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The Felicity Chronicles: My Exploits As a Humiliator
Wed Dec 27, 2017 1:05pm

Those of you that have read my story "Roosevelt Humiliations" are probably familiar with the Felicity character. She is one of my favorite characters that I have ever written about, and there were a few comments on my story site about her. So I figure she justifies her own story. Hope you enjoy.

    • Chapter One: IntroductionBlondie., Wed Dec 27 1:07pm
      Hi, my name is Felicity. I'm only 17 years old, but in my not-so-humble opinion I have had enough interesting experiences already to justify relating them in print. I don't think I'm going out on a... more
      • Chapter 2: BlondieBlondie., Sat Dec 30 1:19pm
        I'll never forget the moment. It was late afternoon on the day of my thirteenth birthday. As I told you in my introduction, Julie had told me of how a few of her friends had taken control over a... more
        • Chapter 3: Miss JoplinBlondie., Wed Jan 3 3:07pm
          It doesn't matter to me whether my victims are male or female, young or old, gay or straight. As long as I have them at my disposal, free to do anything I want to them against their will, I'm in my... more
          • Chapter 4: BlondieBlondie., Mon Jan 8 6:31pm
            I last left you when Julie and I escorted Blondie into the bedroom. It was my first opportunity to play an active role in someone's humiliation, and I was ever so excited. I'll continue with... more
            • Chapter 5: Johnny BoyBlondie., Wed Jan 10 10:44pm
              After my first experience as a humiliator, I knew I was hooked. I couldn't wait until my next opportunity. I knew I would always have Blondie. The threat of sharing the video footage we had of him... more
              • Chapter 6: BlondieBlondie., Sat Jan 13 5:45pm
                The next hour would prove to be nearly unbearable. Ah, yes, that would be the hour when I had Blondie all to myself back in the bedroom. I remember feeling quite titillated in my anticipation.... more
                • Chapter 7: Miss JoplinBlondie., Mon Jan 22 10:55pm
                  As I walked out of the Food Court, I tossed Miss Joplin's shoes in the trash bin. No way Julie would wear those things. It was all about control, and I was feeling rather good about myself. I thought ... more
                  • Chapter 8: Johnny BoyBlondie., Fri Jan 26 10:44pm
                    Please find the two parts to Chapter 8 below.
                    • Chapter 8: Johnny Boy, Part 1Blondie., Fri Jan 26 10:46pm
                      After taking my seat directly behind Johnny in our homeroom, I didn't wait long to have some fun with my newfound victim. As we sat and listened to the daily messages over the intercom system, I... more
                    • Chapter 8: Johnny Boy, Part 2Blondie., Fri Jan 26 10:45pm
                      I received a text from Andrea in between second and third periods. She asked if we could meet during lunch to discuss something. We agreed to meet at a table in the cafeteria. "So I hope you don't... more
                      • Chapter 9: RubyBlondie., Fri Feb 2 12:52pm
                        In the days following our debasement of Johnny under the tree, Andrea, Natalie and I would regularly congregate in the cafeteria during the lunch hour. Invariably our conversation would turn towards... more
                        • Chapter 10: TinaBlondie., Sun Feb 4 10:13pm
                          With Ruby now under our thumbs, we focused our concentration on Tina. Natalie had been following her for a few days, and it looked like our best bet would be to take care of her during the lunch... more
                          • Chapter 11: BlondieBlondie., Thu Feb 8 9:57am
                            When I last left you in the Blondie saga, he was standing on a stool with his hands behind his head wearing only a pair of panties––a delectable vision that will forever be etched in my... more
                            • Chapter 12: Johnny BoyBlondie., Mon Feb 12 1:50pm
                              One afternoon Natalie, Andrea, Kayla and I were finishing up our lunch when there was a brief pause in the conversation. I was in a playful mood, and thought it might be fun to pay a visit to a... more
                              • Chapter 13: Blondie, Part 1Blondie., Sat Feb 17 11:50am
                                I'll try get back to my ongoing account of Blondie's humiliation during my thirteenth birthday again someday, but I thought it might be a good time to relate our first encounter I had with him once I ... more
                                • Chapter 13: Blondie, Part 2Blondie., Sat Feb 17 11:51am
                                  I knelt down in front of Blondie and began tugging on his shorts. My adrenalin was pumping as the noise level gradually rose while his penis came into view. I continued to pull down until letting his ... more
                                  • Chapter 14: Miss Joplin, Part 1Blondie., Tue Feb 27 2:38pm
                                    Three weeks had gone by since I received that wonderful selfie of the topless Miss Joplin. Since then I have gradually escalated my control over her. I usually don't achieve quite the sexual thrill... more
                                    • Chapter 14: Miss Joplin, Part 2Blondie., Tue Feb 27 3:13pm
                                      The next day did not disappoint. Miss Joplin was dressed exactly as I instructed. Plus, she had her hair down, and I could smell her perfume. Oh, and I did glimpse a bit of the lace of her stay-up... more
                                      • Wonderful!!W.wanst, Sat Sep 1 7:48pm
                                        Just great! The described humiliation of Miss Joplin was so damn intense! Can't believe it.
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