Blondie's Humiliation Stories

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Chapter 20: Blondie
Mon Oct 1, 2018 5:01pm

I really enjoyed our hour-long lunch breaks during my time at Roosevelt High. Occasionally I would use that time for my humiliation escapades, but most of the time I would just hang out with Andrea, Kayla and Natalie at the second-to-last table in the back. They were long tables that extended from the wall with bench-style seats that were attached to the table. We always occupied the seats closest to the wall.

Our conversations varied, but at some point the topic of conversation would inevitably steer towards humiliation, often regarding a previous episode with one of our victims. We would often look at and comment on some of the pictures and videos that we had captured during a humiliation session. As you might imagine, invariably there was always a lot of laughter emanating from the four of us.

One day I came up with the idea of spicing up our lunchtime get-together by occasionally inviting one of our unfortunates to join us at our table and share in our stimulation conversation. The three girls were all over the idea, so we agreed to invite our honoree to bless us with his or her presence the following day.

Of course my choice for our first guest had to be Blondie. I shot him a text that evening and asked him to come have lunch with us the next day at our usual table. I knew Blondie was aware of our table because a couple of times I had seen him walk by, and when we made eye contact he turned away while quickening up his pace. I told him to arrive at 12:05 sharp, and that we would be anxiously awaiting his arrival. It was only a few days removed from our venture to the drug store (which was recounted in a previous submission here), so I'm sure he was quite apprehensive upon hearing from me.

As an afterthought I followed up with a text to Becky, telling her that if she was free to join us for lunch the next day that we would be having a little fun with her brother. She responded immediately with, "Sure, thanks for including me! Can't wait!" I figuratively applauded myself, knowing that the presence of his sister would only fan the flames of whatever humiliation Blondie might endure.

I smiled while diddling myself to sleep that night in anticipation of another rendezvous with Blondie.

*   *    *

There was an unmistakable feeling of delicious anticipation in the air as the five of us took our seats a minute or two after 12:00 and awaited our treasured guest. Sure enough, right on cue at 12:05 the very nervous-looking Blondie approached our table. We all giggled, as he was a sight for sore eyes with his short-shorts, tight tee shirt, freshly shaved legs and arms, and already blushing face. I detected a slight wince when he spotted his sister Becky.

He approached the table tentatively, unsure of where he should sit. The look on his face conveyed that he would rather be anywhere else in the world.

"Hi, Blondie!" I called out. "Thank you so much for coming (as if he had a choice <giggle>)!" I slid over a little to my left to make room and patted the seat with my palm. "Please, come sit next to me," I invited cordially. He stepped into the vacated spot and took his seat. Andrea was on his immediate right, against the wall, and across from him were the grinning faces of Becky, Kayla and Natalie. "Blondie, you remember Andrea, Kayla and Natalie? You met them in the hallway that day when I undressed you in front of your locker." The girls giggled, I'm sure picturing the mortified, naked Blondie that day. Blondie didn't say anything. He just blushed brighter, as only Blondie could. I was already having a marvelous time, and we were just getting started.

"Your legs weren't as pretty that day as they are right now," I teased as a ran my fingers up and down his thigh. The top of his shorts had risen up even further when he sat down, giving me an abundance of smooth skin to play with. It was exhilarating. "Thank you for keeping these so silky for me." There was giggling all around while Blondie sunk deeper into his wretchedness.

"Oh, I almost forgot!" I blurted out as I unzipped my backpack. On the way home from school the day before I stopped into a Halloween costume store and picked up some bunny ears. You know, the kind that is attached to a headband, with the long ears sticking straight up. These were white with pink insets. I knew they would look lovely on Blondie. I mean, he has soft, somewhat feminine features, and of course now he had no hair on his body. So the bunny ears would be perfect!

"I brought something for you to wear for us, Blondie," I said as I pulled them out and held them up for him to see. His look of consternation was priceless. "Turn your head towards me....good boy." I placed the bunny ears on his head and adjusted the ears just so. It was a delicious moment. I made a mental note right then and there to start a wonderful tradition of having our future lunch guests always wear the bunny ears. I would buy extras in case we ever decided to have more than one guest.

"Oh, you look adorable, Blondie. Doesn't he look adorable, girls?" Blondie's cheeks were burning and his eyes were downcast as the girls collectively agreed that Blondie indeed looked quite adorable in his new headwear.

"Look at me, Blondie!" barked Becky, and when he did she snapped a picture. She sent it to me later, and I have to say it was exquisite.

You may have noticed that up until that point Blondie hadn't uttered a word. I was about to change that.

"So Blondie, I have an idea. It would be really nice if you could engage us with some conversation while we all eat our lunch. I've been telling the girls about the night of my thirteenth birthday, and how much fun I had with you. It would be great to hear about it in your own words." Blondie fidgeted in his seat. I'm sure he loathed the idea of having to recount such a humiliating event for him, especially under those circumstances.

I looked up at Natalie. "Do you remember where I left off, Natalie?" I asked.

"I do!" she said eagerly. "You and Blondie were sitting on the bed..." She turned towards Becky. "I believe it was Becky's bed." Becky smiled and nodded and Natalie continued. "You were wearing clothes and, well, Blondie wasn't." We all giggled while staring at the increasingly shamefaced Blondie.

"So Blondie," I urged. "Why don't you pick up where I left off? I'm sure you remember it quite well. Tell us what happened right after we got off the bed." There was only silence as we waited expectantly.

"Blondie?" I admonished impatiently.

"Please, Felicity....can I...can I just eat my lunch?" he pleaded.

"Oh sure. By all means, please do. But we want to hear your story while we all eat." Resignedly, Blondie began.

"Okay. We...we got of the bed and then..."

"Wait!" I interrupted. "Before you go on, just pull your shorts down to your knees so we can see your tighty-whities while we listen. You are wearing your tighty-whities, aren't you?"

Blondie looked around nervously. Of course there were some curious people looking on. He had bunny ears on his head, and my reputation had begun to get around. They probably knew something interesting (and probably entertaining to most) was in the works.

I grabbed a handful of the material of Blondie's shorts and wiggled it around. "Come on, Blondie. We want to see. Don't keep us waiting."

Blondie knew me well enough to understand that I was going to get my way, so there was no need to delay the inevitable. Much to our delight Blondie unclasped his shorts, lifted his bum and pushed the shorts to his knees. Andrea and I looked down to enjoy the sight of his underpants while Becky and Natalie stood up to see over the table. Kayla opted to drop her head under the table for a closer look. All of us were grinning.

"Very nice, Blondie," I said softly into his ear. I reached for his shirttail with both hands. "Let's get this up a bit so we can have a nice, clean view of your little undies, shall we?" I pulled his shirt up to the bottom of his breastbone. It was tight enough that there was no chance it would drop back down without intervention. I looked Blondie up and down, and was becoming titillated by his condition.

"Now, you were saying?" I pressed on. "We were getting off the bed. You were stark naked. Tell us what happened next. Any I don't want any details left out." I knew it was going to be excruciating for Blondie to talk about the scene I was referring to, because the humiliation was intense. Plus it was like a double whammy that he was enduring another humiliation while having to recount one of his worst ever. It was awe-inspiring!

Blondie was still withdrawn. "I'm not going to ask you again, Blondie. What did you and I do next?"

"We cut off....we snipped off pubic hair." There was an animated outcry from the group.

[I should mention that while this was going on, both Andrea and I were earnestly caressing Blondie's thighs from either side. And from the other side of the table the devious Kayla was getting actively involved in Blondie's humiliation. Using her foot, she had lowered Blondie's shorts to his ankles. I looked under the table just in time to see her reach down and pull them off, setting them down next to her. She let him keep his tennis shoes on (no socks, per my instructions.)]

"Yes!" I exclaimed. "Details, Blondie, we want details! What did I make you do while I snipped?"

"I had to.....please, you know what happened. Can you just tell it?"

"Oh, but it would mean so much more coming from you, Blondie. Do tell!"

[Meanwhile, Blondie suddenly jolted up rigidly. I looked down and discovered the reason why. Kayla had slipped off her sandal and was using her foot to massage Blondie's genitals (her foot was still on the outside of his underpants, but that would soon change.) Kayla and I exchanged a wink and a puckish smile.]

"Oh!" cried the startled Blondie. He reached down and tried to push Kayla's foot away, but Kayla was unyielding.

"Let's get your hands up above the table, please," I reprimanded. "You can wait until you get home to diddle yourself." Another chorus of giggling ensued. Becky and Natalie used the moment to peek under the table to follow Kayla's progress. "Now tell us what happened next. I'll set it up for you. We were standing in Becky's room, you were naked and I had a pair of scissors in my hand. Tell us what you had to do."

"I had to sing a song," he mumbled.

"Good! Go on. What was the song?"

"It was.... it was like Old MacDonald but different words."

"Sing it for us, Blondie."

[Blondie was really fidgeting now, for more than one reason. Kayla had managed to invade the confines of his underpants by slipping her toes into one of the side openings. She was expertly manipulating his goodies. Oh, you just have to love Kayla! My appreciation for her was ever growing.]

"Oh! Please!" said the squirming Blondie. And then, possibly in hopes of getting his ordeal over with, he began to sing.

"Pretty Blondie had no hair, ee-eye-ee-eye-oh," he sung with a very fast tempo. "With a snip-snip here, and a snip-snip there, here a snip, there a snip, everywhere a snip-snip, pretty Blondie had no hair, ee-eye-ee-eye-oh."

"Excellent!" I praised. I started applauding and my companions all joined in. "Tell them about the timing with the 'snip'."

[I looked down and the devilish (and I use that word with the utmost respect) Kayla was really going at it now. I could tell that Blondie's little penis was gradually becoming a bigger little penis. He was defenseless, and I have to say that my level of stimulation had risen to new heights over the whole extraordinary scene.]

"Every time I said 'snip' you cut off some hair," he said while writhing his hips.

[Kayla was now deftly stroking Blondie's full-fledged hard-on (such as it was!) with her busy toes. I'm certain to this day that she could have brought him to orgasm if I didn't intervene. But I had what I thought was a better idea.]

"Oh, shoot!" I said, feigning annoyance. I looked over at the napkin dispensary, which was about twenty steps and seven or eight tables away. "I forgot to bring a napkin. Blondie, would you please go grab one for me?"

The alarmed Blondie looked down at his crotch, then looked out and saw how far away the napkin dispenser was. He reached into his lunch bag and pulled put his own. I was relishing his state of desperation. "Here, you can use mine," he offered hopefully.

"Thanks, Blondie, but I don't want your napkin." I looked down at his crotch and grinned. "Besides, you might need it to clean yourself up if you don't control yourself." Everyone laughed, and Blondie's expression was one of utter misery. Gawd, I was having fun.

I wanted him to get up before his little boner started subsiding, so I gave him a directive. "Okay, Blondie, I'd like you to walk, don't run and get me a napkin right this minute. And if your hands aren't by your sides the whole time then you're not getting your shorts back until the end of the day."

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