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Chapter 17: Hairlessness Revealed
Sat Feb 9, 2008 10:46am

“The Secret” Revealed

It happened at the end of one of my strolls to the other side of the living room. Julie and Felicity were waiting for me. Felicity had a mischievous grin on her face. “Blondie,” she said, “When you get about halfway back to the couch, I want you to stop and turn around. I’ve got a little surprise for everybody.” Our eyed met. Hers had a twinkle in them. Mine did not. I wasn’t sure what she had in mind, but I was pretty damn sure that I wouldn’t like it. With dread, I walked (or as Cheryl put it, I “sashayed”) towards the couch. I reached the halfway point, but I didn’t stop, fearful of what might transpire and holding out a false hope that Felicity would forget. Fat chance.

“STOP!” she hollered. “That’s fine, right there. Now turn around.” I was about six or seven paces away from the spellbound group on the couch. I turned my back to them and faced the two impish sisters. I was perplexed to see that Felicity had a coat hanger in her hand. She slowly ambled towards me. She had a flair for drama; she knew that all eyes were on the scene, and that her deliberate actions would only raise the already-high level of anticipation. She stood before me, and simply looked me up and down with a playful smirk on her face. Julie, with a look of keen interest, had moved closer to the action, and stood a few feet behind her sister, facing me. Finally, after an interminable silence, Felicity spoke. “It’s time, Blondie,” was all she said. She looked me squarely in the eyes, and smiled at the distressed look on my face. “You know what I’m talking about, don’t you Blondie?”

“Please, no…”

“Ah, but it’s time we let everybody in on our little secret.” I glanced up at Julie, whose brows were furrowed in a look of confusion. At the same time, her expression was one of delicious anticipation. I didn’t look back, but I suspect that the six people on the couch shared the same expression.

“Please, Felicity, don’t do this. Please, I’m begging you.”

“Well, maybe if you ask me very nicely. You’ll have to get on your knees and beg.” I immediately dropped to my knees, holding out a ray of hope. I folded my hands together and held them out, looking up at the precocious thirteen-year-old.

“Please, Felicity, I’m begging you. Don’t make me do it.”

“Tell me, what is it you think I want you to do?”

“Please…please stop.”

“Answer me, Blondie. What don’t you want me to do to you?” I knew I had to answer.

“Please don’t make me take this off.” I heard the giggling behind me and I couldn’t help but notice the grin starting to break out on Julie’s face.

“Ah, and pray tell, what are you afraid of everyone seeing, Blondie?”

I couldn’t answer, and my silence forced her hand. “Arms up, Blondie.”

“No, please…”

“Arms up, I said!” I slowly raised my arms high in the air. It took her about one second to strip the babydoll off my body, leaving me naked but for a pair of pink high heels. I immediately covered my bare crotch and leaned over. Felicity calmly put the babydoll on the coat hanger and hung it from an empty hook on the ceiling. It swayed back and forth momentarily before coming to rest. She walked back over to me. I stared at her feet without looking up. “Stand up, Blondie.” Slowly I rose, being careful to keep my hands over my hairless genitals. I glanced up at Julie, who was now grinning from ear to ear. I quickly averted my eyes from her. “Okay, Blondie,” continued Felicity. She was relishing her feeling of control. “Since my sister was kind enough to introduce me to you tonight, I’m going to let her be the first to discover our little secret. I’d like you to look Julie in the eyes and put your hands on your hips.”

“Please, Felicity…”

“DO IT!”

I had to obey. While staring at the delighted Julie, I pulled my hands away from my crotch and placed them on my hips. My face pulsated with embarrassment as I watched Julie’s wide-eyed, amused expression turn to one of utter hilarity. She put one hand over her mouth and used her other to point at my hairless dick and balls, while collapsing to her knees into a fit of uncontrollable, convulsive laughter. “Oh, shit, this is too much!” she managed to spit out between laughing spasms.

“Hey, we wanna see!” screamed Cheryl as she and a couple of the others jumped from the couch.

“Hang on, you’ll get your chance,” interrupted Felicity as she held out her palm, motioning for them to stop. The eager girls sat down, and Felicity wasted no time in fulfilling her promise. “Okay, Blondie, you know the pose. One hand behind your head, one hand on your hip. Elbows out.” I followed her order, and looked down at Julie, who was holding her stomach. A few of her tears of laughter had dripped onto the hardwood floor. Felicity continued. “Now turn around, and mince back to the couch like we taught you. You’d better do it right. When you get there, just stand there and keep your hands right where they are. And look everybody in the eyes. Now go!” She reached behind me and slapped me hard on my ass. I slowly turned around and started mincing towards the couch. It was an excruciating experience, as you can well imagine.

“Oh, my God!” shrieked my sister Becky. “Felicity, what have you done to poor Blondie?” She, like the rest, was laughing hysterically. I reached the highly entertained group and stood there, as I was told. I was absolutely miserable.

“Holy shit, look how teeny his little weenie and balls are,” laughed Cheryl.

“He does have a teeny weenie,” Joanna concurred, somewhat matter-of-factly.

“He’s got a cleanie teeny peenie weenie,” joined in Brenda. That broke everybody up. They were rolled around on the couch, lost in their state of hilarity. To this day I don’t know how I stood there and endured the abuse. At one point I looked over at Mitch, who was being very quiet at the end of the L-shaped couch. To my revulsion, he was kneading his crotch with his right hand. I quickly turned away.

Felicity and Julie had joined the group on the couch. Felicity was positively beaming, quite proud that she was responsible for the present state of merriment. I stood there for what seemed like an endless amount of time, while everyone soaked in my utter humiliation.

When the laughter subsided somewhat, Becky asked, “So Blondie, how did you get so…so……BALD?” The laughter picked right up where it left off. I stood there without answering. After a couple of minutes, Felicity spoke up.

“It’s hard to believe he’s sixteen,” she pointed out. “He looks like my brother Joey down there.” She paused while everyone waited for her to continue. Like a good comedienne, she waited just the right amount of time before delivering the punch line. “Joey’s ten.”

Wild, uncontrollable laughter echoed throughout the room. The group on the couch leaned into each other, laughing so hard that they had trouble catching their breath. The scene played out for a few agonizing minutes. Whenever the laughter seemed to subside, somebody would repeat Felicity’s words: “Joey’s ten,” and the laughter would start all over again. They would alternate between closing their eyes in their fits of laughter, then looking up at my glowing face, down to my hairless little package, then laughing some more. All I could do was stand and soak up the intense humiliation.

  • Chapter 17: Hairlessness RevealedBlondie., Sat Feb 9 10:46am
    High Heels I continued shaking my hips back and forth to the music, holding the babydoll up my back. With my bare ass exposed, the delighted spectators goaded me on. “Go Blondie! Go Blondie!... more
    • Chapter 17: Hairlessness Revealed — Blondie., Sat Feb 9 10:46am
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