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Chapter 4: Blondie
Mon Jan 8, 2018 6:31pm

I last left you when Julie and I escorted Blondie into the bedroom. It was my first opportunity to play an active role in someone's humiliation, and I was ever so excited. I'll continue with Blondie's account.

I stood in the middle of the room, still feeling quite shamed in the panties and long nightgown. Felicity stood facing me with a grin on her face, clearly enjoying my discomfort.

“Is this where we get to make Blondie get naked?” asked Felicity, without taking her eyes from my face. Her grin widened slightly when she saw the blush and look of dismay on my face.

Notice how he mentioned that I never took my eyes off his face while talking about getting him naked. I'm so glad he noticed, and I knew he would. Yes, I really did want to get him naked––and I eventually would––but I think I had just as much fun talking about it and watching his reaction.

“Ah, here we go, he’ll look just divine in this,” said Julie as she pulled out a little girl’s party dress and held it up for us to see. It was baby blue, with a short, wide skirt and short, puffy sleeves. I was aghast as my eyes widened and my mouth opened in horror.

“Oh please,” I pleaded. My body language spoke volumes as I folded my arms across my chest and slumped my shoulders. “I can’t wear that out there. Please…”

I really did love watching his body language as he (and I) imagined himself wearing that little girl's dress. He turned redder just thinking about it.

The next words from Julie’s mouth diverted my attention. “Felicity, would you like to help Blondie out of his nighty so we can get him dressed?” Julie watched our reactions closely. One was of utter anguish and the other of extreme delight.

“You betcha!” squealed Felicity.

At the time, I was thinking, "Did she really just ask me if I would I like to get Blondie out of his nighty?" Would I like to personally strip a boy for the very first time? I might have been salivating.

She wasted no time. With both hands she reached for the spaghetti straps of the nightgown and pulled them off my shoulders. I retracted, with my arms firmly across my chest.

“Don’t make me come over there, Blondie,” scolded Julie. “If you know what’s good for you…”

“I can handle this, Julie,” interrupted Felicity. She looked up at me sternly with an index finger wagging in my face. “Okay, Blondie. Either you lower your arms and cooperate with me right this instant or I’ll call the girls in here and the seven of us will take off your nightgown, pull down your panties and take turns putting you over our knees and giving you a spanking that you’ll never forget. Then you’ll model your pretty new party dress for us anyway. So it’s your choice: You can play nice and make this easy or can you be obstinate and earn yourself a naked spanking. Either way,” she said as she pointed at the dress, “You’re going to be wearing that dress when it’s all said and done. Now which way would you like it?”

The precocious little thing was a monster.

And the precocious monster was having the time of her life. I thought I laid the law down quite well there, and, in case there was any doubt, he knew who had the upper hand.

She pulled the straps down my arms and off my fingers. She let go and quickly stepped back, surveying the natural descent of the nightgown as it collected at my ankles. The tips of the fingers of both of her hands sprang to her lips. She was shocked and delighted at the sight of me standing there, smooth legs and all, clad only in a pair of pink panties. She yelped with amusement, as I stood there shamefaced, involuntarily slumping my shoulders and placing both hands over the front of the panties.

That was a vision that will be etched in my brain forever. The nightgown slipping down and exposing so much of his smooth, white skin. Him standing there in a pair of pink panties, his hands over his crotch in abject embarrassment...and his legs were as hairless as his arms. God, it was so delectable.

“Well, well, what have we here?” asked Julie rhetorically as she approached me with a demonic grin on her face. Up until then she had been just a very interested spectator. That was about to change. She knelt down and lifted my feet one at a time to separate me from the nightgown. “My, my, look how pretty your legs are, Princess,” she observed as she tossed the nightgown to the side. She ran her fingers up and down my left calf. “Felicity, come feel how smooth Blondie’s legs are.” Of course, the little fiend didn’t need any further prodding.

“Ooh, you’re right, Julie,” she cooed as she stroked my other leg. “They’re so smooth and pretty, like silk.”

I wanted to die on the spot; the level of my torment was extreme. “Go like this, Blondie, I want to see something.” She interlocked her fingers behind her head, with her elbows pointing straight out to the sides. I hesitated, but I knew there was no use resisting. I complied. Julie giggled. “Just as I thought,” she said. “Not a hair anywhere,” as she looked at my armpits.

Man, were we tormenting him so. Obviously it would be embarrassing enough to have two girls ogling him in a pair of panties that he was forced to wear. But teenage guys are really proud when they finally grow their body hair. For him to have to stand there showing us his hairlessness had to be almost unbearable. And I was loving it!

Also, and I'm not sure why, but I found it a bit titillating to be stroking his bare, hairless legs.

“Stand up straight, and don’t you dare move your hands, I want to see one more thing.”

To my chagrin, she pulled the elastic out from the front of the panties and peered in. I detected a smirk and a slight chuckle. As the elastic snapped back, she said, “Well, at least you’ve got SOME hair.” She walked back towards the bed, laughing aloud.

“I wanna see, I wanna see!” I drew back my hips as Felicity reached for the elastic. The notion of the 13-year-old looking at my private parts against my will was just too much. “BlonDIE?” she warned with an admonishing look. I stood straight and submitted to the mischievous sprite. I closed my eyes tightly in anguish as I felt the elastic being pulled out. Her hair tickled my stomach. I kept my eyes closed, but the vision of her staring down the panties was fixed in my head. After an agonizingly long time, the elastic snapped back.

“Well, little sister, what did you think?” asked Julie.

“It looks just like Joey’s, except Joey has no hair.”

Julie laughed boisterously and walked over to me, addressing me while looking me in the eyes.

“In case you’re wondering, Blondie, Joey’s our little brother. He’s ten.”

Both girls laughed heartily, as I blushed crimson.

Peeking inside his panties was one of my all-time favorite moments. I knew how much he was hating it, hating me staring at his little goodies for the very first time. Blondie didn't reference it in his account, but I made sure to giggle while I was staring, which I'm sure added to his shame.

Actually, the giggling came pretty naturally. The vision of a 16-year-old's little weenie that compared to my 10-year old brother's was pretty amusing. And the fact that he knew that I found it amusing was stimulating for me.

There were a couple of different times that I figured I had seen enough and was ready to pull away, but I purposely drew out the moment longer. Oh, how excruciating that must have been for him!

“I assume it’s supposed to get bigger as boys get older. Right, Blondie?” Felicity directed the question at me but I didn’t answer. She knew she struck a nerve, and she milked it for all it was worth. “How old ARE you, Blondie?” she persisted. She stared at me, waiting for an answer. I answered, hoping to speed the interaction to a conclusion.

“Sixteen,” I said softly while averting my eyes from her.

“Well, except for the hair, you look like you’re ten, judging from what’s inside your panties.” Both girls giggled as I turned yet another shade of red.

And he really did turn another shade of red when I teased him. It amazes me (and delights me!) to this day that I have the power to make Blondie blush ever more, no matter how red he might already be at the time. I really know how to push his buttons.

Much to my chagrin, the grinning Julie pulled the garment free from the nylon bag, and a very frilly petticoat came into view, its skirt having expanded considerably after being removed from its confinement. She held it up, and upon noticing my look of consternation, she waltzed over to me, cupped my chin in her hand and said,

“Don’t worry, Princess, you’ll look gorgeous in your new finery. Little girls can’t expect to wear their party dress without their petticoat.” She handed the distasteful garment to Felicity. “Here, dear, do you want to do the honors while I find some proper footwear?”

Of course, Felicity was in her glory. She lifted the petticoat above my head and pulled it down my torso, adjusting the shoulder straps. She stepped back and looked me up and down.

“Oh, how darling. You must come see, Blondie.”

In this case, it was almost as fun dressing him as it was undressing him. He knew he was going to have to go out there looking like that and face everyone eventually. The wretched expression on his face added to my enjoyment.

Julie steered me to the bed and patted the mattress, motioning for me to sit down. When I did, the front of the petticoat raised up high, which elicited another squeal of delight from Felicity. She ducked her head to peek under the petticoat. I caught myself self-consciously putting my knees together and patting down the front of the petticoat, realizing to my disgust that that’s just what a girl would have done.

“What’s the matter, Blondie, don’t you want me to see your panties?” teased Felicity.

Yet another delightful moment among many, watching him flinch and squeeze his legs together when I tried to peek under his petticoat. Makes me grin just thinking about it.

“Oh, I almost forgot!” exclaimed Julie as she walked toward her bag. “Felicity, do me a favor and take off Blondie’s panties, would you? I’ve got something much more appropriate for a little girl.”

Felicity was all too willing to oblige. I felt violated as she knelt down, reached up my dress (oh my God, I just called it “my” dress—I mean “the” dress) and in one swift motion pulled the panties down to my ankles. I involuntarily jumped slightly at the invasion. After she lifted my foot to pull them off, she unabashedly lifted up the front of the petticoat and took a peek inside. She then looked up at me and smiled, and I blushed redder again.

Like I said, I love making him blush, and I'm very good at it. In this case, all I had to do was look at him and smile after seeing his little dick again.

“Please, no! Don't make me go out there like this!” I begged as they opened the door. The two of them clasped each of my hands and tried to lead me through the doorway. I just couldn’t go through with it, and I held back, resisting the tug on my hands.

“All right, that does it, I’ve had just about enough of you, young lady!” Julie yelled at me, as if she was really upset. In retrospect, I think she was looking for an excuse to spank me. She reached over to the dresser and grabbed a hairbrush. “Pull up her petticoat, Felicity.”

“No, please!” I begged. Felicity held up the back of the petticoat.

“Pull down her panties.”

“No! No!” My pleas just added fuel to their fire as Felicity yanked the panties down to my knees and held the petticoat up my back. I knew that to resist any more would only make matters worse. Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Six sharp blows in quick succession from the back of the hairbrush smacked against my ass, three on each cheek. It took a few short seconds for the pain to register, but when it did…man, I’m here to tell you that it throbbed furiously. “Ow!-Ow!-Ow!-Ow!” I cried as I jumped up and down, cradling my butt cheeks with both hands. The two girls laughed hysterically. I can imagine what a comical sight I must have been, jumping up and down like that, with frilly panties dangling at my knees and the petticoat and dress raising up and down with each jump.

It was fun pulling his panties down again, and it really was hilarious watching him jump up and down like that in the little girl's dress. And, though Julie got to administer the discipline, it was quite enjoyable to be involved in my first spanking. Fortunately, it wouldn't be my last, and the day would come when I would have the pleasure of handing out a spanking on my own.

Now, are you ready to come join the party or do we have to discipline you further?” There was silence. “Answer me, Blondie.”

“I…I’m ready,” I replied obediently.

Again the two girls took my hands. This time I didn’t resist, and I was led through the hallway in my wretchedness. When we entered the living room—well, I’m sure you can well imagine the uproar. The shrieks of surprise and delight were almost deafening.

I really enjoyed the reaction from all of Julie's friends, and felt very proud of myself for having a lot to do with it. I knew Blondie wanted to just dig a hole and climb in. Wonderful stuff, and the best was yet to come.

Next time around, when I gather up the courage to give another account, I’ll tell you how I was rendered naked by the precocious, demonic Felicity. I will tell you this much right now: I would take being petticoated over that experience in a heartbeat.

And this precocious, demonic girl can't wait to tell you all about it.

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