Blondie's Humiliation Stories

For Age 18+ Only.
I LOVE it when Blondie gets it
Fri Oct 19, 2018 4:41am

Blondie is such a great character and is so well written that I can't help but wish I was him in each story he is featured in. Now THAT is a sign of a great author - to be able to inspire such feelings in his readers.

  • Chapter 20: BlondieBlondie., Mon Oct 1 5:02pm
    He knew what he had to do. It was an amazing scene as we watched Blondie force himself from the table and make the walk of shame in the crowded cafeteria. With bunny ears sticking straight up and a... more
    • Chapter 21: BlondieBlondie., Tue Feb 5 2:57pm
      Periodically I would lay on my bed and daydream about the humiliation sessions that I'd experienced. Often I'd come up with some new scenarios that I would put into play down the road. During these... more
    • I LOVE it when Blondie gets it — Hooked6, Fri Oct 19 4:41am
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