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Chapter 11: The Bubble Bath
Sat Feb 9, 2008 9:51pm


It was a mid Saturday afternoon. I came home after playing two hours of basketball. My parents were out of town for the weekend, and Becky was away on an overnighter somewhere with Brenda. I had the place to myself, and I was looking forward to it. I pulled off my clothes and went into the bathroom to take a shower. Just as I was about to turn the shower on I spotted my sister’s bubble bath leaning against the corner of the tub. I was a little sore from basketball, and I figured a good soaking would do me good, so I ran the water and poured in some bubble bath liquid. I don’t know what got into me; I hadn’t taken a bubble bath since I was a little kid. But as I lowered into the tub, I must say it was very soothing. So soothing that I started nodding off.

I don’t know how long I was out, but I do know that I was awakened by a tickling sensation on my balls. I opened my eyes, and encountered the smiling faces of Becky and Brenda! I instinctively reached down and pulled Brenda’s hand away—she had been playfully tickling my balls. The two girls were laughing uproariously as I flailed about for a while, at a loss for what to do. Finally I realized that I best not disturb the bubbles; they were the only protection I had for my modesty.

“Well, well, brother dearest, is this sweet revenge, or what?” mused Becky. Of course, she was referring to the time many years before that a friend and I intentionally walked in on her while she was taking a bath. She’s never forgiven me for it, and was surely in her element over the classic case of poetic justice. “How cute, a bubble bath. Let’s see, you bought a bra and panty set, you’ve been wearing lipstick and eye shadow, and now you’re soaking in a bubble bath like a little sissy. It seems to me you WANT to be a little girl. Well, just sit back and relax. Auntie Brenda and I are about to make your day.” The smiling Becky reached across the tub and grabbed a lady’s pink disposable razor. “Brenda, there’s another one of these in the medicine cabinet. I’ll start on his legs, maybe you can shave his underarms, if he has any hair under there.” Becky giggled, and Brenda, grinning mischievously, wasted no time producing another razor. “Hold up your leg,” demanded Becky.

I was horrified. I was a late developer, something that had grated on me, and when I finally started growing bodily hair I was quite grateful. Now, with its removal imminent, especially at the hands of the devilish Becky and Brenda, I was fit to be tied. “Oh God, please Becky, don’t do this! Please, I’ll do anything, don’t do it!” I had bolted upright, and was screaming. I felt a tear run down my cheek.

“I think we’ve struck a nerve, Beck,” observed Brenda, all too gleefully. “Don’t worry, Blondie, we’ll be gentle. Just lay back and let your sister and I make you nice and smooth, like the little girly-boy you are.” She tried to ease me back with her hand pushing on my chest, but I resisted.

“That does it, I’m getting the scissors,” interrupted Becky. Let’s cut off all his pubic hair, then we’ll take some pictures.”

“Okay, okay!” I relented, lowering back down. My situation was dreadful enough, but I didn’t want to lose my precious pubes. Becky took hold of my foot and lifted my right leg up in the air. I couldn’t believe what was happening.

“Now hold still, sweetie,” she commanded. “We don’t want any nicks on your pretty little legs.” She squirted some shaving foam on her hand and spread it across my leg. She started at my ankle and make a few sweeping motions with the razor, all the way to my knee. “It was a good idea to take a bath, Blondie. The hot water has really softened up the hairs. Look how easily it’s coming off.” I closed my eyes, wincing, as I couldn’t bear to watch.

Then it was Brenda’s turn. “Hold up your arm, sweetie,” requested Brenda pleasantly as she took my right wrist and held it up. “Oh yes, there are a few hairs sprouting up under here. We’ll have to take care of this. A sissy-boy should have nice, smooth underarms. Hold your arms waaay up high, dear, so we can get rid of these ugly things.” Miserably, I complied, and while Becky continued working her way up my leg, Brenda made short order of the small amount of hair on my right armpit. “Okay, now the other arm, pumpkin. Now turn and face me a little bit. That’s a good girl, Blondie.” Hearing Brenda sweet-talking me and calling me a girl only added to my extreme mortification, and she knew it. She finished off my other armpit and ran her hand in a circular motion around my chest. “Oh yes, nice and smooth; we don’t need to spend any time here.” Brenda looked at my red, disconsolate face and ran her palm across my cheek. “Don’t be sad, sweetheart. When we’re done with you you’ll have all the boys in school knocking down your door trying to get inside your pretty panties.”

Becky, who was intent on her job of denuding my leg, broke her silence by breaking into convulsive laughter. “Oh, Brenda, you’re too much!” laughed Becky as she lowered her head onto Brenda’s chest until she exhausted her laughter.

“You’re quite the card yourself,” answered Brenda, joining in her frivolity. Great, the mutual admiration society between a pair of dominant females, I remember thinking. I lowered my leg back into the bubbly water.

“Hey, I’m not done yet, little girl,” said Becky as she turned back to her task. Hold your leg way up high, I need to finish off your thigh.” I obeyed, and I couldn’t help but take a quick glimpse at my almost-hairless leg. I winced, which wasn’t lost on Brenda. She ran the tips of her fingers up and down my smooth calf.

“Pretty, pretty,” taunted Brenda, while emphasizing the ‘t’ sound. I closed my eyes tightly, hoping to wake up from a nightmare. But Becky quickly brought me back to reality by lightly patting the bottom of my thigh.

“All done, sweetheart, let’s have the other leg.” I resignedly lifted up my left leg. Becky pulled it towards her and lathered it up. Over sixteen long years to finally grow, I remember thinking, and it was all disappearing at the whims of this fiendish twosome. As Becky started shaving my lower leg, she addressed me again, with a sparkle in her eye. “I notice you’ve got some hair on your arms. You need to look pretty when you model your lingerie for us. That means no unsightly hair on the arms. I think you could use the practice so you’ll be able to do this on your own next time. Brenda, why don’t you give Blondie the other razor and let him take care of his arms himself?”

“What a wonderful idea, Becky.” They were feeding off each other now. “But I think Blondie should ask for permission. Blondie, if you ask us very nicely then we’ll let you shave your own arms. If you don’t ask nicely, I’ll take care of it and maybe I’ll snip a few pubic hairs while I’m at it.”

I had reached a new low. Not only was I being rendered hairless, but I also had to beg to do the dirty deed myself. I had to comply, and the sooner I did the sooner I would get all this over with. It took some resolve, but I pleaded in the nicest voice I could muster up under the circumstances. “Brenda and Becky, could I please…please, may I shave my arms?”

I couldn’t believe the words I had just spoken. Both girls laughed heartily at my latest debasement. “Well, sure, darling,” Becky laughed as she handed me the razor and shaving cream. “You shave to your little heart’s content. Make your arms nice and smooth.” As the girls again giggled, I spread the foam up and down my left arm and began running the sharp razor up my arm.

“That’s it, dollface,” directed Brenda, “All the way up to the shoulder in case you have a stray hair or two up there. That’s a good girl, completely hairless,” she purred as I somehow turned a deeper shade of red. Brenda guided me to my right arm. It was almost a surrealistic experience as I shaved my arms under the watchful gaze and direction of Brenda while my sister was busy relieving me of all my leg hair.

Becky and I finished at about the same time. Brenda took back the razor. I looked at my left arm and couldn’t take my eyes off it. I guess that day in and day out my arms were always in my view, and the sight of them being completely hairless after at least a couple of years of seeing hair there…well, it really set in right there what they had done to me. I was mesmerized for a while but was quickly pulled out of it by Brenda, who noticed my fascination. “That’s right, sweetheart, just like a little girlie’s arm. I’m dying to see how your pretty legs look.” She reached into the tub and pulled out the plug. The water slowly drained, and the “blub, blub” sound was quite ominous. I moved my heel to the drain and plugged up the hole.

“Now, now, Blondie,” warned Becky. “Don’t make me go get the scissors.” I moved my foot away, and the water again started draining.

“Please, you guys,” I appealed. I was near tears. “You’ve done enough, please go away and leave me alone.”

“Why, we’ve got to see the fruits of all our hard labor, don’t you think?” countered Becky. I lay in the tub, staring at the ceiling, as the water made its inevitable disappearance down the drain. When all the water was gone my body was covered with a layer of bubbles. “Stand up, cutie pie,” ordered Becky. Let’s spray you off so we can see how smooth you are.” I stood up in the tub, my back to the girls and my hands over my crotch. Becky had the hand-held showerhead in her grasp and I felt the stream run from the top of my head and all the way down to my feet. The girls were oohing and aahing at the sight.

“All right Becky, great job on the legs! They’re adorable!” said Brenda as I felt her hand running up and down the back of my left leg. Then, to my distress, I felt her hand running in a circular motion across my butt. “And his little buns are as smooth as a baby’s.” Both girls were giggling now, as I stood there, mortified to the max.

“I know,” giggled Becky, “And I didn’t even have to shave there.” Now there was outright laughter. “Okay, the moment of truth, cute cheeks.” She giggled. “God, this is fun! Turn around, Blondie. Come on, snap to!” I didn’t delay the inevitable any longer. I turned around, my hands still covering myself. “Arms up high, girlie-boy.” I hesitated. “Come on, up, up, up!” demanded the relentless Becky. I raised my arms high in the air. I was still covered by bubbles, but not for long. “Would you like to do the honors, my dear?” Becky asked Brenda as she handed over the showerhead to her.

“My pleasure,” the beaming Brenda retorted. The spray started at my forehead, down my face, my now hairless underarms (which drew giggles when they became exposed), and all the way down. Becky clapped her hands together in her excitement.

“Oh, this is too precious!” she exclaimed.

“Doesn’t she have the cutest little clitty?” mocked Brenda. Both girls busted out with laughter at the gibe. I couldn’t imagine feeling more humiliated than I was at that moment.

“Okay, come on out, cutie pie,” commanded Becky. “Let’s dry you off.” I stepped out of the tub. It seemed like I’d been in there for days. Brenda was waiting for me with a fluffy towel, which she used to pat me dry. It was like I was their plaything, like a little doll, and they could do anything they wanted with me.

Their Plans For Me Revealed

Becky spoke to me while Brenda dried me, and it was a zinger. “Guess what, Blondie? We’re having a little slumber party tonight, and I think we might let you provide a little entertainment for us. Won’t that be fun, girlie-boy? Joanna will be here, and Marcia, and Cheryl, and maybe a couple of others. You’d better be careful; I know Joanna and Marcia don’t like pubic hair on their sissy-boys. And if you’re real nice, maybe we can talk Mitch into coming over. I know Mitch would LOVE to see your smooth new look, don’t you think so?”

My mouth dropped at the bombshell. I didn’t want to even think of what type of entertainment my evil sister was referring to. And the reference to the pubic hair was most disturbing; keeping my pubic hair was the only positive I could take from the god-awful experience in the bathtub.

Brenda hung up the towel and Becky produced a tube of body lotion. She squirted some on my chest and stomach and rubbed it in, talking to me as she did. “This will make your skin nice and soft, and you’ll smell real nice, too.” Already the very feminine scent had taken over. “Hold out your hands, sweet pea.” I complied, and Becky squeezed a sizeable amount into them. “Now rub this into your pretty arms and legs.” I did, and the smoothness I felt by touching myself served as a strong reminder of my new condition. When I was done, Brenda leaned over and smelled my chest. “Oh, Blondie, I’m telling you, you’re going to just drive Mitch wild!”

Both girls laughed heartily and led me out of the bathroom. The first thing I saw was a full-length mirror. I stopped suddenly, taken aback by my smooth, naked body. Brenda pounced on the moment, inching me closer to the mirror and lifting up both of my hands and crossing them above my head, so my elbows were sticking up and out. I felt Brenda’s hand on my naked ass and she placed her grinning face against my somber one, so we were cheek to cheek. “See how lovely you look, Princess?” I couldn’t bear to look any longer, and I dropped my arms to my sides.

Becky took my right hand and started leading me towards her bedroom. “Just wait until you see what we have for you to wear tonight, little girl.”

It appeared that a most dreadful day was somehow about to worsen.

  • Chapter 11: The Bubble BathBlondie., Sat Feb 9 9:50pm
    Under Brenda and Becky’s Thumb Well, again I have to apologize for taking so long in between the accounts of my humiliating travails at the hands of Brenda, Becky and the others from Roosevelt... more
    • Chapter 11: The Bubble Bath — Blondie., Sat Feb 9 9:51pm
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