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Chapter 15: Johnny Boy
Mon Mar 12, 2018 1:32pm

A few days had gone by since we had our latest fun with Johnny Boy. As enjoyable as that was, there had been something gnawing at me ever since. I had told his friend Bobby that he was to be with Johnny under the tree at lunch time every day, and when we went calling that day he was nowhere to be seen. One thing I will not tolerate is disobedience. Bobby needed to know that, and I wanted him to understand just how imperative it is to adhere to my wishes.

Andrea, Kayla, Natalie and I had just finished our lunch. I was feeling frisky, and Bobby's noncompliance gave me a good excuse to seek out a humiliation victim末not that I needed an excuse. <giggle>

"What say we go pay a visit to our favorite tree," I suggested. My companions perked up; they knew exactly what I was referring to.

"Let's do it!" said Andrea as the four of us rose in unison from the table.

"I'm sure," I said as we walked outside, "that Johnny Boy has reminded Bobby what is expected of him. I wonder if he'll be there?"

"He'd better be, for his sake," giggled Kayla.

As we neared the tree I was slightly disappointed to see that Johnny was by himself. That disappointment turned to amusement when I saw the look of terror on Johnny's face as we approached. My mood improved even more when he jumped up and instinctively put his hands on his belt buckle.

"Johnny Boy, I'm very disappointed that you don't have Bobby with you," I said.

"I末I," he stuttered.

"Did you remind Bobby that he is supposed to be here every day during the lunch hour?"

"Y-Yes I蜂 did, but..."

"Did you tell him that because he wasn't here last time that we made you march around the tree in your tighty-whities?" He blushed a nice shade of red at the recollection.

"I told him," said Johnny bashfully.

"And what did he say?"

"Well...." Johnny didn't want to go on.

"Tell me," I insisted. "I want to know exactly what he said."

"Okay. He末he said he wasn't afraid of you and you couldn't tell him what to do."

"Did he, now," I said with raised eyebrows. "Tell me, Johnny Boy, where can we find Bobby right now?"

Johnny remained silent. Admirably, he didn't want to give his friend up, especially after I coaxed him into tell me what he had said.

"Okay, here's the deal, Johnny Boy. You're going to tell me where you think Bobby is right now. In the meantime, we're going to take your pants as collateral. If Bobby is where you say he is, you can have your pants back. But if he's not, then I'm afraid you're going to have to forfeit another article of clothing. Then we'll try again." I watched his wide-eyed, open-mouthed expression with delight. "For your sake, I hope we find Bobby soon. Otherwise....well, I'll let you figure out what the consequences would be." I turned to my companions. "Girls, could you please help Johnny Boy get his pants off?"

The three girls eagerly pounced on the dumbfounded Johnny. Without prompting they yanked off his shoes and socks first, and had Johnny barefoot and pantsless in half a minute flat. Johnny, already blushing, pulled downwards on his tee shirt. It was pretty long and it covered about 90% of his tighty-whities. Maybe he was planning ahead when he got dressed that morning. <giggle>

"Now, Johnny Boy," I said. "I'm going to ask you again, and for your sake you'd better think very hard before you answer. Where do you think we can find Bobby right now?"

"Um....he likes to play sports. You can try the basketball courts," he said while looking around nervously and still pulling on his tee shirt.

"You mean 'we' can try the basketball courts. You're coming with us until we find him."

"Can't末can't I just stay here? I promise I won't put my pants on until you find Robert末er, Bobby," he pleaded.

"I don't think so. You're our insurance policy, Johnny Boy. Someone is going to be divested of all their clothes today, and if we don't find Bobby then that 'someone' will be you. Now let's go. You lead the way."

The now petrified Johnny bent his knees and reached down in an effort to pick up his pants.

"Uh, uh, uh," I reprimanded. "Those stay here. When we find Bobby we'll let you come back for your pants. Time is wasting, let's move out." I reached down and gently touched his perineum through his underpants, causing him to lurch forward and let out a high-pitched yelp, much to my delight.

Looking back forlornly at his pants, Johnny, with us in tow, led us in the direction of the basketball courts. Continuing to stretch down his tee shirt as far as he could, he was moving at a very brisk pace, I'm sure hoping to end his ordeal as quickly as possible. Several students turned their heads with interest as we walked by. As we approached the basketball courts there was no sign of Bobby. Johnny looked around anxiously, but he was nowhere to be seen.

"I don't see Bobby," I said to Johnny. "Do you see Bobby?"

"N-No. He's not here," he said nervously. "He might be playing tetherball." He started to turn and walk in the direction of the tetherball courts until I stopped him.

"Hold it!" I shouted. "Not so fast, Johnny Boy. What did I tell you would happen if Bobby wasn't where you said he'd be?" Johnny stopped and looked around anxiously without a response. A few students had gathered nearby and were watching intently, much to Johnny's apprehension.

"Answer me, Johnny Boy," I pushed.

"But末but I wasn't sure. Can we just see if he's playing tetherball?

"Yes we can, Johnny. But first you need to do something for me. What are you going to do for me, Johnny?"

"You said....that I'd have to take something off."

"Indeed I did, Johnny Boy." I stood and watched him expectantly, but he stood transfixed. "Well?" I prodded.

After another hesitation末I think he was actually pondering taking off his underpants instead of the shirt!末Johnny reached behind his head and pulled the top of his tee shirt over his head, and off. I loved how stood there all embarrassed and clenching the shirt to his chest.

"You can just leave your shirt here, Johnny Boy," I said. "If we find Bobby you can come back for it." He looked around the surrounding area, unsure of what to do. "Just drop it on the ground. It'll still be here if you get to come back." Ever so slowly Johnny dropped the shirt from his chest and deliberately let it slip through his fingers and fall to the ground at his bare feet. Once again I had Johnny Boy stripped to his underpants. Deliciously, he stood there all red-faced with his shoulders all scrunched up, with one hand over his chest and the other over the tiny bulge in his underpants. If I wasn't out in public I would have started diddling myself right on the spot.

"You look so cute in your tighty-whities!" I teased while tweaking one of his now scarlet-colored cheeks. "Okay, off to the tetherball courts in search for the long-lost Bobby." I squeezed one of Johnny's butt cheeks. "After you, kind sir."

There was giggling abound as his ever accumulating following tagged along while the mortified Johnny led the way. I was secretly hoping that Bobby wouldn't be there, such was the fun I was having with Johnny Boy. Watching him traipse in front of us in his underwear was just delectable.

We turned the corner and the tetherball courts came into view. But more importantly, Bobby did not. Johnny stopped in his tracks. He turned and looked at me pleadingly. It was really cute.

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