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Chapter 18: Shrinkage
Sat Feb 9, 2008 10:44am

The Pool

The door swung open and the amused group led me outside. The pool light was on and the entire area was well lit. The chilly air—I’d say the temperature was in the mid-forties, and there was a steady breeze to boot—sent shivers throughout my spine, and immediately produced goose bumps all over my naked body. I folded my arms across my chest in a futile attempt to stay warm.

“B-r-r-r,” said Joanna. “It really is chilly out here.” She looked at me and said, “You must be freezing, Blondie.” She looked down at my penis, which may have dwindled in size already. I could tell that my scrotum had tightened and contracted. “You may not NEED to go in the pool, little boy. I think it’s already shrinking.” The comment elicited another chorus of laughter, and I self-consciously lowered my hands and covered my shriveling package as we approached the pool.

“Let’s see,” mused Becky. “How do we want to do this?” She paused momentarily before continuing. “Why don’t you use the slide, Blondie? I know how much you like the slide.”

I lowered my head and made my way to the ladder to climb to the top of the slide. It was a fair distance to the top. I had made the climb hundreds of times in the past, but never naked, and never with such a sense of dread. As I made the fateful climb I endured more laughter, both at the comical sight of their naked prey, and in anticipation of what was to come. I reached the peak and sat on the top perch. I heard the chanting from thirty feet below.

“Go Blondie! Go Blondie! Go Blondie!”

I hesitated a few more seconds and then pushed off. No reason to delay the inevitable any longer. I slid down to the accompaniment of cheers, clapping and laughter. I braced myself for the shock. I had underestimated its extent. Anyone who has jumped in a swimming pool knows there is an initial jolt, but I’m here to tell you that I’d never experienced anything like that one. It felt like a charge of electricity had surged through my body. When I surfaced, I was still overcome from the shock to my system. “Ah! Ah! Oh shit! Shit! Oh God!” I screamed. My tormentors were laughing and cheering. I swam towards the side of the pool, intent on getting out.

“Uh, uh, uh!” admonished Becky as she stepped on my overhanging fingers on the deck of the pool. “You need to spend a few minutes in there, Blondie Boy, to get the full effect, if you know what I mean.” She paused and giggled to herself. “Now go out to the middle of the deep end and stay there until we tell you to come out.” I obeyed, and treaded water for what seemed an interminable amount of time, shivering all the while.

“I think it’s getting smaller,” observed the squinting Marcia after a couple of minutes.

“I’ll say,” chimed in Julie as she bent from the waist and peered in my direction. “I can hardly see it!” she exclaimed, eliciting more hearty laughter. I reached down and surreptitiously checked it out myself. Much to my dismay, there indeed had been a change. There was nothing there but a little nub!

“Oh, God,” I said to myself in a semi panic. I turned my back to the group and pulled on it, hoping against hope to pull it from its depths. But the forces were against me. My humiliation would be exacerbated in a few short minutes.

“Okay, Blondie,” called Becky a few minutes later. “Come on out, let’s have a look.”

Reluctantly, I swam towards the side of the pool, where eight people waited for me, all with amused faces, anxious in expectation. Before I climbed out, I pulled on my diminutive penis in one last effort to somehow resurrect it to its regular size. I don’t think it helped.

“Oh my God, check it out!” shrieked Brenda when I climbed out of the pool. I instinctively covered myself with my hands. Immediately I heard three loud slapping sounds, which was followed by a sharp stinging on my bare, wet ass.

“Put your hands on your head and keep them there!” ordered Becky. I raised my hands to my head. Between the stinging on my ass, my shivering from the cold, and my excruciating humiliation, I was in the throes of wretchedness.

“Oh, this is too much!” exclaimed Joanna.

Everyone’s gaze was fixed on my crotch. I think everyone was momentarily overcome with astonishment, and there was a few seconds of silence.

(Not) Measuring Up

“Come, let’s go in the poolroom and get a measurement,” said Becky. She took me by the hand and hurried me into the poolroom. Of course, everyone eagerly followed. It was warmer in there, but I was dripping wet and continued to shiver. A camera flashed, and I could also see that Mitch had the video camera focused between my legs. For the first time, I afforded myself a look at my shrunken state. I’ll never forget the sight and the feeling of disbelief I experienced at that moment. I could barely see the head of my penis sticking out from my midsection, and my ball sac had shriveled up to almost nothing. And of course, I was completely devoid of hair. I swear, it looked like I had the genitals of a two-year-old!

The grinning Felicity approached me with the measuring tape. “I don’t need your help this time, Becky,” she stated gleefully to yet more laughter. “There’s nothing to hold up any more.” Indeed, she was right. My little penis was sticking straight out, it’s lack of size and weight keeping it from drooping down. Felicity bent over and once again stretched the tape across my now almost-absent penis. She came up beaming. “One and one-eighth inches!” she proclaimed, much to everyone’s utter delight and amazement.

“Such a cute wittle baby,” taunted Becky as she took a chunk of my profusely blushing cheek between her thumb and forefinger and tweaked it lightly.

“Does wittle Bwondie need to take a nappy pooh?” mocked Julie.

The hilarity was now at its highest point of the evening, as was my mortification. I stood there helplessly, hands on my head, still shivering, and taking in the extreme humiliation. Cheryl lowered the camera to the object of everyone’s amusement and snapped a couple of pictures. Mitch zeroed in with the video camera. I remember thinking that with this moment caught on film and videotape that I may never live this god-awful experience down. That no matter how hard I try to get over this, there will always be a picture, a tape, or a knowing smile. That my humiliation will never completely subside.

I think I’ll stop here for a while. I do have one more episode in store for you, but chronicling these latest events has left me spent. I’ll try to muster up the nerve to relate to you the last shameful experience I had at the hands of the loathsome terrors from Roosevelt High.

  • Chapter 18: ShrinkageBlondie., Sat Feb 9 10:43am
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    • Chapter 18: Shrinkage — Blondie., Sat Feb 9 10:44am
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