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Chapter 20b: The Climax
Tue Nov 28, 2017 1:25pm

Tommy led his former seventh grade teacher down the steps of the stage. She was covering her bush with her right hand, as she really felt her nudity now. Tommy stopped at his table, which was in the front center of the floor. Tommy patted the top of the table.

“Why don’t you climb up here, Sister, and make yourself comfortable?” instructed Tommy.

Sister Ruth closed her eyes tightly for a moment, illustrating her anxiety. She compliantly crawled up on the table, much to the enjoyment of the guests. She sat on her haunches, slightly bent over while doing her best to cover her nakedness with her hands and arms. She was absolutely miserable.

Tommy paused and basked in Sister Ruth’s humiliation before addressing her again.

“Oh, that just won’t do, Sister,” he said. “I think we all would like to have a better view of your body. I’d venture a guess that most of our guests have never seen a nun stark naked before. Let’s see, why don’t you stretch out on your hands and knees for us, like Carlene up there. And spread your knees apart, oh, about a foot or so.”

The beleaguered Sister Ruth resignedly did just that.

“Excellent,” approved Tommy. “Now move your arms forward to the edge of the table.”

The giggles persisted as the wretched victim stretched out her body. She now was leaning forward, her ass high in the air and her very private parts on prominent display. Her degradation would have no bounds. She didn’t know it, but she was kneeling on an electric “Lazy Susan.” Once Sister Ruth was in position, Tommy pressed a button under the table. To her indignation, she slowly started turning. Tommy had set the speed so that each revolution around the table would take about one minute. Sister Ruth bowed her head in shame, almost incapable of tolerating this latest assault on her dignity.

Meanwhile, Molly, on cue, met Tommy at the edge of the stage and handed him six Ping-Pong paddles. There was about to be payback for Sister Ruth forcing Tommy to walk through the spanking gauntlet in the seventh grade. Tommy started passing them out to his friends at the table.

“By the way,” Tommy explained, “Sister Ruth is quite into the spanking scene. Aren’t you, Sister?” asked Tommy as he lifted up her chin, forcing eye contact.

The besieged nun only looked at Tommy drearily. “I’ll take that as a ‘yes.’ Okay, everybody, it’s time to put a little color in that pasty white ass of hers. I think you’ll get much better leverage if you all stand up.”

The grinning group stood up eagerly. “Here’s how it works. Every time you see this fat ass pass in front of you, take a good smack at it with your paddle. I’ll turn up the speed a little bit so you won’t have to wait too long in between spanks. Sister, I’d advise you to keep still, but feel free to cry out if you so desire. Okay, let the games begin!”

With that, Tommy turned the speed up and the table turned at a more rapid pace. A girl got the first slap in. “Whack!” the sound resonated throughout the hall. “Whap!” came the next spank from the girl’s boyfriend. They were enjoying themselves. Tommy was next, and he didn’t hold back. “THWACK!” Sister Ruth’s back involuntarily lifted after the blow. After once around the table, the cheeks of her ass were almost as red as the cheeks of her face. After two rounds, they were crimson. Sister Ruth hadn’t made a peep, but Tommy knew she had to be hurting. He wanted to get one last lick in, though.

“Okay, gang, that’s enough, I think she got the message.”

The guests sat down and Tommy turned off the motor. He paused for a few seconds, then quickly turned around and pounced on her with a hard flurry, twice on each cheek.

“Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap!”

Within two or three seconds the sharp stinging hit home and Sister Ruth couldn’t hold back.

“Ow! Ow! OWWWWW! Please, Tommy, no MORE! Oh God, please stop! Oh, God, it hurts!”

She wanted badly to reach back and touch her burning bum but resisted in order to avoid further punishment from the vengeful Tommy. Instead she writhed her torso in a circular motion while she waited for the stinging to subside, provided more delectable entertainment for Tommy and his guests. Tommy let the scene play out for a while before his next step. He turned on the motor to a slower speed. Sister Ruth continued to ever so slowly turn in a circle. Her head was bowed, as she couldn’t bear to look anybody in the eye.

“Now, now, Sister,” scolded Tommy. “It was you who taught me the importance of eye contact, especially when your admirers are taking such a keen interest in you. I’d like you to look your fellow table mates in their eyes as they come into view.”

Tommy watched as Sister Ruth, her eyes betraying her anguish, slowly rotated, obediently maintaining eye contact with each grinning member of the table as they came into her view. For Sister Ruth, her agony was extreme. Her eye contact was reciprocated by each of the table guests. In each face she witnessed unbridled merriment at her condition. Worse yet, while she stared at one happy face she knew that another right behind her had an uncompromising view of what just half an hour ago was uncharted territory.

Tommy watched Sister Ruth revolve around the table a couple of times, and with a satisfied smile he headed back up to the stage. As he passed Danny, he saw the spotlight on the suffering youth’s penis, which now maintained about a three-quarters erection. Tommy paused in front of him, looked him up and down and smiled.

“Tell you what, Danny boy, I’m going to let you get some relief.”

Danny, thinking his ordeal was over, breathed a sigh of relief. His relief was fleeting, though, as Tommy finished his thought.

“I’m going to let you play with yourself until you manage to get yourself off.”

Danny, crushed at the new turn of events, slowly lowered his arms from behind his head but rested them at his sides rigidly. He just couldn’t bring himself to touch himself in front of all these people. Tommy took Danny’s left hand and put it back behind his head, and took his right hand and put it on his bared genitals.

“You only need one hand, Danny my boy. I’m sure you’ve done this before. Now have at it, and I don’t want you to stop until you’ve done your business.”

The woeful Danny slowly started stroking his penis. He couldn’t hear Tommy’s chuckle over the boisterous laughter from the audience. He closed his eyes and continued masturbating while Tommy approached the very nervous Betty Richards.

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting, Miss Richards,” greeted Tommy. “Did you miss me?”

Betty Richards was in no state to play along with Tommy’s frivolity. She stood there in her babydoll, wishing the floor would open up and swallow her whole. Tommy motioned to his friend in the balcony, and within seconds a Strauss waltz played on the stereo. It was the same piece that Miss Richards had Sister Ruth play over and over on that fateful day years ago. It was the same piece that Miss Richards and Tommy danced to while she slowly stripped him in front of the seventh and eighth grade dance class. Now Tommy had the upper hand, and he was relishing the moment.

“Do you recognize this music, my illustrious dance teacher?” Again there was no response from the hapless Miss Richards. “Well, I’m sure you do. Shall we dance?”

Without waiting for an answer, Tommy took her right hand in her left and led her around the stage.

“See how well you taught me, Miss Richards? Aren’t you impressed? Come on, try to look like you’re having fun.”

She reached back behind her with her free hand in a futile effort to lower her garment. Tommy then took both of her hands and placed them behind his neck, causing her more distress as her baby doll rose up, exposing about half of the feminine curves of her buttocks. She knew she had to leave her hands where they were. They continued dancing, and to Miss Richards’ horror, she felt Tommy’s hands reach behind her and lift up the back of her baby doll. She felt it rise up to the middle of her back and felt Tommy’s hands rest there, holding the material in place. At the moment she was shielded from the audience by Tommy.

"What say we rotate around," said Tommy, pressing his lips to her ears. "I'm sure you'd like to put your lovely ass on display for everyone."

Tommy smiled while feeling her resistance as he began to rotate 180 degrees. He relished the sight of her profusely blushing cheeks. She keenly felt her exposure as Tommy turned her towards the audience, who at this point roared their approval of her beautiful backside.

After dancing in this position another minute or so, Tommy took her hands and raised them high above her head. Miss Richards continued moving to the music, bracing herself for what everyone in the hall fully expected to transpire. Tommy, not to disappoint, slowly, teasingly lifted the baby doll upwards. Tommy stopped at a point above her breasts to savor the moment, looking her in the eyes and smiling, thoroughly basking in her torment.

"Are you excited?" teased Tommy. "You're about to be dancing with me, completely....and totally....naked."

With that, in one fluid motion, he raised the garment over her head, up her arms and off her fingertips, tossing it towards the audience, where it fluttered into the lap of an entertained female guest. The cheering rang throughout the hall, as the mortified Miss Richards now was naked to the world. She instinctively covered herself with her hands, but Tommy took her right hand in his left and put her other hand on his right shoulder. He continued leading her around the stage, dancing to the waltz. He looked her up and down slowly, from her red toenails to her equally red face.

“How does it feel, Miss Richards, to be dancing naked in front of so many people?” There was no answer. “I’m talking to you, Miss Richards. And look me in the eyes as you dance with me.”

Through her tears she looked at Tommy beseechingly. “Please, Tommy, I’m begging you, stop this insanity now. Please, I can’t take it anymore!”

Tommy chuckled. “Yeah, I know what you mean, it’s pretty humiliating, isn’t it? I should know, thanks to you. At least when you did this to me it wasn’t recorded. Check it out.”

Tommy pointed to a big screen behind them. Miss Richards looked up and was aghast to see herself orally servicing her friend Sister Ruth. It was playing in slow motion. She quickly turned away, as she couldn’t bear to watch.

“Oh, my God,” was all she could muster.

“Yeah, that’s what she kept saying,” answered Tommy wittily.

The piece ended, and Tommy let go of his suffering partner. “I have one more song for you, my darling Miss Richards. I think you’ll remember it well.”

Tommy pointed to his friend on the balcony, who promptly cued up a familiar Arabic tune. Miss Richards felt a churning in her stomach, as she well remembered forcing Tommy to belly dance naked to the very same piece in front of the entire dance class.

“Time for you to go solo, Miss Richards, and please don’t disappoint us. I'm sure you remember the fine art of belly dancing, since you are the one that taught it to me. I believe your advice to me was, ‘A dancer's attitude can make or break a belly dancing routine. The dancer should appear sexy and flirtatious, yet mysterious.’ That was great advice, teach, and it’ll serve you well right now. What are you waiting for, dance!”

With a spotlight shining on her, Miss Richards started belly dancing. Somehow, despite her extreme humiliation, she summoned up enough from within to put on quite a performance. She was a great dancer, and, truth be told, she did manage to appear sexy and flirtatious. The thoroughly entertained guests were on their feet, urging her on with their cheering and clapping. There was a feverish pitch in the air, and the excitement from the night’s activities was beginning to crescendo.

Tommy walked over to the side of the stage and put his arm around Molly as he stood there and enjoyed the spectacle. He looked at the pitiable Karen, still tied naked on the stage. In front of her, Carlene continued her naked crawl. His gaze shifted to poor Danny, who was still stroking himself silly, unable to climax under the bizarre circumstances, even with the intermittent encouragement from Carlene's tongue. On the floor, Michael was dutifully mixing drinks in his maid’s outfit while four naked, red-faced girls scurried about, serving his delighted guests.

He looked over at Sister Ruth, stretched out on her hands and knees, slowly revolving around the table. All four of her cheeks took on a matching red hue. He brought his gaze back up to the stage, where the beautiful Miss Richards was shaking her curvaceous body to the beat of the music. He looked up at the big screen, where the video showed Betty Richards passionately servicing Sister Ruth, who was in the throes of her first-ever orgasm.

Then he looked to his immediate right at the beaming face of his girlfriend Molly, and realized there was still one person he couldn’t wait to strip that night. He pictured the two of them in his bed, experiencing the unbridled passion that he knew awaited them. He afforded himself a smile, a smile derived from total fulfillment.

“Beautiful. Just beautiful,” Tommy said aloud, to nobody in particular.


  • Chapter 20a: The ClimaxBlondie., Tue Nov 28 1:23pm
    Warning/disclaimer: If you think you might be offended by the sexual humiliation and complete degradation of a Catholic nun (even if she had it coming), then it is in your best interests to read no... more
    • Chapter 20b: The Climax — Blondie., Tue Nov 28 1:25pm
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