Blondie's Humiliation Stories

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Doug gragg
Tue Apr 16, 2019 2:28am

As I was a person that was depantsed on several occasions, I find your stories to be very real. Your descriptions of that actual deed and fear of having pants taken are so, so close to reality.

  • Chapter 2: Pantsless in HomeroomBlondie., Sun Feb 10 9:34pm
    Roosevelt Lore Over two months have gone by since the forgettable wedgie experience at the hands of the two sophomores, Mitch and Reggie. Even though I’ve been spared any more attacks (so far)... more
    • depantsed — Doug gragg, Tue Apr 16 2:28am
    • Underwear all daytoastershout, Mon Jan 23 7:58am
      I would preferred those corduroys stayed up on the flagpole. Imagine him reporting to every class all day in just his shoes socks and underpants! Especially phys ed. He'd had to run laps outdoors and ... more
    • A Humilation ClassicShyboy, Thu Feb 28 5:16am
      Classic and as far as my writing attempts inspirational, Thanks for these stories and thanks for reposting! Shyboy
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