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Chapter 19: Behind the Eight Ball
Sat Feb 9, 2008 10:39am

The Lopsided Contest

Well, I’ve finally mustered up the courage to tell you about the rest of the degradations I suffered at the slumber party at the hands of the ruthless evildoers from Roosevelt High. This will be hard for me to detail, as the humiliation I suffered was extreme, and I don’t think that I’ll ever fully get over it.

When I left off with you we were in the poolroom and they had just finished measuring my penis, which had shrunken considerably after I was forced to tread water in our cold swimming pool. The girls and Mitch were having a marvelous time at my expense, and were feeling the effects of the beer they had been drinking, which was making them rowdier, and, as you’re about to see, bolder.

The poolroom was fairly good-sized and comfortably furnished. There was enough room for a pool table, furniture, a full-sized bar and a stereo. The room was well lit, the stereo was playing, and the atmosphere was one of merriment, save for one dissenter. That would be the naked sixteen-year-old, whose state of humiliation was already extreme, and who could sense that it somehow was about to degenerate even more for him.

“How about a game of eight ball?” suggested Julie.

“I wanna play,” chimed in Felicity as she plucked a cue stick from its receptacle.

“Okay then,” said Julie, who did likewise. “I’ve got it, let’s play the girls against the boys. Blondie and Mitch can play against Felicity and me.”

Everyone seemed quite pleased with the idea. I winced noticeably; once again I would be taking an active part in my humiliation. Marcia had the video camera at the ready to tape the events.

“What kind of stakes are you playing for?” asked Brenda devilishly. There were a few seconds of silence while their mischievous minds worked actively.

“I know!” exclaimed Julie. We all looked at her—everyone else in anticipation, and myself with dread. “The two that lose have to give each other a big wet kiss on the lips.” There was a raucous reaction to Julie’s devious suggestion. She waited for the noise to subside, then continued. “And I’m not talking about a little peck, either. It has to be at least thirty seconds long, and there has to be some serious tongue action.” Once again there was a boisterous response. I glanced furtively at Mitch, who to my disgust was staring at me, grinning lecherously.

“All right then, let the games begin,” said Mitch. To my chagrin he gave my bare ass a friendly pat as he stepped toward the cue sticks. He returned with two sticks and handed me one of them. He was still grinning.

“You break, Blondie,” directed Julie while she arranged the balls with the triangle-shaped rack. I paused, closing my eyes tightly while pressing a fist against my forehead, trying desperately to psyche myself up. Now, normally I would regard myself as a halfway decent pool player, but under these circumstances, considering the stakes and me being naked and all, I think you can readily see that I wouldn’t exactly be in my comfort zone. But with the ante being what it was, I knew that I couldn’t just go through the motions. I obviously would much rather see the two sisters in a lip lock than have to face the same fate with Mitch. I shuddered at the thought of the latter scenario, and leaned over the cue ball in preparation to break. I heard the giggling, and blushed ever so brightly in self-consciousness. Through it all, I managed to break the rack decisively, the balls spreading impressively across the table. I heard a ball drop in a side pocket. Felicity leaned over and peeked into the pocket, in such a way that I couldn’t help but be reminded of a similar motion she made earlier that night when she looked into the panties I was wearing to steal a peek at my privates. “God, that seems like ages ago,” I remember thinking.

“Solids,” she proclaimed as she momentarily lifted the two-ball into the air above her head before placing it back in the pocket. I surveyed the table and was pleased to see that I had at least three easy shots set up. The seven-ball in the corner pocket looked like the easiest, and the one that could easily set me up for my next two shots. I leaned over again, and just as I was going into my forward motion with the shot Julie reached between my legs from behind and gave my nuts a light squeeze. “Aagh!” I yelped while lifting my upper body straight up. I had barely made contact with the cue ball, moving it only a couple of inches.

“That’s a scratch,” laughed Julie as she reached into the side pocket to remove the two-ball. Everyone laughed heartily while I blushed crimson yet again. Julie proceeded to surprise everyone by exhibiting her prowess as a pool shark. “Eleven, corner,” she called out before expertly knocking it in. She coolly chalked her cue stick while appraising her next shot. “Nine, side pocket, back this way” she called. I looked on dejectedly as she banked the nine-ball in effortlessly. It became obvious why she was willing to commit to the stakes. “Fourteen, corner.” Boom, slam-dunk. “Twelve, other corner.” No problem. “Ten, side pocket.” Done. She chalked again. “Fifteen, corner.” Bam, she slammed it home. Only the thirteen, then the eight were left. But the thirteen was blocked by a couple of solid balls, so she really had no shot. She missed, leaving me with a faint hope. “Sorry, little sister,” she said to her partner.

“No problem, you were awesome,” answered Felicity, who then kissed her elder sister with a peck on the cheek. She paused for effect. “That’s the only kissing you and I will be doing tonight,” she said while looking at me for a reaction. She was answered with my blushing face and animated laughter from everyone else.

The smiling Mitch lined up his shot. The four-ball was leaning against the near corner, seemingly begging to get knocked in. But he chose a much more difficult shot. I should have known that I wouldn’t get any cooperation from him. “Seven, one bank, all the way back,” he called. And, of course, he didn’t come close. Not only that, he left a very simple shot at the thirteen-ball for Felicity, and the eight-ball was ominously close to the other corner pocket.

“Oh, this is just too easy,” said Felicity, grinning gleefully. “Thirteen ball, in the corner.” She wasn’t as good as her sister, but she didn’t have to be. A novice could have made that shot, and she did so, easily. Felicity and the eight-ball were all that stood in the way of my destiny with Mitch. I lowered my head miserably, as the shot was even easier than her last one. “Eight-ball, corner pocket.” She sung the words melodically. The room was quiet in anticipation, and Felicity, with her now-recognized flair for drama, let the moment draw out. She calmly chalked her cue stick, and then blew the excess chalk away in my direction with a light blow on the tip. She looked up at me, then at Mitch, and grinned broadly. She then broke the silence with an age-old schoolyard chant. “Mitch and Blon-die, sitting in a tree,” she sung. “K-I-S-S-I-N-G.” She slowly circled the table, eyeing the shot from all angles. It was simply for effect, since it was obvious what she had to do. “First comes love…then comes marriage…then comes Blondie in a BA-by carriage.” She leaned over the shot amidst the laughter, staring down the barrel of her cue stick. Holding it there, to everyone’s approval (save mine, of course), she authoritatively slammed her stick into the cue ball and watched with satisfaction as the eight-ball thumped against the back of the pocket and dropped from sight. Cheering and clapping broke out. I could sense all gazes on me, and I could only stand there, my eyes transfixed on the table, where seven solid balls remained, a clear indication of how I was bamboozled. Of course, the way the evening had gone, I should not have expected any other outcome. “Come on, you two, pay off your bet,” prompted Felicity impatiently. “Winners are thinner, losers are smoochers.” The silliness brought more laughter from the drunken group. Obviously at this point it didn’t take much to amuse the revelers.

The Kiss

Mitch, much too eagerly for my tastes, advanced towards me.

“Hang on a sec,” interjected Becky. She walked swiftly to the stereo and rummaged through the sizeable CD collection. “Ah, here we go, the ‘Final Jeopardy Countdown.’ This is perfect, it’s exactly thirty seconds long.” I bemoaned the day I whimsically purchased a CD comprised of several television theme songs.

“You’d better cooperate, Blondie,” warned Brenda, “If you know what’s good for you. Thirty seconds, and act like you mean it. Ready, go!”

To the tune of “Final Jeopardy” my ordeal began. “It’s just you and me, babe,” said Mitch as he pressed his lips to mine.

“Ew, gross!” someone shouted, but she didn’t really mean it.

Suffice it to say, the next thirty seconds were among the most unpleasant I’ve ever experienced. Right from the get-go Mitch’s enthusiasm was unfettered. To my disgust, his tongue met mine and darted around the confines of my mouth with reckless abandon. I was most repulsed when he placed his hands on my ass and started rhythmically grinding his midsection against mine. I felt the unmistakable evidence of his pleasure pressing against my lower abdomen. The entertained girls laughed boisterously (interspersed with several “whoas” and “oohs” at Mitch’s aggressive advances). The song seemed to me like it would go on indefinitely. I clenched my eyes shut tightly throughout, ever so reluctantly enduring the passionate assault from my antagonist.

The tune finished at long last and I immediately retracted my face from his. The girls were cheering raucously. I opened my eyes and was met by Mitch’s flushing, grinning face. His hands were still clutching my ass and I managed to squirm free, but not before suffering through one last pelvic thrust from the impassioned aggressor. “Oh Blondie, you’re such a tease,” taunted Mitch. As I backed away I couldn’t avoid noticing the engorged protrusion in Mitch’s jeans, which only added to my revulsion. The girls seemed to follow my gaze, and then, seemingly in concert with each other, turned their gazes to my penis (which had remained in its very small, flaccid state). More giggling ensued.

The Dildo

“I’ve got an idea!” shrieked Becky suddenly. She darted out of the poolroom and ran the circuitous route around the swimming pool. “I’ll be right back!” she yelled before entering the house. Everyone turned and looked out into the night, wondering in delicious anticipation what devious scheme my sister had up her sleeve. I bowed my head, all too aware that my torment was going to continue. In a matter of moments the back door of the house swung open and Becky, short of breath, re-entered the poolroom. In her right hand she carried an unknown object rolled up in a small pink hand towel. She laid her possession on the pool table. The mysterious item remained obscured by the towel. She chose to temporarily ignore the object in question and directed her attention to me. “You’re putting on such a nice show for us, sweetie; I’d hate to see you stop now while you’re on such a roll.” She turned around and slowly, deliberately started unrolling the towel. She continued speaking to me as she did so, knowing just how to draw out the suspense for her expectant cohorts. “You’ve demonstrated quite well your strong feelings for Mitch, and we can see that you know how to kiss.” She had turned towards me, still slowly unrolling the towel. “But do you know how to suck? That’s the question.” Her sordid plan gradually hit home, as a cream-colored dildo emerged from the confines of the towel. It was approximately seven inches long and of moderate thickness. It was artfully constructed; it resembled a real penis quite closely. She held it high in the air for the benefit of her thrilled audience.

“Oh, Becky, you little devil, you!” roared her best friend Brenda. The ebullient response from everyone filled the room, bolstering Becky’s enthusiasm. She held the dildo up to my face and gave me my very unwelcome instructions.

“Let’s play a little pretend game, dear Blondie. Here, take this.” I reluctantly took the loathsome object in my hands, looking at it like it was a lethal snake. “Now I’d like you to pretend that it belongs to your partner Mitch.” Guffaws rang through the room. I glanced cautiously at Mitch and was chagrined to see him grinning lewdly at me while rubbing his crotch. My eyes shot back at his “pretend” penis. I was in the throes of wretchedness. Becky continued. “Pretend you’re horny, Blondie, and you just LOVE licking and sucking Mitch’s penis. You want to bring him to a violent orgasm, but you want to draw it out, because you love it so much.” The laughter and my mortification increased. “So start out nice and slowly, then build up the momentum and bring him to a raging climax.” She stopped, which was my cue to begin the degrading act. But I couldn’t quite compel myself into doing her bidding, so she coerced me by taking my hand and lifting the dildo to my mouth. “Come on, sweetie, Mitch is waiting. Stick out your tongue and start licking it.”

I took a deep breath and started licking the dildo, much to the delight of my cheering, laughing tormentors. “That’s it, sweetheart,” prompted Becky, “Lick it all the way up and down. And kiss it, Princess. Give it some nice tender kisses; Mitch will love you.” With extreme reluctance I followed Becky’s directions, alternately licking and kissing the dreaded dildo while my audience cheered me on. I didn’t think my humiliation could get any worse, but I would soon find out otherwise. Brenda was the culprit who advanced my present state of mortification.

“Blondie, you’re not getting very excited, are you? Look at this little thing,” she said while taking my diminutive penis in her thumb and first two fingers. The surprise advancement caused me to retract my hips and let out a high-pitched yelp. I lowered the dildo from my mouth. “Did I tell you to stop, Blondie?” asked the giggling Brenda. “Keep licking, Mitch is getting very hot.” I went back to licking the dildo.

“Start sucking on the tip a little bit, Blondie,” instructed Becky. I did. “That’s it, suck on it. Now lick it some more. Good, now suck. Oh yes, you’ve got the hang of it, Precious. Lick and suck, lick and suck. Oh, Mitch is loving it.” The laughter was abounding as I carried out the shameful charade.

“I wonder how big Blondie’s little peepie gets when he gets excited?” mused Felicity when it quieted down a bit. Leave it to the young fiend from hell to open a new can of worms.

“Well,” responded Brenda, “The average is about six inches, I believe. I seriously doubt that our little friend here can approach that.”

“Um,” said Felicity with her hand on her chin as if in deep thought, “Maybe we should find out.” There was an unmistakable gleam in her eyes. An energetic reaction ensued when it hit home to everyone what Felicity was suggesting.

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