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Chapter 6: Blondie
Sat Jan 13, 2018 5:45pm

The next hour would prove to be nearly unbearable.

Ah, yes, that would be the hour when I had Blondie all to myself back in the bedroom. I remember feeling quite titillated in my anticipation.

Felicity wasted no time once we entered the bedroom. She laid the bag on the bed and patted an area next to the bag, motioning for me to sit.

“Okay, sweetheart, let’s get you undressed. Have a seat up here.”

With extreme apprehension at what lay in store for me, I sat on the bed. My feet dangled above the floor, which facilitated the removal of my shoes. The devilish Felicity knelt on the floor and began the process by unbuckling the shoes. She spoke to me while she went about her task.

“Isn’t this great, Blondie, just the two of us? It’ll really give us a chance to get to know each other, don’t you think?

It was fun for me to talk to Blondie as if we were in a normal situation, like we were sitting across from each other at a table, just getting acquainted, when in actuality we both knew he was about to fall deeper into the depths of his humiliation. I was dead set on engaging him, which he of course had no interest in doing.

I remained silent. The last thing I felt like doing during this god awful experience was engaging in conversation with this fiend. But she had other ideas. She stood up and pointed her index finger in my face.

“Now listen, Blondie, when I speak to you I expect the courtesy of a response. In case you haven’t noticed, there are two of us in this room, and I don’t plan on carrying on a monologue.” Oh, this was really going to be hell, I remember thinking.

“Do you understand me?”

Similar to a mother talking to her child. Being three years his junior, I really delighted in playing the authority figure.

“Yes, I understand,” I said sullenly without looking at her. She knelt back down and went to work on the shoes and socks. She picked up right where she had left off.

“So tell me a little bit about yourself.” Both shoes were off now, and she deliberately began rolling one of the anklets down my foot.

He's right, I pulled his sock down very deliberately. I was having such a great time, and I wanted to draw out his stripping as long as I could. Great for me, miserable for him. A win/win.

“Um, I like sports. I like to play basket…please, I can’t do this.” She persisted.

“What kind of music do you like?” I was barefoot now, and she took my hand to pull me up.

“Stand up, let’s get your dress off.” I stood up, and felt her hand working the zipper down from the back of my neck. “Answer me, sweetheart.”

“I like…rock and roll.”

“Oh, me, too! See, we have something in common. Do you like to dance?” The zipper was all the way down now. “Hold your arms up.” I raised my arms above my head and she slowly started pulling the dress up. “Keep talking to me, Blondie. Do you like to dance?”

“No, not really,” I replied despondently.

“That’s too bad. I’d love to see you dance for us in one of Julie’s outfits. It’s my birthday, do you think you can dance for me tonight?” The prospect horrified me, but I had to be cooperative.

“We’ll see,” I said.

“Oh, that will be a treat. I’ll bet you’re a good dancer.” She pulled the dress completely off, and left me standing there in the petticoat. She stepped in front of me and gazed at me, grinning widely. “How delightful.”

I really enjoyed looking him up and down right there, with him knowing I was ogling him. He saw me grinning at him and his cheeks flushed considerably. It really was enchanting.

I started blushing again; the emotion of embarrassment was taking over as each article of clothing was removed. Putting both hands on my shoulders, she eased the straps of the petticoat down my biceps, starting its leisurely descent. “Tell me about your experience with my sister in her store at the mall.”

“W-what do you want to know?” I was stalling; I really didn’t want to relive that humiliation, especially under these circumstances.

How cool is that? While getting methodically stripped––out of girl's clothes, no less––I made him recount one of the most humiliating episodes he's ever gone through. I delighted in his downcast eyes and his blushing cheeks as he forced himself to relive the experience.

“Everything,” she answered fervently. “I’ve heard the story from Julie, but it would mean so much more coming from you.”

The petticoat was now at my waist, leaving me bare-chested. Felicity kneeled down to continue with matters at hand. She looked up at me expectantly, urging me to comply. I looked down to see the garment being pulled further down, exposing the frilly panties. Felicity had an impassioned look on her face; she was having the time of her young life.

He is so right. I was getting more and more charged up by the minute.

“Um…well…um…they made me…”

”Who made you?” she interrupted.

“B-Becky and Brenda…they made me go to Victoria’s Sec…please, you know the story.”

The petticoat was now bundled at my feet, its expanse of lace rising halfway up my shins. I folded both hands over the crotch of the panties; I felt my modesty being severely threatened.

“Continue!” She was relentless.

“Th-they made me try on different stuff.”

I had trouble continuing the charade. Felicity was lifting one of my legs up and out of the petticoat.

“Tell me more, sweetie. Tell me what they made you try on.”

“A t-teddy…then a bra and p-p…” I couldn’t say the word. At that moment, the petticoat was being pulled off of my other leg, leaving me standing there in…yes, a pair of panties. As Felicity stood up, she prodded me on.

“Go ahead, you tried on a bra and…?” She tossed the petticoat on the bed and stood back and grinned wickedly at me.

Grinned wickedly. I just love that. And I'm glad he noticed.

“Panties,” I said, very quietly.

“Yes, Julie told me you looked quite darling, just like you do now. She said your face was fire engine red. Does your face feel as hot now as it did then, Blondie?” She was the devil in disguise.

“Yes,” I answered as I looked at the floor, shame-faced.

“Go like this.” She made two fists and put both hands on her hips, elbows pointing to the sides. I grudgingly followed suit. With a lecherous grin, she slowly did a three-sixty around me, ogling my pantied state. Somehow I turned yet a deeper shade of red while enduring this excruciating torment.

“Oh, Blondie, you look so delectable in your frilly little panties. But I’m afraid we’re going to have to take them off before I have you model your next outfit.”

She reached for the waistband of the panties, studying me intently. She got the reaction she wished for; I involuntarily retracted my hips, eliciting a knowing smile from her lips.

“Oh, I’m sorry, sweetheart, I forgot how much you love your pretty panties."

I wasn't sure how he would react when I went for the panties. I mean, he was certainly embarrassed to be wearing a pair of ruffled panties. But when he retracted his hips like that, he confirmed that it was better than the alternative. He really didn't want me to see him naked, which made this foreplay ever more exciting.

“How should we remove your panties? Shall I take them down, or would you like to do it yourself?”

I was just messing around there. I really wanted to do the deed myself, and I wasn't going to let him deprive me of that pleasure, no matter what he answered. But I was pretty sure he didn't have the guts to take them down right then.

In retrospect, I should have just ripped the damn things off right on the spot, thus avoiding further anguish. But the idea of being naked against my will in front of this girl was more than I could handle at the time. I was hoping beyond hope to somehow avoid the humiliation. “Please…” I pleaded.

“I get the distinct impression that you don’t want me to see you naked, Blondie.”

Felicity glared at me with a menacing smile. I didn’t respond. “Why is that, Blondie?” Again, I didn’t answer. That didn’t slow her down; she was thriving now, thoroughly enjoying my uneasiness. “What’s the big deal? I’ve already looked down your panties and saw your little thingy, remember? I told you it looked just like my little brother Joey’s, except you have hair.”

I was blushing crimson now, and she went in for the kill. “And the more you blush, the more fun I have."

I was teasing him there, but it really was true. That's one of the reasons Blondie is my favorite victim. I know exactly what buttons to push, and I can make him blush at will. It's so precious, and it never gets old for me. Every time I make him blush I feel a twinge of excitement all over. I really feel fortunate that I have someone like him at my beck and call.

“Oh boy, Blondie, it looks like you might have another visitor. We’d best get your panties off now and get you ready.”

With that she pulled out a stool from under the dresser and set it in the middle of the room. “Step up here, sweetie, so I won’t have to bend down.”

At this point I knew I had no recourse. I climbed up on the stool, facing my antagonist. The top of her head was level with the hem of the panties. My feeling of vulnerability was extreme. My hands were covering the small bulge in the panties. Felicity grasped the hem on each side with her fingers, and held them there, teasing me.

“It’s time, Blondie; it’s the moment we’ve been waiting for. Isn’t this fun?” I had no answer. “I’m doing all the talking now, Blondie, and I don’t appreciate it. Now ask me very nicely to take down your panties.”

One of my favorite humiliation techniques is to force my victim to beg for something that is the last thing on earth he or she wants to happen. They know it's going to happen regardless; then to make them beg for it just rubs salt in the wound.

I was now wallowing in my state of wretchedness. Somehow I managed to spit out the words. “Would you please take down my panties?”

His voice cracked in such a delectable way as he forced himself to say that, especially when he uttered the word "panties." Precious.

“Why certainly, sweetheart,” she replied with pleasure in her voice. “Would you kindly put your hands behind your head and keep them there, please?

The hands behind the head is, of course, a classic pose that I relish using on my naked victims. Blondie wouldn't be able to cover himself when I pulled down his panties, knowing there would be repercussions if he dared try. I feel a strong sense of power over my victims when this is enforced. Their vulnerability is enhanced, and it strengthens my already established superiority over their submissiveness. The vision of them standing helplessly naked before me like that is absolutely awe-inspiring.

Defeated, I interlocked my fingers behind my head. My sense of dread was extreme. Felicity looked me up and down, grinning freely. She was ready to do the dirty deed. “Okay, here we go, are you ready? On three: One… two…”

Then she stopped, and stepped back.

I stepped back, because I had an inspiration, one I look forward to telling you about next time around.

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