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Chapter 9: Ruby
Fri Feb 2, 2018 12:52pm

In the days following our debasement of Johnny under the tree, Andrea, Natalie and I would regularly congregate in the cafeteria during the lunch hour. Invariably our conversation would turn towards Johnny (and sometimes Bobby). We would either reminisce about that encounter 末which invariably led to laughter末or would contemplate potential future exploits involving either one of them. One day the conversation turned towards a couple of students that I was unfamiliar with.

"So Felicity," said Andrea one afternoon. "We wanted to talk to you about another matter." She was sitting across from me at the table, as was Natalie.

"Sure, what's up?" I asked.

"Well, there's this girl. Her name is Tina. I knew her from middle school. Actually there are two of them, Tina and her friend Ruby. But Tina's the worst. Anyway, they've both been bullying us on social media."

"Jeez," I said. "What are they doing?"

"Well, I guess Tina knows that Natalie and I are good friends. I don't know if she's jealous or what, but she's gone on Facebook and said derogatory things about both of us, even making stuff up. And she's telling everyone that we're lesbians."

"Really?" I said.

"Yeah. And even though I have light skin, she knows I'm Latina and there have definitely been some racist overtones in her comments. And Ruby has teamed up with her lately, doing the same thing."

"Sounds like a couple of real winners," I said sarcastically.

"I know. So, I don't know if you'd be into it, but Natalie and I were thinking that between the three of us maybe we could teach them a lesson, and get them to stop doing this while we're at it."

My first thought was that I would love to help them out. My second thought was that it would be fun to have a chance to humiliate a girl or two, especially ones so deserving.

"I absolutely think we should teach them a lesson," I responded.

Both girls grinned. "Oh, we were hoping you would say that," said Andrea.

My mind was spinning rapidly. I thought about utilizing Julie and her friends like I did with Johnny, but wondered if we could handle it ourselves.

"How big are these girls?" I asked. "Do you think the three of us could overpower them? I mean separately, of course."

Andrea looked at Natalie, who was the strongest of the three of us. Natalie spoke up. "I don't think Tina would be a problem. She's a bit on the meek side. Ruby might be another story. She could probably put up a pretty good fight." Natalie paused to mull over a solution. "But there might be a way...." Again she paused, deep in thought.

"Pray tell," I prodded.

"Well, it would involve adding another person into the equation," said Natalie.

"Go on," I prompted.

"So there is another friend of ours who they have been bullying also. Her name is Kayla. She's about my size and she works out a lot. She's athletic and probably stronger than I am."

"Do you think she'd be interested?" I asked.

"Oh, I know she would," answered Natalie. "She's really getting pissed off at them. She's African American and there has been a racist remark or two. Nothing harsh, but enough to show up on her radar. She's been talking about taking matters into her own hands, so I think we could count on her if we wanted to go that route.." She paused, then smiled. "Knowing her, she would probably like to jump in on our dealings with the boys, too."

"I think that could be arranged," I said with a smile.

"Okay then," piped in Andrea. "It's settled. Natalie and I will talk to Kayla to make sure she wants to be on board. I'm sure she will. Then maybe the four of us could meet here tomorrow and start coming up with a plan?"

"Works for me," I concurred.

"Oh, Felicity, thank you!" said Andrea as she reached across the table and put her right hand on my left. "I'm so glad we've hooked up."

"Me, too," I said as I visualized humiliating my first female.

*   *    *

The next day I met Kayla. She was sitting at the lunch table with Andrea and Natalie when I showed up. I sat directly across from the three of them. Kayla was as Natalie had described: tall with an athletic build末there was not an ounce of fat on her. She looked like she could play basketball, volleyball, or run track. She had a friendly face, and was smiling at me as we shook hands.

"I'm glad you've decided to join us, Kayla," I said. "I'm sure Andrea and Natalie have filled you in."

"Yes, and I want to thank you so much for letting me join you," she said as she extended her handshake a moment longer.

"My pleasure," I responded. "It sounds like we might need your help."

"Hey, anything I can do. I have a feeling I'm going to have fun doing it, too," she said with a grin.

I had a feeling Kayla was going to work out just fine.

The four of us went over our plan. It really wasn't that complicated. We wanted to overpower them, get some incriminating pictures, putting them in a position where they felt compelled to do anything we wanted them to do. Ah, just typing the words "do anything we wanted them to do" excites me. Sooo many possibilities, and most of them involve stripping and humiliation.

First on the agenda was learning the habits of the two girls, which pretty much entailed stalking them for a few days. I put Natalie in charge of this because luckily she shared the same second period class with Ruby and third period with Tina. The third period class occurred right before lunch, so it would be easy for her to pick up Tina's trail.

Nicole reported to the rest of us each day. After three days, it appeared that the one constant with Ruby was that she would use the girls bathroom after her second period class. I found this information useful.

"Any reason why we can't do the dirty deed in the bathroom?" I asked.

"Sounds perfect," said Andrea. "No teachers will be in there. We should have a free reign to do what we want. And there's a full fifteen minutes between second and third period."

"That's it, then," I declared. "We'll meet near the bathroom right after second period and hopefully get our chance. How 'bout tomorrow?"

We were all on board. Now we were all hoping that Ruby's bladder stayed on schedule.

*   *    *

The stage was set. Natalie linked up with us after the second period. We stood near the bathroom with high hopes. Sure enough, like clockwork, Ruby weaved her way through the busy hallway and headed straight for the bathroom, completely oblivious of her pending destiny with humiliation. We followed close behind and paused as she entered a stall and latched the door.

We stood for a moment while contemplating our next move. Kayla wanted to run with it. She looked at me and said, "May I?"

"By all means," I said while holding out an open palm towards the stall.

What happened next was all of impressive, effective, comical and arousing. There was a good-sized gap between the bottom of the stall door and the floor. I watched in awe as Kayla got down on her knees and stuck her head under the door. Ruby's pants and underwear had to be partway down, making it possible for Kayla to grab hold of the tops of her pants and underwear and pull them halfway inside out over her feet.

"HEY! WHAT THE F#CK?! AGGHHHH!" screamed Ruby, whose dignity was about to be further dishonored. Kayla grabbed her around the ankles and pulled her off the potty and under the door. Ruby momentarily tried to impede Kayla's progress by grabbing on to the bottom of the door. She probably realized that this action only heightened her vulnerability, and she eventually let go. Kayla continued to pull until she had her in the middle of the bathroom floor. Ruby was now out in the open, screaming bloody murder. It was an ingenious move on Kayla's part to only pull her pants halfway off, as Ruby's frantic kicking was considerably restricted.

"Get your hands off me, you f#cking ape!" she screamed. Kayla did not take kindly to the slur. She forcefully turned Ruby's ankles until she was on her stomach. She sat on the back of her legs while Andrea and Natalie jumped in and restrained her arms and upper body. I began delightfully snapping pictures.

"Get off of me!" she screamed. A small crowd was starting to gather.

"Time to get your white ass nice and rosy," declared Kayla as she quickly pushed Ruby's shirt halfway up her back with one hand and began slapping her butt with reckless abandon with the other. She wasn't holding back, and sure enough Ruby's backside turned a nice shade of pink in short order.

"OW! OW! Stop!" cried Ruby. But Kayla was on a mission. She continued to smack the now flaming-red cheeks in front of her. Ruby was a beaten woman, and she started blubbering.

"Please! No more! Please, it really hurts! Ohhhh!" she wailed. Finally Kayla mercifully stopped the spanking.

"Do you agree to do anything the four of us ask you to do from now on?" asked Kayla as she administered two more hard slaps on Ruby's very tender tushie.

"Ow! No more! Yes! Please!"

"Say, 'I'm your slave, Kayla.'" Another slap.

"Oh! I'm you're slave, Kayla!"

"Say, 'I'm your slave, Felicity,'" she instructed with another slap. Ruby probably didn't even know who I was, but she would get to know me better in due time.

"Ow! Please! I'm your slave, Felicity!"

Kayla was on a roll and I was enjoying it immensely. There was no need for me to do anything but keep snapping pictures.

"Say, 'You own me, Andrea.'" Slap!

"Aaahhh! You own me, Andrea!"

"Say, 'I'll submit to you forever, Natalie.'" Slap!

"Oh God! I'll submit to you forever, Natalie!"

"That's a good girl, Ruby," cooed Kayla as she caressed the toasty skin she had been violating.

Kayla looked up to me and I nodded. The three girls lifted themselves off the wretched Ruby, who then made a motion to get up.

"Hold it!" I said. "I want to get one more picture."

Ruby grudgingly but obediently remained prostrate on the cool bathroom floor while I reached into my backpack. I don't know what came over me earlier that day, but when I left the house to go to school I stopped in the front yard and clipped off two stemmed red roses from one of my dad's prized bushes. At the time I wasn't quite sure how or even if I would utilize them, but I knew we were planning to deal with Ruby and I was thinking that maybe my creative juices would kick in and I'd find a way to employ them in some humiliating fashion. I did.

Being careful not to prick my fingers with the thorns, I pulled one of the roses from my backpack and kneeled down aside our sprawled-out victim. "Kayla, would you do me a favor and spread open Ruby's butt cheeks for me?" I asked.

"What? No!" screamed Ruby. Andrea pushed her foot into Ruby's back to make sure she wouldn't try to get up.

The grinning Kayla laid her fingers on either side of Ruby's crevice and spread it open, allowing me to insert the stem of the rose into the depths of Ruby's anal canal. I'm sure the thorns could not have felt good. Kayla let go and the red rose stood up on its own magnificently, eliciting a chorus of raucous laughter from the now twenty or so witnesses.

"Hey!" screamed Ruby at her latest indignity. "What are you doing back there?"

"Oh, I'm just gussying you up for your final photo op. You can take your foot off her back, Andrea. Ruby, you stay put until I tell you otherwise."

I snatched the other rose from my backpack and knelt down next to Ruby's face. "Lift your head up," I commanded. She did so, and I said, "Now open your mouth." When she did I placed the stem sideways in the open orifice. "Now clench your teeth over this." She clamped her teeth down on the stem, and it was a sight to behold. I stepped back a few feet and pointed my phone camera at her, making sure to capture the whole of her half-naked body, and especially the roses.

"Now look up at me," I directed. "Good. Now prop yourself up a little bit with your elbows." She did so, and it was quite humorous. She was afraid to close her lips over the stem because of the thorns, so with her teeth exposed, she actually looked like she was smiling at me. I snapped the picture.

"Very nice, Ruby," I said as I hit a button on my phone to check the result. It was末well, picture perfect. "Oh, you really must see this, Ruby," I said as I lowered my phone to her eye level. "Isn't that special?" I said. The miserable expression on her face said it all. Our work was done.

"That's a wrap, girls," I said. "Thanks for modeling for me, Ruby. Oh, and you can keep the roses as a gift from me." Then I had an afterthought. I took the rose from her mouth. "Actually, I'll keep this one as a souvenir. I'd like you to wear the other one in your hair for the rest of the month. When it dies I'll bring you a fresh one. Call it a good faith gesture on your part. Every time one of us sees you with the rose in your hair末and for your sake you'd better be wearing it末we'll all know that you belong to us. Toodle-oo."

With that the four of us filed out of the bathroom. When we reached the hallway, we gave each other high fives while grinning freely. It was cause for celebration, as I now had another plaything at my disposal.

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