Blondie's Humiliation Stories

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Chapter 18: Miss Joplin
Mon Sep 10, 2018 5:18pm

One of the perks of my relationship with Miss Joplin was that no matter where I was or what time of day it was, she was there for me right at my fingertips. I took advantage of this wonderful arrangement on more than one occasion.

For instance, one lazy Saturday afternoon I was idling the time away on my bed with my phone. It had been a little over a week since I humiliated her in her classroom. My thoughts drifted to that experience, and as I relived the scene I started to become aroused. I opened my Messages app and found Miss Joplin in my Contacts.

Where are you?

I imagined her sense of apprehension when seeing my text. I smiled when she dutifully responded right away.

At home

That's not a complete sentence.

I am at home.

Good, Marian. What are you wearing?

I'm wearing a pair of jeans and a sweater.

Is it one of the sweaters I picked out for you?


I don't want to have to reprimand you again about using one-word answers when you respond to me.

No, I'm wearing a sweater that I had before.

I think I'll do some more shopping for you so you can wear clothes of my choosing when you're not at school.


She immediately caught herself and followed up with another text, which made me smile.

Okay, if you feel that is necessary.

It isn't really necessary, but I like shopping for you. And I enjoy seeing you model your new clothes for me. I promise I'll pick out some outfits that bring out your sexuality. Then we can meet somewhere and you can show them off for me.

Okay, I guess we could do that.

I'm sure she was really looking forward to that. <giggle>

Are you wearing a bra?

Yes, I am wearing a bra.

What color is it?

It's a light bluish bra.

Ooh, I'd like to see it. Will you take off your sweater and send me a selfie?

There was no immediate response. I was pretty sure that she was in the process of (quite grudgingly) taking off her sweater, but I was persistent in demanding that she remained very responsive to me.


Yes, I will send you a selfie. Just give me a minute and I will send it to you.

Did you mean, "Please give me a minute?"

Yes, please give me a minute.

That's better. I'd appreciate it if you'd be polite with me at all times.

Okay, I will always be polite with you.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

After a pause, I started typing again. I was unrelenting. I knew what she was doing, but I wanted to hear it from her.

What are you doing?

I took my sweater off and am about to take a picture. Please give me a minute and I will send it to you.

Grinning freely, I awaited the picture. Momentarily a picture of her chest appeared. Indeed there were a pair of breasts covered up by a light blue bra.

Lovely, Marian. But I'd like to see your face, too. Please send me another one, showing me your bra and face.

Okay, please give me a minute.

She was learning.

Moments later I received a picture of Miss Joplin, her face and chest nicely framed. She did not look like she was enjoying herself at all.

Thank you, Marian. You can leave your sweater off.

Okay, I will leave my sweater off.

Are you wearing matching panties?

No, the panties are white.

How boring. Cotton? Nylon?

They are cotton panties.

That's not very exciting at all. After we finish this stimulating conversation I'd like you to throw away all of your bras and panties except for the ones I picked out for you.

Okay, I will do that.

Do what?

I will throw away all of my bras and panties except for the ones you chose for me.

Excellent. In the meantime, go ahead and take your jeans off. I'd like you to spend the rest of this session in your underwear.

Okay, I will do that. Please give me a minute.

I waited a few moments before responding.

Are you wearing just your underwear now?

Yes, I am in my underwear now.

Great, I'm sure you are very comfortable. I'm in my underwear, too.

There was no response.


Sorry, I didn't know what to say. I'm sure you are comfortable in your underwear.

Yes, and knowing you are in your underwear––against your will––gets me all tingly inside.

Okay, good for you.

Are you being sarcastic with me, Marian? Because if you are being sarcastic with me you are going to have to be punished.

No, please, I'm not. I just wasn't sure how to respond.

I have my hands inside my panties now, Marian. I have to tell you that making you strip to your underwear had gotten me all excited. Are you excited?

No, honestly I am not excited at all.

I was definitely becoming excited. I continued rubbing myself as I texted with one hand.

I'm pulling my panties down now so I can play with myself a little easier while we talk.

Okay, I'm sorry but I really don't know what to say now.

My panties are completely off and I'm touching myself. Tell me what it felt like when I made you walk around your classroom in a bra and thong.

I did not like it. I am not liking this either.

It's not about what you like, Marian. It's about what I like. I'm naked now and I want to hear a more detailed description of what it felt like when I made you get naked and pose for me on your desk.

I could see on my iPhone text app that she was typing. I was becoming more stimulated by the second and I didn't want to wait.

Keep texting me but make the texts short. You can send me many texts until I tell you to stop. I want to hear how humiliated you were in the classroom that day. Describe what I made you do and how you felt. You teach literature, make it good.

I had to take my clothes off and stand on the desk for you.

It was very humiliating for me.

Keep going! You can do better. You know what I want. Say it!

I was naked on my desk and you made me do different poses.

It was the most humiliated I've ever been in my entire life.

I was so humiliated that I just wanted to die. It was awful.

Keep going! I'm almost there!

I was stripped naked and totally humiliated.

I didn't know if I was going to get my clothes back.

I was worried other people would see me like that.

What was I doing while you were all naked on the desk?

You had your hand in your panties.

You were pleasuring yourself.

Just like I am right now while you sit there tormented in your underwear.

Yes, like right now.

I am tormented in my underwear.

What am I wearing and what am I doing?

You are naked and you are pleasuring yourself. Please, can we stop now? Please!

What am I thinking about while I pleasure myself? You'd better be good.

You are thinking about how you made me strip to my underwear.

Go on! What else?

You are pleasuring yourself over my humiliation.

I'm humiliated right now because you made me strip to my underwear.

And the fact that you are naked and pleasuring yourself about my humiliation makes it even worse.

There was an extended pause in our interaction while I climaxed. I was pretty sure she knew exactly what was going on and I was positive that she was miserable. After a huge sigh of satisfaction I started typing again.

Thank you, Marian, for the afternoon delight. You were perfect.

Please, may I go now?

You aren't being very polite, Marian. I thanked and complimented you.

You are welcome.

Okay, you can go now. Thanks for playing. I'll be in touch. In more ways than one. :)

Okay, good bye.

I laid my phone on my bed, closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep. I had a smile on my face. I had a pretty good feeling that Miss Joplin did not.

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