Blondie's Humiliation Stories

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Chapter 16: Bobby
Mon Apr 16, 2018 2:48pm

After amusingly watching the naked Johnny scamper away and disappear around the corner, I set my sights on Bobby. At the moment he was on the soccer field dribbling away from a defender. His shock of longish blond hair bounced up and down as he skillfully performed his maneuvers.

Bobby's fun and games were about to be rudely interrupted. He spotted the four of us walking purposefully towards him when we were about twenty yards away. He hesitated for a moment, then came to the conclusion that it wouldn't be in his best interests to hang around and wait for us. He took off running in the opposite direction, towards the nearby baseball field. Without my prompting Kayla, Natalie and Andrea took off in chase. I continued to walk briskly, my confidence in my cohorts resolute.

Bobby was pretty fast, but I could see that Kayla and Natalie were closing the gap. Andrea brought up the rear, but her determination was steadfast.

Bobby had reached shallow center field when he was tackled from behind by the speedy Kayla. Natalie was only a couple of steps behind, and by the time Andrea arrived on the scene they had him somewhat subdued. I say "somewhat" because Bobby was pretty feisty末he wasn't going down easily. He was kicking and clawing like a caged animal, but it was apparent that he would be no match for the three girls.

"Get off of me, you bitches!" he screamed. "Get the f*ck off me!"

When he saw me approaching he turned his escape attempts up a notch and managed to catch Kayla with an elbow to her chin. She did not take the blow good-naturedly. She twisted his arm behind him into what looked like a very painful position.

"Ow! Ow! Stop! Please, let go, godammit!"

"Are you going to be a good boy?" said Kayla, pulling his arm a little harder.

"Ow! Oh shit! Yes! Let go!"

"Say please," said Kayla.

"Please! Oh! Stop!"

Kayla eased the twist of Bobby's arm, but maintained her grip. Natalie had his other arm, just in case he decided to make a run for it again. I stood in front of him and addressed him.

"Bobby, it's so nice to finally catch up with you again," I said. He didn't say anything, but he had an obstinate look on his face. "We stopped by the tree earlier and you weren't there. What do you have to say for yourself, Bobby?"

"My name is Robert. And I wanted to play soccer. Is that a crime?" he asked.

"It's not a crime. But it's a decision you made that won't go unpunished," I answered. "When I ask you to do something, I fully expect that you'll do it. You got your friend Johnny in trouble with your indiscretion. I'm afraid now it's your turn." I bent down and started to untie his shoe.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing!" he yelled while pulling his leg away from me. Kayla twisted his arm behind his back again, this time pretty hard. He bent over and tried to break loose, but Kayla and Natalie held him in check. "Owww! Son of a bitch! Stop!"

"Are you going to stand still like a good boy?" asked Kayla.

"Yes! Shit! Okay!" he screamed.

Kayla eased up and I continued where I left off. After untying his shoe I proceeded to unthread the shoelace from his tennis shoe and pull the lace completely off the shoe.

"Wh末what are you doing down there?" asked Bobby, but he didn't test Kayla's grip on his arm.

I untied his other shoe and unthreaded the shoelace as before. I then reached into my backpack and pulled out a medium-sized pair of scissors. Holding the laces up together, I called on Andrea.

"Andrea, could you please hold the other ends of these taut for me?" I asked. While Andrea pulled on the laces I snipped them in half, then took hold of the four loose ends and held them together. "One more time," I directed Andrea. Once again she pulled the laces taut and snipped them again. I threw my four pieces aside, and Andrea followed suit.

"What the...?" said the bewildered Bobby.

Without hesitation I bent down and took hold of the tongue of his tennis shoe and clipped it off.

"Hey! You've ruined my shoe, you bitch!" shouted the incredulous Bobby. I cut off the other tongue and looked up at Bobby, who was fuming.

"Now I've ruined the other one," I retorted.

I peeled off his shoes and tossed them aside. I focused on his socks. He was wearing a pair of cargo shorts, so they were quite accessible. Starting from the top I cut into his olive-colored sock until reaching his toes, then pulled it off before repeating the maneuver with his other sock."

"Godammit, knock it off!" roared Bobby.

I stood up and examined his shirt. He was wearing an unusual style, a short-sleeved collarless shirt like a Henley, but it buttoned all the way down. That would prove to be a temporary condition.

"I was quite disappointed, and a bit surprised that you weren't with Johnny at the tree today," I said as I snipped off the bottom button. We both watched the button pop slightly outward and fall harmlessly at his feet.

"What the f*ck are you doing?!" screamed Bobby. "That's my shirt!" He made an ineffectual move to break away, but everyone, including him knew he wasn't going anywhere.

"You really should have been there, Bobby," I said while cutting away two more buttons.

"Goddamnit, you've ruined my shirt!" yelled the infuriated Bobby. He was red in the face from his rage. I was undeterred. Taking hold of his cut-open shirt at the base of his sternum, I cut the material in a full circle around him until it was cut away.

"Will you pull this taut for me, Andrea?" I asked. While Andrea pulled on one end of the material I tugged on my end and cut it in half. I put the pieces together. "Again," I said, and when Andrea took her end I cut it in half again. "One more time oughtta do it." After slicing again I took the small shredded pieces and tossed them up in the air, watching them flutter leisurely to the earth.

"How cute," I said to Bobby while running my hands around his bare tummy and sides. "Now you're wearing a crop top."

"Okay, you guys have had your fun. Now let me the hell go!" said Bobby. I could tell he was becoming a little nervous.

"I don't think so," I answered. "I don't think you've learned your lesson yet." I moved behind him and reached into his right front pocket.

"Hey!" he said as he squirmed in reaction to the intrusion. "Get your hand末what are you doing?!"

Without a word I removed the contents, which were two dollar bills, a quarter and a dime. I shoved the money in his back pocket and pulled the emptied pocket inside out. "You're not to wear front pockets in your shorts anymore," I said as I cut it off and tossed it aside.

"Son of a bitch! You're f*cking crazy!" shouted Bobby.

I reached into his other pocket and pulled out a key, then inserted it in his newly established money pocket.

"Crazy or not, I'm dead serious. When you get home I'd like to gather all of your shorts and pants and cut the front pockets off, just like this," I instructed as I pulled out his left pocket and cut it off.

"No f*cking way!" was his response. I calmly walked behind him, grabbed a handful of his hair that had reached his upper back末about an inch's worth, maybe a tad more末and snipped it off.

"What're you....hey, what the f*ck!" he screamed incredulously. I opened my palm, showing him the clump of hair before I let it flutter to the ground.

"I'll keep going if I have to. It's entirely up to you, Bobby," I said.

"No! Okay I'll do it!" he conceded.

"Do what, Bobby," I said.

"I'll cut the f*cking pockets off my shorts!"

"And your pants?"

"Yes! Goddamn it, just let me go!" He pulled against the hold on his arms and Kayla gave another firm twist. "Ow! F*ck!" he said as he again gave up on his struggles.

"That's a good boy, Bobby," I said. I reached into the hole that used to be his right front pocket and took hold of the side of his underpants and pulled them through the hole. He was wearing dark blue boxer briefs. "Also," I continued, "no more underpants. Ever." I cut away the material, starting from the bottom and continuing all the way through the elastic band.

"Jesus Christ!" was all he said.

"If I ever catch you wearing underpants, I'll simply do this again," I said as I repeated the same maneuver on his left side. "But if I do, I'll be sure to give you a nice haircut while I'm at it," I said as I looked up at his lengthy locks. "And if you don't believe me, then you don't know me very well," I warned. I reached for his zipper and pulled it down.

"Hey!" screamed Bobby. "Get your hands....what're you doing?!" I took hold of a wad of the front of his underpants and with minimal effort I pulled them through the hole and completely off.

"May I?" offered the grinning Andrea, right on cue. She took hold of one end of the underpants and pulled, while I snipped the material in half. Two cuts later and the small bits of what used to be Bobby's underpants were scattered on the ground, unrecognizable.

Bobby, somewhat shocked by the proceedings, was speechless, at least temporarily.

I handed the scissors to Andrea and looked Bobby in the eyes. "So this is what I expect from you from now on. No front pockets and no undies. That way I'll always be free to do this," I said as I moved behind him, sliding my right hand into the vacated hole where his right front pocket used to be until I found his penis.

"AGHHH!" said the startled Bobby, ever so eloquently. <giggle>

"Not bad, Bobby boy," I said as I felt around, sizing him up. Indeed, Bobby's penis seemed like a normal size, definitely bigger than Johnny's or Blondie's. And I could tell that Bobby had started growing some pubic hair. I remember making a mental note to possibly have the three of them stripped together sometime so I could compare末and most assuredly make fun of Johnny's and Blondie's smaller penises.

I slid my left hand through the other side and took hold of his balls. Bobby squirmed, but Kayla's firm grip kept him in place. I continued to play with his penis while fondling his balls. I grinned as his penis began to harden.

"Oh, Bobby, I'm so happy to see that you like me," I teased.

"Please...please stop," he pleaded softly.

But I continued my manipulations until I determined that he was completely erect. I guessed it was at least five inches long, with decent width末pretty good for a young fourteen-year-old whose onset of puberty was probably fairly recent.

I pulled my hands out and moved over to face him. I delighted in his blushing face when we made eye contact. We both knew that I had just had my way with his genitals, something I was sure no one other than he had done before. I could tell I had him where I wanted him, subdued through humiliation and under my control. "I'm going to let Kayla and Natalie let go of your arms now, Bobby," I said. You'd better not try to run away. If you do, when we catch you末and I think you know that we will catch you末I'll have the girls hold you down while I give you a haircut. I don't think you would want that, because I will keep cutting until there is nothing to cut anymore." I nodded to Kayla and Natalie, who then let go of their grips. Bobby stretched out his aching arms. He looked around nervously at the entertained crowd of about two dozen that had gathered, but he made no motion to try to run away.

I looked down at his crotch and noticed that the tent that had formed from his erection was beginning to diminish. That condition would prove to be short-lived.

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