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Chapter 6: Naked and Molested in the Auditorium
Sun Feb 10, 2008 9:29pm

The Flashlight

After about fifteen minutes of inactivity, my sorry situation took a turn for the worse. First I felt Mitch’s hand take my right wrist and pull it towards him, resting it on the armrest.

“Leave it there,” he instructed.

That was Marcia’s cue to repeat the same maneuver with my left hand. “Don’t you dare move your hand,” was her command.

I now felt extremely vulnerable, and to my chagrin my vulnerability was about to be exploited. The diabolical Marcia reached into her purse and produced a small flashlight. She proceeded to flip the switch and shine it right on my exposed genitals. My immediate reaction was to cover my nudity with my hands, but Marcia and Mitch had anticipated this, and each had a firm grip on my wrists, holding them to the armrest. Marcia put her lips to my ear. “If you cover yourself up you’ll never see your clothes again,” she warned. “And spread your knees out,” she said while pulling on my left knee with her free hand.

I unclenched my knees and with considerable effort I spread them a few inches apart. Marcia and Mitch relaxed their grips on my wrists. I fought my natural inclination to cover myself and I kept my hands on the armrest as Marcia pointed the light directly at my crotch. Back then I still hadn’t grown any pubic hair, and my mortification was extreme, as Marcia and Mitch had a full view of my very naked genitals. Both of them were using the palm of their hand to muffle their laughter.

Again Marcia put her mouth to my ear. “Such a cute wittle naked boy you are, Blondie,” she taunted. “And you have such a teensy wittle wee-wee, yes you do! .” She held the light on my “little wee-wee” for a few more seconds while she giggled some more. Then she shined the light to my blushing face and must have noticed that I looked like I could start crying at any second. “Oh, you’re not going to cwy, wittle boy, are you? Does wittle Blondie want his mommy?” I managed to hold back the tears, knowing that would only make matters worse.

Then, to my great distress Marcia shined the light towards the row in front of me, revealing three grinning faces turned in my direction. One by one Marcia shined the light on Joanna and then another girl, an attractive brunette I recognized from my homeroom (her name is Brenda). The light then moved to yet another girl, whom I later found out was a friend of Brenda’s, a buxom blond named Cheryl. Marcia then shined the light on my face so they could all take in my red-faced look of shock. She then lowered the light back down to her target as I sat there and absorbed the staggering humiliation.

Sexually Aroused

Though it’s probably hard for you to believe, my plight was about to worsen. Marcia took my left hand and wrapped my fingers around the flashlight. “Keep this shining on your little wee-wee, Blondie,” she ordered. So not only was I forced to sit there naked while at least five people stared at me, I had to suffer the further indignity of playing a role in my own debasement. As I sat there holding the light I remember thinking that the depravity couldn’t sink any lower. But I’m sorry to tell you that I was wrong, as indeed it lowered to another level. A few minutes after Marcia handed off the flashlight I felt her hand on the inside of my knee. She strummed her fingers while playfully working her way up the inside of my thigh. I flinched and jerked my body back when her hand reached a very sensitive spot high on my thigh, perilously close to my balls. Marcia giggled and rested her hand high on my thigh. That must have been a sign for Mitch, because he then took hold of my right wrist and pulled it towards him. At first I resisted, but then I succumbed, knowing that defiance would be fruitless. Then—and it’s difficult for me to talk about this—he pulled my hand down to his crotch. He had unclasped and loosened his pants, and to my utter horror he directed my hand into his boxer shorts and straight to his penis. He must have brought a small tube of Vaseline or something, because his penis was already lubricated.

“Play with it, Blondie,” he whispered in my ear. He let go of my wrist and waited for me to perform the most distasteful act. I couldn’t compel myself to submit to him. I retracted my hand, knowing full well that it would provoke a reprisal. Then sure enough, Mitch leaned forward and spoke loud enough for Marcia to hear. “Marcia, give me his clothes.”

“Okay! Okay, I’ll do it!” I whispered in a semi-panic.

I reached over and put my hand back in Mitch’s shorts. Disgusted, I started fondling his penis. It was already semi-erect, but it really came to life with my touch. I was repulsed, and stopped momentarily. Again Mitch leaned to my ear. “Just keep stroking it,” he commanded. “I’ll tell you when to stop.” I swallowed hard and continued to do his bidding. “A little higher,” he instructed. “Yeah, that’s it…up and down…yeah, just like that…ohhh, yes, very nice,” he said before leaning back in sexual pleasure. My left hand held the flashlight shining on my little package as I continued caressing his now rock-hard, slimy penis with my right. After a couple of minutes I felt Mitch’s left hand stroking the inside of my right thigh. Within seconds Marcia began stroking the inside of my left thigh. I must say I’d never felt anything quite like that before—self-stimulation didn’t compare—and much to my dismay, in spite of my mortification I started to get aroused. Marcia’s hand would occasionally dart over to my balls, and no matter how hard I fought it I was becoming more erect. I heard Marcia and the girls in front of me giggle, while Mitch was moaning pleasurably.

Marcia put her lips right into to my ear and whispered, “You like that, don’t you, my naked little pet.” She then wiggled her tongue all around the inside of my ear, and I had a tingling sensation throughout my whole body, the likes of which I’d never experienced before. Then Mitch started stroking the underside of my penis and within a few seconds I had a full-fledged hard-on, such as it was. I probably was just a little over half the size of Mitch. I heard Marcia giggle some more, and I could tell from the giggling coming from the row in front of me that Joanna, Brenda and Cheryl were enjoying the show, too—and I don’t mean the play. All I could hear from Mitch were groans of pleasure as I dutifully continued stimulating his raging penis. Then Mitch squeezed something on his hand—probably Vaseline—and spread it all over my penis, a move that only enhanced my state of sexual excitement. Marcia concentrated on my balls, gently tickling them with her fingers. I have to admit that at that point I momentarily forgot about my dreadful situation, that of being naked in a crowded auditorium while being molested by two students. As I came closer to ejaculation I closed my eyes and got lost in the moment.

“Oh…oh…oh, God, please, no…” I moaned as softly as I could. The four girls were trying to stifle their giggles and I must have stopped my grudging servitude to Mitch, because he leaned to my ear again.

“Don’t stop, Blondie!” he said, almost desperately. ”Pump my cock. Pump it!” I took hold of his penis and started jacking him off in earnest. Mitch proceeded to do the same to me. I remember losing focus of the flashlight and feeling Marcia guide it towards her mark with one hand while massaging my balls with the other. I felt Mitch’s penis start to pulsate right about the same time that I began ejaculating. As I came I lifted my hips off the seat and moaned, as the sensation was overwhelming. Marcia and Mitch didn’t let up until I finished spurting, at which point I slumped back down in my seat. A few seconds went by before Mitch leaned over and spoke quietly in my ear. “Nothing quite like simultaneous orgasm, huh Blondie?” he said while patting my thigh.

Frantic Recovery of Clothes

It was at that point that the loud ovation from the entire student body brought me back to my senses. For one horrifying moment I thought they were cheering my orgasm, but then I realized that the play had ended and they were clapping in anticipation of a curtain call. That was only a minor consolation, as it hit me that I was still naked and that the lights would go on at any moment. I pulled my hand out from Mitch’s pants. I remember brushing across the wetness on his midsection and being disgusted with the stark realization that I had gotten him off.

But I had more immediate concerns. I had to get dressed as quickly as possible. So as not to waste any time, instead of asking Marcia for my clothes I reached over her to retrieve them myself. Imagine my dismay when I found only my shoes and socks. My clothes were gone! Now in a panic, I put both of my hands on Marcia’s shoulders and shook them passionately. “Where are my clothes?!” I asked frantically. I grabbed for my jacket, but she clutched it tightly around her chest. Without saying a word, the giggling Marcia shined the light one by one on the three grinning girls in front of me, who were each holding an article of my clothing, suspending them with two hands, right below their chins. Joanna had my pants, Brenda had my underpants and Cheryl had my shirt. My tee shirt was draped around Brenda’s neck. As I quickly reached out for them, they just as quickly retracted.

“I guess you’ll have to go get them, Blondie,” laughed Marcia. I started to climb over the seat when Marcia slapped my one of my protruding ass cheeks and took hold of my leg, pulling me back. “Not that way, silly boy,” she chided. “You’ll have to go around.” Not having any other choice, I made the frightful trek to retrieve my clothes. The cast was doing their curtain calls, so time was running out. I weaved my way through the row as quickly as I could. On my way down my row, the wicked Marcia shined the light on my naked ass. This elicited a reaction from a couple of students.

“What the hell?” I heard from one, and “Hey, the guy’s naked!” from another. Fortunately, not many heard them over the noise from the ovation. I reached the row in front of me and made my way towards my clothes. Again Marcia shined the light on me and I quickly ducked down. I crawled the rest of the way on my hands and knees. When I reached the empty seat next to Joanna I grabbed my pants from her grasp, not even considering taking the time to get my underpants and tee shirt from Brenda. I quickly slipped my pants on. As the lights came on Cheryl tossed my shirt to me. I hurriedly slipped it on and buttoned it up, hoping not to be discovered by the mass of students. It probably wasn’t so, but it seemed like everybody in the auditorium was staring at me. My face felt like it was on fire; I’m sure it was tomato red. I looked back and the grinning Marcia handed me my shoes, socks and jacket. I put them on and started filing out of the auditorium. When I reached the hallway I was surrounded by all five of the grinning culprits who had put me through the staggering humiliation. I looked straight down at the floor, too shamed to look any of them in the eyes.

“That was a very uplifting play, Blondie,” Mitch called out. “Don’t you think?” To the sounds of laughter I walked away speedily, without answering.

The next morning I walked into homeroom with considerable dread, knowing I would have to face one of my antagonists from the day before. My dread was justified. When I reached my desk in the front row I discovered my underwear that I had stripped off in the auditorium. My tee shirt was draped across the back of my seat and my underpants were neatly spread across my desk. I quickly snatched them up and stuffed them in my backpack. When I sat down I couldn’t help but take a glance back and make eye contact with Brenda, who was grinning widely at my profusely blushing face.

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    • Chapter 6: Naked and Molested in the Auditorium — Blondie., Sun Feb 10 9:29pm
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