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Chapter 7: Brenda's Revenge
Sun Feb 10, 2008 9:25pm

The Unveiling

She pulled her mouth away from my ear. “Here we go, folks,” she called out. “Is everybody ready?” A resounding affirmative emanated from the entertained students. Brenda stepped back slightly. I sensed my doom, but cried out anyway in desperation.

“No! No!”

“Wheeeeee!” she yelled gleefully while sliding my pants all the way down to my ankles in one steady motion. The roar of laughter in the courtyard was riotous. I writhed and twisted my body frantically, but there was nowhere to hide.

“Look at that teeny little thing!” laughed one of the girls. “It’s like a little clitty!”

“And he’s got no hair!” squealed another.

“Oh, this is too much!”

Mortified to the max, I tried lifting each leg up one at a time in a frenzied attempt at covering up. I soon abandoned that effort when I realized I was succeeding only in nearly displacing my pants completely. I was forced to just stand there and squirm helplessly, just as Brenda predicted, enduring the laughter and ridicule of the thoroughly entertained audience.

Paraded to Homeroom

Mercifully, the warning bell went off, and the crowd began to disperse. Marcia let go of the yarn, and Brenda buttoned and buckled me up, making sure the yarn stuck out from my fly. I was relieved that she didn’t make good on her threat to take my pants completely off. But, to my dismay, she chose to leave me naked from the waste up.

“Okay girls, it’s time to take my little doggy to homeroom,” laughed Brenda as she took the yarn and started leading me towards the building.

“Thanks for the entertainment, little boy. Let’s do it again soon!” chortled Marcia, amongst laughter from her friends.

The giggling continued as I was forced to experience the same degradation as before while Brenda tugged me the length of the hallway. My humiliation was exacerbated somewhat when we entered the confines of my homeroom, which by now was nearly full of students. Miss Farnsworth hadn’t yet arrived. Brenda, thriving on the attention and delight from the other students, paraded me back and forth a couple of times in the front of the room, much to everyone’s amusement. When we reached my desk she untied my hands. “Okay, you can put your shirt back on and tuck your leash in your pants now, my little pet. Oh, and one more thing, before you sit down…” Brenda then whispered her instructions in my ear. I winced as she turned and strutted to her seat. As I donned my shirt and tucked the yarn back in my fly, I made my way to the chalkboard. I hesitated, closed my eyes, then very reluctantly picked up the chalk and wrote on the board in very large letters, “BLONDIE HAGGERTY HAS A TEENSY WEENSY HAIRLESS LITTLE PEE-PEE.”

Hysterical laughter filled the room. I’m sure it was poetic justice for Brenda as I turned and walked briskly back to my seat, staring at the floor while blushing crimson. My sheared underpants were still on the desk, and I quickly wadded them up and tucked them away, an experience I was becoming all too familiar with.

I couldn’t bear to look back, but I’m sure Brenda was basking in the moment, grinning from ear to ear.

  • Chapter 7: Brenda's RevengeBlondie., Sun Feb 10 9:25pm
    Payback Well, unfortunately I have another humiliation to recount. It took place on the last day of my sophomore year at the hands of Brenda, my new nemesis, with the help of some of her friends. As... more
    • Attempted PaybackShyboy, Thu Feb 28 5:25am
      I always did like this chapter and though "you" paid dearly for payback and revenge on Brenda I liked the way you attempted to do so. The ending of this chapter here,with Brenda describing how in... more
    • Chapter 7: Brenda's Revenge — Blondie., Sun Feb 10 9:25pm
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