Blondie's Humiliation Stories

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Chapter 17: Blondie
Tue May 1, 2018 5:35pm

Just as I finished that sentence there were three giggling coeds peering through my window.

"Why is he only wearing his underpants?" asked the Asian girl.

"He's been a naughty boy, and he's being punished," I replied with a smile.

"Oh my," she answered. "How embarrassing. Look how red his face is."

Indeed, Blondie's face was lit up like a red Christmas tree light. I was in seventh heaven as the wonderful events continued to unfold.

"I know," I responded. "Isn't he cute?"

"He is. Hi, my name's Sonia," she said, extending her hand through my window. Blondie, without looking up, removed his hand from his groin and accepted it with a feeble handshake.

"His name is Blondie," I offered.

The three girls giggled. "Oh, what a lovely name," said Sonia. "And speaking of lovely, check out his legs. I don't see any hair."

"They're really smooth. You should go feel them," I offered.

"Really? Can we?" asked Sonia eagerly. I smiled and nodded. She made a beeline to go around to Blondie's side, followed by her grinning friends.

"You're not to tell them that you shaved," I told him.

"Oh God, Felicity," implored Blondie. "Please let me have the key!"

"Hi, Blondie!" interrupted Sonia, who by then was pretty much right in his face. She promptly reached her left hand through the window and ran it up and down Blondie's thigh. "Ooh, you're right," said Sonia. "They're like satin. You must really be embarrassed. Are you embarrassed, Blondie, to be punished and made to sit here in your underpants showing off your pretty legs?"

"Please, just...just leave me alone."

"Girls, feel how smooth his legs are," said Sonia. The tall brunette末her name was Rebecca末took over where Sonia left off.

"Oh, how adorable," said Rebecca. "Are you like this all over?" she asked while giggling. Blondie, now the depths of wretchedness, did not respond. "Check it out, Mindy," said Rebecca.

While Mindy was taking her turn with Blondie's legs, Sonia was busy running the tips of her fingers up and down Blondie's hairless arms.

"Your arms are really smooth, too, Blondie." She poked her head in and addressed me. "He's so soft and silky all over. I think he should be punished in a pair of panties instead of his underpants," she said.

"That's a wonderful idea," I said, laughing. "I just might take you up on that next time."

"What do you think, Blondie?" asked Sonia. "Would you like to pull on a pair of panties over those sexy legs?"

"Please," said Blondie. "Please just....can you just go away?"

"Hmm," said Sonia, addressing her friends. "He wants us to just go away. We should talk about that." She turned back to Blondie and patted him on the shoulder. "Don't go away. We're going to confer." Sonia was thriving in the moment, much to my delectation.

"Please may I just have the key?" Blondie asked me while they were huddled.

Sonia was already back at the window. "We've decided!" she said. "We're going to do what you want and just go away." Blondie looked up at her, unconvinced. "But before we go we want your underpants as a souvenir."

All eyes were on Blondie for his reaction. He retracted his head in surprise, his mouth wide open. Actually, I was amazed he didn't see that coming. Just another reason why I love my Blondie humiliation sessions.

"So is that a 'yes'?" asked the smiling Sonia.

Blondie turned to me with a beseeching look, hoping beyond hope that I would be his savior. Fat chance. I looked him up and down, smiled and said, "I have a gut feeling that I'm soon going to have a naked chauffer."

Blondie looked down at his underpants, then at me, then at the three expectant faces of the Catholic coeds. Finally, he simply said, "I can't."

I'm not sure where he thought this was going, but he certainly didn't have any leverage. By then he had to have realized that I wasn't going to be forthcoming with the key any time soon. And he had to have known that the girls weren't going anywhere until they had their way. So we had reached an impasse. The thing was, only one of the five of us was out in public in his underpants. Only one of the five of us had it in his best interests to get the ordeal over with as quickly as possible. The other four were having a grand old time at his expense, and had no problem letting the scene play out if the underpants-clad boy chose to do so.

"That's okay, Blondie, I can play with you all day if you want," said Sonia while reaching in and strumming the inside of his left thigh. Blondie pushed her wrist away, which generated an admonition from me.

"Blondie, if you dare put your hands on any of us again末well, trust me, you'll live to regret it." He knew what I was capable of, and wasn't about to test my will again.

Sonia continued to play with his legs while Blondie sat there suffering, contemplating his fate. At some point he must have finally realized that he was between the proverbial "rock and a hard place" and that his only recourse was to comply.

"Do you promise to leave if I do it?" he asked Sonia sullenly.

"Do what?" she asked. I was really beginning to like her.

"Take off my underpants," he responded grudgingly.

"And we get to keep them, right?" she asked. "For a souvenir."


"Great, it's a deal. But we want to get a nice look at your goodies first. And we might want to take some pictures." Blondie winced and said nothing. "Then we'll go," she continued. "After we get a good look and get some naked pictures." Blondie bent from the neck and put his face in his hands. "I promise I won't show them to anyone. It'll be for just the three of us." She looked at me. "And your friend, if she wants." I smiled and gave her the thumbs up sign. "And I can send them to you if you want," she said cheekily.

Blondie had another thought. It seemed then that he was resigned to doing the dirty deed, but he was still worried about the end game. He turned and faced me.

"What about the key?" he asked.

"I promise you'll get the key when your new friends are done with you," I said.

"What about my shorts and shirt?"

"I'll leave your shorts and your darling tee shirt with you when we get to my house."

"But...but I'll be driving na末with no clothes on."

"Precisely," I said with a wicked grin.

Blondie sat still for quite awhile, staring straight ahead. It was almost similar to an athlete psyching himself up before a big game. Then, and who knows what finally triggered it, he made his move.

"Oh, God," he said, and he grabbed the waistband with both hands, lifted up his bum and swiftly yanked his underpants down his legs and off his feet, then tossed them out the window into Rebecca's outstretched arms. It was one of the fastest strips I've ever seen.

The outcry from the girls added to the moment. "Oh, my God!" shouted Mindy. "This is too much! He actually did it!"

There was a lot of giggling and outright laughter. The scarlet-faced Blondie sat hunched over, his hands desperately covering up what we were all inevitably going to set eyes on末something he certainly had to know.

Sonia poked her head inside the window and said to Blondie, "Look at you, all naked in here. You must be absolutely mortified!"

"If you think he's mortified now, wait 'till he moves his hand and shows you what he's hiding," I said.

Sonia was so ready for that to happen.

"We need to see, Blondie," she said. "We're not going anywhere until we see." Blondie remained still. Sonia was becoming impatient. "Last warning. Put your hands behind your headrest and spread out your knees nice and wide." Blondie remained frozen. Sonia had an ace up her sleeve.

[Oh, by the way, while I was in the drugstore I handed the key fob to Sonia. I may have neglected to tell you that. :-)]

Sonia surreptitiously pulled the key fob from her skirt pocket and pushed a button. The horn blared. Two ladies that were walking in front of the car, about thirtyish, looked over at us. To say that Blondie was alarmed would be a true understatement. Wide-eyed and frantic, he looked at me for a sign of the key. I held my palms upwards and shrugged. After about a half-dozen ear-piercing blares, the horn stopped. Blondie, breathing rapidly, looked out his window, where a smiling Sonia was holding up the key fob for Blondie to see.

"I'll tell you again," she said. "Put your hands behind your headrest and spread out your knees nice and wide."

The unnerved Blondie put his hands behind his headrest and spread out his knees, nice and wide. I was pleased to see that Blondie had done a fabulous job of rendering himself completely hairless. That, along with his small package, gave the appearance of a prepubescent boy. But of course, he was sixteen. I can't even imagine his humiliation. Well, on second thought, I'm an expert, so I had a pretty good idea. <giggle>

The merriment that ensued was spirited. The three girls, after jostling for position, all managed to stick their heads in the window and stare down at Blondie's exposed privates. Well, they weren't very private any more, were they? <giggle>

"Oh, my God!" giggled one. "Look how teeny it is!"

"And he's totally bald down there!" said another.

"This is too much!" said the third. "And he's old enough to drive?"

"It's a cute little thing, isn't it? Cute as a little button!"

The hilarity went on, and the wretched look on Blondie's face verified his humiliation. How he was able to sit still with his hands clasped behind the headrest throughout the excruciating ordeal is beyond me.

Pictures were taken from all angles. Mindy even jumped up on the hood and snapped a picture through the front windshield. They made Blondie get on his knees and face them with his palms up against the ceiling of the car, then they opened the door and took quite a few photos, laughing all the while.

"Ooh, let's get his butt," said the eager Sonia. "Blondie, get on your hands and knees and face your friend." The beleaguered Blondie did so and the giggling girls added to their photo collection. I think there was a bit of fondling going on, too, as it looked like Sonia had reached her hand between his legs. Blondie had a momentary wide-eyed expression, and he twitched his hips. It was delightful.

While he was in that position I gave him a playful, wet kiss on his lips. I have to say, my state of arousal had been building up for some time and was at a very high level. I was already quite damp, and I knew I could orgasm in short order with a little encouragement. I put my right hand inside my pants and began fondling myself. I don't think the girls noticed, but I know Blondie did. Him knowing that I was getting off on his humiliation definitely added to my state of stimulation. I cupped my free hand around his burning cheek.

"Oh, Blondie," I purred. "You're the best." Then I climaxed. "Ohhhhhhh," I said while staring at Blondie's anguished expression. After a few moments I pulled my hand out of my pants and wiped my juices off on Blondie's shorts.

"Okay, we're going to go now," declared Sonia as she shut the car door. Blondie scrambled back to a sitting position. I looked out at the grinning girls and smiled.

"May I have the key?" he asked.

"Certainly," replied Sonia. She held out the key, and the hopeful Blondie extended his arm out the window. "But you're going to have to come get it," said the devious Sonia as she walked about a dozen steps and laid the key fob on the top edge of a garbage container. I grinned. This wasn't part of the script.

"Oh shit," said Blondie as he surveyed the area nervously. He sat still, probably trying to build up the courage to leave the car for a public, naked escapade. At the time an elderly lady with a walker was in front of the car, inching her way towards the drugstore.

"While Blondie's thinking about this, Sonia, could you hand me your phone? I'll send myself a text so we have each other's number."

"Sure, good idea," smiled Sonia as she came to my side and handed me her phone.

"My name's Felicity," I said, extending my hand. After she shook it I started typing in my number and said, "I like your style. Maybe I'll contact you sometime and we can have some more fun with Blondie. Or someone else. I have others, if you're interested."

"Love to!" beamed Sonia as I handed her the phone. "And I'll send you the pictures from today," she offered.

"Great," I responded. "I'll share them with Blondie," I said while we both giggled.

Meanwhile, the foot traffic was non-existent and it looked like Blondie was ready to make his move. "When you go out there, don't you dare cover up or you'll never get these clothes back," I warned.

"Oh shit," he said again as he opened the car door and hightailed it towards the key fob. The hilarity was abundant as in his haste the naked, crimson-faced Blondie tripped over the curb, breaking his fall with his hands. Mindy captured the event on video, which of course I later viewed many times. Watching his little penis bobbing up and down and back and forth on his frantic dash back to the car has brought me considerable enjoyment over the years. Utilizing slow motion of the video is a wonderful effect, as I'm sure you can imagine.

Amidst the considerable laughter from the four of us, Blondie managed to fumble his way through getting the key into the ignition and was able to start the car.

"Bye-bye, Blondie!" yelled the girls as we were backing up.

"Thank you!" yelled Sonia.

Those were the last two words Blondie heard from them that day as he rolled up the windows and stomped on the gas pedal, burning rubber in the parking lot.

*   *    *

The drive home was somewhat anticlimactic (well, technically it was after my climax) after the exciting episode at the drug store. At least it was anticlimactic for me末maybe not so much for Blondie. He appeared awfully nervous on the drive to my house. You'd think he'd never driven naked before. <giggle>

When we arrived at my house I reached over and cupped my hand over his penis and balls. I looked at him and said, "I own you, Blondie. You know that, right?" He simply nodded. I was going to make him say it, then I thought otherwise. I think my ownership was pretty well-established.

I kissed him on his cheek, patted his upper thigh and said, "Thanks for the ride!" as I tossed his clothes onto his lap. After closing my door I scampered across the front lawn. I don't think my feet touched the grass, such was my state of bliss.

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