Blondie's Humiliation Stories

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Chapter 15: Johnny Boy
Mon Mar 12, 2018 1:33pm

"I think he's at the soccer field. He really likes soccer," he said, trying to be convincing.

"That's great, Johnny. I hope you're right," I answered.

Johnny turned and started to walk towards the soccer field. I reached out and took hold of the back of his underpants, compelling him to stop.

"Are we forgetting something, Johnny Boy?" I asked.

Of course he was well aware of what I was referring to. I'm sure the prospect absolutely horrified him. Me? I was so looking forward to it.

Johnny acted like he didn't hear me. His desperation was so palpable I could taste it. "Really," he said anxiously. "I think he's there. Let's go see."

I moved closer to Johnny and snuggled up to him. I took hold of his wrists and gently pulled them to his sides. I put my hands on his shoulders and looked him in the eyes. Purposefully, I pushed my pubis into his. "We'll go see, Johnny Boy," I said to him softly. "But before we do there is something else I want to see." I dropped my hands and slowly, tantalizingly strummed his sides with my fingers on the way down. He shivered deliciously.

"But....but I think he's there!" tried Johnny.

"There, there, Johnny Boy," I cooed while slipping my fingers inside his waist band. I put my hands completely inside and caressed his baby-smooth bum all over. "Everything's going to be okay, don't worry. We'll just get these undies off and then we'll go find Bobby." My hand delved further into his underpants and I stroked his perineum. Johnny flinched and wanted to pull away, but I had a held him firmly in place.

"Oh! No! Please stop!"

I took my hands out and lightly tickled his belly all over with the tips of my fingers, causing him to reflexively tense his stomach muscles. "I'm really looking forward to seeing you naked, Johnny Boy."

"No! Please! I can't!" He was breathing very rapidly. I remember hoping that he wouldn't hyperventilate.

"Can't what, Johnny," I asked while stoking the insides of his thighs, stopping just short of his underpants. He reacted by bending his thighs outwards from the knees. "Why are you so afraid to be naked?"

"I末I don't want everybody to see," he said, his voice quivering.

"What don't you want them to see, Johnny Boy?"


"Tell me, Johnny."

"It's末not very big, and there's no....." His voice trailed off.

"No hair? Are you bald down there, Johnny?" Johnny, whose face couldn't be any redder, nodded. "Well, maybe everyone doesn't have to see. But I'd like to see." I wanted to throw a bone to my cohorts, who had been so helpful. "And my friends might want to see." I looked back at Andrea, Natalie and Kayla, who were standing close by. "Girls, do you want to see what's inside Johnny Boy's underpants?"

"Yes!" they said, almost in unison.

"They want to see too, Johnny. Would it be okay if we have a peek inside?"

"No! Please don't!"

"You're not defying me, are you, Johnny? Because if you are then you'll have to be punished."

"No! No, I'm not末I'm not defying you."

"Okay, good, then no punishment. Now ask me very nicely to peek inside your underpants."

"Oh! Um...will you peek inside末inside my underpants?"

"Say please."

"Please." I looked at him sternly. He continued. "Please will you peek inside my underpants?"

"Sure, Johnny Boy, thank you for asking. I'd love to see."

I love doing this. I remember peeking in Blondie's underpants末actually, they were panties <giggle>末that night on my thirteenth birthday. He wrote about it, and I could tell how humiliating it was for him. In his account he even commented on how my hair tickled his stomach.

I leaned forward, making sure to tickle Johnny's belly with my hair. I pulled out his underpants and when I looked inside I started giggling. I mean, I couldn't help it! Maybe it was because he was so frightened, but it was even smaller than I expected, even smaller than Blondie's. And, like I expected, he was bald as an egg down there. I looked up to him, grinning. He had such a wretched expression on his face. Gee, I wonder why? <giggle>

"I see why you don't want everyone to see, Johnny Boy," I said. "But I did promise the girls they could have a look. I hope you don't mind, but they will really enjoy this. Thank you, Johnny," I said as I patted his tummy. "Girls, you really need to see this," I invited.

I stepped aside and Andrea eagerly bolted forward. Without hesitation she pulled open Johnny's underpants, and like me she immediately broke into a giggle. "How cute!" she said, while ceding to Natalie. When Natalie was finished she cupped her hand around his face and said, "Poor thing." Kayla did the dirty deed, smirked, then looked out at the crowd and joked, "Move along, folks. Nothing to see here." Uproarious laughter ensued.

I sidled back up to the utterly humiliated Johnny and put my fingers inside the waist band of his underpants. "These need to come off, Johnny Boy. You know that, right?"

Johnny was trembling now. He looked out at the two dozen or so spectators that were keenly interested in his situation. I was afraid he might have a panic attack, so I felt I needed to ease his anxiety, if ever so slightly. I was going to take his underpants off, because that was part of the deal we made末plus I really wanted to. Besides, if I let him keep them on then he would lose respect for me. Or, more accurately, he would lose respect for my authority. I did make one concession, though.

"Here's what I'll do for you, Johnny Boy. Since you've been so obedient, I won't make you expose you hairless little pee pee to all those people out there. But you have to keep your hands by your sides and not resist when I take down your undies. I'll let Andrea, Natalie and Kayla form a semi-circle around you so no one else has to see. Some of the kids out there will probably go behind you and check out your naked tushie, but they won't be able to see how tiny your penis is or how bald you are down there."

"But末but the four of you will see?"

"Yes, Johnny, the four of us will see. We all want to see you naked. We looked inside, but it's not the same as seeing you all naked. But if you're a good boy no one else will see your itsy-bitsy penis. It'll be our little secret. Kayla will be taking pictures so we can enjoy them later, but as long as you do what I say then only the four of us will see. Okay, Johnny?"

"Oh, gosh. Oh gosh. Oh gosh. Oh!.......okay." He was still breathing quite rapidly. I gestured for the girls to form a wall around the soon-to-be-naked Johnny.

"Good boy, Johnny. Everything will be just fine, you'll see. Soon you'll be nice and naked, and only the four of us will see your little goodies. You just keep your hands at your sides and I'll simply pull these down, juuuuuust like this," I said as I slowly but steadily drew his underpants down to his ankles. "See, that wasn't so bad now, was it? You can step out of these, Johnny Boy," I said as I held them at his feet. "That way you'll be completely naked, just like we want." Johnny, who was yelping softly in a high-pitched voice, complied by lifting his feet from his underpants. I tossed them aside. Indeed, he was completely nude in the middle of the school yard.

The four of us could not control our giggling as we stared down at his genitals. I couldn't have made a better choice when I picked Johnny out. Oh, the poor boy! His penis was so tiny that, because of the lack of weight it jutted straight out, like a little turtle's head poking out from its shell. And his little balls were wrapped tightly in his sack and stayed tucked up under his penis. And he was as hairless as the day he was born. Gawd, the humiliation he must have been feeling is mind-blowing!

"Can we see?" yelled one of the female students standing a few yards away.

I turned back and smiled at her. "Sorry," I said. "Johnny Boy is very shy, and he needs his privacy right now." Grinning, I held my hand up and separated my thumb and forefinger about an inch apart, much to everyone's hilarity.

"I have to touch these," said Kayla as she reached down and started fondling his balls. "Ooh, check it out, girls," she said. "They're so cute, and so delightfully smooth." Much to Johnny's torment, the rest of us took turns exploring his testicles. Kayla was right末their smoothness was exquisite. I was the last to have a go, and I finished off by taking hold of his penis. I looked up at Johnny, whose misery was profound, as one would certainly expect.

"I'll bet this looks even cuter when you get a little hard-on. How much bigger does it get when you get excited, Johnny Boy?" I asked.

Johnny could barely speak. "I末I don't know," he squeaked.

"Well, that'll be something for another day. Right now we need to go find Bobby," I said. "I'll keep my promise. You can cover up now, Johnny." Johnny eyed his underpants. "No, silly," I said. "With your hands. You can come back and get your underpants if we find Bobby."

Johnny clenched his hands tightly over his crotch and led the way to the soccer field. Most of his admirers came along, and a few more filed in along the way. The four of us were laughing heartily. We were having a fabulous humiliation session, and it was quite humorous to watch the naked Johnny walking briskly, his butt cheeks jiggling along the way.

As we neared the soccer field, lo and behold, Bobby could be seen from a distance. Johnny, in his excitement and in spite of himself, lifted one hand from his genitals and pointed. "There he is!" he exclaimed. He looked at me wide-eyed and expectantly.

"Okay, Johnny Boy," I laughed. "I guess it's your lucky day. You can go now. Thank you for your help, and for the entertainment." Johnny took off like a bat out of hell in quest of his clothes. He eschewed the circuitous route for his underpants, choosing instead to make a straight beeline toward the tree to retrieve his pants. I picked up the underpants and shoved them in my backpack, thinking that somehow they may come in handy at another time.

My focus turned to Bobby. Bobby was on my shit list. He disobeyed me, and I was looking forward to making him pay the price. He had no idea of the virtual tsunami that was about to hit him. We gave Johnny Boy a pretty rough time, but at least he got his clothes back.

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