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Chapter 13: Blondie, Part 2
Sat Feb 17, 2018 11:51am

I knelt down in front of Blondie and began tugging on his shorts. My adrenalin was pumping as the noise level gradually rose while his penis came into view. I continued to pull down until letting his shorts rest at his knees. I was a little disappointed to see that some hair had grown back above his penis, but I was happy to see that his package was still as small as I remembered. Perfect fodder for teasing, and so embarrassing for him. There was a lot of laughter, and his face was tomato red. How excruciating it must have been for him to stand there with his hands behind his head and his shorts at his knees, knowing what everyone was staring and laughing at.

As for me, it was absolutely exhilarating to exercise my control over Blondie again and humiliate him like that. As I've said, he's my favorite plaything. Kind of like when I was a little girl playing with dolls I always had my favorite doll. But this was ten times better. I was dealing with a live human being now. And I never got sexually aroused by playing with my dolls. <giggle>

"Strip him naked!" I heard from behind me. I turned back and it was the same pretty coed who had urged me on earlier. I smiled at her and turned back to the task at hand. I was looking forward to doing exactly what she wanted.

I pulled Blondie's shorts the rest of the way down and slipped them off his feet. I had now divested him of all his clothes. My heart was beating rapidly from the excitement––but probably not as fast as Blondie's. I stood up and faced him.

"Look at you, Blondie. You're naked!," I declared. I looked him up and down, grinning. "Say it," I said.

Blondie knew what to do. "I'm naked," he said softly. Everyone laughed and he somehow turned a deeper shade of red.

"Yes you are! And everyone is looking at your little pee pee," I said while taking hold of his little pee pee with my thumb and two fingers and jiggling it back and forth. Blondie almost jumped out of his skin before settling back down. The laughter was animated and Blondie's wretched expression spoke volumes. I was just about done with him but I had a few parting instructions that would help facilitate future humiliations.

"I'll let you go now, Blondie, but first I want to tell you some things I'd like you to do when you get home today. You will do everything I ask you to do, right Blondie?" He nodded. "I need to hear you say it."

"Yes," he eked out meekly.

"Yes, what?" I persisted.

"Yes, I'll do what you ask me to. Please, can I just get dressed now?" he begged as he looked around nervously at Becky, Brenda and the gathering that was increasing in size by the minute.

"Soon. But I think you'll pay better attention if I keep you naked while giving you your instructions."

It was really entertaining watching him standing there all naked. I knew he so wanted to at least cover himself with his hands, but he knew I wouldn't allow it. He was fidgeting restlessly, shifting his weight from one leg to the other and twitching his hips. It was so cute!

"I'll let you have your clothes back," I continued. "But in return here's what you're going to do for me." I ran my hand up and down his leg. "I don't like this unsightly hair. So from now on, starting tonight, I'd like you to keep your legs shaved for me at all times. And I'd like you to wear shorts to school from now on so I won't have to pull your pants down every time I want to admire your pretty legs." I'm sure the thought of wearing shorts to school baring his denuded legs had to be quite disconcerting for him. "Now tell me what you're going to do and what you're going to wear."

"I...I'm going to shave my legs and wear shorts to school," he muttered.

"All the time," I said. "Say 'I'm going to keep my legs nice and pretty all the time.'"

'I'm g-going to keep my legs nice and pretty all the time," he repeated, eliciting considerable laughter.

I then took hold of a tuft of hair around his penis. "This has to go, too. I do like my boys to be smooth all over." I reached further down and stroked his scrotum. Blondie stiffened slightly and scrunched up his toes while I did this. I've mentioned before how quite often the subtleties that occur during a humiliation encounter can be so enjoyable, and this was a prime example. I tickled him a bit longer just to draw out the moment. "Your little balls need to be smooth too, okay Blondie?"

"Okay," said Blondie submissively in a high-pitched voice.

"Let me see your arm," I said while taking his right wrist from the back of head. As I stroked his arm I said, "You need to keep your arms nice and smooth, too. And I'd like you to wear a short-sleeved shirt to school from now on so we can enjoy looking at your girly arms." I replaced his hand to the back of his head and stroked his armpit. "I see your underarm hair is coming back, too. I'd like you to get rid of it, and keep it smooth and hairless." I walked behind him and stroked his buttocks. "Smooth as a babe back here," I grinned as I gave a couple of love taps to his cute little tushy.

"So, just to recap: no unsightly hair from now on anywhere below your neck. As far as your clothes go....tighty-whities. Shorts and short-sleeved shirts. I don't care what kind of shorts you wear, but I want them to be above mid-thigh. Gym shorts might work, but it's up to you. If they are mid-thigh or close to it then I'm going to take them away from you and you can spend the rest of the day waking around in your tighty-whities. Legs like yours are meant be showcased––the more skin the better. Oh, yes, so no more socks. All the better to flaunt your well-turned ankles." I took hold of his arm and traced an imaginary line about three-quarters of the way up his bicep. "Your shirtsleeves should go no lower than this," I instructed. "Too bad Roosevelt doesn't allow tank tops. You'd look adorable in short shorts and a tank top," I teased while playfully stroking his arm.

At that point Becky decided to join the party. Stepping forward, she said, "I can help with the clothes, Felicity, if you like," she volunteered. With her index finger she traced a line across Blondie's leg, well above mid-thigh. "Blondie is about the same size as me, and I have some cute shorts that come to right about here. I can just leave them on Blondie's bed tonight for him. I'll have him try them on after he shaves his legs," she said with a devilish grin while looking up at the tormented Blondie. She traced another line across his bicep, just below the fleshy part of the shoulder. "I also have some tee shirts that will come down to about right here. Should I dig those up?"

"Yes, that would be great! Thanks, Beck!" I said. I addressed Blondie again. "Now you can just wear whatever Becky picks out for you. Aren't you lucky to have such a generous and caring sister? And she's willing to share her clothes with you. Not many sisters would do that. What a lucky boy you are, Blondie." Blondie just stared miserably at the ground in front of him, while I was already looking forward to teasing him in his new outfits with his freshly shaved legs and arms.

It was about time to break up, but I had one more trick up my sleeve. I wanted to throw a bone to Brenda. I gathered up all of Blondie's clothes. "You can put your arms down now, sweetie," I said. Blondie immediately covered his loins with both hands while looking anxiously at my armful of his clothes. I deposited them in his open locker and closed the door. His lock was unlocked with the key still in it, so I pushed the lock closed and removed the key, which he would obviously need to retrieve his precious clothes.

Blondie watched fretfully as I sauntered over to Brenda, gave her a wink and handed her the key. Blondie's fate was now in her hands. The grinning Brenda turned and started walking away from us, heading down the hallway.

"No! Brenda!" screamed the terror-stricken Blondie.

"If you want your clothes back, you'd better not lose her," I suggested to Blondie.

I didn't have to tell him twice. To much hilarity the naked Blondie darted down the crowded hallway in a desperate attempt to retrieve the key to his modesty from the fiendish Brenda. With each step he took another few students became aware of his situation and more sounds of surprise and amusement would follow. I watched as Brenda entered the girls bathroom. Blondie hesitated before ultimately pushing the door and entering what I'm sure was a crowded room full of girls. I heard the shrieks of astonishment, followed by boisterous laughter. I grinned widely as I visualized what had to be a riotous scene inside those walls.

Blondie's little butt as he entered the bathroom was the last I saw of him that day. I got a thank-you call from Brenda that evening, and she recounted the humorous scene for me. Blondie did get his key back, but he had to earn it. Evidently Brenda climbed onto the counter where the faucets were and held the key up high in the air, enticing Blondie to follow her up there, which he did. Just as he reached for the key Brenda dropped it on the floor, where it bounced underneath and into one of the occupied stalls. Blondie jumped down and had to get on all fours to rescue it. As he frenetically kept trying to grab the key the girl on the toilet was kicking him and screaming, calling him a pervert. Brenda said she had tears streaming down her face, and that it was the hardest she had laughed in a very long time.

I was laughing heartily myself as I thanked her for the update. When I clicked off my phone I looked back on the wondrous day. It was great to meet up with Blondie again, and to re-establish my control. The future looked awfully bright. I was going to have sooo much fun with my friend Blondie.

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