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Chapter 3: Naked in the Classroom
Tue Mar 11, 2008 6:50pm

Nightgown Stripped Off

Tommy walked briskly back to his desk and sat down. He sensed the grinning gaze of Cindy on his left, but he avoided eye contact with her. Sister Ruth began the history lesson by lecturing on the years leading up to the Civil War. Tommy, though quite uncomfortable in his predicament, was thankful that his teacher was not focusing on him. He was just getting lulled into a false sense of security when the history lesson took a decidedly negative turn against him.

“So as you can see,” said Sister Ruth, “The slavery issue was a major factor in the ensuing struggle between the North and the South.” She looked up at the clock. “Okay, Tommy, it’s 9:45. As I promised, I’ll let you take off your nightgown now.”

Tommy had a look of bewilderment on his face. There was a momentary awkward silence while Tommy sat there and pondered his teacher’s statement. “Can somebody go down and get my clothes for me?” he asked anxiously.

“No, I don’t think so. I told you that if you behaved, then you could have your clothes back in time for recess. Recess is still forty-five minutes away, so let’s not concern ourselves with your uniform just yet. But the ‘shame clothing’ portion of your punishment is decidedly over, so if you’d kindly hand over your nightgown we can get on with our history lesson.”

His fellow students looked on wide-eyed and open-mouthed in anticipation. Tommy’s bewilderment had now escalated to utter distress. “B-but I don’t have anything on under this.” The student’s frightened look only added to his teacher’s enjoyment.

“Yes, I’m well aware of that,” she responded with a smile and a twinkle in her eyes.


"No buts about it!” shot back Sister Ruth. “And I’m getting sick and tired of your constant insubordination. Now take that nightgown off immediately!” she bellowed while marching over to Tommy’s desk. She stood in front of him with her hands on her hips and a menacing look on her face. As intimidating as she was, Tommy still couldn’t bear to strip naked in front of the nun and all of his classmates.

“Please, Sister Ruth, let me go down and get my clothes,” he begged, his voice cracking. “I…I’ll even wear this until recess if…if that’s what you want.”

Sister Ruth was secretly enjoying Tommy’s utter torment. She knew she would have him nude in a matter of moments, but prolonging the buildup to the inevitable disrobing only enhanced her stimulation, much analogous to foreplay before intercourse. She continued to feign anger. “I’ll give you five seconds to slip off your nightgown and hand it to me. One…” She counted very slowly while Tommy sat there, terrified of his plight. “Two…”

“Oh please, Sister,” implored Tommy as he fidgeted nervously, pulling on the hem of the nightgown.

“Threeeeee…” She conjured up an image of her humiliated victim, squirming naked at his desk, and she felt a stirring in her loins, such was her state of titillation. “Fooooour…” Tommy, visibly shaking, made a move to pull up the nightgown, but just couldn’t bring himself to do the evil nun’s bidding. Sister Ruth couldn’t contain the slight smile that appeared on the corners of her mouth. “And, five! Okay, that does it, Tommy,” she said as she approached him purposefully. “Let’s get your nighty off. Any you’ll be sorry you disobeyed me.”

Now standing behind his chair, with both hands she reached around him, taking hold of the hem of the nightgown from each side of Tommy’s legs. She pulled it towards her. “Lift up your bottom!” she ordered. Tommy was overwhelmed by the nightmarish turn of events. He hesitated, but succumbed to the intimidation of his teacher and slightly lifted up in his seat. He felt the gown slide under him and begin its ascent. He clenched his knees together and leaned forward to obstruct the view of the gawking students. “Arms up!” directed Sister Ruth. Tommy obediently, almost involuntarily raised his arms while Sister Ruth moved to the front of her prey and pulled the nightgown up his back and over his head and arms in one swift motion. Smiling smugly, she calmly sauntered to her desk and deposited the nightgown in the open drawer before slamming the drawer shut with her foot.

Just like that, before he knew what hit him, Tommy, facing any student’s worst nightmare, was sitting at his desk amidst all his classmates, totally nude.

There was a buzzing throughout the classroom. The students were incredulous at what they were witnessing. Tommy was slowly recovering from the shock of the moment, and the realization of his desperate condition began to sink in. He leaned over with his legs together and his hands firmly cupped over his genitals, frenetically struggling to cover his nudity. Sister Ruth turned from her desk and looked at her naked, frenzied student. A wicked smile formed on her lips. She slowly ambled towards her target. Stopping at his desk, she smiled down on her hapless victim, completely savoring the moment. She trembled slightly, as a wave of pleasure swept through her body. Time seemed to stand still for her as she continued to take in the wonderful humiliation scene she had created, a scene she knew she would be able to draw on for pleasure for many moons to come.

Finally, the perverted nun was ready to proceed with her depravity. “I’d like you to sit up straight, Tommy. I’ve told you before how important good posture is.” The wretched student leaned up against the back of his chair, keeping his hands clutched over his privates. Tommy squirmed in his seat while enduring the staggering humiliation. “Now kindly fold your hands on top of your desk,” she commanded. The distraught Tommy shot a furtive glance to the girl on his left and flushed deeper when he made eye contact with Cindy, who was looking him up and down, grinning widely. Amidst the giggling from his classmates, the naked student pushed his penis between his legs and desperately clinched his knees together tightly before obeying the sinister nun by folding his hands on top of his desk. He raised his knees as high as he possibly could until they came in contact with the underside of his desk. Only the tips of his toes touched the ground. Again he glanced over to Cindy, who was now craning her neck in an effort to see between the lad’s legs. Tommy squeezed his knees together yet tighter and turned his hips slightly to his right. But when he glanced up he made eye contact with Laura, who was also grinning freely and trying to see between his legs. Tommy squared up. There was nowhere for him to hide. Sister Ruth observed the scene and smiled with satisfaction. “You’ll keep your hands above your desk at all times,” she directed. With that she turned, her face glowing with pleasure, and swaggered back to her desk. When she turned back around, her gaze automatically turned to the stunned, trembling, naked teenager. She smiled with delight before addressing her students. “Okay, class, where were we before that nude—er, rude interruption?” Giggles abound. “Oh, yes, the events leading up to the conflict between the North and the South…”

[Oh, what a glorious morning it’s been…and it’s about to get better…my two favorite fantasies, petticoat punishment and a forced public stripping of one of my boy students…they’re both finally coming to fruition today…my heavens, I can’t believe my good fortune…yes, my little plaything, I’m about to drop the bombshell on you…you’re about to surrender your nightgown, and experience the humiliation of all humiliations…enforced public nudity…you’ll be sitting there, stark naked and squirming in shame and panic…my, the anticipation is delicious!…oh, he looks puzzled…he doesn’t quite understand yet…wait, it will sink in…there it is …the look of disbelief, horror and dread, all in one…that’s right, my poor unfortunate, you’re about to become a victim of my lifelong fantasy…aren’t you the lucky one …look at the students, they can’t believe it either…but I get the impression they want it to happen…especially Cindy…look at her, she’s almost salivating…the little devil …and Sally…such an evil grin she has right now…just hoping the dirty deed is done…yes, sweetie, you’re about to see your brother in all his red-faced glory …he’s being defiant, he won’t take it off…I can’t say I blame him …I’ll give him to the count of five, just to draw out the suspense…then I’ll have to take matters into my own hands…now the fun really begins…oh, this is so exciting…look at him cowering while I count…he can’t believe what’s about to happen to him…five!…okay, that’s it, I’ll pull it off myself…here we go, pull this up…get your bottom up…that’s it, now pull this up your torso…my, look how smooth and white he his…and slender…how delectable!…control yourself, Ruth …almost home, my little smoothie…just get those arms up…excellent, now up your back, over your head, up your arms and…voilà!…you've been stripped completely naked, my little pet…oh my, just look at him…he’s beside himself…frantically squirming around…covering his privates for dear life …what a moment this is…this is absolutely breathtaking…even better than I imagined all these years…I’ll savor this vision forever…not to mention the many hours of self-pleasure it will provide …little does he know what a stimulating experience he’s affording me…of course, he doesn’t care about me right now…he’s got his own predicament to deal with …okay, let’s get him sitting up straight…hands on the desk, no more covering up…look at Cindy, trying to sneak a peek …and Laura, too…don’t worry girls, I’ll give you your chance …the humiliation is just beginning. ]

{Take the nightgown off?! I’m naked underneath!…surely she can’t be serious…oh, she is!…no, she can’t do this!…I can’t take this off!…she’s counting to five…I just can’t do it…uh-oh, she’s really mad…no!…she’s lifting it up!…they can see my butt!…please stop!…she’s pulling it off!…no!…it’s gone!…it can’t be!…oh!…oh!…I’m naked!…I’m actually naked!…oh, God!…oh, God!…oh, God!…I’m completely naked!…in front of everybody!…this can’t be happening!…it’s a nightmare!…but it’s not!…it’s really happening!…oh! oh!…I’m really naked!…gotta keep covered up… oh!…I can’t let anybody see…it’s so small, and I have no hair…no hair anywhere…oh, God!…and the girls…they’re all laughing…I’m naked!…oh no, Sally!…and Cindy!…I’ll never get Cindy to like me now…listen to her giggle…oh, God!…I’m totally naked!…Sister Ruth wants me to fold my hands on the desk… oh, please!…I’l hide it between my legs…look at Cindy grinning at me…my face is so hot…never been so hot…I must be bright red…oh, help!…hands on the desk…here goes…oh, God…Cindy’s trying to see…can’t let anybody see…I’ll turn away from her…no, Laura’s trying to see, too…oh, look at her grinning…I wish I at least had hair…and Sister Ruth…why is she just standing there smiling at me?…oh, I want to cry…but that would make it worse…oh, God, I’m naked!}

Sister Ruth continued with the history lesson. Tommy didn’t hear a word she was saying as he squirmed in his chair, stealing frequent glances at the clock. Time was moving painfully slowly for him. His fellow classmates weren’t digesting very much of the lesson either, as their concentration level was considerably distracted by the naked classmate in their midst. The excitement level in the room was palpable, and it had absolutely nothing to do with the Civil War. “Class, I’d like you to open your history books to page one hundred and twelve.” To the sounds of desktops opening and books being shuffled, Tommy opened his desktop to search for his history book. He knew that all eyes in the room were scrutinizing his every movement.

But he now had more immediate concerns. He had gone through every book in his desk, but for the life of him he couldn’t find his history book. Then he remembered seeing it lying next to the toaster on the kitchen counter while he was eating breakfast earlier that morning.

He had forgotten it.

“Oh, no,” the panicky Tommy whispered to himself. He pulled out his math book and opened it up on his desk. He hoped his teacher would overlook the fact that he didn’t have his history book. His hopes died in about fifteen short seconds.

“Tommy, that doesn’t look like your history book. Did you not hear me or are you intentionally disobeying me?”

“I-I-I” Tommy was stuttering badly. “I left my history book at home.”

Sister Ruth was secretly relishing his disclosure, but she feigned exasperation. “You what? You’re not having a very good morning, are you, Tommy?” She smiled to herself at the gross understatement. Tommy remained silent. “So let me get this straight,” she continued. “You already are being shamed by having to sit there stark naked in front of all your classmates. Then you realize that you forgot to bring your history book, and you have the audacity to try to deceive the class and me by pulling out your math book. Don’t you think you are in enough of a predicament already not to pull a stunt like that?” She didn’t wait for an answer, and there was none forthcoming.

Put on Naked Display

“Come up her right now, young man,” she demanded. Tommy froze in his seat, as the thought of walking to the front of the room in his naked state was more than he could handle. “Now!” Sister Ruth raised her voice and pointed to the floor in front of her feet. Tommy, frightened by his teacher’s tone, jumped out of his seat and shuffled towards the front of the room, both hands cupped firmly over his genitals. The class looked on in a state of awe and amusement at the most extraordinary scene. They couldn’t hold back their laughter, and their teacher did nothing to discourage them. In fact, she seemed to egg them on, knowing that their animated reaction only added to the humiliation effect that she had such a passion for.

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                    Looks like you found it, but here is a link for anyone having trouble:
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                      I'm really sorry, but I just plain haven't had the proper time to sit down and write. I really do hope to free up some time and finish this story, but I can't honestly say when. Sigh.
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                        Fair enough. That makes sense, outside life very often takes presidence.
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                  Thanks so much for the feedback. It is much appreciated.
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        The use of the desk here, and the stool in Chapter 4, really add to the display factor, and heighten the humiliation. You write well. Thank you.
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