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Chapter 2: Nightgown Up, Underpants Down
Sun Mar 9, 2008 3:12pm

Underpants Hauled Down

Sister Ruth turned Tommy back around so he was facing her again. “I think we’ll proceed with our English lesson now, class,” Tommy heard her say. It appeared as though he would have to stand there as the centerpiece while English class continued. “How would you diagram this sentence, class?” Tommy could hear her writing on the blackboard, and then heard the tittering from the students behind him. “Cindy, would you please read this sentence aloud for us?”

Tommy heard the giggling Cindy say, “The naughty student disobeyed and then he lied, leaving his teacher no choice but to pull down his underpants in front of the whole class.” Sister Ruth noticed Tommy’s body tense up and his knees clench together when Cindy finished the sentence and the realization of what was about to unfold set in. Her heart raced with excitement; a most humiliating stripping was imminent, and it was all she could do to maintain her composure, such was her state of anticipation.

“Tommy, you’re standing there exposing your underpants because you disobeyed me and didn’t take them off like I asked you to,” explained Sister Ruth. “Then you lied to me about it, so you must be punished.” Tommy felt her hands on the elastic band of his underpants. “Don’t you DARE lower your arms while I take these down.”

“No! No! Please, you can’t!” came the muffled cry from inside the nightgown.

“Ah, but I can, my dear boy,” responded the titillated Sister Ruth. She knelt down to one knee and, still holding on to the elastic band, she paused momentarily to savor the moment. She looked up at her trembling victim, then to the open-mouthed, wide-eyed students, and then back to the pair of underpants that was the focus of everyone’s attention. “Dowwwwwwn they go!” she declared, and in one continuous, fluid motion she lowered Tommy’s underpants all the way to his ankles.

As she stood up, Sister Ruth could barely hear Tommy’s cries of anguish over the uproarious reaction from the students, and she could tell by the heaving from his stomach that he was breathing hard and fast, almost hyperventilating, while his weight shifted rapidly from one foot to the other. She grinned to herself as she took a few moments to take pleasure in the scene she created—that of a prepubescent thirteen-year-old boy standing before her with a nightgown turned inside out over his head and his underpants bundled at his ankles. She imagined his intense feeling of humiliation and smiled wider. She bent down and lifted Tommy’s right leg while freeing his underpants from his foot. “You won’t be needing these now. No more boy clothes for you for awhile.” She repeated the same maneuver on his left leg, then took the underpants and laid them down on her desk with the rest of his discarded clothes.

Meanwhile, Tommy was beside himself over the devastating turn of events. His turmoil started when his face was slapped and he was forced to don a girl’s nightgown and model for his classmates. Then his teacher “called him to the carpet” for not taking off his underpants. The next thing he knew his face was covered with the nightgown and his underpants-clad body was exposed, much to the amusement of his teacher and classmates. Almost before he could digest his disgrace he felt his teacher’s icy fingers on the inside of his waistband and suffered the ignominious experience of having his underpants hauled down by his sadistic teacher. Panicky, he cried out some unintelligible sounds that were somewhat muffled by the nightgown, and to a greater extent by the robust reaction from the astonished and entertained students. As he stood there he could only imagine what a vision he must be, his naked ass on display to his whole class, while his teacher was soaking up a frontal view that even his own mother hadn’t seen in over five years. Then, just as disconcerting, he felt his teacher lift his legs one by one and remove his underpants completely.

He stood there for what seemed to him an interminable amount of time, mortified beyond comprehension. When the noise subsided he felt a hand on his shoulder and felt his teacher’s mouth touch his ear through the flannel material. “You’re putting on quite a show for everybody, Tommy,” teased the devilish nun. “Can you believe you’re almost naked in front of the whole class? All of your classmates are staring at your bare bottom and I can see your naked little wee-wee.”

“Oh! Oh please!” was all the agonized Tommy could muster.

“How shamed you must feel right now,” she continued. There was no response from her most unfortunate victim except his rapid, heavy breathing. The depraved nun basked in her state of delectation. She let the scene play on for a few moments before continuing. “Would you like to turn around and face your classmates?” She gently tried to turn Tommy around by his shoulders and felt his body stiffen as he strongly resisted the overture. She afforded herself another smile. “Well, I see you are still defying me, Tommy. You’ll pay for that later. For now, though, it’s time you show us your shamefacedness. You can put your arms down now.”

[The underpants have to come down, no question about it…he’ll be shocked, and thoroughly humiliated…plus it will be such a lovely sight …now, how shall I go about it?…maybe I can involve one of the students in some way…like his little friend Cindy…oh, I’ve got it…she can read out loud what will happen, right before I haul them down to his ankles…I just love my creativity sometimes …just write this on the board…oh, listen to them, they’re tittering already …okay, Cindy, read it and watch him weep …oh, look at him tense up…the realization has set in…that’s right, my little friend, brace yourself…it’s about to happen…easy, Ruth…control yourself…savor the moment…oh, the delicious anticipation…nothing like it…okay…now!…dowwwwwwn they go!…oh!…too precious!…I was right, there’s not much there …even smaller than I thought…poor little wretch …and he’s smooth all over…not even any peach fuzz …he’ll just die if I let his classmates see this…in due time…I’ll let this play out for a bit this morning first…he must just be absolutely mortified right now…can you imagine? …I wish I could see his face…I’m sure it’s red as a beet, with a horrified look …look at him squirming…and his stomach heaving back and forth…I hope he doesn’t hyperventilate…okay, let’s get these undies completely off…I’m sure he’ll enjoy this …oh, look, he felt me breathe on him and flinched his hips…this is all so delicious…okay, let’s get that leg up…you won’t be needing these for awhile…that’s right, my little wretch, it’s only going to get worse for you …good, now the other leg…excellent…he’s free of all his boy clothes now…it’ll be well into the afternoon before he sees these again …I’ll have him wear the girls’ uniform for recess…I’m sure he’ll love that …what a delight…it’s either petticoat discipline or enforced nudity for the rest of the day…a win-win situation if there ever was one …but first things first…I think I’ll tease him for awhile…then I’ll have him drop his clothes out the window…I can’t wait to see the look on his face when I have him do that …and pretty soon I’ll have him naked as the day he was born…oh, I can’t wait!]

{Oh God, she’s going on with the English lesson…I have to stand up here with my underpants showing…I just have to hang on until 9:45…it’s awful, but I can do it…wait…what are they giggling at?...what is she writing on the board?…Cindy’s reading it out loud…what??!!..NO!!!...she won’t pull them down!...she can’t!!!...oh God, I feel her hands…NO!!!...they’re going down!!!!...AGHHHHHHH!...oh! oh!...they can see my butt!...listen to them!!!...and she….she can see my…OH!!...she can see me!...ah! ah! ah!...this is awful!!...she must be staring at it!’s so small…and hairless!...OH!...what’s she doing down there!?...I felt her breathe on me…she’s taking them off!...oh God, my underpants…they’re gone…I’m almost naked!…oh please, just let me die! she’s teasing me…why does she like this so much?...she wants me to turn around! way!...I can never do that!...they can’t see my front…I won’t do it!!}

Clothes Dropped Out the Window

Tommy lowered his arms and the nightgown came down with them, the hem dropping back down below his knees. Sister Ruth smiled at the glowing red face of the tormented boy before her. “Okay, Tommy, you may go back to your seat now.” Tommy, though still shaking from the ordeal, was grateful to be able to escape to the relative sanctuary of his seat. “Oh, but before you do I’d like you to gather up all of your clothes from my desk…” Sister Ruth paused, and Tommy breathed a sigh of relief as he picked up his beloved clothes from his teacher’s desk. But she wasn’t finished. “…and drop them out the window.”

She watched the startled boy’s horrified reaction as he stopped in his tracks, looking at her, dumbfounded. He was sure he must not have heard her correctly. “Don’t worry; if you behave yourself for the next hour I’ll go down and get them for you before the morning recess. Now don’t waste any more of our time, do as I say.”

The distraught youngster had no other option but to obey the outrageous directive. To his chagrin and to the amazement of his classmates, he walked with his bundle to the side of the room, and, after a moment of hesitation, dropped his clothes through the open window. He longingly watched them fall to the ground three stories below. Sister Ruth smiled in satisfaction.

“Thank you, Tommy, now please take your seat so we can begin our history lesson.”

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