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The Subway Series - Introduction
Tue Jan 8, 2019 12:58pm

Please note: The following account(s) are a work of pure fiction and are not suitable for readers under the age of 18.

Sorry, you baseball fans out there. This is not a piece about the rivalry games between the New York Yankees and New York Mets. Hopefully for most of you it will be far more interesting––or, better yet, stimulating––than that.

You see, for over thirty years I was the head of security for the entire subway system of a large city. I was very conscientious about my job and I insisted that every case involving criminal activity came through me, regardless of its level of severity. As you can probably imagine, during my tenure I came across some very interesting and unusual cases.

In the following accounts I will not be describing the more commonly reported crimes, such as pickpocketing, purse-snatching, and most other various forms of petty theft. To be sure, those types of crimes kept me busy, but the types of crimes I will be describing here involve occurrences that are a little more, shall I say, on the provocative side. Most often they involved the nonconsensual removal of some of the victim's clothing (and in some cases, all of their clothing!), usually leading to considerable embarrassment, and at times downright humiliation. I can't tell you why these types of events piqued my prurient interests. I can tell you under no uncertain terms that they absolutely did just that.

If you happen to be of the same ilk, I'm pretty sure you will have some interest in the following accounts. For the benefit of the reader I've decided to relay the details of the events in story-like fashion. This was made possible because in each case I performed a thorough investigation, thus procuring extensive details from the victim, witnesses, and in many cases the perpetrator(s) in the event that they were identified and arrested.

Side note from Blondie: Some of you might be thinking, "What? He's starting yet another series when he still hasn't finished The Felicity Chronicles, Gang of Six, The Humidifiers or The Satanic Psychiatrist?" Fair enough. But I'm sure many authors here would agree that sometimes a writer reaches a point where a story becomes a little stale for them (temporarily, hopefully) and he or she needs to step away for awhile. It's either stop writing altogether or try something new to get the juices flowing again. All of the above stories are open-ended and there is a decent chance that I will come back to some or all of them again. I like to think of each chapter of any series to be looked at as if it is a short story, and hopefully enjoyed on its own, regardless of which series it happens to be attached to.

My original plan was to write the story you will see in Chapter 1 as a one-time only short story. I decided to make it the first of a potential series in case I decide to add on to it at another time. It could end up as the only story in the "series" if nothing else worthwhile comes to mind.

Hope you enjoy!

    • Over a period of almost six months there was a gang of seven young females (ages ranging from 19 to 24) who preyed on innocent victims on the subway. They were involved in a total of five documented... more
      • "Are you ready, big boy? It's time for your coming out party," said Amanda, giggling at her attempt at humor. Amanda, her hands still inside the briefs of the beleaguered commuter, pushed the briefs... more
        • More please!Rick Kink, Fri Mar 29 10:05am
          You have written another masterpiece, Blondie! I hope you'll find time to add more chapters! And we'd love to hear what Amanda and her cohorts did to Harold on the other occasions!
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