at the sight of the naked women, but equally by their obvious embarrassment and impending humiliation.

As the women stood motionless Tommy took in the wonderful scene for a few more moments before giving further instructions. “You won’t be needing those stockings, either.” The distraught ladies turned around, sat on the floor with their backs to Tommy and Molly and started peeling off their stockings. Tommy chuckled out loud at their attempts at modesty. He decided to let it go, as in short order they would be nude and exposed in front of a fascinated audience of over ninety. Molly handed Sister Ruth the black negligee and she quickly slipped it on and buttoned it all the way up. Betty Richards slipped on the babydoll and was chagrined to see that it barely covered her crotch and that it left the very bottom of her buttocks exposed. She pulled down on the hem to increase her coverage, but to no avail. She shivered at the thought of walking out on the stage in her present attire.

Tommy turned the hapless victims so they were facing each other. “Take a good look at each other, ladies.” Sister Ruth and Miss Richards reluctantly looked each other up and down. When they made eye contact they quickly averted their eyes in embarrassment.

“I hope you find each other mutually attractive,” continued Tommy. “Considering how intimate you two will soon be, it’d be a shame if you weren’t turned on by the other.”

A look of horror appeared on the faces of each teacher as they digested the ramifications of Tommy’s statement.

“Hey, don’t look so upset, you might really like it,” said the smiling Tommy. “And I can guarantee that your audience will love you. Just pretend you’re auditioning for an X-rated movie. Have you ever had an orgasm, Sister?”

Sister Ruth was absolutely appalled. “Please, Tommy, enough is enough. I can’t possibly go through with this. Nobody’s ever touched me down there. Please, Tommy, I’m begging you, stop this madness immediately.”

Tommy smiled as he enjoyed watching his former tormentor squirm. Instead of answering Sister Ruth’s pleas, Tommy stopped time for all but Molly and himself. He then took Miss Richards’ left hand and slipped it up Sister Ruth’s negligee and wrapped it around her right breast. He took her right hand and inserted two of her fingers inside Sister Ruth’s vagina. He then put both of Sister Ruth’s hands on Miss Richards’ ass and put their mouths together to make it appear that they were kissing each other. He stepped back and took this in for a moment as Molly and he exchanged grins. He then started time.

It took about one second for Sister Ruth and Betty Richards to instinctively pull their lips from each other. It took another two or three seconds for it to register to them just how familiar they were getting with each other. “AGHHH!” they screamed simultaneously as they abruptly removed their hands from each other.

“My, what a lovely couple you make,” teased Tommy. “Now I’m going to go back to my seat and await your show. Molly will give you full instructions on exactly how I’d like you to enjoy each other out there. And you’d better be convincing, or the consequences will be even worse. Now, for a warm-up I’d like you two to give each other a nice, long kiss on the lips before I go.”

The teachers were beside themselves in their embarrassment and their dread of what was to come. Sister Ruth looked at Tommy pleadingly while Miss Richards had both hands covering her face.

“Come on,” teased Tommy, “You know you want it. One nice wet one to get things started.”

Realizing it would be futile to delay the inevitable, the two women approached each other without making eye contact. They locked lips momentarily, much to their distaste, and started to pull away when Tommy interrupted them.

“Keep going,” he prodded. “And I need to see a little more passion. In about ten minutes you’re going to be going at each other like a couple of animals, so I want you to really get into this kiss to set the tone.”

Again a look of terror appeared on the two ladies. They kissed more intensely, hoping to appease Tommy and get him out of the room. After about ten seconds Tommy said, “That’s better, much better. I’d like that affection to transfer out to the stage when you two do your performance. Now listen to Molly, she’ll tell you what to do.”

Tommy left the room and returned to his seat. Molly spent the next few minutes explaining to the troubled teachers exactly how they would entertain the audience. As Molly gave her instructions, both ladies looked horrified. Sister Ruth clasped both of her hands together, interlocking her fingers, beseeching Molly not to make her go through with the scandalous act. Molly, of course, was unrelenting.

“Okay, girls, it’s show time. Now I want you two lovebirds to hold hands as you walk out to the front of the stage, and I’m warning you, you’d better be convincing.”

Molly opened the door to the dressing room and the frightened teachers held each other's clammy hand and made their fateful walk out to the stage. Their anxiety increased when they saw Karen, tied naked and outstretched in the middle of the stage. The sight of Danny, naked and humiliated while standing with his elbows above his head, would normally be a pleasurable sight for them, but under the circumstances it only served to increase their dread. Carlene, naked and degraded while crawling on the floor added to their state of panic.

Molly stepped up to the microphone on the side of the stage and said, “Ladies and gentleman, I give you Sister Ruth and Betty Richards!”

The audience saw the ladies in nightclothes and gave a rousing standing ovation. When they quieted and sat down, the lights dimmed slightly and Ravel’s “Bolero” began playing on the sound system. That was the cue for the stars of the moment. Miss Richards turned and began kissing Sister Ruth on the lips. The audience buzzed as they readied themselves for the spectacle. The guests glanced at Tommy, and those sharing his table raised their glasses to him. Tommy smiled and acknowledged the toast.

Miss Richards, while maintaining the lip lock, slowly began unbuttoning her partner’s negligee, starting at her neck. When the fourth button was undone, she parted the material to reveal the breasts of the mortified nun. Sister Ruth stood there helplessly with her eyes closed as she felt the lips of her friend Betty caressing her blushing neck. For the audience it was a sensual experience, but the “lovers” were mortified beyond belief. They noticed the video camera focused on them, adding to their misery.

As the music played on, Miss Richards turned her attention to her partner’s breasts. Deftly using her tongue and kissing her nipples softly, Betty Richards seemed quite adept at what she was doing, as if she had done this before. In actuality, she was heterosexual and had never before had a sexual experience with a woman, but she was quite mindful of what a woman finds stimulating. She was doing this against her will, but she had been warned to play her part to the hilt or face the consequences later. She did not want to find out what those consequences might entail.

Miss Richards continued stimulating Sister Ruth’s bosom as she unclasped another button of the negligee. At this point, two very interesting things occurred. The first one involved Danny. Danny had been standing onstage for quite awhile now, miserable in his embarrassment. That level of embarrassment was about to increase, due to something beyond his control. While watching the display in front of him, much to his consternation he felt a stirring in his loins.

“Oh, please,” he said quietly to himself. “Not here. Not now!”

But try as he might, he felt his penis slowly become harder and more erect. It certainly did not help when Carlene, making her obligatory rounds, began licking him all over his balls. He tried thinking of something mundane, but his member had a mind of its own. He dared not move his hands from behind his head, and he prayed that everyone would be so entranced with the exhibition being put on by the two teachers that his predicament would go unnoticed. But in short order somebody from the crowd yelled out, “Hey, look, Danny’s getting a woody!”

Right on cue, Tommy’s friend that was manning the lights focused a spotlight right on Danny’s active genitalia. Danny grimaced and tilted his head back. The audience was laughing at him now, as his hairless penis was erect to its full length of less than five inches. As Carlene crawled away, Danny could only stand there, totally mortified, as the spotlight continued to shine on his source of embarrassment. He was now a sideshow for the main act.

The other interesting occurrence involved the recipient of Betty Richards’ devoted servitude. Sister Ruth had cringed as she was about to receive the mouth of Betty’s with her own. Per Tommy and Molly’s instructions she passionately kissed her right back. When she first felt the wet caresses on her breasts a disturbing thing happened. For the first time in her life she discovered the feeling of sexual arousal. Much like the naked boy on her right, she tried to fight it off. But her partner’s relentless stimulation only added to her titillation. Then she felt fingers completely unbuttoning her negligee, and hands sliding her only garment off of her shoulders. Before she knew what was happening, her negligee was pulled off her arms and had dropped to the floor. She heard the outcry from the audience.

“Oh my God,” she said aloud when the realization hit her. “I’m naked.”

As dreadful as that was, she had an even bigger concern. Betty Richards was on her knees now, gradually working her way down Sister Ruth's torso with her tongue. She felt the kisses on her navel, then down her midsection. She was becoming more and more sexually aroused by the second. Her friend soon had her tongue in her vagina, and Sister Ruth had never felt anything remotely close to her present level of stimulation in her entire life. As humiliated as she was, she was getting caught up in her own gratification.

Betty Richards expertly toyed with her clitoris, knowing just the right buttons to push to enhance her arousal. Sister Ruth could hold back no longer. The audience was treated to quite a scene as Miss Richards’ baby doll had risen up, exposing most of her beautifully rounded ass. Sister Ruth had her hands on the back of Miss Richards’ head, seemingly guiding her while her own hips began rotating involuntarily. Sister Ruth began to speak, to her own surprise.

“Ooh,” she heard herself coo. “Ahhh.” She couldn’t stop herself. “Oh, Betty!”

She was getting louder and her whole body was in motion as Betty Richards struggled to hold her still.

“Oh, God, no! No! Oh, yes! YES! OH, BETTY! BETTY! OH MY GOD! OH GOD!” She was drowning out the music now in her exultation. “OH, BETTY, PLEASE! OH! OH! GOD HELP ME! OH YES! YES! OH GOD!”

The wildly gyrating naked nun now had her hands on her own head and was bent backwards from the waist. The audience was awestruck. Miss Richards' tongue continued to work its magic as Sister Ruth was in the throes of ecstasy.


Betty Richards removed her mouth from Sister Ruth’s vagina. Her face was smeared with her friend’s flowing juices. The musical number had ended and all she could hear was the clapping and cheering from the most enthusiastic audience.

I can’t believe I just brought a nun to orgasm in front of all these people,.

She stood up and instinctively tugged at the back of her babydoll, trying in vain to cover her buttocks. She glanced at the spent Sister Ruth, who was gradually coming back to the cold reality of her situation. The two of them stood awkwardly at center stage as the cheering continued. They looked at Molly, hoping for a dismissal. Instead they saw Tommy climbing the steps and heading their way.

“Thanks, ladies, that was fantastic!” smiled Tommy as he greeted the ill-starred teachers. Tommy reached out and took Sister Ruth’s left hand and began leading her off the stage. “Come with me, Sister, you look like you need a rest.” He caught Miss Richards’ eye. “You hang tight, I’ll be right back.”

Both women had looks on their faces that seemed to say, “Oh, God, what more can he possibly do to us?”

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