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Chapter 3: Naked in the Classroom
Tue Mar 11, 2008 6:53pm

Tommy cowered before his teacher, looking straight down at the floor, his hands over his crotch. He knew that Cindy was just a couple of feet behind him. He shivered slightly as he considered the display he was being forced to put on. Sister Ruth stood and observed for a moment, thoroughly enjoying the spectacle. “Tommy, Tommy, Tommy,” she scolded. “No matter how much I try to discipline you, you still act like a naughty little boy. I guess we’ll have to take your punishment a step further. You can start by getting your hands away from your privates. That is a disgusting habit and I’ll not allow it in my classroom.”

To Tommy’s horror she took hold of his wrists and with both hands she pried them apart. Initially he resisted, but then submitted to the pull on his arms. She then took hold of his hands and clasped them behind his head, while taking his elbows and pushing them straight out to the sides. Tommy clenched his eyes shut as he tried desperately to shut out the world around him. “Open your eyes, Tommy. I want you to feel the full effects of your shame punishment.” When Tommy opened his eyes, he saw that his teacher had taken a step backward, and was looking him up and down with a devilish grin on her face. His cheeks were burning like they had never burned before. Sister Ruth took notice of Tommy’s crimson face. “Oh, you’re really blushing now, aren’t you, Tommy? I think I may have finally gotten through to you. I might have to keep you naked for the rest of the day, and then maybe you’ll learn your lesson. Would you like me to do that?” Tommy shook his head vigorously from side to side. “Well, we’ll just have to see about that. I have to admit, I’m finding your…your condition highly entertaining . And judging by the looks on the faces of your classmates, your naked shame is providing considerable amusement for all of us . For now, you can stand up here just as you are and think about your behavior. In the meantime, I’d like to get on with our history lesson, as we’ve had far too many disruptions already today.”

Tommy’s face contorted in anguish at the notion of remaining naked throughout the school day. He heard the giggling behind him and stole a quick glance to his right. A couple of girls on the end, including Laura, were craning their necks, trying to catch a glimpse of his genitals. Some of the girls in the class had never seen a penis before, and their curiosity only added to their fascination of what was transpiring before them. Tommy turned his body ever so slightly away from them, trying desperately to shield himself from their prying eyes. None of this was lost on Sister Ruth, who pounced on the moment. She called on Laura, figuring justice would be served by allowing Tommy’s “upskirt” victim to partake in his humiliation. “Laura, would you like to come up to the front of the class and read aloud from your history book?” Sister Ruth, noticing Tommy wince, smiled to herself.

“Yes, Sister,” Laura beamed as she grabbed her book and bounded to the front of the room. Before she reached Tommy, he instinctively lowered his hands to cover her genitals, bringing an immediate chastisement from his teacher.

“Tommy!” she yelled. “What did I tell you about touching yourself down there! Now get your hands behind your head this instant!” Tommy looked up at the grinning, expectant Laura and hesitated. “Okay,” continued Sister Ruth. “Here’s how it’s going to work. Every time you touch your privates I will add another hour to your shame punishment. You just bought yourself an extra hour of enforced nudity. Would you like to add another?”

Tommy, certainly not keen on adding any more time to his misery, slowly moved his hands away from his genitals and put them behind his head. Laura stood in front of Tommy and did nothing to disguise her eagerness to familiarize herself with the prepubescent teenager’s anatomy. As she glared at Tommy’s penis, she had one hand over her mouth and giggled uncontrollably.

“Are you going to be able to read for us, Laura?” asked Sister Ruth, who stifled a giggle of her own.

“I’m sorry, Sister,” she giggled. “It’s just that…I never knew it was so…well, so TINY!” The statement elicited another chorus of laughter as Tommy, fighting to keep his hands clasped behind his head, wallowed in his wretchedness.

“Tommy, it appears you are causing a bit of a distraction for Laura. Perhaps you can turn around and face your classmates so she won’t be preoccupied with your little penis,” offered his teacher. Tommy, with an agonized look on his face, shook his head. “That wasn’t a question, Tommy. Now please do as I say.”

Tommy braced himself as the rest of the class waited in eager anticipation. But the prospect of facing his classmates in his naked glory would prove to be unbearable. As he turned, he dropped his hands and covered his genitals.

A Most Embarrassing Reprimand

“Tommy!” chastened Sister Ruth. “What did I tell you about that filthy habit?” Tommy, facing sideways towards the window in a hunched over position, was at a loss for words. “Turn around and look at me when I speak to you, young man.” Tommy turned back and faced his nemesis. “That’s another hour you’ll be providing naked entertainment for us. Now put your hands back behind your head, please.” Tommy complied, slowly and reluctantly. He glanced at Laura, who was wide-eyed with interest and enjoyment as she continued focusing on Tommy’s penis. “Now repeat after me,” directed his teacher. “I will keep my naughty hands away from my little wee wee.” The tittering from the students increased. Tommy, now totally shamed, softly repeated most of the words.

“I will keep my naughty hands away from my wee wee.”

“That’s not what I said, Tommy,” corrected Sister Ruth. “Let’s try it again. I will keep my naughty hands away from my little wee wee.”

Tommy forced himself to submit to his depraved teacher’s demands. “I will keep my naughty hands away from my…from my…from my l-little wee wee.” The giggling was pronounced.

“That’s more like it, Tommy. Let’s hear it one more time, only louder. I want your classmates in the back of the room to be able to hear you, loud and clear.”

The anguished Tommy repeated the humiliating words, louder. “I will keep my naughty hands away from my little wee wee!”

“Excellent. Now I want you to go to the blackboard and write that ten times. Maybe then you’ll have it ingrained in your head. And while you’re writing you’re to keep your non-writing hand on your head so you’re not tempted to touch your little wee wee.”

Tommy obeyed by walking straight to the blackboard and performing his punishment. He could almost feel the glares from his teacher and classmates zeroing in on his backside and overall nudity. The tittering from the girls and the guffaws from the boys continued. They had never seen a spectacle anything like it before, and their eyes were wide in amazement. Sister Ruth, who had sent Laura back to her seat, stood in the front of the room, watching in silent bliss, as the naked teenaged boy she had at her beck and call catered to her every whim. She was thoroughly enjoying every minute of her morning since she had picked Tommy out to play victim to her debauchery. Her fantasy was coming to fruition, and, remarkably, it was turning out to be even more delicious than she had ever imagined. She pondered her next move as Tommy wrote the words “little wee wee” for the tenth time.

Tommy put the chalk down and turned his head back towards his teacher. She motioned with her index finger for him to come towards her. He walked backward from the board and stopped in front of her. He still had one hand on his head and the other at his side, being very careful not to move it towards his penis. “You can put both hands back on your head, please. Elbows out.” Tommy obeyed. “Now keep your arms behind your head, but I’d like you to hold on to your left elbow with your right hand, and your right elbow with your left hand. And stand up perfectly straight. No slouching.” Tommy did so, thus stretching out his body to the fullest. He could really feel his nudity now.

[On with the history lesson…so hard to concentrate…I’ve never felt so stimulated…is that his math book?…what is he thinking?…let’s get him up here and provide some entertainment for us …my goodness, just look at him walking up here all naked, and clutching his little privates …a wonderful scene in its own right, but it’s time for him to feel more exposure…I’ll put his hands behind his head…he’s resisting…no sense in fighting it, my naked pet…I’ll only make it worse for you…that’s it, let Sister Ruth arrange you into a delightful pose…oh, he’s just hating this, isn’t he?…now push these elbows out…goodness gracious, aren’t you a sight for sore eyes …I’ve never seen anybody blush so red…this beats the heck out of the scarf treatment, doesn’t it? …look how smooth he is, all over…not a trace of hair below his neck…how delectable…and his tiny little penis and ball sac …so cute…though I doubt if “cute” is the word he would use …it must be quite a source of embarrassment for him…all the more fun I’ll have with him today …look at Laura trying to see around his backside…and he’s turning away from her…this is so amusing …he so doesn’t want his classmates to see…I’ll get Laura up here…talk about poetic justice…he sees your panties, you get to see his penis …oh, he couldn’t handle it, he covered up…he just bought another hour of this…right, like I was really going to give him his clothes back …okay, let’s get those hands back behind your head…just excruciating for him…look at Laura staring and laughing…oh, this is wonderful!…time for him to turn around…share his little secret with his classmates…they’re chomping at the bit …there he goes, covering up again…I won’t allow that anymore…he can write about his little wee wee on the board …look at him…naked and doing my bidding…this is just delicious!…good boy, now let’s get you and your little wee wee back over here …time to entertain your classmates…and intensify your humiliation…bet you didn’t think that was possible…you just watch me …let’s get you to hold your elbows behind your head…perfect…he’s really exposed now…how vulnerable he looks…it doesn’t get any better than this!…look at his cute little underarms …oh, he caught my eye…I’ll look at his penis and grin for his benefit…how delightful, he blushed even brighter! ]

{Okay…okay…this is awful, but if I can just hang on until recess…get through this history lesson, then get my clothes back…God, they’re all staring at me…Cindy keeps grinning at me…oh, God, this is awful…where’s my history book?…oh, no…I left it in the kitchen…please, I can’t bring extra attention to myself…I’ll open my math book…she won’t notice…uh-oh, she noticed…please just leave me alone…she’s calling me to the front!…I can’t go up there!…she’s really mad…I have to go…she’ll make it worse if I don’t…oh, God!…here I go…oh!…cover up so nobody can see…this feels so weird, walking up here naked…like a dream…a nightmare…listen to them giggling…Cindy’s right behind me…I hear her giggling over everybody…oh please, make this go away…Sister Ruth is pulling my hands away…putting them on my head…oh!…look at her staring and grinning at my penis…my face has never been so hot…Laura’s trying to see around me…I can’t let her see…oh, no!…oh, God!…she’s calling Laura up here…here she comes!…I have to cover up!…but now I think I’m in trouble…oh, no…she added another hour of this…she’s making me move my hands back up to my head…oh, God…look at Laura, she can’t wait…why did I have to pull her skirt up?!…here goes…oh!…I can’t stand it!…look at her laughing at me…at my hairless little penis…oh, I want to cover up so bad!…but I can’t…oh, she told everyone it’s tiny…they’re all laughing…oh, help me!…Sister Ruth wants me to turn around…oh, please…I can’t do it…I have to try…I just want my clothes back…here goes…just do it, Tommy…no, Cindy and Sally are back there…I can’t do it!…I covered up, I couldn’t help it…I think I’m REALLY in trouble now…another hour added…oh, God!…she just won’t let up…oh!…I have to say “my little wee wee”…she looks like she is really enjoying herself…everybody is…please, I want my clothes…I have to write it on the board now…at least Laura went back to her seat…I can feel them staring at me…I’m naked, writing on the board…naked!…writing about my little wee wee…oh, this can’t be happening!…okay, I’m done…now what does she want?…hold my elbows?…what for?…oh, now I see…I don’t like this…I’m all stretched out for her now…look at her smiling at me…she’s staring at my hairless underarms and smiling…now she’s looking at my privates…she’s grinning…how can she do this to me?!…oh, please, Sister, no more!}

“Yes,” smiled Sister Ruth. She looked her scarlet-faced, naked victim up and down and beamed. “Oh, yes. I do declare…you are SUCH a delightful subject for shame punishment.” Sister Ruth was under control outwardly, but inside she was almost overwhelmed with stimulation. “We simply MUST share this with your classmates, don’t you think so, Tommy?” she teased. The only response from the agonized lad was his heavy, rapid breathing. Again his nemesis smiled. “Now, while maintaining that delicious pose, I’d like you to turn around so your classmates can soak up your naked shame.”

  • Chapter 3: Naked in the ClassroomBlondie., Tue Mar 11 6:50pm
    Nightgown Stripped Off Tommy walked briskly back to his desk and sat down. He sensed the grinning gaze of Cindy on his left, but he avoided eye contact with her. Sister Ruth began the history lesson... more
    • Chapter 3: Naked in the Classroom — Blondie., Tue Mar 11 6:53pm
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