Blondie's Humiliation Stories

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Attempted Payback
Thu Feb 28, 2008 5:25am

I always did like this chapter
and though "you" paid dearly for
payback and revenge on Brenda
I liked the way you attempted to do so.

The ending of this chapter here,with
Brenda describing how in seconds it
will be when she takes those pants down
was terrific!

  • Chapter 7: Brenda's RevengeBlondie., Sun Feb 10 9:25pm
    Payback Well, unfortunately I have another humiliation to recount. It took place on the last day of my sophomore year at the hands of Brenda, my new nemesis, with the help of some of her friends. As... more
    • Attempted Payback — Shyboy, Thu Feb 28 5:25am
    • Chapter 7: Brenda's RevengeBlondie., Sun Feb 10 9:25pm
      The Unveiling She pulled her mouth away from my ear. “Here we go, folks,” she called out. “Is everybody ready?” A resounding affirmative emanated from the entertained... more
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