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Chapter 19: Tina and Ruby
Thu Sep 13, 2018 4:37pm

I thought it might be a good time to come back to my girl friends, lest we forget about them, which would be a shame since I've had so much fun with them over the years. I'm sure you recall Tina and Ruby, two young coeds that my gang and I had the pleasure of giving out their comeuppance for their social media bullying of Andrea, Natalie and Kayla. Ah, comeuppance through humiliation; nothing quite like it.

I had instructed Ruby to wear a rose in her hair to school every day. It happened to be the same rose that I stuck up her ass in the girls' bathroom. Wearing the rose served as a reminder that she belonged to me, and that she would have to cater to whatever whim I may have at any time. In the ensuing days I would occasionally run into her in the hallway. I wouldn't say anything; I would simply make eye contact with her, look up at the rose and smile. The resulting blush and downcast eyes would be all I needed to remind me––and her––of where we stood with each other.

I missed it, but Ruby suffered another indignity at the hands of Kayla and Andrea. According to Andrea's account they accosted her outside. Kayla had come prepared. She pulled a ping-pong paddle out of her backpack and made Ruby bend over by putting her hands flat on a bench. Andrea lifted Ruby's skirt up her back and pulled her panties down her thighs. Kayla said, "Time to make your white ass nice and pink again." Kayla made her count off each stroke. Ten was enough to make Ruby start whimpering, and indeed her backside was quite rosy. Andrea sent me a picture to prove it. <giggle>

I was pretty sure Ruby was cured of her cyber-bullying habit at that point, but of course we would still have to pay her a visit now and then. You know, just to make sure. <giggle>

*   *    *

Tina's directive was to forego wearing a bra to school until, as I wittily put it to her, "You grow some real tits." Indeed, Tina's breasts––if they even qualify for that terminology––were quite tiny. That, and the fact that she was obviously very self-conscious of her deficiency in the chest area made it all the more enjoyable to employ my ever-growing talent for inflicting humiliation.

A couple of days after our encounter that forever changed Tina's life at Roosevelt High, I spotted her walking down the hallway a few yards in front of me. It wasn't very crowded; there were only a handful of students in the area.

"Hey, Tiny Tina!" I bellowed. She slowed down momentarily before continuing on, evidently pretending not to hear me. Right, like I was going to be deterred. "Tiny Tina!" I yelled, this time a bit more forcefully. She stopped in her tracks and took a quick, fearful glance back at me. "Nice to see you, Tina," I said when I caught up to her. "Let's move out of the way, I want to talk to you." I gently pulled her by the elbow until she was leaning against the wall. I stood directly in front of her. Small as I was, she appeared quite intimidated. I guess I made quite an impression on her when we first met. <giggle>

"Don't look so scared, sweetie, I'm not going to bite." This did little to allay her fears. "My friends tell me that you stopped posting nasty things about them on Facebook," I said.

"Yes," replied Tina. "I promise I won't do that anymore."

"Oh, I'm sure you won't. We'll always be around to remind you about that, one way or the other," I said menacingly. I looked down at her chest. She was wearing a loose-fitting, chocolate-brown colored blouse, which tapered down outside of her jeans.

"Did you obey my instructions?" I asked. Surely she knew it was inevitable that I would bring it up.

"Yes, I did," she said nervously as she blushed deliciously. She instinctively folded her arms across her chest. I was relishing her state of discomfiture.

"Good girl," I said. I paused for effect, looked down at her chest, then again made eye contact. "May I see?"

Tina looked around apprehensively. At the moment no one had any reason to pay attention to us. That would soon change.

"Oh, please," she begged. "I promise I....I promise, I'm not wearing a.......I did what you said."

"I believe you, Tina, I do. But I want to see."

Tina stood there breathing heavily for a few moments, staring at a spot on the floor. I stood silently, soaking up her anguish. Finally she turned her back to me and lifted her blouse all the way up to her shoulders for a brief second before letting it drop down. She turned and faced me.

"Thank you, Tina. You have a very pretty back." I'm pretty sure she could see the twinkle in my eyes. "But that's not what I had in mind."

"P-Please," she pleaded. "You could see there was no strap. I'm not wearing one. You could see." I delighted in the fact that she couldn't bring herself to utter the word "bra," and her look of desperation added fuel to my fire.

"I did see that, Tina. And trust me, you're glad you obeyed me, otherwise the consequences would have been severe." I moved closer and put both hands on her shoulders and looked her in the eyes. Smiling, I lovingly said, "But I really would like to see more of you." I brought my gaze downward. Her blouse was buttoned all the way to the neck. I reached for the top button.

"No! Please!" the terrified Tina said as she snuck a glance at her surroundings. A couple of people were now looking on curiously.

"Cross your arms behind your back for me, Tina," I instructed.

"Oh, God," she said while complying. It was a wonderful moment. The look of resignation as she folded her arms behind her back was one of my favorite parts of the episode. She submitted to me, knowing full well that she was about to experience a humiliation that nightmares are made of. I was drunk with the power and control I had over her.

"Thank you, Tina," I said while undoing her top button. "The easier you make this for me the sooner we can open up your blouse and the sooner this will be over for you." I continued talking tenderly as I meticulously undid the next two buttons. "Let's just get these little buttons undone so we can get a niiiiice view of your itty bitty titties." I started on the last three buttons. "Almost there, sweetie." Tina stood rigidly as she anxiously rocked back and forth from one foot to the other. I paused and looked around. There were about seven or eight students looking on intently, which I'm sure was not lost on the ill-fated Tina. "Don't worry, it won't be so bad. There really isn't much to see. If you had real breasts I could understand your concern, but all they're going to see are your little nipples. No big deal." I had the last button undone. "Okay, I'm going to show you off now. I'd appreciate it if you'd keep your arms folded behind your back until I say otherwise." I then pulled her blouse apart and delicately pinned the material behind her shoulders. I was standing quite close to her, so the view from her peering audience was somewhat obstructed. Even so, the look of humiliation on the crimson-faced Tina was absolutely exquisite.

"Okay, Tiny Tina, I'm going to leave you now. I'd like you to leave your hands behind your back until I give you a signal. Will you do that for me, Tina?"

Tina, who was trembling and had tears welling in her eyes, nodded feebly.

"Good girl," I said. I took a last look at her chest. "Oh, these are so cute!" I said as I playfully tweaked both of her nipples with my thumbs and forefingers, causing her to nearly jump out of her shoes. "Thank you, sweetie," I said. I gave her a soft peck on her burning cheek before turning and walking away. I let the entertained, now vocal audience have a nice peek before turning back to the wretched Tina. I smiled at her and mouthed "Okay," and she turned her back and hurriedly buttoned up her blouse.

I grinned freely on my way to my next class, very pleased with myself after another perfectly executed humiliation hit and run.

I was much looking forward to future encounters with Tina and Ruby.

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