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Chapter 2: Pantsless in Homeroom
Sun Feb 10, 2008 9:34pm

Roosevelt Lore

Over two months have gone by since the forgettable wedgie experience at the hands of the two sophomores, Mitch and Reggie. Even though I’ve been spared any more attacks (so far) at their hands, this school is really starting to scare me. Since my experience, I have witnessed two instances of freshmen being humiliated by upperclassmen. On one occasion the student received a wedgie like I did, only it was worse. It happened after school out by the old Roosevelt statue. They pulled up his briefs and lifted him up and hung him up by his underpants right there on Roosevelt’s extended arm. The poor kid was dangling there helplessly with his legs kicking furiously. An entertained crowd gathered, watching and laughing at the unfortunate freshman. I must admit I was chuckling myself at the comical sight, while at the same time I shuddered as I realized it could just as easily have been me hanging there. It was over ten minutes before a teacher came out and rescued him.

The other incident took place between second and third period. I happened to be walking to my next class when I noticed a raucous crowd whooping it up outside the locker room door. I weaved my way through and discovered the cause of the commotion. A freshman was frantically banging on the door of the locker room. He had been thrown out there, completely naked. I stood transfixed at this scene until the warning bell sounded for the next class. The crowd dispersed, leaving the distressed kid to himself. I don’t know how long it was before somebody let him in. Again I felt a strong sense of anxiety when I imagined myself in such a predicament.


Regrettably, my time was coming. It was an unusually warm Tuesday morning in late November. My mother dropped me off at school about thirty minutes early so she could meet a client. As I closed the car door I spotted Mitch and Reggie standing near the drinking fountain in front of the school. I nervously walked briskly through the front door, avoiding eye contact and hoping that they hadn’t see me. I walked up the stairs and looked back. There was no sign of them and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Ten minutes later I was at my locker in the busy corridor. I was hanging up my coat when it happened. I never saw them coming. Suddenly I felt two strong arms wrapped around me in a bear hug, pulling me to the middle of the corridor. I looked back and recognized Reggie. Another set of hands grabbed my ankles and lifted me off he ground. I noticed Mitch going for my waist. I was expecting another wedgie.

“Please, no!” I shouted.

But they had more in mind than a wedgie. Mitch started undoing my belt. I kicked my legs wildly, but Mitch had brought some of his friends and I was pretty much helpless. I felt my belt loosen and then felt Mitch’s fingers undoing the button on my corduroys. At the same time someone else was pulling off my shoes, apparently to facilitate taking off my pants. For some reason, I guess for good measure, they also removed my socks. Mitch had my button undone and started going to work on my zipper. I screamed bloody murder and someone put his hand over my mouth. My zipper was down and I felt my pants pulled down my thighs.

Someone shouted out, “Hey they’re pantsing him! Check it out!” I noticed a large group of students forming around me, all of them enjoying the proceedings. My pants were below my knees and I feared the inevitable. Sure enough, Mitch pulled my pants inside out over my feet, and in a matter of seconds they were stripped off. A cheer went up in the corridor. Several girls were giggling.

“Take it all off!” I heard one of them yell. I remembered the naked freshman outside the locker room and wondered if that could happen to me. I was in a panic, red-faced and terrified. Mitch addressed me while Reggie maintained his hold on me.

“All right, Blondie, I’m giving you two choices. Your first choice is to walk to your homeroom just like you are, in just your tee shirt and your little tighty whities. Otherwise everything comes off and we throw you in there naked.” To my horror he pulled out the front of the waistband of my underpants and peeked inside. Grinning, he continued. “Yeah, I’m sure you’d love to show all these pretty girls your hairless little weenie. So what’s it gonna be, Blondie?”

“Oh please, don’t do this to me!” was all I could muster.

“Let’s strip him, Reggie,” said Mitch as he reached for my underpants.

“No, stop, I’ll do it!” I screamed. Mitch withdrew and Reggie released me. “When can I get my pants back?” I asked pleadingly.

“Oh, don’t worry, you’ll get them in due time,” answered Mitch with a sly grin.

The Shameful Walk

Homeroom was all the way on the other end of the corridor. I started to make the long, humiliating walk and the crowd of amused students parted in the middle, forming a path. I saw my shoes and socks on the floor and I picked them up as I went. I looked straight down and walked as fast as I could, at the same time not at all looking forward to reaching my destination. What a sight I must have been, face glowing, walking through the hallway pantsless. I self-consciously tugged on my shirttail, but it only reached about halfway down my underpants. I could hear the group following me.

I reached my homeroom door, put my hand on the knob and looked back. Mitch was leading the way, holding my precious pants. I didn’t even bother asking him for them; I knew what the answer would be. I closed my eyes for a second, took a deep breath, pulled open the door and entered the room.

Homeroom Debasements

The room was about three-quarters full. My chair was in the front of the middle row. I made a beeline for the desk without looking up. I heard the buzzing, then the giggling—pretty much the reaction you’d expect from seeing some guy walk into a classroom in just his underwear. I took my seat, my face burning as I felt all eyes on me. As other students filed in they invariably followed the gazes of the rest of the students and discovered me in my semi-disrobed state.

“Blondie, where the hell are your pants?” the guy on my left asked. I just waved my left hand back and forth, palms down, without looking at him, as I was too distraught to answer.

The bell rang and Miss Farnsworth, the homeroom teacher, entered the room. She is a tallish, thin spinster in her late forties. She had been teaching at Roosevelt High for over twenty-five years, so she most assuredly had seen more than her share of pranks that Roosevelt is infamous for. She could sense the electricity in the room and it was only a few seconds before she discovered my condition. At first a startled look crossed her face, followed by a wry smile as she stared at my naked legs. “Mr. Haggerty, would you stand up, please?” directed Miss Farnsworth. I stood, embarrassed to the max. My hands, almost involuntarily, hovered near my groin, as if to provide a shield. Miss Farnsworth looked me up and down, her gaze coming to rest on my legs. “You have very pretty legs, Mr. Haggerty,” she remarked with a teasing smile. The laughter surrounding me echoed in my ears. If she was trying to exacerbate my embarrassment (as I’m almost sure she was), then she was certainly successful. I stood there, burning brighter, totally speechless. “But I hardly think this is the time or place to be showing them off,” she continued. “I think we deserve an explanation, Mr. Haggerty.”

“I-I-I…” My response was drowned out by raucous laughter. Miss Farnsworth was staring out the window, as was everybody else. I peered out and made what can best be described as a bittersweet discovery. There, hanging from the top of the flagpole was not the American flag, but my beloved corduroys. It must have been a comical sight for everybody else; maybe someday down the road I’ll see the humor, but at that point all I could think of was getting my pants and pulling them on.

“I’d venture to say those belong to you, Mr. Haggerty,” Miss Farnsworth cleverly observed.

“ genius,” I muttered, thinking she couldn’t hear me over the giggling students.

“What did you say?” she asked accusingly. She took a couple of steps toward me.

“N-nothing, Miss Farnsworth.”

“I heard you loud and clear, Mr. Haggerty. That is no way to talk to anyone, especially your superiors.”

“Yes, Miss Farnsworth. Sorry, Miss Farnsworth.” The teacher stood there staring at me, apparently deciding how to handle my insubordination. All I really wanted to do was to run down and retrieve my pants. I figured my best course would be to step up my apology. “Really, Miss Farnsworth, I apologize. It will never happen again.” But my attempt at placation would be unsuccessful, and my sorry plight was about to worsen.

“Please remove your shirt,” was her unbelievable response. I was dumbfounded. I had heard that the faculty turned the other way during a typical Roosevelt hazing, but it appeared that this teacher would take it a step further and be actively involved in the depravity. Amidst the gasps and giggles, I stood there transfixed. Miss Farnsworth used that moment to exercise her authority—quite vehemently, I might add. “Come on,” she prodded. “Off with it. You need to be punished for your behavior. You’re to spend the rest of the session in just your underpants…and if you push your luck any further I’ll have those removed, too. If you don’t believe me, buster, just try me. You’ll be standing before me naked as the day you were born before you know what hit you. And don’t think for a second that you’re too young to be taken over my knee for a bare-bottomed spanking in front of all your classmates, either.”

The students could contain their amusement no longer, and the sounds of laughter resounded throughout the room. Intimidated, I peeled off my shirt. Miss Farnsworth snatched it from my grasp and promptly slam-dunked it into her desk drawer before kicking the drawer closed. I stood amongst my peers and my homeroom teacher, clad only in my tighty whities. Instinctively I covered the small protrusion in my underpants with both hands. My face burned like it had never burned before. Amidst the laughter that filled the room I slinked into my chair.

“Excuse me, did I tell you you could sit down, Mr. Haggerty?” bellowed Miss Farnsworth. I obediently rose from my chair. “You’re to stand during roll call so everyone can see what happens to unruly students. What happens is they get shamed. Do you feel shamed, Mr. Haggerty?”

“Yes,” I replied softly, my face downcast.

“Yes, I’m quite sure you do. My, how you are blushing so. Please turn around and face your classmates, Mr. Haggerty, so they can see just how shamed you are.”

If I could have died on the spot I would have chosen to do so. I turned around, looking straight down to the floor. My hands were over the front of my underpants. My face was pulsating from the excruciating humiliation. Many of the students were giggling, and their obvious enjoyment over my dire situation only added to my distress. I stood there, the center of attention, soaking up the degradation throughout the roll call.

Recovering my Pants

Finally, Miss Farnsworth relented. “Okay, you have about five minutes before the bell goes off, Mr. Haggerty. I suggest you go rescue your pants before your first class. And I do hope you’ve learned a valuable lesson.” Without answering I reached down to pick up my shoes. “That won’t be necessary, Mr. Haggerty. You may come back for your shoes and shirt after you retrieve your pants.” I hesitated momentarily while digesting the ramifications of her statement. I would be forced to go outside in my present condition. Best to hurry it up, I figured, lest the whole school sees me like this. To the accompaniment of hearty laughter I bolted through the door and started running down the corridor towards the stairs. The hallway was empty but for two separate students (one male and one female) who were late for school. Both of them gave the classic look of open-mouthed surprise, followed by a huge grin of amusement as they discovered my state of undress. I picked up the pace even more, making my way outside.

I reached the flagpole and was quite anguished to discover a nasty knot at the base of the pulley. I spent a couple of agonizing minutes clawing at the knot. I could sense the attention I was getting from the students in several classrooms on the first floor looking through their windows, but I refrained from looking at them.

Finally the knot was freed and I furiously pulled on the rope until my long-lost pants drew to the bottom. I removed them from the hook and quickly stepped into them. Never before had I been so grateful to be putting on a pair of pants. As I started trotting back towards the building the bell went off. I groaned, knowing the hallways would be crowded while I would have to maneuver my way through the masses, naked from the waist up. As I ran by one of the windows I couldn’t help but glance into one of the classrooms. As luck would have it I saw Mitch in a window seat, waving to me and grinning broadly. I quickly averted my glance and made a dash through the front doors of Roosevelt High, my school of nightmares.

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