Blondie's Humiliation Stories

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Chapter 3: Stripped in the Car
Sun Feb 10, 2008 9:33pm

The Threat of Public Nudity

“Okay, Blondie,” Mitch said, “Take a good look at this little area on your left. We’re going to turn left here, go around the block, and then you’re going to get out of the car when we get back here. We’ll dump you right in the center here, then you’re on your own from there.”

I was horrified. The experience in the car was traumatic enough, but to get thrown out naked in public like that—my God, that was beyond comprehension. I started to cry. “Oh please, Mitch,” I pleaded in a quivering voice through my tears. “I promise I’ll do anything you say…oh please, I can’t go out there like this.”

I think at that point he knew he had me right where he wanted. He knew that I knew that if at any time I didn’t do exactly what he said, then he could easily have me in this very position again. Maybe it was a bluff all along, but his point was well taken.

“All right, Blondie,” he said, “Since you obeyed me and took your clothes off yourself I’ll be true to my word. But remember, if you go against me ever again, I’ll put your naked ass out here in broad daylight, and I’ll tie your hands behind your back to the light post. Got that?” I nodded my head disconsolately. “Okay then. Joey, why don’t you take a right at the next light. We’re getting close to Blondie’s house. We can let him off up the street.”

It just dawned on me as I’m telling you this story that he knows where I live. I can see I’m not going to be able to hide from this creature.

The driver followed instructions and turned in the residential area towards my house. I was still wondering when and if I would get my clothes back. I got my answer quickly.

“Stop here, Joey,” Mitch ordered. “Marcia, throw Blondie his clothes.”

Joey stopped in the middle of a quiet street about two blocks from my house. Marcia dumped my clothes on my lap.

“It was great meeting you, Blondie,” said the grinning Marcia. “I can’t wait to do this again some time.”

Without answering I searched for my underpants to put them on.

“No time for that shit, Blondie, we gotta go. You’re outta here. Reggie, let him out.”


Reggie proceeded to open his door. He pulled on my left arm while Mitch backed up against his door and used his foot to help push me out. I was frantic as I dropped a shoe and my jeans as I was trying to keep myself covered and at the same time hold on to my clothes with my one free hand. I wondered if at some point they all got a look at my naked crotch. Reggie continued to pull and Mitch continued to push as they were all laughing. I ended up in a heap on the ground in the middle of the street as Reggie got back in the car. As the car pulled away my pants flew out of one window and my shoe the other. The driver sat on his horn as the car sped away. I looked up and the four of them were looking back at me, laughing hysterically.

Meanwhile, my ordeal wasn’t quite over. I held my clothes over my midsection for protection as I ran and retrieved my pants and shoe. I looked around, and to my chagrin there was a young woman, maybe seventeen or so, who happened to be walking in my direction. She stopped in her tracks to take in the unusual scene. I saw the grin on her face and I turned and ran the other way. I stopped under a tree around the corner and hurriedly pulled on my clothes.

As I walked home, I shivered at the prospect of the repercussions of what happened that day. I was now at their mercy, and there was no telling what Mitch, Reggie, and whomever else they decided to include would have in store for me. I had a nasty feeling in my gut that this was only the beginning of my torment at Roosevelt High.

  • Chapter 3: Stripped in the CarBlondie., Sun Feb 10 9:33pm
    Cafeteria Humiliation I’m now completely under the power of Mitch and Reggie, and probably Reggie’s girlfriend, if she’s so inclined (and I think she probably is; I remember when I... more
    • Chapter 3: Stripped in the Car — Blondie., Sun Feb 10 9:33pm
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