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Chapter 14: Petticoated
Sat Feb 9, 2008 9:47pm

The Ruffled Panties

Felicity was all too willing to oblige. I felt violated as she knelt down, reached up my dress (oh my God, I just called it “my” dress—I mean “the” dress) and in one swift motion pulled the panties down to my ankles. I involuntarily jumped slightly at the invasion. After she lifted my foot to pull them off, she unabashedly lifted up the front of the petticoat and took a peek inside. She then looked up at me and smiled, and I blushed redder again. Just then I saw the reflection of a new pair of panties being stretched out by Julie above my head. They were very frilly, with ruffles all across the rear.

“Let’s put your frou-frous on, little girl,” giggled Julie as she knelt down at my feet. I complied subserviently by lifting my feet (hey, what could I do at this point?), and she pulled the little girlish panties up my legs. When she was done, she playfully gave my balls a little squeeze, causing me to jump and let out a high-pitched squeal. It was similar to a little girl’s squeal, much to the delight of my tormentors. Julie then turned me around so my back was facing the mirror. “Turn your head and take a look, Princess,” Julie directed. I did, and to my dismay I noticed that a couple of layers of ruffles from the panties showed below the petticoat and dress. I tried pulling the dress down, but it sprang right back up when I let go. “The girls will love your pretty frou-frous, Princess.” I winced, realizing that even more of the panties would show as I walked around, not to mention how many layers would be exposed if I bent over. I tried to repel it but a tiny tear started rolling down my cheek. Julie feigned compassion. “I think she’s shy about showing off her pretty new clothes, Felicity. Don’t cry, little girl,” she said as she wiped the tear away with her thumb. “They’re going to wuv your pretty dress. You’ll be a big hit, I promise.” I embarrassed myself even more, as the harder I fought the tears, the more they came.

“Please, don’t make me go out there like this,” I begged. My voice was quivering, my breaths were short and the tears were streaming now. The sadistic Julie decided that this was a golden opportunity to take me out to the “vultures.”

“Now, now,” she said, as she took my left hand. “I think the best medicine for you is to go out to the party and play with your friends. Felicity, take her other hand.”

“Please, no!” I begged as they opened the door. The two of them clasped each of my hands and tried to lead me through the doorway. I just couldn’t go through with it, and I held back, resisting the tug on my hands.

A Spanking

“All right, that does it, I’ve had just about enough of you, young lady!” Julie yelled at me, as if she was really upset. In retrospect, I think she was looking for an excuse to spank me. She reached over to the dresser and grabbed a hairbrush. “Pull up her petticoat, Felicity.”

“No, please!” I begged. Felicity held up the back of the petticoat.

“Pull down her panties.”

“No! No!” My pleas just added fuel to their fire as Felicity yanked the panties down to my knees and held the petticoat up my back. I knew that to resist any more would only make matters worse. Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Six sharp blows in quick succession from the back of the hairbrush smacked against my ass, three on each cheek. It took a few short seconds for the pain to register, but when it did…man, I’m here to tell you that it throbbed furiously. “Ow!-Ow!-Ow!-Ow!” I cried as I jumped up and down, cradling my butt cheeks with both hands. The two girls laughed hysterically. I can imagine what a comical sight I must have been, jumping up and down like that, with frilly panties dangling at my knees (actually, I think they fell to my ankles while I was bouncing up and down) and the petticoat and dress raising up and down with each jump.

When the pain finally subsided enough so that I could collect myself, I remember that all three of us had tears in our eyes. I reached down and pulled the panties back up. Julie wiped the tears from her eyes with the back of her hand. “Oh, God, Blondie, that was too funny. I’m sorry the girls missed that one. Now, are you ready to come join the party or do we have to discipline you further?” There was silence. “Answer me, Blondie.”

“I…I’m ready,” I replied obediently.

“That’s a good girl. Now let’s make you more presentable; you’ve gone and made your pretty outfit untidy.” Julie proceeded to adjust the bow on my head, and fiddled with the petticoat, dress, and anklets. She used the hairbrush to straighten my hair, though it was fairly short. Tears were still on my cheeks, and she brushed one away with the front of her index finger. “There, there, Princess, everything will be okay,” she teased. “Just think, in just a minute all your friends will get to see how pretty you look. Now let’s not keep them waiting any longer, sugar pie.”

Again the two girls took my hands. This time I didn’t resist, and I was led through the hallway in my wretchedness. When we entered the living room—well, I’m sure you can well imagine the uproar. The shrieks of surprise and delight were almost deafening.

“Oh my God!”

“Look at him!”

“He’s a sissy!”

“Oh, shit, this is too much!”

“Look at that pretty girl’s party dress!”

“And that petticoat!”

“And those smooth little girly legs!”

“How adorable!”

“Poor little girl, she’s been crying!”

I can’t really remember who said what, but the scornful comments went on for awhile as I stood alone in the middle of the living room, so humiliated that I just stood transfixed, face throbbing with embarrassment, unable to move a muscle. After the noise subsided somewhat, the girls really started having their fun…

I’ve really gone on much longer than I intended to, and it’s been painful enough, so I’m not going to go into great detail of what went on for the next hour or so. Here is a chronicle, though, of what I was made to do while wearing the party dress (it should be noted that twice I was threatened with an over-the-knee, bare-assed spanking when I hesitated to comply):

—Curtsy for each of the girls, lifting each side of the dress and petticoat above my waist.

—Play “Paddy-Cake” with Marcia.

—Do the “Hokey Pokey.”

—Perform “I’m a Little Teapot.”

—Stand in the middle of the room holding up the petticoat while the giggling girls made mocking comments on the panties and my “pretty” legs.

I’m sure you get the picture. My humiliation was extreme. Unfortunately, the night was still young, and the sadistic seven, who were in their glory, had plenty more degradations in store for me. Next time around, when I gather up the courage to give another account, I’ll tell you how I was rendered naked by the precocious, demonic Felicity. I will tell you this much right now: I would take being petticoated over that experience in a heartbeat.

  • Chapter 14: PetticoatedBlondie., Sat Feb 9 9:46pm
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    • Re: Chapter 14: PetticoatedBobby Lee, Tue Aug 18 12:43pm
      A very lovely story to read. I was humiliated all my growing up years as I wore a dress and lived as a girl with my sister and mother.
    • Chapter 14: Petticoated — Blondie., Sat Feb 9 9:47pm
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