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Chapter 13: Blondie, Part 1
Sat Feb 17, 2018 11:50am

I'll try get back to my ongoing account of Blondie's humiliation during my thirteenth birthday again someday, but I thought it might be a good time to relate our first encounter I had with him once I started at Roosevelt High. To this day Blondie is still my favorite victim. He's so adorable when I make him blush so. And the fact that he was my first personal experience in this wonderful world of humiliation probably has a lot to do with that.

Anyway, Andrea, Natalie, Kayla and I were sitting at a table in the cafeteria together one afternoon, as we had been doing just about every day of late. It was during the second month of school, which meant that it had been about three months since that amazing night. We were talking about how much fun we had humiliating Johnny Boy, Ruby and Tina when I started telling them about some of the things I did to Blondie that night. Needless to say, they were keenly interested and were hanging on every word. I had just finished telling them about how much I was teasing him while we were sitting on the bed––he was naked of course, and I wasn't <giggle>––when the five-minute warning bell went off.

"I'll have to pick up where I left off tomorrow," I said as we started to get up.

"Where does this Blondie boy go to school?" asked Andrea.

"Oh, he's right here in the hallowed halls of Roosevelt High," I answered with a smile.

"Really?" she answered with a wide-eyed expression. "Is there any way we can, you know, meet this guy sometime?"

"I think that can be arranged," I said with a twinkle in my eye.

"Oh, that would be awesome," piped in Natalie.

"Count me in!" said Kayla. "Maybe we can have some fun with him, if you know what I mean, and I think you do."

The four of us laughed exuberantly as we parted ways. I was already scheming as I made my way to my next class. It was going to be fun to "catch up" with Blondie. I had been preoccupied with my newfound victims, but all the while Blondie was always on the back of my mind. I felt a rush of anticipation now that I decided that an encounter with him was on the horizon.

I got Blondie's sister Becky's number from my sister Julie that evening and gave her a call. I was hoping that she had some idea of Blondie's schedule. She didn't know much, but she did supply me with one useful piece of information. She said that his second period class was in Room 213. She knew this because her second period was right next door in Room 212 and she had seen him walking out of there a couple of times.

I passed this information on to my cohorts the next day during lunch.

"Perfect," said Andrea. "We have fifteen minutes between second and third periods. Just enough time to get acquainted."

The plan was set. Well, actually there wasn't much of a plan. I think the girls had seen me in action enough, and trusted me to wing it. I was pretty confident that I could justify their trust in me.

*   *    *

The next day the four of us met immediately after second period at the bottom of the main staircase. At Roosevelt the juniors and the seniors had their classes on the second floor, while the freshmen and sophomores were on the first. The lockers for the students were situated in the same manner.

We had made a point to dash out of our classes and scurry up the stairs as swiftly as possible in hopes of catching Blondie before he disappeared amidst the horde of students. Our hopes were fulfilled. Just as we neared Room 213 I spotted the blond-haired (well, duh) Blondie exiting through the doorway. I felt a tingle throughout my body just seeing him, as the pleasurable memories of my thirteenth birthday flushed through my head.

I pointed him out to the girls, and they excitedly joined me in my pursuit. "He looks more like a freshman," commented Natalie.

Blondie led us a short way across the hall where he stopped at his locker. He had just turned his key in the lock and had pulled open the door when I tapped him softly on his right shoulder.

"Hi Blondie," I smiled. "So nice to see you."

The look on his face of recognition, followed by one of panic was priceless.

"I have some friends here who are excited about meeting you," I said as I turned toward them. Blondie looked at the three grinning girls warily without saying anything.

"I'd like you to meet Natalie, Kayla and Andrea," I said while pointing in turn to each of them. "Girls, this is the one and only Blondie."

"Hi, Blondie!" they said in unison, grinning broadly. Blondie looked at them, again without a word. I'm pretty sure he had already figured out that we probably weren't there for a friendly meet and greet.

"Felicity has told us all about you," said Andrea with an impish smile.

I kept the ball rolling. "Yes, yesterday I was telling the girls about the time you and I were sitting on the bed in Becky's room," I said. This brought out his first blush, much to my delight. "One of the things I told them was how pretty your legs were." I turned back to my accomplices. "Would you like to see how pretty Blondie's legs are, girls?"

"Ooh, yes, could we?" said Kayla while looking down at his legs, which at the moment were shrouded by a pair of jeans.

"Could you show us how pretty your legs are, Blondie? Pretty please?" I said.

He finally spoke. "P-Please, Felicity," he said, voice cracking. "Just....just leave me alone."

"Oh, but we will, Blondie. After we see your legs."

Even though no words had been spoken between us for about three months, it was pretty much a tacit understanding that he would have to submit to whatever demand I had. The videos I have from that night are far too incriminating. Amusingly, he reached down and partially pulled up one of his pant legs by the cuff. Did he really think I would be satisfied with that?

"Oh, that's very nice, Blondie," I cooed while moving towards him and looking him in the eyes. I reached for his belt and began unbuckling it. "But we need to see more than that."

Ever the compliant one, there was no resistance. He knew me well enough to know that regardless of whatever attempt he would make at resistance that I would eventually get my way.

"Please, Felicity," he begged while looking around nervously. "Not out here."

"You'll be okay," I said soothingly. "The four of us are blocking the view, so not many people will see." That didn't seem to ease his mind. The lecherous grins he saw on the faces of Kayla, Andrea and Natalie made him quite uncomfortable enough, I'm sure.

I unbuttoned his jeans and started to go for his zipper when I guess he couldn't help himself, and almost involuntarily grabbed my wrists.

"Blondie," I said while momentarily allowing him to hold my wrists, "Do you remember when you and I were in Becky's room and you were standing on a stool wearing just a pair of panties?" Blondie blushed at the memory and at the giggling that emanated from the girls. "Do you remember where your hands were?" I asked. Blondie nodded and I said, "Good. That's where I'd like your hands to stay until I say otherwise." On command he interlocked his hands behind his head to the accompaniment of more tittering from the girls. To add to his anxiety, I'm sure he noticed that a few other students had become aware of the situation and were looking on in fascination.

"That's a good boy, Blondie," I said as I lowered his zipper. "Now let's check out those pretty legs. Girls, would you mind helping Blondie get his shoes and socks off? We'll be able to see more of his legs without the socks." Andrea and Natalie had Blondie barefoot so quickly it was as if a magician made his shoes and socks disappear.

"Kayla, would you mind pulling Blondie's shirt out of the way a little bit so there's nothing obstructing our view?"

"Of course," she said eagerly. The devious Kayla took it a step further. Approaching Blondie from behind she lifted his shirt––it was a long-sleeved black tee shirt––inside out and over his head, and then yanked it completely off his arms.

"Thanks Kayla," I giggled. "I guess it's out of the way now," I said while patting Blondie's bare chest with the palm of my hand. Enjoying the moment, I knelt down in front of poor Blondie and ever so slowly lowered his jeans down his legs, pushing them down so they scrunched at his ankles. Not wasting any time, I lifted his legs one at a time and pulled his jeans completely off. Blondie, now blushing crimson, stood amidst the sounds of laughter with only a pair of red boxer shorts (they matched his face!) to protect what modesty he had left. And I have to say that I found his legs (although he had grown some of his hair back) quite delectable. Still on one knee, I ran my fingers up and down his calves.

"Oh, Blondie," I said while standing up and admiring his flushing face. "Your legs are still very pretty. But they're not as smooth as they were that night." I took hold of the bottom of his boxers on both sides. "Should we take these down and have a look?"

"No! Please!" shouted a panicky Blondie.

"Do it!" encouraged a pretty coed behind me. There were about a dozen interested spectators now. Blondie looked behind me and his mouth was momentarily agape from what he saw. I turned back to see that Becky and Brenda had joined the small crowd. I grinned at them and Becky returned the grin and gave me a "thumbs up" sign. It really added to the scene for me to have Blondie's sister and his old nemesis on hand to witness his humiliation. I'm sure it had to be very disconcerting for him. It sort of egged me on; I was thinking I wanted to do them proud.

I actually wasn't planning on exposing Blondie's little penis during that encounter, but now I just couldn't help myself. I was caught up in the moment, he was ripe for the taking, and after all, it was Blondie. How fitting that Blondie would be the first of my victims at Roosevelt to suffer the humiliation of having his privates bared in front of an attentive audience.

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