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Chapter 10: Victoria's Secret
Sun Feb 10, 2008 8:04am

The Measurement

I shook my head, incredulous at the fix I was in. Again I waited in my naked state. I crouched down again, my hands in between my legs. A few moments later there was a knock at the door.

“Knock-knock,” Julie said aloud.

“Yes?” I answered the salesgirl anxiously. But instead of responding, to my horror I heard a key go into the lock. There was a popping sound, and before I could react, Julie opened the door and waltzed in. “Hey!” I screamed, in shock at the intrusion. “What’re you…I’m not dressed!”

“Not a problem,” she said without batting an eyelash, as if it was a normal procedure for her. In her hand was a measuring tape and a clipboard. On the clipboard was a sheet of paper with a drawing of the outline of the human figure. “We really need to get you sized properly,” she said. “If you’ll please stand up straight, I can take your measurements. From head to toe.”

“Oh! Please, I don’t need…at least let me get dressed first.”

“Oh, no need for that, sweetie. Nothing I’ve never seen before, no need to be bashful. Besides, it’s much easier to get exact measurements this way. Now stand up straight, like a good boy.”

I slowly straightened up, while covering my modesty tightly with both hands. I looked straight ahead, mortified to the max. She had left the door ajar, and, as one would expect, the very interested Becky, Brenda and the young teens had pushed the door open to take in the scene. Of course, Julie did nothing to discourage them. While unsuccessfully trying to suppress her smirk, the young salesgirl bent down behind me with her tape. She gently lifted up my right heel. “If you’ll hold down this end with your heel, I’ll go ahead and get your height.” I could see that it would be a thorough session. She stood and extended the tape to the top of my head. “Stand up nice and tall, now…excellent. Looks like you’re five feet, eight and one-half inches tall…oh, shoot, I meant to bring my scale. Will you excuse me for a moment?” she said as she walked away.

“It’s okay!” I called back anxiously. “Why do you need my…I weigh one forty-fi...”

“I’ll be right back!” she shouted from outside the door. “It’s best to do this while you’re naked!” The giggling girls continued to mill at the doorway while I waited impatiently for the salesgirl. I turned my back to the girls and bent to a crouch. It was a full five minutes before Julie returned. “Sorry about that,” she said upon entering. “I had to take care of another customer. It’s starting to get busy, but fortunately my co-worker is back from her lunch, so I can devote full time to you. ” She laid the scale on the floor. “Step up here, please.” When I did, she announced what I already knew. “One forty-five. Five eight and a half and one forty-five.” She picked up the clipboard from the floor and started to write. She looked up at the girls. “Excuse me, but could I trouble one of you girls to write down this information for me as I call it out?” Becky jumped at the opportunity.

“No problem,” she beamed as she stepped into the room and took the clipboard. She stood off to one side, grinning, as I stood there pathetically, still covering my privates.

“Thank you so much,” said Julie. “You’re a godsend. I’ll be happy when they get some furniture back in here.” She stood up and faced me. “Okay, let’s get your neck size, dear. Head up.” She pushed my chin up and wrapped the tape around my neck. “Once we get all your measurements, you can go to our website and do your lingerie shopping online. Fourteen inches, exactly,” she said while pulling the tape away. Okay, I’ll need you to hold your arms straight out to your sides, sweetie, so we can get your chest size.”

Unnerved, my body jolted and my eyes widened. “Oh…please, it’s…let me put something on, I…”

“Don’t be silly. I told you, your measurements are much more accurate when you’re in a state of undress. Now be a good boy and make this easy for me. Come on, arms up. Chop, chop!” I looked at Brenda, and knew what I had to do. Resigned to my fate, I slowly pulled my hands away from my crotch. “That’s it,” prodded Julie as she stood at the ready with her tape. “See how easy that was? Now let’s get those arms up…straight out to the sides, like you’re ready to fly away…that’s it, now hold that pose...that’s a good boy.” She walked around me to take my chest measurements from behind, most assuredly to give the girls an unobstructed view of my exposed genitals. Becky and Brenda had seen me naked before, but they were grinning brightly, as their enjoyment of my humiliation seemed to have no limits. The young teenyboppers were grabbing onto each other and giggling uncontrollably while staring at my small genitals. It was all I could do to keep from running off. “Thirty-two inches,” pronounced Julie. She came back around to look at my chest. “Definitely a double A cup.” Amidst the snickering, Becky dutifully recorded the information. Julie wasn’t nearly done. “Okay,” she continued. “Let’s get your waist size. Now, I’ll need you to hold your arms up high in the air. It’s best to get the waist measurement while you’re all stretched out, in case you ever want to wear a corset.” I grudgingly raised my arms slightly. “All the way up, please,” Julie directed. “Way up there, reach for the sky…that’s it…I must compliment you on your hygiene…your underarms are nice and smooth.” The giggling turned to outright laughter. “Now interlock your fingers and face your palms to the sky……no, turn them up, so you’re body will be nice and taut…there you go, perfect…you’re all stretched out now.” Again she walked behind me to take the measurement, affording the other girls what for them was I’m sure a very entertaining view. “Twenty-eight inches.” After a pause, she said, “With a corset I think you’ll have a lovely hourglass figure.” She released the tape and I dropped my arms, covering myself again. Julie came back around and faced me. “Now then, we’re almost done. I just need to measure your hips so your panties will be properly sized.” I groaned softly to myself as she knelt down to one knee. She looked up at me. “You’ll need to hold your arms up and out of the way, please.” I obliged, crossing my arms across my chest. “Thank you,” she said, accenting the second word. “Let’s get your panty size now.” She wrapped the tape around my hips. Her eyes were no more than two inches from my penis as she purposefully scrutinized her objective (at that moment, it probably wasn’t the tape). Again she couldn’t suppress a smirk, only now it was more pronounced. “Definitely an extra small,” was her stinging remark. While everyone laughed, she stood up, looked at my blushing face and grinned widely. “There, that wasn’t so bad, now, was it?”

Julie took the clipboard from Becky and thanked her for her help. As everyone filed out of the dressing room, Julie called back, “I’ll be right back with your bra and panties.” I slammed the door shut behind them. After locking it I leaned back against it, putting my face in my palms. “Oh…my…God,” I muttered softly.”

Bra and Panties

My reprieve would be short-lived. Within a couple of minutes the salesgirl held over the door a pair of lavender-colored panties. “Would you try these on for me, please?” Shuddering, I took the panties, and, gingerly, I slipped them on. They fit snugly, and I winced as I lowered my eyes to my midsection.

“Well?” Julie was being quite attentive.

“They’re fine,” I answered meekly. Next, the matching bra was draped over the door. I tried to ignore it. Fat chance.

“Don’t forget your bra,” came the cheery voice from the other side of the door. I slid the hateful garment from the door. I stared at it, trying to figure out how to orient it. Julie sensed my confusion.

“It clasps in the front,” said the helpful salesgirl. With considerable effort, I managed to put on the bra. I felt absolutely ridiculous. “How are we doing in there?” inquired Julie.

“Fine. They fit fine, really. I’ll take them…if that’s what you want.” There was a momentary silence, giving me hope.

“Just to be sure, I think we should have a look in the mirror.” Of course she does. I closed my eyes for a moment to gather myself. I took a very deep breath and opened the door. “Oh, you look adorable,” gushed Julie. Again I was greeted by the lot of grinning faces. Only now, there was another sales person, and a couple of other women browsing in the store. It wasn’t long before I attracted their attention. I walked as fast as I could to the mirror on the other side of the room. Julie was at my side, and the other four girls surrounded me, looking on with great amusement. The blond customer from before observed from a distance, an incredulous and amused look on her face.

We reached the mirror. “Oh yes, this is you,” commented the salesgirl, as she adjusted the lace of the bra. “Lavender is such a lovely color on you, don’t you think?”

I noticed that the two new customers had moved closer to take in the proceedings. I had to get under cover. “Yes…I mean no…I mean…I’ll take them, please!” I turned and quickly bolted to the dressing room, amidst considerable laughter. But when I got there, to my dismay it was occupied. In a mini-panic, I looked around for another dressing room, but there was none to be found. I knocked on the door. “Excuse me, but can I get in there?” I asked anxiously.

“I beg your pardon, young man, but I’m busy in here.” She paused and peeked at me over the door, looking me up and down. It was the tall blond lady. Grinning widely, she calmly said, “She’s right, you know. It is a lovely color on you.” My nightmare continued. I stood near the door with my arms folded across my chest while the girls formed a semi-circle around me, enjoying the spectacle.

Naked Again

After a few very uncomfortable minutes, the woman finally evacuated the dressing room. I darted in there and closed the door. I moaned when I remembered that I still didn’t have my clothes. I looked around the store, but they were nowhere to be seen. “May I please have my clothes now?” I called out.

“Sure,” Julie answered. “I’ll get them for you. First, though, hand me your new bra and panties, and I’ll wrap them up for you.” Knowing it would be pointless to argue, I removed the underwear and draped them over the door. They were snatched away, and again I stood naked and waiting. And waiting…and waiting…

“Excuse me,” I shouted, now with impertinence. “But I’m still waiting for my clothes.”

“I’m sorry, I’m busy with another customer at the moment. Your clothes are hanging on the rack with the babydolls. You’ll have to get them yourself.”

I should have known it would come to that. I poked my head outside the door and surveyed the room. I wasn’t sure what a babydoll looked like, so I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. My clothes weren’t visible from the door. I would be forced to run out there naked. I reached down and grabbed one of the tennis shoes. I held it over my genitals, which fitted perfectly inside the opening of the shoe. I ran into the store, at which point I was greeted with laughter from all sides. Out of the corner of my eye I saw four or five very interested spectators peering in the window from outside the store. I ran from rack to rack, looking frantically for my clothes. No luck. I saw the blond lady headed toward the dressing room again. I made a run for it, and just beat her in there. Again I slammed and locked the door. Breathlessly, I screamed out, “Please, can somebody please bring me my clothes?”

The Teddy

It was silent for a few moments. Then, the fuchsia-colored teddy suddenly was draped over the door. I heard Becky’s voice from just outside. “That’s no way for a young lady to talk. Now put on your teddy and let’s go home.”

“Oh, shit,” I muttered to myself. I pulled the teddy off the door and leaned against the wall, feeling hopeless. “Oh, shit,” I said again. There was a knock at the door.

“Open the door!” demanded Becky. I quickly slipped the teddy on for the second time. I turned the knob and Becky pushed her way through. She opened up a shopping bag and spread it out, teasing me with the sight of my shorts, tee shirt and underpants. “If you would have asked me nicely, I would have given them to you.” She reached down and picked up the tennis shoes and frilly socks and deposited them in the bag. She grabbed my elbow. “Let’s go,” she said.

“Oh, God, please, Beck! I can’t, not in the mall!” Becky simply smiled and tugged at my elbow. I pulled loose and tentatively ventured out of the dressing room. Once again, I was the center of attention. I briskly walked towards the exit.

“Yoo-hoo!” shouted Julie. “Don’t forget to pay for your lingerie, sir!” she shouted. I looked pleadingly at Brenda, who smiled and nodded. I scurried over to the counter and Becky fished out the credit card from the pocket of my shorts inside her bag. Julie took an unusually long time to complete the transaction while I stood there, basking in my degradation. Finally, Becky signed for it, and the smiling Julie handed me the bag containing my new bra and panty set. The bag had a huge “VS” emblazoned on both sides.

“Thank you so much,” said Julie. “Please come back soon. I’ll be happy to help you ANY time.” She had really played her part to the hilt in the devious scheme. I turned away to leave and Becky elbowed me sharply in the ribs.

“Thank you for your help,” I submissively replied.

“Oh, trust me, the pleasure was all mine,” replied the smiling Julie.

Needless to say, the excursion through the mall was nothing less than excruciating. As before, Becky and Brenda each took one of my hands, while the young girls followed closely behind. Anxious, I tried walking as quickly as possible, but my sister and Brenda held me back. I even had to wait while they ordered an ice cream. By then, I had attracted quite a bit of attention from the very entertained shoppers. Along the way I heard more than one wolf whistle, an “Oh, how darling!” and a “Look at the sissy!” I can’t tell you how many shades of red I turned throughout that walk.

When we exited the mall the two young teenage girls stopped at the door and watched us cross into the parking lot. As we got in the car the sound of their giggling voices still rang in my ear.

  • Chapter 10: Victoria's SecretBlondie., Sun Feb 10 8:02am
    I shook my head forlornly, now absolutely miserable. I just wanted to get it over with. “That one you have your hand on will be fine. I’ll take it,” I said as I started walking... more
    • Chapter 10: Victoria's Secret — Blondie., Sun Feb 10 8:04am
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