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Chapter 1: Robbed on the Subway末Of Everything
Tue Jan 8, 2019 1:02pm

"Are you ready, big boy? It's time for your coming out party," said Amanda, giggling at her attempt at humor. Amanda, her hands still inside the briefs of the beleaguered commuter, pushed the briefs slowly but resolutely down to Harold's knees. She watched the reaction of her two seated friends, and she wasn't disappointed. Of course, both of them were staring at Harold's newly exposed gonads. One of them had her hand covering her fully opened, grinning mouth, while the other was simply laughing hysterically. The giggling emanating from her other four friends was music to her ears.

Using her foot, Amanda pushed the briefs to the floor of the train. "Kick those off for me, Harold. You need to be fully naked for me." Harold, who was practically numb from humiliation, complied by stepping out of his briefs and pushing them towards the awaiting grasp, and watched hopelessly as they disappeared into the shopping bag. His hands still held the bar above, and he was fully exposed, indeed completely naked in public on a crowded subway.

Amanda addressed her good-looking comrade, the one who had her hand over her mouth. Her name was Joanie, but Amanda was careful not to say the name out loud. "Sweetie, we need some nice pictures of our naked friend." Joanie, who already had snapped a few photos at various stages of the stripping, was all too eager to assist.

"Do you and...and our friends want to turn away while I take these?" asked Joan.

"No, that won't be necessary. I don't think Harold is going to want these pictures to get out, but if he does break his promise we can always blur out our faces. Click away."

"I should probably take some of these with the zoom if we want to see his little pecker," joked Joanie, drawing considerable laughter from her friends. In reality, Harold's penis wasn't extraordinarily tiny, but it was smaller than average and small enough so that it's exposure certainly intensified his already extreme humiliation.

After Joanie had snapped a bundle of pictures Amanda put both hands around Harold's waist and gently turned him. "Turn around and face me," she coaxed. As he turned he started to drop his hands. "Uh uh UH," she reprimanded. "Hands on the bar." While Joanie added pictures of Harold's backside to her collection Amanda was busy checking out her subject. Smiling, she looked up from Harold's midsection to his now scarlet face. "You're kind of a pretty boy, aren't you, Harold? I could have some fun with you," she said as she caressed his chest. "I should take you home and make you my little sissy slave. Would you like that, Harold?" She cupped her hand around his burning cheek. "Ah, now you are really embarrassed. Are you really embarrassed, Harold?" The wretched Harold managed to slightly nod his head. "Good, Harold. Good. That's what I was striving for. And I'm going to have some wonderful pictures of you all embarrassed in your naked glory. And I have all your contacts in case you don't keep your promise of keeping quiet about our encounter here today. Oh, speaking of that, I'm going to keep your phone. Don't try any funny business like locking your phone remotely. You'll have to get a new phone and a new number because this one belongs to me now." Amanda stopped and considered her options for a moment, then looked up at Harold with a twinkle in her eyes. "I have your email address now. I might have to get in touch with you down the road and maybe we can meet up again for some more fun and games." The miserable expression on Harold's face spoke volumes, as he must have realized that his whole world was now turned upside down.

"I'm almost done with you for today, Harold. Turn back around for me. I'd just like to get a few more pictures." When Harold was facing the other way Amanda slid both hands around and to the front of his waist, then lowered them. "We have some nice pictures of little Harold. Maybe we can get some of big Harold," she said as she began by strumming his pubic hair with one hand and tickling his balls with the other. Despite his dire circumstances it didn't take long for Harold's involuntary reaction. While Joanie snapped away with her camera phone, Amanda continued to toy with Harold's sensibilities. When she expertly stroked the frenulum of his penis it stood at full attention. Amanda wrapped her hand around the enlarged organ, and was quite surprised.

"Wow, Harold, you really are a big boy when you're in your happy zone."

She stroked her hand up and down, and about a minute later Harold was getting ever so close to ejaculation. The train was slowly coming to a stop and Amanda let go of her prize.

"Here's where we get off. If you want to "get off" you'll have to finish it yourself," she giggled. "Here's the deal, Harold. I don't want you following us out. You are to continue holding on to the safety bar until we get off the train. If you don't I will send a nice picture to a random contact on your phone." Amanda reached around Harold and picked up the bag of clothes. "As long as you comply I will leave this sitting by the exit so you can retrieve your clothes." Harold's breathing became heavier as he realized that in the next few moments there would be many more witnesses to his naked condition.

"Thank you, Harold, you are such a sweetie," said Amanda. "I really think we should get together again." She gave him a peck on the cheek and turned away, followed by her six entertained friends.

The nearly hysterical Harold somehow managed to hold on to the bar while some of the other incredulous passengers took in the scene as they disembarked. Several of them captured the moment with their cell phone cameras. Harold watched anxiously towards the exit, and sure enough, Amanda was true to her word. She set down the bag, looked back at Harold, blew him a playful kiss, then was gone. Harold wasted no time. He dropped his hands, covered his groin and made a move toward his clothes.

But Harold had one more most regrettable incident in store for him. A kind soul who was leaving the train a few passengers behind Amanda had noticed her setting down the bag. The kind soul grabbed the bag, jumped off the train and set off in chase.

"No! That's mine!" screamed Harold in exasperation. But it was too late.

"Yoo-hoo!" Harold could hear her yell just as the door closed in front of him. As the train moved along the platform Harold looked out and saw the grinning Amanda thanking the lady for her efforts. Before the train passed her by, Amanda looked up and while making eye contact with the embattled Harold, she grinned and shrugged her shoulders while holding his bag of clothes.

The tomato-faced Harold turned around and took in the sight of dozens of very amused passengers peering at him from every angle.


I met with the ill-fated Harold Stevens during the late morning on the day of the crime. After the last stop a passenger reported a naked young man cowering under a seat. One of my deputies had wrapped a brown blanket around him and he was seated across my desk. I interviewed him, but he fudged quite a bit on the details. He told me he was robbed by a gang of African American men and they took his clothes so he wouldn't follow them. Months later, after Amanda Nelson and her gang were arrested, I got the full story from him, and from the seven ladies. I also saw the pictures on the confiscated phone. I have to say that if I was in Mr. Stevens' shoes I would have been very hesitant to report the women criminals with the looming threat of the pictures going out to my contacts.

As for Amanda Nelson, I think the Harold Stevens case opened new doors for her. This was the first of several crimes committed on the subway by Ms. Nelson and her gang. It was quite apparent that she enjoyed herself along the way. I'm pretty sure that after Harold Stevens that when considering her motivation, the robberies took a back seat to her penchant for meting out humiliation on her victims.

One more follow-up note: Amanda Nelson did indeed contact Harold Stevens not long after the initial crime. On more than one occasion she coerced him to meet her and her gang at different locations. During those times Ms. Nelson took advantage of the most unfortunate Mr. Stevens to satisfy her seemingly insatiable appetite for inflicting humiliation.

  • Chapter 1: Robbed on the Subway末Of EverythingBlondie., Tue Jan 8 12:59pm
    Over a period of almost six months there was a gang of seven young females (ages ranging from 19 to 24) who preyed on innocent victims on the subway. They were involved in a total of five documented... more
    • Lost in Booksie Hellstonejulius54, Wed Aug 14 9:03am
      No one seems to have come here in quite a while, but this it the only way I could get back into contact Blondie (or anyone). I am having ZERO luck accessing anything involving S&Y on this new... more
      • here you goTycho, Wed Aug 14 10:42pm
    • Chapter 1: Robbed on the Subway末Of Everything — Blondie., Tue Jan 8 1:02pm
      • More please!Rick Kink, Fri Mar 29 10:05am
        You have written another masterpiece, Blondie! I hope you'll find time to add more chapters! And we'd love to hear what Amanda and her cohorts did to Harold on the other occasions!
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