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Chapter 3: Stripped in the Car
Sun Feb 10, 2008 9:33pm

Cafeteria Humiliation

I’m now completely under the power of Mitch and Reggie, and probably Reggie’s girlfriend, if she’s so inclined (and I think she probably is; I remember when I was stripped of my corduroys in the hallway she seemed to get as big of a kick out of my humiliation as anybody). This is a most unsettling turn of events, and I now walk around with an eye over my shoulder, praying that none of my tormentors are in the vicinity. But instead of carrying on I should probably backtrack and recount what transpired to put me in this state of hopelessness. This will be painful, as I cringe just thinking about that dreadful day.

Well, here goes: It was lunchtime at Roosevelt High and I was sitting in the cafeteria eating lunch with my friend Robert. Out of the blue Mitch came and sat down right next to me. I stiffened in my seat as he put an arm around me and spoke. “Hi there, Blondie,” he said. “I’d like you to do something for me.” He waited for an answer.

“What’s that?” I cautiously answered.

“Do you see my friend Reggie a couple of tables away?” I looked where he was pointing and nodded affirmatively. “Do you see the pretty brunette he’s sitting with?” Again I nodded; indeed she was very pretty. “Good,” Mitch continued. “That’s Reggie’s girlfriend, and her name is Joanna. Here’s what I want you to do. Walk over there and say, ‘Hi Joanna, my name’s Blondie, would you like to see my underpants?’ Then just stand there and wait for her reply.”

I had a horrified look on my face while Mitch looked at me for an answer. “Please, I can’t do that,” I answered. “Please, just leave me alone.”

“Suit yourself, Blondie,” Mitch countered. “I’m sure you remember when I pantsed you a few months ago. Trust me, if you don’t do what I say you’re gonna lose more than just your pants.” I sat there dumbfounded, not knowing where to turn. At this point Robert came to my defense, a gallant move on his part but probably one he’ll eventually regret.

“Hey, leave him alone,” Robert interjected. “He didn’t do anything to you.”

Mitch gave Robert an icy stare and said, “Shut your mouth, dickhead.” He paused and continued to stare at Robert. “I’ll deal with you some other time. Right now, Blondie, you’re up, and you’d better make it good. I’m going over to sit with them and you better get your little ass over there. Don’t forget, her name’s Joanna and you want to show her your underpants.” With that Mitch got up and made his way over to Reggie and his girlfriend. Several other students were also at the table. I watched him sit down and look over to me expectantly. I sat there for anxiously, not knowing what to do.

“I hate to say it, Blondie, but I think you’d better do as he says,” advised Robert. “There’s no telling what he’ll do to you if you don’t. You saw what he did to you in the hallway. If you piss him off he’s liable to strip you totally nude next time. In fact, I’m sure that’s what he’ll do.”

“Oh God,” is all I could say. “I can’t believe this is happening.” I sat there for a couple of more minutes, my mind in a state of turmoil. More than once I tried to get up but it was like I was bolted to my chair.

Now you’re probably saying, “What’s the big deal, just go do it and get it over with,” especially considering the consequences if I didn’t. And in retrospect I certainly agree with you. All I know is that I finally pried myself out of my chair and timidly walked over to their circular table. I stopped next to Reggie’s girlfriend. My body was shaking and my voice was quivering.

“Hi, Joanna, my name’s Blondie,” I blurted out.

And that’s as far as I got. The scene is kind of vague, but I felt all eyes on me and I heard a couple of people giggle. There was no way, under the circumstances, that I could ask this beautiful looking stranger if she wanted to see my underpants. I remember freezing there for what seemed like a long time, my face as hot as the stovetop in the kitchen behind me. Then I just turned and walked away, staring at the ground but not seeing anything. I heard the laughter from the table and I broke into a trot, running straight into the bathroom, where I found sanctuary in a stall. I sat with my hands over my face for the next fifteen minutes or so, until the bell signaling the next period went off. When I came out I looked around warily and was relieved to see no sign of Mitch, Reggie, or Joanna.


To my dismay, my respite would only last a few more hours, until that fateful encounter with my antagonists, the one that left me in my present state of submission.

It happened after school as I was walking alone towards the bus stop. Suddenly a car screeched to a stop right next to me. Before I had a chance to run, Mitch and Reggie got out, and before I knew what hit me they had me inside the car and we were speeding off. Just like that, I’d basically been kidnapped, snatched right off the sidewalk, all in a matter of seconds. There was a guy driving and a girl in the passenger seat, neither of whom I recognized. I was in the middle in the back seat, with Reggie on my left and Mitch on my right. It was Mitch’s voice I heard first.

“Well, hello, Blondie, nice to see you again,” he said with a grin. “We thought we’d save you the bus money and give you a lift, nice guys that we are.” I didn’t say anything as I sat there, terrified. Mitch continued talking to me. “It’s too bad you didn’t obey me during lunch today. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Now the first thing I’d like you to do is to take all of your clothes off.”

I guess I wasn’t surprised that that’s what he had in mind. But it didn’t lessen the impact of what I had just heard. To make matters worse, the girl in the front suddenly had taken a keen interest in my situation. She turned around and faced me with her knees on the seat and her hands on the backrest, grinning widely at me. She looked to be about sixteen, with long blond hair, somewhat plain but with a pretty smile. Unfortunately the reason for that smile was a source of extreme apprehension for me. I sat paralyzed in my seat, not saying anything or looking at anybody. I was hoping beyond hope to wake up from the nightmare. But it was all too real, and Mitch wasn’t about to back off.

“Okay, Blondie, here’s your choice,” he said. “You can take off your clothes yourself, or Reggie and I will do it for you. Don’t think we can’t; we’ll have you bareass naked within a minute.” I didn’t doubt that for a second, as they have demonstrated already that with their size they can overpower me. “Now if you take your clothes off yourself, we’ll give them back before you go home. But if you make Reggie and I strip you, your clothes are going out the window, piece by piece as we take them off. In which case you’re walking home naked. So what’d it gonna be, Blondie?”

The Stripping

It wasn’t much of a choice. The girl in the front seat was giggling out loud now. What could I do? I sure as hell didn’t want to run home naked, but could I trust that these assholes would give my clothes back if I took them off myself? That was a chance I might have to take, I thought. Again the relentless Mitch badgered me. “I’ll give you five seconds, Blondie,” he demanded. Reluctantly I started unbuttoning my shirt. “I thought you’d come to your senses,” said Mitch. “Now when you take off each article of clothing, hand them to Marcia here. Marcia, have you met Blondie?”

Marcia stuck out her hand and said, “Nice to meet you, Blondie.” I shook her hand feebly without looking up and without saying anything.

“That’s not very friendly,” taunted Mitch. “Marcia went out of her way to join us when she heard you were going to do a striptease for her. She came along just to see you. Now tell Marcia how glad you are that she came along for the ride.”

“I-I’m glad you came, Marcia,” I managed to muster up.

“Me too, Blondie, I’m looking forward to seeing ALL of you,” teased Marcia. Everybody laughed.

The strip was excruciating, as you can well imagine. As the car drove through a residential area I proceeded to undress. I finished unbuttoning my shirt, pulled it off and handed it to the grinning Marcia, who tossed it behind her to the floor of the passenger side. I started to reach for my tee shirt, but then thought better of it and went for my shoes. I don’t know why, it was only prolonging the agony. I handed her my shoes one by one, then did the same with my socks. It was a helpless feeling, as I was totally at their mercy. Nobody was saying anything; they were all just staring at me eagerly. The radio was blaring, but I couldn’t tell you what song was playing. I hesitated momentarily, and then pulled my tee shirt over my head. I intentionally pulled the back of my shirt over my head; I remember thinking if I pulled it from the bottom I’d have to lift my arms over my head, exposing my hairless armpits. Granted, that should’ve been the least of my worries, but I must admit it was on my mind.

After I handed Marcia my tee shirt I sat there with my arms folded across my chest. I didn’t really think they were going to let me stop there; I just needed to build up the courage to continue with this dreadful ordeal. Mitch, not wanting the momentum to stop, prompted me by taking my hands and placing them on the front of my jeans. I closed my eyes for a second, and then unbuckled my belt. I didn’t hesitate anymore with my pants; I guess I decided it was inescapable. I unsnapped the button and pulled down the zipper. I then lifted my hips in the air and slid down my jeans. This elicited the first audible reaction from my captors. Marcia clapped and giggled, Reggie whistled and the driver turned around and laughed. Mitch put his hand on my right thigh. “Look at the pretty legs,” he said while he stroked my hairless thigh. Revolted, I clenched my eyes tightly shut. I reached down to pull off my pants, brushing his hand away as I did. I handed the grinning Marcia my jeans, and she threw them behind her without taking her eyes off me. I could see her gazing back and forth from my burning face to my tighty-whities, to my legs and back up my near-naked body. I remember thinking that if this was bad, how would it be in a few moments, when I’ll be naked?

Well, I’m here to tell you, it was horrible. I hesitated, having difficulty mustering up the courage to continue. “Strip ‘em off, Blondie,” ordered Mitch. I took a deep breath, slipped my underpants down my legs and pulled them off. I don’t think I handed them to Marcia as much as she snatched them out of my hands. Then they quickly disappeared. Words can’t do justice to the mortification I felt at that moment. I can’t remember what was said at that time. The music was blaring and there was hollering and cheering about. I was bent over from the waist, my head at my knees and my hands clutching my privates, almost like I was hanging on to them for dear life.

After some time the noise subsided and somebody turned down the radio. I felt a tug at both of my shoulders, as Reggie and Mitch were trying to nudge me up. “Sit up straight, Blondie,” ordered Mitch. “You need to see what you’re going to do.” I sat up, my hands still over my crotch. To this day I’m ever so thankful they didn’t make me remove my hands, though Reggie playfully tried to pull them away at one time, but not with much effort. I don’t know if it was in deference to Marcia (although I got the impression that she would have thoroughly enjoyed my naked exposure) or if they had just an ounce of compassion in their blood. More likely, I think they were saving it up for another time. In any case, like I say, I’m relieved that they didn’t make me expose my prepubescent package for their ridicule.

Anyway, when I sat up, to my chagrin I notice that we were in the middle of Main Street in the busy downtown. We were stopped in the left lane at a red light and there was a median grade on our left. It was the busiest intersection in town, and there were quite a few cars and a considerable amount of people bustling about doing their Christmas shopping.

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