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Chapter 15: Felicity
Sat Feb 9, 2008 9:44pm

Naked on the Bed

Felicity grinned wickedly at me for a few seconds. I stood there on the stool, still bent over at the waist. Without a word, she lifted one leg, then the other, freeing the panties from my feet. I was now completely naked and at her mercy. She dropped the panties on the floor and reached out for my hand. “Come, sweetie, let’s chitchat over on the bed for a while.”

My torture at the hands of this cruel little girl was going to carry on. I took her hand, and she pulled me from the stool. My other hand still covered my groin as she led me to the bed. “Up we go.” She climbed onto the bed, pulling me with her. She situated us so that my back was to the door, and she was facing me. I was sitting with my legs off to my side, my hands still covering my modesty. I wondered what the hell she was up to. “Come on, Blondie, let’s get comfortable. Spread your legs out.” She leaned forward and grabbed both of my ankles, pulling them towards her. She spread them out, placing them on either side of her hips. Then she inched closer to me, placing her legs over my thighs. Her clothed torso was now no more a foot or so from my naked one. She held out her hands. “Give me your hands,” she requested. Actually, it wasn’t a request. I had to submit. I hesitated, then lifted my hands into hers. She held my hands and rested them on the bed, outside of my knees. I was now fully exposed, which, of course, was her intent. I involuntarily tried to squeeze my thighs together, but was inhibited by her hips. She looked between my legs and smiled. “Tell me about Mitch.” I flinched, which did not go unnoticed. She pounced on the moment. “I hear he likes boys. Is that true?” She waited for my response.

“Y-yes, I think that’s true.”

“I hear he likes you, Blondie.” I didn’t reply. “Does he like you, Blondie?”

“Please, I don’t know…”

“Come on, Blondie, don’t hold back. That’s why he’s here tonight, isn’t it, to see you?” I couldn’t answer. She motioned to the babydoll that was draped over a chair by the bed. “Mitch will be all excited to see you in that, won’t he, Blondie?”


“Or maybe you can go out just like you are. Would you like to do that?”

“No!” My head shot up and Felicity smiled at my quick exclamation.

“Okay, relax, sweetheart, you can wear the babydoll. Would you like to wear the babydoll?” The evil little thing was ruthless. I nodded. “Tell me, Blondie, what do you want to wear when we go out there.”

“The babydoll.”

“Say, ‘Please, Felicity, may I wear the babydoll for Mitch?’”

It was becoming excruciating. “P-Please, Felicity, may I wear the babydoll for Mitch?”

“Why of course you can, darling. Mitch will be very excited to see you in your sexy babydoll.” She grinned at me, then looked down at my legs. “It’ll really show off your pretty legs.” She let go of my left hand and stroked my leg. “He’s going to love your silky, slender legs. Don’t you think so, Blondie?”

“Oh, God, please, no…”

She continued stroking my leg, and ventured up to the top of my thigh. Under these humiliating circumstances, I felt no sexual pleasure at all. “How did your legs get so smooth, Blondie? Did you shave them?”

“No…I, uh…please, I’d rather not talk about it.”

She lifted my right arm and stoked it up and down with her other hand. “And you have such smooth, girlie arms. Pretty, pretty.” I fidgeted; I was becoming increasingly more uncomfortable, and she knew it. She lifted my arm high in the air and zeroed in on my hairless armpit. “And your underarms are nice and smooth, too.” She lowered my arm and looked me right in the eyes. “Tell me how you got so pretty, Blondie.”

“B-Becky and Brenda did it to me.”

“Oh, and a wonderful job they did.” She looked at my pubic hair. “Why did they leave your hair down there?” I didn’t answer. “Shall we get rid of it now?”

“NO!” I cried, my eyes widening in horror. That was probably a fatal mistake; I could tell by the smile on her face that she knew she had struck a nerve. She left it alone for the moment, but I had a haunting feeling she would revisit it. Again she looked at my exposed genitals.

“Don’t you think you’re a little small down there for a sixteen-year-old?” I fidgeted some more, much to her delight. She knew which buttons to push. “I told you about Joey, my ten-year-old brother. I saw his little thing the other day, and yours is as small as his.” That was at least the third time she had reminded me of this unpleasant piece of information. “Aren’t you embarrassed when you have to shower after gym class? I’ll bet all the other boys make jokes about your little peenie. Oh, you’re really blushing now, Blondie, it must be true.” I just sat there, unable to speak, my face feeling like it was on fire. “Talk to me, Blondie; I’m monopolizing the conversation again.” She took my hands again. She squeezed them and bounced them off the bed, pushing for an answer.

“I-I don’t know if they joke.”

“Have you ever measured yourself down there? It can’t be more than a couple of inches.”

“No…please.” I was looking off to my right, staring at the floor, unable to make eye contact with the little devil.

“Look at me, Blondie.” I forced myself to look. Her eyes were dancing with delight. “Aren’t you embarrassed to show the other boys your little pee pee?”

“I don’t know…please, can we talk about something else?”

“Tell me the story about the auditorium.”

I probably would have been more comfortable talking about my penis. “What story?” I’m sure that my body language belied my feigned ignorance.

“You know, when Mitch and Marcia made you strip during the play. Julie told me, and she heard it second hand. I’d like to hear it from you.”

“Th-they made me take my clothes off. That’s it.”

“You mean you were naked with all those people in the auditorium?”

I nodded gloomily. “But it was dark,” I said.

“I heard something about a flashlight. Didn’t Marcia make you shine the flashlight on your little pee pee?”

“Yes.” I was speaking softly and again staring at the floor.

“Ooh, I wish I could have been there, it sounds delicious. Weren’t you just freaking out?”

“It w-wasn’t fun. Please, you know the story.”

“The story goes that you didn’t have any hair down there back then. Is that true, Blondie, was the light shining on your hairless little wee wee?”

“I don’t remember,” I lied (it was true).

She pointed between my legs. “Shall we remove that unsightly hair before we go out there, sweetie?” My startled reaction played right into her hands. “Ah, I think we’ve struck a nerve, haven’t we, Blondie? Well you know, I don’t have any hair on my privates, so it’s only fair that you don’t, either.” She paused, eyeing me for a reaction. There was none; I was still stunned by the latest turn in the conversation. “Doesn’t that surprise you, Blondie? After all, I’m thirteen now. Most girls have reached puberty long before that. Not I. Physically, I have the body of an eleven-year-old, but emotionally I’m probably right at my age. And I’ve been told that intellectually I’m as smart as a lot of college students.” I was in no mood to listen to her self-assessment. And the fact that she had the body of an eleven-year-old somehow only made my abject submission to her that much more humiliating. Which, now that I think about it, is probably the reason she was telling me. Like I said before, she was perceptive well beyond her years.

In any case, I had to try to appeal to her, hoping she had at least one ounce of compassion. “Felicity, I’m begging you, please, PLEASE let me keep my pubic hair. I’ll do anything, but please don’t do that to me.”

She smiled, both at my anxiety and the “I’ll do anything” remark. Certainly there was a tacit understanding that this was the case regardless of whether she spared my pubic hair or not. “Let’s see now, refresh my memory, sweetie, what was it you called me earlier?”

At that moment I knew there would be no mercy. I lowered my head in gloom. “Something about a sadist…tell me, what exactly was it you said?”

“A sadist,” I replied softly.

“Yes, that was it. You really shouldn’t have said that, Blondie. Here I’ve been so nice to you, dressing you up and helping you find your feminine side, and this is the gratitude I get.” She shook her head for effect, as if she was really disappointed with me. Then she got up on her knees and pulled me from the bed.

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