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Chapter 1: Shame Clothing
Fri Mar 7, 2008 5:24pm

[My, the look on his face when I pulled out the nightgown…like a frightened kitten …oh, he won’t take it…I’ll show him…I hate to slap him, but he needs to know who’s in control here…there, I think he gets it now…I’ve got him where I want him…he’ll cater to any humiliation I choose to impose on him …I can’t wait to see him in my old nighty…he has feminine features, he’ll look just lovely …and I’m sure he’ll be blushing so…they blush so much with the scarf…imagine what he’ll look like walking out here in front of all his classmates, wearing a little girl’s pink nighty…oh, this will be precious!]

{Oh my God, what is that?…it’s a nightgown!…a pink one!…I can’t wear that!…oh, this isn’t happening…she’s trying to hand it to me…no, I can’t take it…ow!…she slapped me!…man, that really hurt!…I have to take it…oh, God…I have to go put this on…how can I face my classmates?}

Tommy, his face now fire engine red, turned and walked towards the cloakroom with the nightgown. He walked briskly and averted all eye contact by staring straight down to the linoleum floor. He could hear the giggling and could sense everyone’s stares. When he reached the cloakroom he threw the nightgown on a table, purposely avoiding looking at it. He was trembling, and the feeling of dread for what he was about to do was overpowering. He started to unbutton his shirt, but he couldn’t bring himself to begin undressing himself. He decided to make a last-ditch effort to maintain a small semblance of dignity. He stepped out from the cloakroom and called out to his teacher. “Sister Ruth, may I at least just put it on over my clothes?”

“You mean you don’t have your clothes off yet, Tommy?” Sister Ruth was now genuinely irritated. “As I said, you’re to be completely naked underneath your nightgown. It’s all part of your shame punishment. You seem to be missing the point. You see, the whole class will know that you’re naked underneath your nightgown. We’ll all know that you are just one article of clothing from being completely nude. Can’t you just imagine how vulnerable that will make you feel, Tommy? Think about it. If you make one false move, if the mood strikes me, I can slip the nightgown right off and have you stark naked in a matter of seconds.” The evil nun paused to let it sink in. “So it is in your best interest, young man, to do exactly as I say. I’ll give you two minutes, and if you haven’t stripped all your clothes off and slipped into your nightie, then I’ll come back there and undress you myself.”

Again Tommy heard the giggling from his classmates as he returned to the cloakroom. He shuddered as he visualized himself in the nightgown. And worse, he visualized Sister Ruth pulling it right off at her whim, rendering him completely naked in front of everybody (!). He was resigned to his nightmarish fate as he unbuttoned and removed his shirt. He then grudgingly pulled off his undershirt. It was a strange feeling to be naked from the waist up with his teacher and classmates just on the other side of the partition. He reached down and pulled off his loafers and his socks. He started to unbuckle his belt, but then wavered, and chose to take another path. He would put the nightgown on first. He shuddered as he lifted the feminine garment over his head and slipped it on. He saw his reflection in the full-length mirror and realized how humiliating it was going to be to have to model the nightgown for his classmates and teacher. He reached underneath and slowly started undoing his belt buckle.

“Tommy, you have one minute. Trust me, you don’t want me to have to come in there,” he heard Sister Ruth warn. “If I do, I’ll drag you out here, put you over my knee and warm your bare behind in front of the whole class. Then you’ll really know the meaning of shame.”

The giggling became louder. Tommy needed no further encouragement. He hastily undid the belt and slipped off his pants. He looked in the mirror and saw an image of a red-faced boy wearing a girl’s nightgown. The hem came down to the tops of his knees, leaving the rest of his slender, hairless, white legs exposed. The sight of himself and the feeling of the cold floor on his bare feet caused him to shiver. He started to reach under the nightgown to remove his underpants, but then stopped. His sense of shame was already at a high level; to be entirely naked underneath the nightgown was more than he thought he could endure. He did remember being told to remove all of his clothes, but surely, he thought hopefully, he could get away with leaving his underpants on. Besides, she would never know the difference, thought Tommy. She certainly wouldn’t pull up the nightgown to check. Would she?

Tommy’s level of anxiety was already extremely high, but it intensified as he considered how Sally and Cindy would be reveling in his humiliation. Tommy had cringed when he heard Cindy’s distinctive giggle as he was walking back to the cloakroom with the nightgown. He knew the giggling would turn into outright laughter in a few short moments. He took in the mental image of walking out there, and he buried his face in his hands at the prospect.

{Oh, God…I can’t believe I have to put this on…I can’t do this…maybe I can at least put it on over my clothes…I’ll ask her…oh, God, I have to be completely naked underneath…I have two minutes or she’ll come back here and do it herself…I certainly can’t let her see me way!...I have to start stripping…oh, this is a nightmare…she’s so mean!…here goes my shirt…and my undershirt…brrr…I’ve got goose bumps…here go the shoes and socks…now the pants…no, I’ll put the nightgown on first in case she comes back here…I can’t let her see me in my underpants…oh, look at me in this nightgown…it smells…smells like perfume…eww…oh, how can I go out there like this?…it will be unbearable!…oh, I have one minute or she’ll spank me…on my bare behind!…how did I get in this mess?…oh, how I wish I never lifted Laura’s skirt…I didn’t think anybody would see…I have to take my pants off…oh, now my legs are showing…I never even wear shorts…I wish I had hair…it makes me look girlie…and look how red my face is…and I’m not even out there yet…my face is so hot…why do I blush so much?…oh, this is terrible…do I have to take off my underpants?…she wants me totally bare underneath…here goes…no!…I can’t do it…she’ll never know…she wouldn’t go that far…oh, please, don’t let her go that far!…oh, this is just awful!…how can I go out there and have them all see me like this?…especially Sally and Cindy…I know they’re just loving this…oh, they’ll all be laughing at me…I’ll never get over this!…oh!}

“Okay, Tommy, time’s up,” announced the nun as another smile formed on her lips. “Please come out and show your classmates how pretty you look.”

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