Blondie's Humiliation Stories

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Chapter 10: Victoria's Secret
Sun Feb 10, 2008 8:01am

Under Becky’s Control

I know it’s been a while since I’ve chronicled my latest disgraces at the hands of my sadistic tormentors. You see, it’s quite difficult for me to recount, as my humiliation intensified throughout my junior year. But I’m hoping it will be good therapy for me to continue with this account, so I’ll trudge on.

You may recall when we last connected that my sister Becky joined Mitch, Brenda and the gang in their fun at my expense. Since then, Becky has been a major thorn in my side. She still brings up the time my friend and I purposely walked in on her while she was taking a bath. That incident has really stuck with her, and she has been taking great pleasure in her retribution now that she has the upper hand on me.

She didn’t take long to put to use her newfound dominance over me. It was the morning after my mortifying experience at the beach and the gas station. I was sitting alone in my room reading the sports section. I was still trying to recover from the horrid events from the previous day. Suddenly, without knocking, Becky let herself in. “Blondie,” she said, “Would you be so kind as to clear my dishes off the dining room table and wash them for me? Oh, and when you’re done with that you can make my bed.”

I sat dumbstruck and agape for a few seconds. “B-but…”

“No ‘buts’ about it, my little pet. I own you now, and unless you want to find yourself stark naked in public again you’ll abide by my rules. Now I’m going on a bike ride, and when I get back I expect my chores to be done. And since you put up a fuss, you can clean up the mess I left in the bathroom, too. The sink in there is filthy; I swear, it seems like whenever I brush my hair, half of it ends up on the sink. And the toilet needs a good scrubbing, too. Make sure you scrub underneath the lip; it’s absolutely disgusting. Also, I noticed there are a couple of stray pubic hairs on the floor—they must be mine, ‘cuz they’re too long to belong to you —I don’t want to see those when I get back. You’ll find my panties on the floor; you can just put them in the hamper. And if I get any more backtalk you’ll find yourself wearing them to school tomorrow.” She paused and smiled to herself. “Now that I think about it, I think you’d look rather cute in my panties.” With that she disappeared out the door, her laughter resonating throughout the hallway. My younger sister had become a little monster.

Reluctantly, I washed her dishes and made her bed. I then cleaned the dirty bathroom. I picked up her panties with my thumb and index finger, and while grimacing, I carried them through the hall to the hamper. I shuddered while recalling her threat to make me wear them to school. At that point I wasn’t putting anything past her. And without question I would be forced to show them to anyone who asked.

Lacy Anklets

For the next few weeks Becky continued having me do her chores for her. She told our parents that I had lost a bet, so they didn’t bat an eye at my subservience. As much as I hated doing my sister’s bidding, I took solace in the fact that at least I was spared any major humiliation. But as you may have guessed, that would be a temporary situation, which ended one Saturday in late October. Our parents were away for the day, and I had decided to escape for a while and go take in a matinee. I tiptoed through the hallway and quietly turned the doorknob before I was interrupted.

“And just where do you think you’re going?” bellowed my sister from the other end of the hallway. I jumped back in surprise.

“I’m just going for a walk,” I lied. “I’ll be right back.”

“No, you don’t, I need you to drive me to the mall today. Mother gave me the use of her credit card, and I want to do some shopping.” I bowed my head and disconsolately came back in and sat down in the living room. “And how dare you try to go out without telling me,” Becky scolded. “Just for that you’ll have to be punished.” She paused and stood with her hand on her chin and her index finger over her lips, as if deep in thought. “Yes, I’ve got just the thing for you,” she said as she disappeared into her bedroom. I remember cringing while wondering what the mischievous little devil had in mind for me. To my chagrin she returned holding in her hand a pair of her girlish white tennis shoes, along with a pair of white anklets, complete with lace all around the tops. She dropped them at my feet. “Here you go, Blondie,” she said. “Now take off your shoes and socks and put these on. I want you to wear these today while we go shopping.”

I looked at her, horrified. I was wearing a pair of shorts, and the thought of wearing her shoes and very feminine socks out in public was incomprehensible. “Please, Becky, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you needed me today. I promise I’ll ask your permission from now on when I want to go out. PLEASE don’t make me wear these,” I implored.

“I have a mini-skirt that would look real cute with those shoes and socks,” was her response. “Would you like me to go get it or are you going to put those on without giving me any more lip?”

Without answering I forlornly leaned over and removed my shoes and socks. Reluctantly I pulled on the lacy anklets, followed by the tennis shoes, which unfortunately fitted me perfectly. I leaned back in my chair, trying not to look at my newly adorned feet and ankles. “Stand up, Blondie,” ordered the grinning Becky. “Let’s have a look.” I stood up and Becky took my hand and led me to the middle of the living room. “Oh, this is precious,” teased Becky as she did a 360 around me while staring at my legs and feet. I just stood there, staring straight ahead and blushing profusely. She knelt down and adjusted the anklets to her liking. “Come, you MUST have a look at this.” She was enjoying herself immensely as she again took my hand and led me to her bedroom, where she stood me in front of a full-length mirror. She continued taunting me, lightly holding my elbow and kissing me on the cheek while saying, “Don’t they look just darling, Blondie?” I couldn’t muster up an answer, as staring back at me was a tall, slender, red-faced sixteen-year-old boy wearing lacy socks and girl’s tennis shoes. I turned away from the mirror, having seen quite enough. “Too bad we don’t have time to shave your legs, Blondie; that would be a really nice touch. Maybe some other time. Time to go now.”

Brenda’s House

With that she tossed me the keys to the car and headed towards the door. I was about to argue but the image of me in a skirt changed my mind, so I followed her out like an obedient puppy. Once outside, I looked around nervously, as I was quite cognizant of my attire. Though the shoes and socks weighed only a few ounces, it felt like I was dragging a pair of balls and chains. I ran to the car in the driveway while Becky ambled slowly, grinning broadly. I started the car and backed out of the driveway, dreading what lay ahead for me.

“Take a left at the stop sign, Blondie,” ordered Becky. “We have to go pick up Brenda.” She watched me as my shoulders slumped; my spirits were dampened even further, as it appeared that my other main nemesis was about to partake in whatever sordid events that were about to unfold. Much to my consternation, Brenda and Becky had become good friends over the last month. They certainly had something in common, that being their unbridled enjoyment of my humiliation. “I didn’t tell her about your pretty shoes and socks; I thought we’d surprise her.” I didn’t respond, and Becky pinched my cheek between her index finger and thumb and jiggled it back and forth while saying, “We’re going to have so much fun today, Blondie!” I continued driving, looking straight ahead, longing for the day to end. “Stop right here, this is it,” declared Becky as I pulled in front of a beautiful two-story house. I waited for Becky to get out, but instead she directed, “Why don’t you go ring the doorbell. Brenda’s expecting us.”

I looked at my sister pleadingly, but in short order I ascertained that she would be merciless. I got out of the car and, still very self-conscious, looked around anxiously and trotted to the front door. I rang the doorbell and stiffened when a woman, decidedly Brenda’s mother, answered the door. She did a double take at my feet and a look of surprise came upon her face. “Is Brenda here?” I asked.

“Um, yes, would you like to come in?” Again she eyed my feet.

“No thanks, if you could just tell her that we’re here to pick her up…” My face was flushing.

Brenda’s mother turned her head and yelled, “Brenda, there’s a young…” She turned back and looked closely at my face. “There’s a young man here to see you.”

Within moments Brenda appeared at the door. “Hi Blondie,” Brenda greeted me. As her gaze inevitably lowered down my legs, her eyes lit up and she grinned widely. “Oh, what darling little socks! And they set off your pretty legs so nicely. Did Becky help you get dressed today?” I glanced at Brenda’s mother, who now was also smiling. I had to get out of there, so without answering I turned and started running back to the car. “He’s such a shy one, that Blondie,” I heard Brenda say as she shared a laugh with her mother.

The Mall

I was now bright red and quite hot under the collar as Brenda got in the front seat while Becky slid over next to me. Both girls were giggling and chirping like little birds as I silently drove towards the mall. My outing had barely begun and already I’d been thoroughly embarrassed. My sense of dread was acute, as there was no telling what the two fiends had in store for me. I held out a small hope that I could stay in the car while they shopped, but those hopes were instantly dashed. I parked the car and waited for the girls to get out.

“Let’s go, Blondie,” ordered Becky as she nudged me in the side while she slid out. I looked around and as was usually the case, lots of people were bustling about. And I was about to go join them, wearing frilly socks and girl’s tennis shoes.

“God, please don’t run into anybody I know,” I remember thinking. I closed my eyes for a second, took a deep breath, and got out of the car. As we walked through the parking lot and into the mall I tried to look straight ahead without making eye contact with anyone, but I could sense that I was catching interest from a shopper or two. I lagged a little behind Brenda and Becky, which caused them to each take one of my hands and cheerily parade me through the mall. That definitely drew more attention, and I was beginning to hear some people giggling, much to the delight of my sister and her cohort. Two young teenaged girls in particular were very amused at my condition, and I became aware of them following us, giggling all the while. I caught a glimpse of Brenda looking back at the girls, smiling and winking at them. Oh, how I wished I could just break free and go run and hide.


After being led around for a few minutes, they suddenly stopped. Becky stuffed our mother’s credit card in my pocket while Brenda addressed me. I couldn’t help but notice that the two teenaged girls were close by, listening attentively. “Okay, Blondie, here’s the scoop. See this store right here?” Brenda pointed behind me, and I turned my head to discover with considerable uneasiness that the store in question was Victoria’s Secret. I nodded slightly with a wince. “Good, now here’s what you’re going to do. You’re to walk in and start browsing the merchandise. Maybe you can start in the panty section. When the salesgirl asks you if you need any help, tell her you’re interested in buying some lingerie. I’m sure she’ll be glad to help you. Got that so far?” I think I had a look on my face like I’d just been punched in the stomach. “Yes, I think you do,” grinned Brenda. “Now, if she asks you who it’s for, you’re to say it’s for you. Don’t try pulling any shit by saying it’s for a girl; we’ll be close by listening in. And you’re to give the salesgirl your full cooperation. Whatever she says, pretend it’s coming from us.”

At the time I didn’t know what she meant by that last statement, but I found out later that the salesgirl was a friend of Brenda’s and that Brenda and Becky had worked out a whole scheme with her prior to the trip to the mall. And what a devious scheme it was.

“Okay, Blondie, you’re on.” Brenda turned my shoulders and lightly pushed me towards Victoria’s Secret, coaxing me inside. I shivered in trepidation. This was the first time I’d ever stepped foot in a lingerie store. It would have been embarrassing enough for me under normal circumstances, but in the situation I was in it was downright humiliating. I walked to the other side of the store, somehow hoping to hide as long as I could. But the store wasn’t crowded; inside was just one other customer (and Becky, Brenda, and the two teenagers, the latter who seemed quite enthralled with the proceedings), so it was only a matter of moments before the salesgirl was upon me.

“Hi, my name’s Julie, may I help you?” she offered. She was a slim, attractive brunette of about seventeen. She greeted me with a smile, which grew wider when she noticed my shoes and socks.

“Uh… uh…” My face flushed, and I looked straight down. “I-I’d like to buy some lingerie.” I spit the words out laboriously and blushed a deeper shade of pink.

“Well, you came to the right place,” answered Julie cheerily. “Are you interested in buying a nice piece for your girlfriend?”

I looked over at Brenda, who was staring at me from the bra section. She had a stern look of warning on her face. I took a deep breath and said, “W-well, it’s not f-for my girlfriend,” I responded, unable to continue. There was a long pause while I stared to the ground, my blush growing by the second.

“Well, who is it for then?”

“It’s…itsforme.” The three words came out like they were bunched into one. The teenagers giggled from their spot directly behind me, and my face was now pulsating with embarrassment.

“Oh, I see,” Julie said. I glanced up at her to see if she felt at all awkward, but to my dismay I got quite the opposite impression—that she was taking pleasure in my discomfiture. She looked me up and down and smiled. “How cute.” She grinned at my blushing face. “Well, let’s see what we can do for you.” She walked a few feet over to the next aisle, where there was a rack of several pieces in different pastel colors. “How about one of these pretty teddies?” She fingered a few of the garments and looked me up and down. “Do you know what size you wear?”

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