Blondie's Humiliation Stories

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Chapter 17: Blondie
Tue May 1, 2018 5:32pm

Most of the time my humiliation exploits are planned out, with several improvisations along the way. But some of my favorite sessions have been unscripted, and totally impromptu. One of these occurrences was with Blondie, my favorite patsy.

It happened just a few days after stripping Blondie at his locker. You may recall the instructions I left with him that day: to keep his body completely hairless from neck to toe, to wear tighty-whities as the underwear of choice, short shorts with no socks (I love looking at and stroking his long, hairless legs), and a tee shirt with short sleeves to show off his girly arms.

His sister Becky was kind enough to volunteer some of her shorts and tee shirts for her lucky brother to wear from then on. She didn't disappoint, and neither did Blondie. I sought him out the next day and found him at his locker. His back was to me and I stopped a few feet behind him to size him up. I'm here to tell you, he was a sight to behold. He was wearing fairly tight white shorts that didn't come close to reaching his mid-thigh末I'd say the inseam was about an inch, maybe an inch and a half tops. His long, slender, clean-shaven legs were captivating. I stood and stared at them for a few seconds, and found myself becoming stimulated末not just by his legs, but probably more so by the power that I had over him to make him do that. I mean, think about it. Here's a 16-year-old boy who at my behest actually shaved his legs hairless, then followed that up by experiencing the shame of baring his denuded legs at Roosevelt for all to see. Honestly, the control I felt over him at that moment was positively exhilarating.

But I digress. I was describing Blondie's new attire. He was also wearing a reddish tee shirt that was at least a size too small. Deliciously, there was about an inch of skin exposed between the bottom of the shirt to the top of his shorts. He was ineffectively trying to pull the shirt tail down with both hands when I accosted him.

"Oh, Blondie!" I bellowed, causing him to almost jump out of his sockless tennis shoes. "You look absolutely ravishing today," I said. He was already blushing. I'm guessing he had a constant blush going, thanks to his new condition and exposure of same. I ran my fingers up and down his silky-smooth thighs. "Pretty, pretty," I said mellifluously, accentuating the "t" sound. Blondie flushed brighter. I looked at the front of his tee shirt and giggled. Becky had really set him up. There was a picture of the "Hello Kitty" character, and underneath it were the letters "X O X O". "Cute top," I said while grinning and making eye contact with him. "And I love your girly arms," I teased while stroking one of his clean-shaven forearms. Blondie remained quiet while looking around nervously. "Are you wearing your tighty-whities like I asked you to?"

"Yes!" he said anxiously, surely hoping I wouldn't want to see. "I am. I promise," he said. Of course I had to see for myself.

"I trust you, Blondie. I know you would never defy me. But I really want to see how you look in them, especially now that your legs are all nice and silky." I reached for the button at the waist of the shorts. Blondie drew back.

"Please, Felicity," he pleaded. "People are starting to stare."

"I know, Blondie. I think they want to see, too. Now stay still, and we'll get this over with quickly. If you move away from me again I'll have to punish you. I'm sure you don't want that."

Blondie stood submissively while I unsnapped his shorts and pulled down the zipper. I was hoping the shorts would drop to his ankles, but they were too tight so I lowered them all the way down myself.

"Very nice, Blondie," I said. "Let's get a real nice look now." I lifted his tee shirt up to his chest and stepped back to savor the view. I wasn't disappointed末in fact, I was quite titillated. Blondie stood there helplessly, blushing bright red. I smiled at him and looked down at his crotch. I knew the answer to my next question, but I had to ask. "Did you shave off all the hair around your little peepee like I asked you to?"

"Yes. Please, can I pull these up now?"

"In a minute. First I need to check," I said as I reached for his underpants.

"Oh God!" he said, becoming frantic.

"Don't worry, Blondie. I'm not going to show everyone how bald you are down there. I just want to feel for myself." I put my hand inside his underpants. Blondie flinched and straightened up to his tippy toes while I felt all around. The silkiness, and the fact that I was responsible for it, was intoxicating. "Good boy, Blondie. You're so nice and smooth down here. And your balls," I said while stroking them lovingly. "They're delectable." I played with his little penis for a minute, then withdrew.

"Gotta go now," I said as I promptly started walking away towards my next class. "Thanks for the entertainment. See you next time!" With that I was gone. It was a perfect hit-and-run.

*   *    *

As I said, my impromptu humiliation experience with Blondie occurred a few days after I stripped him naked at his locker. It was one day after school, and I was about to take the bus home when I saw Blondie walking towards his family's car in the parking lot. Evidently he and Becky trade off every week driving the car to school. The other usually found their own way to and from school, since neither one wanted to travel with the other.

Anyway, I thought it might be nice to have Blondie give me a ride home. Of course I would have a little fun with him along the way. <giggle>

"Hey, Blondie!" I shouted out as he was unlocking the car. He looked up with trepidation as I approached. "Would you mind giving me a ride home?" I asked nicely. He wasn't about to say no.

"Okay," he said, a bit warily.

"Great!" I said merrily as I opened the door and hopped into the passenger seat. "Thanks, Blondie," I said as he started the car and pulled out of the parking lot. It was normally about a fifteen minute drive to my house, but with the traffic building up it would take a bit longer. "This will be nice, just you and me. We haven't been alone together since that night in Becky's bedroom." Of course I was referring to my thirteenth birthday, when I pretty much had free reign to humiliate him in any way I chose. Blondie remained silent. I'm sure he didn't appreciate the reference. We drove on in silence for another minute or two, then, without a word I reached over and ran my hand up his leg and across his thigh. Predictably, and deliciously, Blondie blushed profusely. I then strummed my fingers up and down his arms before resting my hand on his thigh. We continued in silence末surely an uncomfortable silence for Blondie, but not at all for me. Occasionally I would tickle the inside of his thigh with my fingers. Once I came very close to his groin末he was wearing the same white short shorts, and they had ridden up some when he sat down末causing him to draw back his pelvis. I was thoroughly enjoying the moment. Finally I pulled my hand away and broke the silence.

"Hey, you know what would be fun?," I asked boisterously, startling my tormented travel companion. He glanced at me briefly, surely dreading what would come out of my mouth next. He knew me well. "Have you ever driven a car wearing just your underpants?" Blondie squirmed anxiously and spoke for the first time since we had entered the car.

"Oh God, no. Please, Felicity, not in the car." He looked at my smiling face and knew that I would be undeterred. "What末what if we get stopped?"

"Just drive carefully Blondie. And if you get stopped, whatever. I'll tell the cop you lost a bet. There's no law against driving in your underpants."

"Oh, God," said Blondie, breathing a little faster.

"Come on, it'll be fun. Where's your sense of adventure? Here, pull over to the side and let's get you undressed."

With a look of extreme apprehension on his face, Blondie pulled over to the side of the road. He sat there with his arms crossed over his chest. "Come on, Blondie, let's do this," I urged. "Take off your shirt." He compliantly pulled his tee shirt over his head and off, and I took it from his grasp. "Good boy," I said while patting his bare chest. "I'll take your shorts now." He looked around nervously.

"Please, Felicity. I'm begging you. Just let me take you home."

"I will, Blondie. But I want you to chauffer for me in your tighty-whities first." Blondie clenched his eyes shut tightly, took a deep breath and slid off his shorts. I took them from him and said, "I'll take the shoes, too. Undies only."

After slipping off his shoes, a very nervous Blondie turned the car back into traffic. "This is nice," I said as I caressed his thigh back and forth, from his knee all the way to his underpants. "Now I have more of your pretty legs to play with."

We drove along for a few more minutes, me in a state of delight, and Blondie? Not so much. And it was about to get worse for him.

"Could you do me a favor and pull into the drug store on the next block? I want to buy some gum."

"Um.....I have some gum in my backpack. You can have it," said a hopeful Blondie.

"Is it Orbit Spearmint? I like Orbit Spearmint."

"No, but....I think it has mint. Really, just try it."

"Thanks, but I only chew Orbit Spearmint. Pull in here, it'll only take a second." Blondie, who probably wished he could shove some Orbit Spearmint right up my ass, pulled into the drugstore parking lot. There was an empty space near the front. "Here, take that spot right there." Blondie pulled in, and I started to get out. "I'll take this," I said as I reached over and pulled the key fob out of the ignition. "I trust you, Blondie, but you know the old saying, 'Desperate times call for desperate measures.' I wouldn't want you to make a bad decision." I stepped out of the car, plopped his clothes on my seat and said, "Don't you dare touch these. And no ducking down in your seat or your shorts and tee shirt are going in that dumpster."

I had no intentions of buying any gum. I was just having so much fun that I wanted to prolong the humiliation session as long as I could. Before entering the drug store I looked at the key fob and held down a button. The four windows lowered all the way down. I smiled as I watched Blondie stiffen in his seat. Then I took it a step further. I pressed another button and the horn starting blaring. Blondie was panic-stricken, writhing around wildly in his seat. Gawd, it was so funny! I let it go for a few maddening (for him) seconds before hitting the button again to stop it. When I entered the drugstore he had both hands covering his what I'm sure was a very red face.

I thought I would give Blondie a few minutes to squirm, so I leafed through a magazine for awhile. During that time I took notice of three girls, probably about Blondie's age, maybe a year younger, talking it up down the aisle. They were wearing the uniform of the local private girls' Catholic school末plaid skirts and white blouses. One was a cute blonde, one was a petite Asian with a sweet face and the other a tallish brunette. They were giggling about something. I then had an inspiration. I so love it when I have these inspirations. <giggle>

"Excuse me," I said as I walked towards them. They looked up at me curiously. "I could be wrong, but I have something going on that I think might interest you." I looked at them closely, and I could tell that their interest was piqued. "You see, a friend of mine, a boy, is sitting in a blue Honda right outside. For reasons not worth going into right now, he's only wearing his underpants." I had them pegged right. All three broke out into grins.

"Seriously?" one of them said while looking wide-eyed towards the lot.

"Yeah, for real. He's sitting in the driver's seat wearing only his tighty-whities." There was giggling all around. "It's not his choice, it's mine. And though he's quite embarrassed right now, I think with your help we can get him really embarrassed." It was plain to see that the girls were all in.

"Tell us! Please, what can we do?" asked the blonde eagerly.

I spent the next couple of minutes explaining what I wanted them to do. They were totally on board. As they realized what my plan entailed they became quite excited. The Asian girl was actually jumping up and down in delight and anticipation.

"Now remember," I said. "Act like we haven't met." I started to walk away. "Oh, and feel free to tease him. The more you embarrass him the better. And he embarrasses really easily."

"Okay," said the tall brunette. "We won't let you down."

They most certainly did not. Much to Blondie's discomfiture, all three played their parts to the hilt. And they sure had fun doing it.

*   *    *

When Blondie saw me walking back to the car, I could see the sense of relief on his face. Little did he know what laid in store for him."Thanks for stopping, Blondie." I just sat there, staring straight ahead.

"May I have the key?" he asked anxiously.

"Oh, sure," I said. I fumbled around in my pockets, feigning that I was looking for it. "What did I do with that thing?" I noticed the three girls were standing in front of the car now, carrying on a phony conversation. Blondie was becoming more antsy by the second.

"Come on, Felicity!" he implored. "The key!"

"I know I've got it here somewhere," I said calmly while pulling open my backpack. Meanwhile, one of the girls, the blonde, was approaching the car on my side, as planned.

Blondie frantically hit the button to roll up the windows, but to his consternation nothing happened.

"Excuse me," said the blonde. "Do either of you have change for a dollar?" She was at my window but purposely hadn't looked inside yet.

"Let me check," I said. I continued going through my backpack. Blondie's level of trepidation had to be off the charts right about then. "No, I don't think I do," I finally said. I looked over at Blondie. "Sweetie, do you have change for a dollar?" Somehow I kept a straight face. Blondie looked like he was about to throw up. The blonde girl leaned down and peered through the window.

"Oh, my God!" she screeched.

"Please! Gimme the key!" screamed Blondie frantically. He reached for my backpack in desperation and I pulled it away from him while slapping his hand away.

"Sonia! Rebecca! You have to come see this!" yelled the blonde girl to her friends.

"Oh God!" cried Blondie. "Felicity! The key! We need to go!"

"I swear, I think I'd lose my head if it wasn't attached to my body," I said while continuing to sift through my backpack. The other two girls were fast approaching the car.

"Felicity, godammit, give me the f*cking key!"

I set the backpack on the floor and looked at Blondie sternly. I don't care how dire his situation might be; I would never allow such impertinence from any of my victims. "That was a big mistake, Blondie. You know I can't tolerate you talking to me like that."

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