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Chapter 2: Blondie
Sat Dec 30, 2017 1:19pm

I'll never forget the moment. It was late afternoon on the day of my thirteenth birthday. As I told you in my introduction, Julie had told me of how a few of her friends had taken control over a 16-year-old kid by the name of Blondie. She had told me several very stimulating stories of different ways they had humiliated the poor guy. Each time I pictured myself in the scene, and each time I became quite sexually aroused. I yearned for the chance to be involved in such a scenario.

My time was at hand. That afternoon I was lying on my bed reading when Julie knocked on my door. I remember the conversation we had quite vividly.

"Do you feel like going out tonight?" Julie asked. She had a devious smile on her face.

Even though it was my birthday, sadly I had no plans. My parents were out of town because they had to go to some sort of symposium related to their joint business. They put Julie in charge, and in retrospect I'm so glad they did.

"Sure," I responded. "What's up?"

"Well, my friend Brenda just called. She's over at Becky's house and she invited me over. I thought you might want to come along."

That didn't really interest me very much. Until she continued.

"Evidently Becky, Brenda and a few others are having some fun with Becky's brother Blondie. It sounds like right now they're making him walk around in a girl's nightgown."

I leaped off the bed and yelled, "Are you serious?! Tell me you're not joking!"

"Okay, then," laughed Julie. "I'll take that as a yes."

"Oh my God, Julie, this is fantastic!" I grabbed her by the arm and started pulling her towards the door. "Let's go!" I said excitedly.

"Easy, girl, easy," laughed Julie. "You might want to put some shoes on. And I need to get something first."

Julie went into her room momentarily and reappeared holding a baby blue little girl's party dress in one hand, and a nylon bag in the other. I found out later there was a fluffy, white petticoat inside. She held the dress up and stretched it out with both hands for me to see.

"I've been saving this, hoping it would come in handy some day. Maybe we can get Blondie out of his nightgown and have him model this for us."

I clapped my hands and jumped up and down. "Oh, Julie, that would be awesome! Do you think we can really do that?" I was short of breath with excitement.

Again Julie laughed. "I just might be able to pull that off for you, sweetie."

"I want to make him get naked, too. Can we make him get naked?" I asked eagerly.

"Look at you, girl," grinned Julie. "You've got a little mean streak in you, don't you?"

I grinned back at her. "I guess I do. Oh, I can't wait!"

"Well, then, let's go have some birthday fun tonight."

With that she loaded the dress and petticoat into one of her Victoria's Secret bags along with a few other items, and we were on our way.

My anticipation level in the car was so high I was afraid I might pee my panties. When we pulled in front of the house my heart was racing a mile a minute. It was a feeling I've had many times over the last few years––pretty much every time I'm preparing to humiliate one of my victims––but I guess because this was the first time, none quite matched up to me eagerness to engage with Blondie.

I wouldn't be disappointed.

It was a sight for sore eyes when we walked in and I saw this blushing, 16-year-old boy. He actually looked a lot younger than that, and one of the first things I noticed besides his glowing face was that he had absolutely no hair on his arms. I found that enchanting. He wearing a nightgown and being put through his paces by the girls. I couldn't wait to meet him, and to hopefully play a part in this incredible scene.

I think at this point in my account from that night, I'm going to try a different tactic. I don't have to relate all of the events of that night, because, believe it or not, it has already been chronicled rather well on the Internet by none other than Blondie himself. Seriously! Evidently Blondie must have thought it would be cathartic for him to write about his experience, because he typed up an extensive account of everything we did to him. I'm sure he thought his writings would remain completely private, but as luck would have it his sister Becky got into Blondie's laptop one day when he wasn't around, and she found the whole write-up, much to her delight. She posted it all on a website called "Stripping and Humiliation," which by the way is a stimulating humiliation site with a lot of great writers. It is right up my alley.

I've read Blondie's account many times, and yes, often times to the accompaniment of sexual gratification.

I think Blondie is a better writer than I am, so I think it would be best to include a lot of his descriptions here in my account. I'll include my favorite excerpts, along with my own commentary. I hope you enjoy it.

I was turned towards the other part of the couch and confronted with another familiar face. Being faced with Julie, the salesgirl from Victoria’s Secret was bad enough. But I glanced to her left, and sitting next to her was the girl I didn’t recognize. To my chagrin, she looked to be about eleven or twelve years old. My humiliation was going to be bad enough, but somehow this treatment before a much younger girl just exacerbated my anxiety.

He's right, I looked about two years younger than I was. I could tell he became more uncomfortable when he noticed me. I'm sure having someone younger than him introduced into his ordeal made him even more ill at ease. This realization only served to increase my level of enthusiasm.

“I know you remember Julie,” said Becky. Of course. How could I forget? My infamous trip to the mall that day has left an indelible impression on me.

“Good evening, Blondie, it’s so nice we could meet again,” greeted Julie as I accepted her outstretched hand. “I see you’ve developed quite a liking for girl’s clothes. I don’t recognize the piece. Are you cheating on me? Do you shop somewhere besides my store?”

I fumbled for an answer. “Uh, I think this is Becky’s,” I responded meekly.

“Oh, well don’t worry, I’ve brought a few samples from the store.” She pointed to a large tote bag on the floor next to the couch. It had a “VS” emblem on it.

“Maybe later you can model some of them for us.”

I remember seeing him looking at the bag earlier and his eyes widening. He had to know that whatever the contents of the bag, they were meant for him. When Julie confirmed it he looked a bit frightened. It was delightful.

Julie turned to the girl on her left. “I’d like you to meet my sister Felicity. Felicity, Blondie.” The little girl stood up and reached out with her right hand.

“Nice to meet you,” I eked out as I shook her hand.

That would be the first of many times that I touched him. He had a weak handshake––well, let's face it, he was under duress––and he didn't make eye contact. His submissiveness was a turn-on.

“No, it really is my pleasure, Blondie,” she grinned. “My sister has told me all about you, and I’ve just been dying to meet you.” I sensed a degree of precocity in the girl, and had an uneasy feeling that it didn’t bode well for me.

You have no idea, Blondie. <giggle> Well, you did, but I'll bet it turned out even worse than you expected.

“Today, Blondie,” offered Julie, “Is Felicity’s thirteenth birthday. Brenda called me earlier and told me that you would be here tonight, and when I told Felicity she ....well, let's just say that it's the most excited I've seen her in a long time. Doesn’t that make you feel special, Blondie?” Everyone giggled with delight and waited for my answer.

“Very special,” I responded sarcastically in a low tone. The girls again laughed, taking pleasure in my misery.

“Can you wish Felicity a happy birthday, Blondie?” interjected Becky.

“Happy birthday,” I managed to mumble.

“Why thank you, Blondie. And I know you are being sincere about that.” I remember thinking that this girl really spelled trouble.

Yes, I guess he was getting to know me. Some people say "trouble" is my middle name.

Brenda said, “Why don’t you tell Felicity what you’re wearing under your nightgown, sweetheart.”

I knew better than to challenge Brenda. There were a few moments of silence, as I had considerable trouble vocalizing the word. “P-panties,” I finally said, very softly.

“I’m sorry, what was that? Speak up, dear, so we can all hear you,” ordered Brenda.

“Panties!” I screamed out, almost defiantly. Laughter was abounding. Joanna pounced on the moment.

“What color are your panties, Princess?”

I fidgeted nervously. “Pink.”

“Do you like wearing your pretty pink panties, Princess? Are you getting excited?” Joanna was relentless.

This was almost getting to be too much for me to handle. I wanted to rip that nightgown off on the spot and see what he looked like in just a pair of panties. And to see him blush some more. I figured if I was patient (as hard as that was for me), I would hopefully get that chance. As it turned out, my patience paid off in spades.

After the laughter subsided, Julie rose and picked up her bag. “Come with me, Blondie, and we can have you slip into something a little more comfortable.”

I looked up at Becky with a pleading look on my face, somehow hoping she would intervene. “What are you looking at me for, girlfriend? You heard Julie, she wants you to go with her; now get your little ass up.”

As I got up from the couch I felt a pinch on my rear end. I brushed Joanna’s hand away, catching a glimpse of her devilish grin as I did.

“Felicity, would you like to join us?” asked Julie.

Gawd, was that music to my ears, or what? I really was going to take an active part in the entertainment. I was literally trembling in my excitement.

“Indubitably,” Felicity answered with a grin as she jumped from her seat (all too enthusiastically, from my perspective).

Julie laughed, saying, “I assume that means ‘yes.’” Julie put her arm around my shoulder as she led me toward the bedroom, the eager Felicity close behind.

“Isn’t she just too smart for her own good, Blondie?” asked Julie.

I didn’t answer; I was hardly in the mood to engage in dialogue. When we reached the hallway, Julie squeezed me closer to her and put her mouth to my left ear.

“Don’t worry, sweetie, we’ll be gentle.”

The salesgirl and her precocious little sister giggled heartily as they led me towards further humiliation.

I'm getting quite excited as I relive that wonderful night. I think I'll stop here before I get too worked up. I promise that at some point in the near future I'll pick this story line back up.

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